Best Freestyle Longboards for Tricks 2023, Suitable Decks for Beginners

Freestyle is an adventurous type of joy and can not be achieved without the best freestyle longboards for tricks under your feet. After considering all features that improve freestyling, we developed a lineup that includes the best budget, quality, and responsive longboards. Bring any of these boards under your feet and enjoy the most acrobatic style of longboarding. Also, you can know how your favorite freestyling longboard will perform after months as we keep updating the reviews for each product.

Our skating experience emerged positively, and we have enlisted the best longboards for freestyle. All you need is a lightweight, drop-through, cut-out deck, longboard to start showcasing your freestyle skills. We have a detailed guide for novices to help them understand what factors are necessary to consider before buying the best longboard for tricks.

Top 3 Freestyle Longboards for Tricks

top freestyle longboard

Slendor Longboard

Magneto Carbon Fiber

Magneto Carbon Fiber

best freestyle longboard

Atom All-Terrain Longboard

Best Longboards for Freestyle and Tricks

1. Sector 9 Longboard | Best for Freestyle and Tricks

Freestyle longboards for tricks

9.6×42 inches dimensions

Bamboo rich product

74mm, 78A wheels

10-inches gull winder trucks

Item weighs 7 pounds


Sector 9 is the true definition of the famous quote “for the people by the people.” The reason is simple as the idea for longboard decks, completes, and the skateboarders of California themselves initiated trucks, etc. Since then, the brand has produced notable gear for the skating community, and Blue Wave is in these generational products. Wave is manufactured explicitly for freestyle riders, simple maneuvers, and trickeries. But the domain of rides doesn’t end here as you can utilize it in various scenarios. Read more about the freestyle longboarding and its various tricks.

Each sub-item of Sector Nine Blue comes from a trustworthy brand, and adventurers can rely on them. There are freely working and highly active gullwinder trucks mounted with the deck to redistribute weight and turn effectively. Moreover, planted wheels are hard enough to rock on a rigid surface and grippy to anchor to the ground on bumpy tracks. Therefore, moving at decent speed during a tension-free and effortless ride becomes more accessible than ever.

Sector 9 Performance After Months:

Sector 9 is undoubtedly one of the best longboard brands in the market, and when I tested it for freestyle, it truly lived up to my expectations. When you do freestyle tricks, the most important thing is the flex inside the deck and the responsiveness of the complete board. Sector 9 is up to the mark regarding responsiveness and flex. After two months of continuous testing, I found that some bolts went missing out of the trucks and the customer care responded quickly to deliver the required thing. 

Though BlueWave is certified for free rides and easy tricks, it has drop-through deck criteria. Such decks stay lower to the ground and provide an efficient center of gravity anytime the user steps foot on the board. Therefore, you can rely on the board for other variations of skating such as Bomb-hill rides, ease of push rides, and simple cruising. The whole item is lightweight but bears reasonable weight and eliminates breaking into the board.


  • Lower center of gravity
  • Reliable bearings and wheels
  • Responsive gullwinder trucks
  • Preferred for tricks and freestyling
  • Good weight-bearing capability


  • Avoid sliding rides

Why Sector 9:

Sector-9 has always kept in mind the requirements of skating comrades and develops products according to the needs. Therefore, Blue-wave is a heavy-duty and trusty project which happens to comply perfectly for beginners and professionals alike in different riding experiences such as freestyle, magical tricks, and push-less gliding.

2. Atom All-Terrain Longboard | Freestyle Deck

Longboard for tricks

Wheels: MBS 100mm X 65mm

Deck: Sturdy maple-lam

Trucks: Grade-8 Reverse Kingpin with 50-degree base

Bearings: ABEC 9

Grip-Tape: Super-coarse 46 grit Off-road grip


When it comes to rocky paths, campus pavement, rough tracks, and large-hole surfaces, you require one board to succeed, and its name is Atom All-Terrain. Seasonal skaters and newbies are encouraged to test this beast slider as it supports a variety of rides. Generally, experienced skaters find All-Terrain, the best companion for tricking on plain tracks and freestyling on any surface. However, you will be comfortable using this skater no matter the needs and requirements of your adventures.

How does Atom achieve all these tedious tasks while giving its 100% in all scenarios? The answer lies in the build of the longboard because every piece is tested and analyzed in extreme situations. Super high-rebound MBS wheels generate maximum power to roll on any tacks and enhance thorough grip on the ground for stability. Moreover, they absorb shocks and suck out genuine vibrations caused during any of your skidding experiences.

