Best Cheap Hybrid Cruiser Boards | List of Top Mini Longboards in August 2023

Nowadays, longboards and skateboards have been the playground of inventing tricks and bringing to perfection the existing maneuvers. However, this was not the case all along. Most riders utilized the cruiser boards for effortless rolling between two endpoints. This culture of tension-free adventures is still alive, and a hefty amount of newbies and pros admire its beauty. Hence, the best cruiser boards are still the essence of the skating community.

Most top-rated cruising skaters have a minimalist build but with maximum output. We gathered data about several brands and their cruiser products before moving on to the next phase. After rigorous testing and analyzing them, we finalized the list with the top cruiser boards. Believe it or not, it was one difficult decision to keep which unit on the list. Moreover, these cruiser boards have been inspected profoundly, and we have updated their performance accordingly. As a result, these are still the best cruiser boards in August 2023.

Our Top 3 Cruiser Boards

10 Best Cruiser Boards in August 2023

1. Retrospec Quip | Best Cruiser Board for Beginners

best cruiser skateboard
  • 27″ extended deck
  • 60mm PU-cast wheels
  • Plastic-rich product
  • 5 Inches wide deck
  • ABEC-7 carbon bearings
  • Weight around 1.7kg

About Retrospec:

Please do not get fooled by the size of the Quip cruiser, for it is a high-performance skate that is widely adored by hundreds of thousands of skaters. Yes, the size of the board is small, but every single thing about it is worth-mentioning. Most of the skateboards and longboards have grip tape on the deck for stability and a balanced posture. However, this cruiser has numerous waffle-shaped patterns to enhance the grit on the board. Ultimately, this is beneficial for riders to have a strong stance on the board, keeping stability at maximum. 

The whole board, other than wheels, is designed with firm yet flexible plastic material. Surprisingly, the deck is strong enough to withstand around 220lbs. The general rule of thumb about cruiser boards is that they are explicitly better at faster tricks, maneuvers, extreme balance, and sharp control. Hence, Retro-cruiser has a relatively shorter deck of 5-inches to accompany its rider with all the aforementioned tasks.

Ultra-smooth, highly flexible, and PU-softer wheels of this cruiser skateboard act as good shock-absorbers. They dampen out bumps and bounces caused by uneven surfaces and cracky roads. Such wheels ensure not only comfortability but also durability throughout the ride. In addition, a beast duo of trucks and carbon bearings is installed to support better turning around edges and corners. 

This skateboard is pre-assembled and does come ride-ready. You need to get it out of the box and start rolling away. Moreover, at the end of your journey, it can easily fit inside your backpack. It is merely 4lbs in weight, so that you can pick this lightweight cruiser in your own hands. We recommended this mini-cruiser to several real-life friends because of its high-performance and its lightweight yet portable design.


I have used this cruiser board for campus use since I bought it. It performs well for short and mid-range use. There are also other users of this product in our community. All of them are happy with its performance. However, I noticed a drawback regarding its trucks after six months. The trucks start loosening their tightness when you try to reach a high speed.


Lightweight and durable board

Holds around 220lbs 

Portable and Efficient design

Stable and flexible deck

Wheels soak bumps and vibrations

Offers supreme maneuverability and control


Not recommended for very-long rides.

Final Review:

This skateboard cruiser has lived up to its name from the day it launched into the market. Retro Quip is among the most frequent and highest-rated items related to skateboards and longboards. We consider this cruiser as perfectly balanced that can outstand even the expensive boards in its category.

2. Magneto Mini Cruiser | Best Board for Cruising

best cruiser boards
  • 7.5 inches wide deck
  • 27 inches long deck
  • 78A hardness on the durometer
  • Weighs around 6 pounds
  • 60mm wide PU wheels
  • Top-mounted Kingpin trucks

About Magneto:

Magneto offers a wide variety of skateboards and longboards for its customers. Unfortunately, the prime collection of Magneto brand is incomplete with this mini cruiser board. This highly-rated cruising board is famous for its double kick tails design. In addition, designers have mounted kicktails on the front and back of the deck asymmetrically. Pros find these kicktails extremely helpful for flip tricks, ollies, and manuals. Therefore, this little board is a genuine choice for anyone who skates regularly.

