Top-Rated Best Electric Longboards Under 500 | Best for Beginner and Pro Riders

Motorized longboards are favorable for longer rides and commuting as the combination of powered motor and battery has the ability to cover distances. Generally, these boards put a lot of weight on your wallets as they are expensive. But that doesn’t mean best electric longboards under 500 don’t exist. Although the price tag lowers significantly, quality remains highest and meets customers’ expectations.  

We believe electric boards require rigorous testing and analysis before getting into the market. The manufacturers follow all the necessary standards, but we didn’t stop with these. Experienced skaters at BoardsOnTop went through several quality longboards before finalizing the list for best electric longboards under 500. We suggest newbies read the buying guide below to find the best-suited board for them.

5 Top-Rated Electric Longboards Under 500

Hiboy Electric Longboard | Best Overall

best electric longboard under 500

Key Features

  • Black/Red Color
  • Maximum speed of 18.5mph
  • Battery last 13miles
  • 9cm wheel size
  • Maple deck

This battery-powered longboard contains a brushless double hub battery which always performs at its peak. Speed is an important factor while selecting an electric longboard, and Hiboy provides a motor that can let you achieve a pace up to 18mph. The speed is inversely proportional to the weight of the rider. We could easily gain 16mph during testing this great motorized longboard. 

Most people use electric longboards for commuting purposes, and in this case, battery timing is another important factor to consider. Though the seller claims that Hiboy can last up to 13 miles on a single charge, we nearly achieved that mark on our first few test rides. After continuous usage, the timing decreased, and now it runs 10 miles every time we charge it fully.  

Besides powerful battery, speed, and timing, the last thing that matters in an electric longboard is the capability of its wireless remote. This longboard comes with a handheld controller, which allows you to opt for four multiple riding styles. If you want to cruise, the lowest speed mode is better, and to commute long distances, make use of the highest speed mode and its brake mode. 


Suitable for multiple riding styles

Four multiple brake modes available

Powerful battery suits commuting

Easy to understand remote 


Trucks are a little loose

Why Hiboy S22:

Undoubtedly, I decided to buy this electric longboard because it does not cost too much. Moreover, the users of this best electric longboard under 500 looked happy with its performance. During the inspection, I noticed that it could generate maximum speed with its 4 different speed modes. Furthermore, both the longboard and its remote get charged within 2 hours. Most importantly, Hiboy S22 is an excellent choice for long-term use.

Youth Electric Longboard | Best Under 300

Best electric longboard


  • Battery 2200Ah Lithium-Ion
  • Polyurethane wheels
  • Maple deck
  • 250W motor
  • 220 pounds load capacity

Multiple layers of Canadian maple are congested together to make this longboard’s weight-bearing deck. The quality maple makes sure that the deck stays waterproof for a longer period. Wheels under this sturdy deck are of great quality and are responsible for ignoring annoying shocks created during rough terrain rides. Their shock-absorbing capability comes from sturdy urethane material used in their build. 

The controller that comes with this amazing motorized longboard is wireless, supplying an interface for you to speed up or break down easily. There are three different modes for pace, i.e., high, medium, and low. Moreover, you can easily connect the remote and the longboard. After weeks of testing the Youth battery-powered longboard, we can comfortably recommend this longboard for any age more than 10. 

About battery performance, the longboard could keep going for about 6 miles every time we charged it to full. And during the testing, the highest speed we gained was 11mph. Compared to other competitive electric longboards, the pace and battery timing of this longboard is a little less, but the board is budget-friendly as well. 


Durable wheels, deck, and power motor

Easy to understand remote settings

Budget-friendly product

3 multiple speed levels available


Gets bumps on rough skating surfaces

Users’ Review:

It is one of the best electric longboards under 500 with all the required features. The speed, dimensions of the deck, strong wheels to grab the surface, and responsive trucks are its most exciting features. We interviewed many users of the Youth Electric longboard, and they claimed it is a long-lasting longboard because of the 7 layers of maple on the deck.

Backfire G2 Remote Control Longboard

Backfire G2 Remote control board


  • 38 inches deck length
  • 96mm fast-rolling wheels
  • 83a durometer hardness
  • Weighs only 17 pounds
  • Load capacity 240lbs

Its quality remote control is this longboard’s most attractive and worth spending feature. A very few electric longboard remotes come with an LED or LCD and Backfire is one of them. The LCD displays all the necessary information you need at a single sight. It shows the current pace, how long the battery will last, and the distance between the remote and the longboard itself. 

The controller assists you with three different modes named reverse gear, eco, and sport modes. As the name suggests, reverse gear introduces backward movement, which is rarely found in motorized longboards. Learn, How to Carry a Longboard.

Eco mode is specifically brought in for newbies to start cruising with ease and comfort. In this mode, novices can catch up to speed up to 12mph. Finally, the sports mode forces the longboard to move at its highest speed. The highest rate we achieved during testing went past 21mph comfortably. 

No other electric longboard under 500 has the qualities like Backfire. The seller welcomes you with a six months maintenance facility with some exemptions. The broader wheels and durable battery confirm smooth and steady rides even when you need to cross crowded streets. Trucks help in slight turning while moving at any pace less than eight mph. The battery lasts as long as 12 miles. 