Performance Update:

This longboard has got everything you need as a longboard freestyling lover. Its lightweight allows you to do tricks comfortably. The smooth and sturdy deck with the required flex enables the rider to enjoy easy tricks and turns. I have been riding this longboard for over a year now on an almost regular basis, and Atom’s performance is still like the newest longboard. Besides freestyle, the longboard can run over any type of terrain without significant issues.

Other than supportive wheel structure, the evenly lowered center of gravity build of the deck ensures firm and abrasive grip on the board and the ground. In addition, RKP trucks provide wider turning angles because of the reasonable height of the trucks. All the bearings come pre-lubricated and act as boosters for high speed. Lastly, you don’t need to be entangled in assembling all the parts, as Atom delivers a complete and best freestyle longboard for tricks.


  • Super-high-rebound PU wheels
  • Lower center of gravity
  • High-speed lubricant bearings
  • Fully Assembled
  • Easy Pushing


  • Expensive product

Why Atom All-Terrain:

The Atom ALL-Terrain will roll over anything, e.g., campus paths, rocky terrains, and even track. We summarize by saying that you will get where you need to go and turn some heads along the way if you choose to cruise on this skater. The top-notch MBS wheels compile decently with the complete build and support you in freestyle trips, legendary tricks, and simple cruising experiences.

3. Phoeros Freestyle Longboard for Beginners

best longboards for freestyles and tricks

41×9.5 inches longboard

70mm Pu wheels

95A hardness on the durometer

ABEC-11 bearings

Aluminum alloy trucks

About Phoeros:

We could not believe the exclusive features provided alone by the deck of Phoeros unless we tested it for ourselves. Honestly, it did not disappoint us and convinced us to appreciate it even more. Firstly, the base’s non-slippery and emery paper sand surface grant an infinite grasp to the rider itself. Not only can you skip through tracks with freestyles, but perform some tricks on the way as well. Furthermore, the deck can hold weight up to 550lbs, which is impressive on its own.

There is a common feature between the trucks and the wheels of Phoeros, and we will explore it by explaining both of these sub-gears. Phoeros installs ultra rebound polyurethane wheels to cancel any jumps and vibrations. In this way, your rides become energy efficient, and you require fewer pushes no matter the variety of your trip. On the other hand, the same material PU trucks even out any damps and rebounds. These factors convinced us to bring Phoeros as a dominant competitor on the list.

Is Phoeros Longboard Good for Freestyling?

Phoeros is not as good as Atom or Sector 9, but it is still a dependable longboard for newbies coming into freestyling. The solidity of its deck and the overall construction is sturdy enough to withstand the desired riding style. Maneuvering on this longboard becomes more accessible than ever, and cruising is my favorite riding style with Phoeros. I use this longboard on weekends for freestyle and freeriding. 

Phoeros stays equally fit for different levels of skaters and kids and adults alike. Any newcomer can use this best freestyle longboard for tricks and straightforward rides, while any professional can maneuver effectively and efficiently. Furthermore, you can gift the package to your beloved ones as the board comes completely assembled. The skaters need to get it out of the box and start showing off their new super-power.


  • High-quality and smooth rollers
  • Anti-damp PU trucks
  • Equally suitable for kids and adults
  • 100% pre-compiled
  • It can hold 330lbs


  • Least effective for dancing and cruising

Why Phoeros:

What makes the Phoeros longboard distinctive from others in the list is its high weight-bearing ability and fast responsiveness to the overall build. The longboard rolls smoothly over any surface with effective control on the ride. We recommend you decorate your skating arsenal with this beast glider as soon as possible.

4. PINESKY Complete Freestyle Longboard

complete freestyle longboards for tricks

41 x 9.5 inches longboard

8-layered maple deck

80A durometer rating

70mm PU wheels

Item weighs around 7 pounds

ABEC-11 high-speed bearings

About Item:

PINESKY manufactures different breeds of reliable longboard for its regular denizens, such as freestyle longboards, cruising and carving longboards, and downhill cruisers. The PINESKY board we will discuss is optimal for tricks and freestyle rides as recommended by experienced skaters and positive reviews. Like most longboard structures, there are 8 layers of maple wood that ensure the board’s whole strength and flexible nature. Ride this skater down your street without worrying about any inconvenience.