As the name suggests, this mini-cruiser has a very portable and handy structure. Manufacturers define it as an easy to ride and an easy to carry board that provides exquisite features. The deck grants an extremely stable pose to the rider eliminating any risk of injury. The top of the board, generally termed a deck, is furnished with grit tape to accomplish safety and stability. Furthermore, the deck supports a weight limit of around 275 lbs during cruising and tricks.

It is highly recommended for novices and experienced skaters to analyze the responsive trucks while selecting a good cruising board. Generally, cruiser skateboards are used for aggressive tricks, sharper turns and require more turn capability. That’s why mini comes with the top-mounted trucks, which are suitable for the trickeries mentioned above. Overall, the trucks are fast and highly responsive to keep your ride smooth and flawless.

The wheels and bearings of this skateboard cast magic spell all over your ride. Its PU wheels cancel out the abnormal vibrations during skating, and bearings provide the perfect balance for wheels’ turning and rolling. Our community believes this pair completes the uniqueness of the mini skateboard’s design. 


The reason behind buying this short board was a magneto tag with it. But, like the other magneto products, it also proved its worth under critical conditions. It costs a bit more than the Retrospec Quip but also provides more advanced features like quality trucks, wheels, and a durable deck. After inspecting it for months while riding it, I found it a pleasant and complete cruiser board.


Strong and flexible deck

Supports weight up to 275lbs

Suitable for tricks and turns


Firm grip on the deck


Speed wobbles due to top-mounted trucks

Final Review:

We used this cruiser for a good period, and we were utterly baffled by the sturdiness of the board. The kingpin trucks installed on the upper side of the deck make this board an ideal candidate for doing ollies and jumping over obstacles aggressively. So, if you are looking for a cruiser for such stuff, this is a must-have pick.

3. Beleev Cruiser | Wide Skateboard

best cruiser board for beginners
  • 8 inches wide deck
  • 27 inches deck length
  • 60mm wide wheels
  • Item weighs 5 pounds
  • 78A hardness on wheels
  • Load capacity up to 220 pounds

About Beleev:

Beleev manufacturer has listed multiple cruiser boards within reach of everyone due to its most economical price. Along with its lowest price, the board truly speaks for its quality itself. 7-ply Canadian maple used in the build of this board assures its sturdiness and durability. Its load capacity goes up to 220 pounds. Moreover, the deck’s concaveness and its wider surface make riders hell comfortable over the board. 

This 27″ x 8″ cruiser comes with intricate anti-slippery wheels that are most suitable for cruising. Besides the wheels, precision bearings provide the utmost shock absorbing capability to smoothen your ride against those unwanted street bumps and cracks. Moreover, trucks’ build is high-quality aluminum stuff, ensuring their reliability and providing flawless rides to novices and experts. 

The concave design of the deck and dual kick-tail at the front and back make things easier for riders to control the ride. Unlike traditional skateboards, longboards ensure a solid grip to your feet on the deck. Beleev also has non-slippery grip tape enhancing the traction between your shoes and the deck to prefer the rider’s safety.

Last but not least, the coloring and design on the board are creative and eye-catching. There are seven multiple designs available at the most suitable price. You can select any of them you find attractive. All of the designs have definite qualities described above. 


It is one of the best cruiser boards on our list for beginners at an affordable price. Many newbies in our group started their skating career on this short board and found it very helpful. Moreover, this is a trustworthy product for the kids. My friends bought it at the beginning of 2023, and it is durable and easy to use in August 2023 with the same features.


Hard wheels ensure the best cruising experience

Highly durable deck

Wheels make it easier to glide

Pre-assembled settings for beginners


The paint may chip quickly

Final Review:

Hundreds of positive ratings and our deep trials urged us to suggest this cruiser for beginners and pro skaters. So feel free to select any design you like and enjoy a safe, sound, and flawless ride. Most importantly, you would love eye-catching graphics work implemented on it.

4. DINBIN for Cruiser Boards Tricks

top cruiser board
  • 6 inches deck width
  • 22 inches deck length
  • 60mm PU wheels
  • 220 pounds load capacity
  • 78A durometer hardness


This mini board has attracted thousands of longboarders because of its incredible flexibility, lowest price, and high rebound Polyurethane wheels. The mixture of aluminum and plastic makes the deck complaisant and remarkably durable. The shortboard provides complete portability and safety to newbies and suits all professional skaters. 