Suitable for both beginners and experts

Impressive remote with classy attributes

Three-speed modes

The highest speed is above 20mph


Battery mileage decreases if it gets overcharged

Costs more than the other electric longboards on the list

Testing Results:

I bought this new addition for the testing purpose a few months ago. After riding it multiple times, I must say it is one of the best electric longboards for beginners. I could control the ride’s speed nicely and balance the ride at a higher speed. A little disadvantage is its price tag as it costs more than Youth Electric longboard and Hiboy S22.

Atom All-Terrain | Fastest Electric Longboard

Atom All-Terrain E-Board


  • Wood material deck
  • 1000W brushless motor
  • 10cm wheels
  • Item weighs 14 pounds
  • FOC sine-wave speed & break controller

B10X achieves new heights of longboarding adventures with the help of its powerful brushless motor operating around 1KW. The motor’s real strength is displayed when the skater moves towards the hill at a reasonable speed. All these motor abilities succeed thanks to long-lasting and safe lithium batteries. Consequently, you can take the longboard for various types of rides such as downhill, cruising, carving, free-riding, and commuting.
Atom Electric follows all the standard design patterns of longboards but wouldn’t find so many accomplishments without fast, responsive control software. All required functionalities, such as acceleration, braking, etc., feel spontaneous because of foc-sin applications. The delay between the input from the app and output on the board feels immediate and timely. This pause strengthens the overall charisma of Atom among its regular users.
Generally, the electric longboards feel accurate for even tracks and straight roads, but Atom B10X allows its users to explore different surfaces. The wheels are robust and roll in any pathway, be they rocky pavements or campus roadway.

It is a universal fact that Atom e-boards can pace up to around 15mph and, therefore, install a highly-responsive brakes system. Overall, the rider’s safety stays at maximum without lowering the quality of adventures.


Regenerative brake system

Peak speed of 15mph

Rechargeable and reliable batteries

Best value for money

All-terrain roller


Low maximum speed 

Battery timings complaints

Why Atom All-Terrain:

Atom All-Terrain Electric Longboard can be your great companion for college use and transportation. A few members in our community have been using this motorized longboard campus use and long-distance riding. Also, they mentioned that its battery timing is less than the other top-rated electric longboards on the list.

Blitzart Electric Longboard | Top-Rated

Top rated Electric longboard


  • 7×38 inches dimensions
  • Item weight 8.35kg
  • Maximum speed: 19mph
  • The distance range of 6-10km

This best electric longboard under 500 offers extreme quality grip tape to keep the rider’s feet stuck to the longboard even at higher speeds. The maple wood of the deck is sandwiched between two layers of bamboo, which supplies the necessary flexibility and strength of the board.

Moreover, the deck’s cutout and hollow design promise safer and quiet rides for novice and expert riders. Even for the riders weighing around a quarter of a Kip, Blitzart moves with unmatched power and accuracy.
The brand follows a hub motor pattern for powering up the skater as these motors are softer and quieter in addition to high-power operation. You can easily ride for almost six to ten kilometers with a fully charged Hurricane electric longboard. It is fairly easy to achieve a peak speed of 19 miles per hour without stuttering and glitches. However, the charging of the battery cells takes around three hours to charge fully.
This e-longboard has the latest edition portable remote control device easily held in hand. The basic figures monitored by the remote are speeding up the longboard and applying brakes. There are two different riding modes named basic and advanced for newbies and experienced riders. Furthermore, the controller assists in getting on and off the board with a simple switch. Lastly, the Hurricane comes completely assembled, and you need to get it out of the box for a ride.


It holds 250 pounds

Flexible and Strong deck

Free of Wheel-bites

A fully functional remote control device



Requires more power for uphill riding

Performance Update:

Blitzart 38 inches electric longboard has been used in our longboarding community for a long time. The regular users of this product have different opinions and ratings about the performance of Blitzart. Some complained about the responsiveness of the board with the remote. On the other hand, its fully charged battery lets you ride this E-longboard for more than 3 hours. Also, the battery gets fully charged within 2 hours.

Buying Guide

We have reviewed e-longboards before with an extensive buying guide. It remains the same but you need to make sure if its suits your budget or not. Click to move to the guide of best electric longboards.


What is the best electric longboard?

The best e-longboard is the one that provides a powerful motor to spin wheels fast, a long-lasting battery, a sturdy deck, and multifunctional remote control. Beware of cheap electric longboards as they don’t meet riders’ expectations. 

What is the best electric longboard brand?

There are several e-longboard producing brands, and the competition is tough. Backfire, Blitzart, and Atom are the leading brands that produce perfect electric longboards that meet users’ requirements.

How much is a good electric longboard?

There are some best electric longboards available with prices exceeding $600. But, some of the low-priced e-longboards prove their worth, having a price range between $300 – $500. 

Final Words

A few critical factors you need to look for in an electric longboard. Firstly, a good motorized longboard provides dual or a single powerful motor. Then comes the battery life of the longboard. Top-rated electric longboards provide a mileage of 10-15 miles, and their battery gets fully charged within 2-3 hours. Finally, the remote control should be responsive and have user-friendly features. All these factors with a reasonable price will make the best electric longboard under 500.

Written by: Matt Harper

I am the sole brain behind the idea of writing longboard reviews which resulted in the production of this case study i.e. BoardsOnTop. I love everything about longboards and write exemplary reviews to help the longboarding community as once it helped me.

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