Though PINESKY follows classic build design like traditional longboards, there are some extensions to the format. Most importantly, our subject offers maximum cushioning for further stability and comfortability during journeys. All of this becomes possible thanks to the effective shock absorption system, a.k.a PU shock-absorbing rings. Furthermore, its wheels are hard enough to roll yet elastic sufficient to distribute the bumps through the whole structure.

Most freestyle boards have drop-through truck mounts, resulting in a lower center of gravity. Hence, the board becomes feasible for beginners and more accessible for professionals to twist and trick at reasonable rates. We admire this PINESKY longboard highly and believe that you can use it for multiple purposes other than only freestyling and swift movements. These adventures include carving, cruising, dancing, commuting, and long-distance riding.

Users’ Review:

I got this longboard a few months ago and started riding it a month ago. I tested this longboard for freestyle rides and liked how it responds to the rider’s needs. One of my friends also got the same board but had some issues with tighter wheels. The tool handled one of the wheels flawlessly, but the other couldn’t be loosened. He contacted customer care, and they quickly replaced the whole board without extra charges. 


  • Natural and eco-friendly product
  • The load capacity of 330lbs
  • Effective Shock absorption system
  • Versatile longboard
  • Additional t-tool


  • Harder quality wheels provide a lesser grip
  • Tighter wheels


This perfect cruiser serves its purpose on multiple occasions, such as even tracks, campus pavement, and steeper roads. You won’t feel a nudge in the performance even after riding it for hours. If you have tried beginners boards and now are looking to move towards various skating tricks, this roller is the one for you. Moreover, the brand provides fast customer service in case of any inconvenience.

5. Slendor 42 Inch | Best Longboard for Tricks

best freestyle longboards for tricks

42×9’’ deck dimensions

70mm PU wheels

85a durometer hardness

ABEC9 chrome steel bearings

Aluminum trucks


The most needed thing to achieve the most satisfactory freestyle experience is the flex in the deck. The broader deck of slendor with drop-through technology offers the required flexibility to showcase your fantastic freestyle skills. Besides elasticity, professional manufacturers picked this deck after continuous testing to reduce shocks caused by tricks and pops. We tested the board to its limit and can easily state that it is worthy enough for freestyle especially. 

With its one low price, it is hard to find any board with this quality. A multiple-ply deck made of maple bring in durability, and the use of epoxy glue grabs your feet well to keep you stable while covering rough tracks. Moreover, the used wood is environment-friendly and won’t rust even after years. As freestyling requires a durable and flexible deck, this board has got everything you are looking for, a long-term and joyous one. 

Wheels attached with this pack suit multiple riding styles, from freestyle to downhill riding; you can enjoy it however you want. 85a hardness generates pace quickly, specifically needed in bombing hills. Using polyurethane in the build of these wheels makes them durable and sturdy enough to absorb notable shocks created due to rocks and bumps. In this way, they act as cushions to provide a comfortable adventure by handling annoying vibrations. 

Slendor Longboard Inspection Report:

Initially, I was going with Sector 9 longboard only, but I liked the description and the positive reviews of Slendor. Hence, I decided to ride Slendor longboard as well. After riding it for only 15 days, I noticed that the pivot cups got misplaced from their original position. Although the deck is sturdy and dependable, the wheels’ quality and the trucks’ sturdiness are scary, especially for the tricks and turns. 

Chrome steel bearings with high ABEC ratings take responsibility for rolling wheels quicker than ever. Trucks holding the whole weight are adjustable and can allow you to tighten or loosen them according to your preferred style. Due to this feature, the board provides enough maneuverability to enjoy every moment of your freestyle skills and downhill race. 


  • Durable & flex-full deck for tricks
  • High-speed wheels
  • Bearings support downhill riding
  • Shock bearing deck & trucks
  • Money-back Guarantee


  • Kingpin’s head is not perfectly square
  • Pivot cups don’t perform well after months

Why Slendor:

With the best budget and long-lasting hardware parts, Slendor is one of the most amazing longboards available online. The seller’s offer of a 100% money-back guarantee on any issue will surely force you to try this sensation at least once, and we, after testing it personally, state that you won’t regret it ever. 