Beginners love this longboard because it comes pre-assembled. You don’t need to set any settings, balance yourself on the board, and get going. This perfect cruiser can be a genuine sort of transportation as it provides dream stability during the ride. Deck’s flexibility absorbs all kinds of shocks introduced by cracky sidewalks and uneven streets. 

The wheels and trucks of DINBIN are reliable and sturdy enough to bear a load of about 220lbs easily. Beginners can help themselves learn the very basics of skating like balancing, pushing, waving, and turning. Once you get used to the DINBIN mini-board, you will love to have a true stern deck cruiser for cruising long distances and doing unimaginable tricks concurrently. 


It is a product that will last for years with no manufacturing error if you take care of it. The best uses of DINBIN are cruising and campus use; I rode it for the same purposes for more than a year. Make a habit of cleaning its deck as it’s an eye-catching longboard and requires protection.


Extremely flexible deck

Comes pre-assembled

Shock absorbing deck and wheels

Perfect for cruising


Bushings and bearings need replacement

Final Review:

Its low price, stable features, easy-to-learn skating, and long-lasting ability make this mini cruiser a perfect choice for newbies and professionals. You can deal with its bearings and bushings by reducing your speed while rolling over bumpy tracks. After comparing it with other best cruiser boards after a few rides, we did not notice much difference.

5. Cal 7 22″ | Top Cruiser Board

hybrid skateboard
  • 6 inches wide deck
  • 22 inches long deck
  • 60mm wheels width
  • 78a wheels’ hardness

About Cal 7:

After a few days of continuous testing, we found cal reliable for people of any age, carving’s ease is at its peak, and incredible skating experience. Its low price, versatility in coloring and designs, and glowing feature in darkness urged us to suggest this board for the readers. 

The plastic deck of Cal 7 is unyielding and well-built. Also, the deck’s flexibility makes it pretty easy for adults and kids to cruise, carve, or skate smoothly. The waffle top deck provides loads of grip to the riders, giving beginners a confident ride. The wheels of this mini cruiser are of great quality with bouncy nature. Also, they absorb shocks well while passing through rugged streets and cracked pavements. 

Its smaller size allows you to take it anywhere you want. It easily fits in a backpack so you can take it on a trip or to your school. Moreover, its compact design allows it to maneuver the corners comfortably. As a result, the difficulty of cruising on the coast and passing crowded areas is zero to none on this mini-board. 

High-quality bearings in the wheels put forth a smoother ride as compared to the DINBIN cruiser suggested earlier. In addition, the smaller width of the wheels ensures additional speed as well as continuous grip. These characteristics make it a clear choice for skating asphalt roads or cruising around your high-school pathways.


It is one of the best and cheap cruiser boards on our list. Hundreds of people buy and use it due to its satisfying customer reviews and inexpensive price tag. While inspecting this board, I observed that its trucks are too good for taking quick and sharp turns. Moreover, it does not lose its sturdiness even after regular use for months.



Sturdy Deck

Small, hard wheels for perfect cruising

Shock absorbing wheels

Variety of colors available


Sides of the board get damaged after sharp turns

Final Review:

Bring this board under your feet and enjoy the best cruising experience. The comparison of its specifications with other cruiser boards like DINBIN and Magneto proves its worth in all conditions and especially suits beginner riders.

6. DINBIN Nickel | Best Skateboard for Cruising

best cruiser board
  • 27 inches deck length
  • 8 inches deck width
  • 60mm wheels of PU
  • 78A durometer hardness
  • 220lbs load capacity
  • 5.5 Pounds board weight

About DINBIN Nickel:

There are multiple plastic mini-boards in our suggested list, and this nickel board is slightly different from them all. It has a little extended deck than the other boards described earlier. Moreover, the non-slippery nature of its long deck and its flexibility drive the attention of professionals and novices.

The wheels of any board are highly responsible for the speed and comfort of the ride. This board has big rollers with premium bearings promising high-speed achievement. Moreover, their friction enables them to handle considerable pressure and weight due to bumps and cracks. Also, its deck derives taxiing more even while navigating around the various types of terrain. 

A board is useless if it doesn’t provide eternal balance to the ride. The most prominent thing accountable for a stable ride is the trucks to which the rollers are attached. The trucks of DINBIN work incredibly well during the ride to grant full control and stability to the rider. Besides all these features, you can select the color and design of your choice as the seller guarantees the delivery of the right stuff. 


