Best Longboard Trucks for Downhill and Sliding Rides, Performance Update

Trucks in a longboard play an essential role in providing stability on any terrain and keeping the rides in control when you opt for turns and twists. There are numerous truck-selling brands, but not all of them promise quality. After testing them ourselves, we suggest the best longboard trucks widely accepted by skate aficionados. After … Read more

Best Longboard Wheels for Sliding in 2023 – Slider Longboarding FAQs

best longboard wheels for sliding

Sliding on a longboard is the utmost joy, but finding the proper wheels is equally a headache. Fear not. Our extensive research and personal skating experience have brought us some of the best longboard wheels for sliding. Their inclusion in our suggested list depended on our personal use, quality, pricing, and customer reviews. It comprises … Read more

Best Longboard Wheels for Cruising in 2023, Fastest Off Road Rollers

how to clean longboard wheels

Traveling around the streets or skateparks is a hobby of countless singulars. A good longboard for cruising is not enough unless and until all its hardware parts have the sole purpose of cruising. Smaller diameter, hardness less than 80a on durometer, and place of contact patch define the quality of the best longboard wheels for … Read more

Top 10 Best Longboard Helmets | Buying Guide for Safest Skating Helmets

There is no doubt that longboard and skateboard rides bring a soothing and joyous feel to the rider. Cruising down the lane on your board without any fear of falling off is an unprecedented feeling, but riding without any safety gear can hinder the process of this peaceful skating journey. That’s why we have brought … Read more

Best Longboard Bearings for Cruising, September 2023 Performance Update

Bearings play a critical role in spinning the wheels, and it is always essential to select a set that matches your riding style. Cruising wheels require little slower spinning wheels so that lower ABEC bearings would fit them perfectly. Similarly, for downhill rides and pacy journeys, ABEC ratings must be high to achieve the required … Read more

How Much do Longboards Cost | Price Range Comparison

“How much do longboards cost?” is a frequently asked question by beginners especially. The concern is genuine because everybody has to spend according to what their purse allows. But, unfortunately, the answer is not a straightforward one. Due to the availability of thousands of longboards online, the price varies from brand to brand and type … Read more

Best Longboard Backpack 2023 – Top Straps and Carry Bags for Skaters

best backpacks for longboards

The number of people joining the longboarding community is exponentially increasing, and hundreds of them use longboards for downhill riding, commuting, and some other purposes. Skaters who commute more often get tired of handling their boards because of their larger size. The optimal solution to getting rid of this “Where to place longboard when it … Read more

Best Unique Longboard Decks | Good for Tricks, Freestyle and Downhill Rides

Best Longboard Decks

Most skate comrades always complain about less durability, scratching issues, and sturdiness of longboard decks. This article presents solutions to all the common problems related to the deck by suggesting the eight best longboard decks. These boards have a high acceptance rate among all skate enthusiasts, proving their worth on the skating tracks.  After years … Read more

Best Longboard Bearings for Cruising in 2023 | Fastest ABEC-9 & ABEC-11 Cruiser Bearings

best longboard bearings

Bearings are the most crucial components inside wheels, and they are responsible for longboard movement. All bearings are not for all riding styles, and cruising style requires bearings that generate moderate speed, need minimum maintenance, and have the capability of handling dirt and water. In this article, you will find the 11 best longboard bearings … Read more