6. INNOWEIGH 41 Inch Longboard


41×9’’ longboard dimensions

70mm PU wheels

80a durometer hardness

Aluminum Trucks

Load capacity up to 330lbs

About Item:

Multiple attractive features of the INNOWEIGH longboard forced us to suggest this board for you. As the target is freestyling, the thing that matters the most is the deck. This longboard’s deck sits at the same level as trucks to decrease central gravity and minimize human effort. Unlike top-mount longboards, you can travel a long distance with little push due to its near-to-ground deck.

The broader deck with 8-cold pressed layers of original maple makes the board sturdy enough to withstand any shock or vibration during rough-track rides or freestyle tricks.  Also, the deck can bear a load of up to 330lbs, which is way better than many popular longboards available online. Besides deck sturdiness and design, the grip tape on it behaves as a sticky material to keep you stable during rides. 

Specifications of wheels demonstrate their selection. Width of 70mm, hardness of 80a, and use of Polyurethane make them durable and suitable for multiple riding techniques. Though wheels are similar to quick-rolling ones, they outperform many competitors’ bearing vibrations produced during freestyle tricks—their quick-rolling results from high-ranked ABEC bearings that force them to achieve maximum pace. 

Trucks of any longboard show their worth when the longboard crosses cracks, pebbles, or rocky roads. Their responsibility increases when riders aim for turns and curves. PU support pads in the trucks permit riders to have complete command. High-quality aluminum used in trucks’ build makes them stable and enduring at once. 


  • All hardware parts fit freestyle perfectly
  • PU pads in trucks for stability
  • High-speed bearings and wheels
  • Sturdy trucks
  • One low price


  • Wheels bites happened when we had sharper turns

Why INNOWEIGH | Updated

If you are tight on a budget and looking for something that aims explicitly for freestyle, this longboard will fulfill all your requirements. The board, when it arrived, was not in good condition. My teammates’ package had missing items like a skate tool, and my longboard had scratches. We contacted customer care, and their response was much better than the product they delivered. They quickly sent the missing parts to my teammate and a newer and full-fledged longboard to me. I got delighted with customer care, and the board works well for our desired riding style.

7. Magneto Carbon Fiber | Best Complete Longboard

Magneto Carbon fiber longboard for freestyles

38.5×9 inches broad deck

Bamboo, carbon fiber deck

70mm wide wheels

78a durometer hardness

250 pounds load capacity

About Magneto Carbon:

No better brand produces versatile, durable, and widely accepted longboards than Magneto for longboarding. This carbon fiber longboard collection includes quality defining board parts, multiple styles fits, and longboards crafted by expert enthusiasts. We have been riding this board for over a year now, and have tried carving, freestyle, cruising, and downhill riding verily. It was worth every penny we spent. 

Though carving is the most suitable form, you can easily do tricks and pops with the help of this bamboo-crafted board. The use of carbon fiber makes it lightweight, and it becomes easier to do flips than maple decks—the unique cut-out design of the deck suits carving most. As carving requires waving and zig-zag movement, this board’s structure ensures no collision between wheels and the deck.

The overall design of this board is worth mentioning. Though the board is shorter than 40 inches, it still provides wide enough space for newbies to stand comfortably on the deck. Professionals like the width of this board as it is just enough for freestyling skills. Moreover, the slight concaveness in the deck locks your feet in to have better control over your steady rides. 

Magneto Carbon Longboard | Performance Update

Magneto was the first board I ever got when I got into longboarding. This update belongs to the testing period of about 20 days of cruising and freestyle riding. This longboard helped me learn the basics of cruising and Freeriding. After a suggestion from my seniors, I replaced the existing bearings with the newest ones, and the difference was clear. The board ran faster than before, and the freeride also seemed smoother. 

Each part of this longboard is of extraordinary quality, from superior rate trucks to high rebound wheels, from carving and freestyle fitting wheels hardness to sheer bushings. The seller also provides an extra tool to adjust trucks according to your desired riding technique. Make sure you lubricate the bearings to relish pacy rides. 


  • Specifically designed for carving
  • flexible and light-weight deck
  • Trucks handle shocks efficiently
  • Concave deck keeps you stable
  • Land sup paddling


  • Bushings get out of control while squeaking a lot

Why Magneto:

Though the price is a little higher than the earlier one, the quality is even higher. It is always better to invest one time to achieve leisure from Magneto longboards for an extended period instead of getting a low-budget and compromising quality board. 