DINBIN Nickle has similar features as the previous DINBIN product. The only difference I noticed while riding this was that it’s hard to turn sometime. I used my skating tool to resolve this issue and loosened the trucks a bit. Now it performs well under critical conditions.


Flexible, wide, and extended deck

Sturdy, durable wheels

Resistant trucks

One low price


Bearings need to be upgrade

Final Review:

This cruiser board is CE certified, having a bendable deck with sturdy trucks to ensure a safe and smooth ride. Low price is solely a byproduct of our honesty, not the symbol by which we equate success.

7. FlyBee Skate | Beginner Cruiser Board

best board for cruising
  • 28*8″ Dimensions
  • 80S grip tape
  • 60mm wheels
  • 78A Durometer hardness
  • Deck holds 220.5 Pounds
  • 2.35 Kilograms weight

About FlyBee:

Premium quality of concave deck, a kicktail, and milled rollers collectively make this Flybar cruiser a dream one for every skater. In addition, the deck has sheer grip tape and grip-ensuring texture, securing an under-control ride. The vast expertise of professional skaters at Flybar company eased the launch of this type of fully-featured cruiser. 

Turning around the corners can be dangerous if the boat you are riding doesn’t have suitable trucks. Aluminum trucks of Flybar are of supreme quality and have riser pads as well. The stranded quality of trucks warrants smooth turns around sharp corners. Besides the trucks, riser pads permit the rider to pedal higher than usual, making sure that wheels don’t get bites. 

The kicktail of this cruiser is built explicitly for professionals to do some fundamental tricks and for newbies to learn the basic ones. The Canadian maple in deck build, sturdy trucks, and durable rollers authorize users to play with the cruiser at a high level. 


During the testing process, I was not happy with the performance of the bearings. They help wheels roll smoother but are not slow compared to DINBIN and Magneto cruiser boards. However, the other parts like trucks, wheels, and deck are performing well since I bought this item.


Its smaller size fits anywhere

Sturdy wheels and trucks

Genuine experience for cruising

Durable deck


Bearings seem a little slow

Final Review:

Believe in the expert opinion, try this cruiser built under the supervision of specialist skaters. The best value of this board with maximum qualities is something you are looking for yourself or your loved ones. 

8. Globe Big Blazer | Good Cruiser

best cruiser board
  • 32″ board length
  • 9″ board width
  • 62mm wide wheels
  • 83a wheels’ durometer hardness
  • Abec 7 bearings
  • Weighs 2900 Grams

About Globe Cruiser:

Globe is a renowned company providing exciting skating products for years. However, this Big Blazer is unique and, best of all, due to its various features. The eye-catching design, smooth-rolling wheels, softer board surface, an average cocktail, and durable deck are some of its most prominent features to make it different from others.

As a result of using maple wood and epoxy resin in the build, this globe longboard weighs way less than other boards in the market. The stylist tail is far genuine compared to fishtail while the cocktail size is also larger than its competitor. 

Trucks of Big Blazer come with Kingpin tensors which behave exceptionally well while performing skills. Also, the trucks take tremendous responsibility for protection during the display of tricks. We have tested several other longboards; we found Globe cruiser’s wheels bigger than Sagano genuinely made for cruising. 

The price varies as the design of the cruiser varies. But, all of the boards in the link we provide are enduring, smooth for cruising, perfect for showing and upgrading skills, and affordable.


I highly recommend this board to those with a budget and looking for the best item. My inspection report about the Globe cruiser board says that it performs as advertised. First, it is a versatile cruiser board for beginner and advanced riders. I used to ride it for cruising, tricks, campus use, and carving. Also, I see it as a long-lasting product.


Bite-free wheels

Sturdy, smooth, gripping deck

Less weight

Wide & Long enough to cruise comfortably


No genuine confound

Comparatively pricey

Final Review:

This globe makes itself unique because it has everything you need for cruising. You get bite-free fast-rolling wheels along with a responsive combo of trucks and deck. This combination allows everyone to have a remarkable and safer ride. Never forget to begin your ride without wearing longboard helmets and sliding gloves. You can select the most protective safety gear by clicking the link.


best mini cruiser
  • 19 Inches length of the deck
  • 9 inches width
  • 69mm wheel size
  • 76A Soft Wheels
  • Bamboo material product
  • Load capacity (220lbs)

About Mini Longboard:

After weeks of testing Eggboard, we shortlisted this board for two scenarios;

1. Get this board if you want to commute short distances

2. If you are young or want to gift it to some teenager, this board is for you.

The thing we found incredibly interesting is its deck. Its shorter length makes it highly portable. To test the durability and sturdiness of the deck, we dropped it from a certain height, and surprisingly, there was no significant damage found; instead, some minor dents were noticeable. Plus, the hard bamboo derives nearly zero flex to the deck. 

The reverse kingpin technology in the trucks brings stability to the ride. Also, upon tightening trucks, we covered sharper turns with ease and safety. Because the softer wheels are taken as a standard for cruiser boards, this mini board also has the same wheels making it easier to cruise over pebbles and rocks reasonably easily. 


Riding EGGBOARD’s mini longboard is a way to have unlimited fun. It is as strong as mentioned and proves its worth under challenging conditions. It is an obvious choice if you are searching for something helpful to let your kids learn longboarding.


Smaller size perfect for commuting


Deck is durable

Reverse kingpins allow a smooth ride


Bearings are not of outstanding quality

Some wheel bites are normal

Final Review:

Finally, it is one good board with a unique design that helps you cover short distances. You will find it completely different from the other best cruiser skateboards because of the deck’s shape, length, and width. But it allows its riders to make sharp turns evenly well and does not cost too much.

10. Landyachtz Dinghy | Best Cruiser Skateboard

cheap cruiser boards
  • 28 Inches deck length
  • Maple made product
  • 60mm wheels
  • 78a durometer hardness

About Landyachtz:

If you have some bucks to spend, then you should go for Dinghy. Why? The wheels, deck shape, bearings, collectively we say, every component of this board defines quality. Of course, this cruiser suits experts more, but it is also fitting for beginners because its deck is slightly larger than usual mini boards. 

The slight concaveness of the deck holds your feet pretty well when you are carving. Its good tail and nose permit you to throw down tricks if that’s what you like to do. Moreover, the grip tape on the deck is slightly better than other mini boards explained earlier. We have ridden countless skateboards and longboards, but Dinghy’s deck shape is unique and the best of them all. 

The wheels seem solid and sturdy because they are bigger and broader than other traditional skateboards. This softness of the wheels enables you to ride safely above pebbles and cracks because they grip the pavement comfortably. Sliding is also possible, but you need to have enough speed to achieve what you want. 

Polar bear Trucks of Landyachtz are of unbelievable quality, and under the truck, you will see riser pads to ensure wheels’ safety from bites. Trucks and bushings collectively work to give the rider a smooth ride. Feel free to do some freestyle or tricks with the help of a kicktail because trucks are sturdy enough to bear load easily.


I interviewed many users of Landyachtz mini longboard, and most of them seem unhappy with its performance or maybe with its price. It has the same features as other affordable mini cruiser boards on our list but is expensive. The biggest drawback observed was the low-quality deck compared to its price tag.


The concave deck allows stiffness and stability

Shock bearing wheels

Riser pads under trucks keep the wheels bite-free

The quality of trucks is top-notch


Capping at the back of space ball bearings needed

Final Review:

We tried our best to find some errors or cons in this product, and to be honest; we hardly saw a flaw in the bearings, which don’t even directly impact the durability of the product. That is why the number of positive reviews on this cruiser board justifies why we have suggested this board for you.

Buying Guide for Best Cruiser Boards

Hesitation begins when you’ve countless products’ choices, but you don’t know which one to choose and why. Therefore, we will debate some significant factors that you should keep in mind while buying the best cruiser board. But, first, let’s have a look at what factors affect the quality of a mini-board. 


Like electric longboards, simple boards and skateboards, wheels play a huge part in the overall riding experience. Such as speed, riding over cracks, and stability. Here are our recommendations about the wheels’ quality. 

For fast-paced, smooth rides, the cruiser-board needs to have large-sized wheels as huge wheels keep going with the same pace and stability no matter on which surface you are riding. As per our cruising experience, the size of the rollers should be around 65 mm. 

You might not get the desired results if you compromise on the firmness of the wheels. Because it promises speedy, smooth and safer rides even on rugged surfaces. Therefore, 85a solidity is perfect for both novices and advanced skaters. If the hardness crosses 85a, it will be icing on the cake. 

Last but not the least, what shape does the rollers have and which material is used for their construction. The cruisers’ wheels have utterly different structures as well as materials. The wheels with an outer lip will mostly be suitable for the cruiser longboard as they provide outstanding balance throughout the ride on smooth and rough surfaces. 