Buying Guide for Freestyle Longboarding

Newbies might get scared after seeing professionals doing tricks on longboards. Initially, flips and pops may frighten you, but it all becomes easy with practice. Longboards are specifically built for beginners to stand firm on a broader board than skateboards. Once you get familiar with the nature of longboards, you will quickly learn all riding styles. 

This descriptive guide will describe every factor that affects the freestyle technique. 

Longboard Decks for Trick

The deck is the part where you stand. It doesn’t only let you stand but also defines riding style. As the vast community of skaters likes numerous styles, freestyling is one. Here are the possible factors that can enhance your freestyle tricks. 

Drop-Through Deck:

Drop through the longboard design means the deck sits at the same level as the trucks. This technique relieves the human exertion to push and expands distance gain by the push. Moreover, the lower deck brings descending central gravity, which stabilizes to maximum level. As stability is the most needed thing while doing tricks, freestyle longboards usually come with drop-through designs. 

deck for freestyle longboards

Drop-Deck Design:

Drop-deck design is a further assessment of the drop-through design. In this case, the deck stays even lower than the previous style. With this technique, the gravity is even lower, and stability reaches the max. Apart from gravity, when the deck is lower than trucks, the nose and tail of the longboard entitle you to flip the board comfortably. As flipping is the most typical freestyling skill, drop-deck designs are also appropriate for freestyle. 

Cut-Out Deck:

In this style, the deck has a sharp curve that keeps it away from the wheels to avoid collisions. When the board collides with wheels during sharper turns, every chance of wheels getting bites through the ride. 

Wheels for Freestyle Longboarding

During the freestyle rides on a longboard, you need to flip the board multiple times; that is why it is essential to have a suitable set of wheels. Any specific longboarding style requires rollers that can help you thoroughly during the rides. The same technique applies to the wheels of the best freestyle longboards for tricks.

A perfect combo of bigger sized wheels and soft on durometer can bear annoying shocks created by flips and pops. Moreover, this combination also brings stability to keep you on track by gripping the ground well.  Hence, wheels with size around 70mm and as soft as 80a would be a perfect pick for daring tricks on a freestyle longboard. 

Truck Styles

There are two common styles of trucks, and both are even better for your aimed riding style. Kingpin technology is available in every other longboard, and if their build is aluminum, they can withstand any shocks diverged through flipping boards. The trucks must be muscular as sometimes, during the tricky rides, longboard trucks bear the rider’s weight instead of the deck. Therefore, trucks should respond accordingly when you land back on the ground after a stunt.

Reverse kingpin technology is derived from traditional kingpin and suits freestyle, downhill riding, and commuting purposes. With this technology, trucks remain lower, allowing the riders to make turns and tricks very well. If your riding hobby aims for regular jumps and pops, Precision trucks are also available.

Size of a Longboard

Freestyling doesn’t completely depend on the longboard size, but it can affect virtually. It will be the best pick if you go for a longboard that has a size between 37-44 inches. It becomes way hard to do tricks on smaller-sized boards. Especially newbies can not have a good experience on longboards less than 35 inches. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Freestyle Longboarding?

From spinning the board to doing back-to-back flips, this style is all about showing stunts and your acrobatic skills with the help of a perfect-sized longboard. 

What Type of Longboards are Best for Tricks? 

Drop-through or drop-deck designs with cut-out features proved to be the ideal type for freestyle and tricks. Slightly softer wheels on the durometer and wider wheels make your freestyle tricks even better. 

Are Freestyle Longboards Good for Beginners?

Best freestyle longboards for tricks come up with deck length around 40 inches and width around 9 inches. Ultimately makes them suitable for beginner riders. You can stand firmly over the deck with such length and width during the rides. Furthermore, through designs of these boards promise more stability to your rides.

How heavy should be a freestyle longboard?

Longboards for freestyling weigh around 8 pounds which is reasonable. Moreover, the longer the deck, the heavier it would be. You don’t need to worry about the board’s weight during your tricky rides as manufacturers create them not too heavy or light.

Final Say

Best freestyle longboards for tricks allow you to do traditional skills and assist you in flatland skills that are not difficult to learn either. We have tested several longboards and the suggested ones topped in every case, from budget to quality. If we had to pick the top 3 out of those enlisted ones, there you go;

Written by: Matt Harper

I am the sole brain behind the idea of writing longboard reviews which resulted in the production of this case study i.e. BoardsOnTop. I love everything about longboards and write exemplary reviews to help the longboarding community as once it helped me.

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