If urethane material exists on wheels, you are going to spend a memorable time of joy with your mini longboard. Moreover, it will improve the sensitivity between the wheels and the deck.

Size of the Board:

Like the longboards, cruisers also come in multiple sizes so that every rider can select one that meets all his demands. Although we don’t know your height and weight, you will still choose the perfect sized cruiser with our guidelines.

The best way to get rid of the board’s size is to give it a try before purchasing. Furthermore, if you are advanced in this adventure, around 25 inches in length would be perfect. But if you are a newcomer, try to find one with a deck less than 33 inches. A beginner requires some extra space where he can stand easily. Therefore, it is essential to have a length of around 33 inches.

Decks’ Material: 

Most of the time, wood and plastic materials get used in the construction of cruising boards. However, both of these materials have their capabilities. 

If you want a space-free ride, then wood made decks are highly appreciated. Along with the space, these decks give the rider a locked-in feel with maximum speed.

As compared to wood, plastic-made decks provide more flexibility to the users. This is the major difference between these two materials, except for flexibility; they are as sturdy as wood decks. If you are finding a flimsy cruiser, then plastic material would be a great choice.

Trucks & Bearings:

Skating experts say bearings and trucks differentiate whether your ride is going to be good or bad. The trucks are connected with the rollers and are highly responsible for quick moves, fast speed, flexibility and error-free rides. Moreover, trucks make impressive combinations with the bearings as well. 

Like any other part of a mini-cruiser, trucks also come in various sizes and materials. From newbie to advanced rider, we advise having muscular trucks under the deck as it assures balance and sturdiness at the same time. Manufacturers use steel and aluminum extensively while making trucks. Most importantly, make sure bushing, axle, and the hanger are also in there with the trucks.

The perfect size for a cruising board should be closer to the wheels compared to rollers in a traditional longboard. We found that trucks with 5 inches of length perform very well throughout the cruising rides. Due to the closeness between wheels and trucks, it becomes more accessible and quicker in responding.

The image below defines the size and how close rollers are to each other.

longboard trucks

Let’s talk about the bearings that are replaceable if the rider is not satisfied with their performance. Firstly, they are placed inside the wheels and are evenly sized. Bearings remain in touch with the axle to lessen the shocks on rough surfaces. For cruising and other stuff, it is necessary to have responsive bearings inside the wheels. 


At the end comes the overall flexibility of cruiser skateboards. We find it important to talk about as many of you like flexible decks and boards. It not only gives you joy but also bears the shocks you often feel while riding over bumps. This is how your ride becomes more enjoyable and safer. In this case, the most important factors are the hardness and quality of the board. 

Final Thoughts for Guide:

The best cruiser boards are perfect choice for beginners to start their skating career. They have average length and are simply maneuverable that letting you cruise effortlessly through the streets. However, when it comes to covering short distances, experts prefer mini cruisers over longboards and skateboards. Before winding it up, I must say, the best cruiser board lets you do commuting as comfortably as cruising.


Plastic-made boards are termed Penny boards. They are lightweight and have a less-wider deck design. Due to this, they are good at turning and easier to carry. Hence, you can buy plastic cruisers for your children as they are optimal for middle-aged riders.

The smaller size and portability of best cruiser boards define their usage. Such boards are preferred for short-distance rides, simple maneuvers, and other trickeries. You can easily carry them around your campus and start riding when the pavements begin.

There is no universal rule about the length of the cruiser board. The general rule is that lengths between 28” to 46” are feasible for cruising rides. In short, this range is suitable for most children and also adults. As a starter, try to stick between this range of deck length, and once you get familiar with longboard riders, you can get an even smaller deck.


Skateboards are not only designed for ramps to show off insane tricks! They can also be a great alternative for commuting.
With the best cruiser boards, you can forget about bringing your car when traveling short distances. Say goodbye to traffic jams or the headache of finding a vacant parking space. You don’t even have to spend on fuel. Best of all, you will be doing something good for the environment by having a cruiser skateboard.
Get your cruising skateboard today! Happy cruising!

Written by: Matt Harper

I am the sole brain behind the idea of writing longboard reviews which resulted in the production of this case study i.e. BoardsOnTop. I love everything about longboards and write exemplary reviews to help the longboarding community as once it helped me.

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