Best Longboard Bearings for Cruising in 2023 | Fastest ABEC-9 & ABEC-11 Cruiser Bearings

Bearings are the most crucial components inside wheels, and they are responsible for longboard movement. All bearings are not for all riding styles, and cruising style requires bearings that generate moderate speed, need minimum maintenance, and have the capability of handling dirt and water. In this article, you will find the 11 best longboard bearings for cruising, and all of them are positively rated by the skaters’ community.

Bones and Heady shake are the most common bearings producers online, and their products are truly effective for defined purposes. After careful trials and reviewing multiple sets of bearings, I have enlisted the best cruising bearings that will improve your cruising experience. For newbies, buying guide will help them know everything about bearings, making it easier to select the best one they need. 

10 Best Longboard Bearings for Cruising

1. Bones Bearings Reds | Best for Cruising

Bones Bearings Red

Bones is the biggest brand in the USA that sells top-notch bearings, and Reds is among their finest products. A single unit of Reds bearings contains a rubber shield outside to keep dirt, dust, and water out.

This protective shield is removable, and hence, it can be cleaned and put back with ease. Each Reds bearing contains a nylon ball inside that comes in handy while cruising and carving adventures.

A complete package of Bones arrives at your doorstep with eight bearings, an instruction manual, and a logo sticker. Moreover, there are four spacers and eight washers in the parcel.

What’s Good

Protective rubber shield

High-speed nylon balls

Assistance in cruising

What’s Missing

Shield quality needs to improve

Performance Report After Testing:

Buying these Reds bearings for cruising seems to be a great decision. I replaced these bearings with the ones attached to my cruising longboard. I was not happy with their performance because they could not generate pace. Bones Reds bearings amazed me a lot with their speed. Also, they cost comparatively less than the other overrated bearings.

2. Zealous Bearings | Best for Speed

best longboard bearings

Bearings of Zealous brand are highly famous because they offer the least friction over the lifetime. This is possible due to freshly-designed nano-ceramic lubricant that fills the inner void.

Consequently, the longboard gets the least resistance and maximum precision during cruising down the lane. Additionally, the overall riding experience increases exponentially with the addition of these beast-performers equipped within your board.

The Zealous bearings prevent dirt particles from entering the unit and spoil the resistance thanks to the rubber screen. Furthermore, axle holes are 8mm wide and fit precisely.

What’s Good

Least friction coefficient

Premium quality lubrication

8mm Precise holes

Lightweight(0.3 pounds)

What’s Missing

Can’t use spacers with these bearings

Performance Update:

While testing these best longboard bearings for cruising, I rode my longboard over different surfaces. The noticeable features of this item are high pace and balanced rides. Moreover, riding through the wet areas did not impact the ride’s speed. Make sure to clean them after wet rides to keep them going with the same energy.

3. Bones Super Swiss 6 | Fast Bearings

Bones super swiss 6

Swiss-6 compiles cruising rides with increased speed, better precision, faster acceleration, and greater strength. The rubber shield is detachable and cleanable, but fierce against dust and water molecules.

This way, the ride remains clean without any nudge in the performance. Bones Swiss follows all the standard protocol levels for tolerance and materials set by longboard companies.

Moreover, the brand itself warrants the bearings to be defect-free for a lifetime. The Bones Super distinguishes it from other bearings of the same brand in terms of acceleration, enhanced durability, and greater strength.

What’s Good

High speed and pre-lubricated

Skate rated tolerance and materials

Water and dust resistant

Best performance and durability

What’s Missing

No additional washers

Performance After Months:

The price tag of these bearings confuses many people including me, but after cruising with Bones Super Swiss, I confidently say they are worth it. First, they are still fast after 6 months of regular rides. Secondly, they are durable and help the rollers roll over uneven surfaces nicely. If you are not tight with the budget, investing in these bearings will surely take your cruising experience to another level.

4. Bones Ceramic | Waterproof Longboard Bearings

Bones Ceramic Super Reds

These Bones bearings are not different from other products of bearings. Their hardness and strength introduce smoothness in your rides, whether riding on cracks, pavements, or even pebble-full roads.

The premium steel balls inside bearings help them last longer than many other top-rated brands. If you want to keep them working perfectly, their proper cleaning is necessary.

For this purpose, this set of bearings includes removable rubber shields that reduce resistance and are easy to clean. The whole bunch comes already lubricated; get them out of the package, install them, and enjoy cruising. 

Warranty is the only thing everyone looks for, and all the Bones bearings are available with a warranty. So if you find any flaw in the quality, go ahead for replacement or refund without any hesitation. 

What’s Good

Fast and strong bearings

Smooth-rolling over any terrain

Steel balls keep bearings durable

Easy to clean

Warranty available

What’s Missing

Dirt slows them; keep cleaning them on a regular basis

Comparatively expensive

Why and why not Bones Ceramic:

I have ridden a particular longboard with Zealous, Bones Reds, Bones Super Swiss, and Bones Ceramic bearings. I could ride at the same speed with all of these bearings. The only disadvantage of this product is that it costs too much. In other words, you can have the same features with other bearings at a reasonable price.

5. Oldboy Premium Ceramic Wheel Bearings

Oldboy premium

Oldboy bearings might require some rides to break into the mechanical system of the longboard, but once they do, it’s all improvements. These ball bearings are a perfect fit for skating, cruising, and sliding.

Moreover, pre-lubrication of these pieces help achieve better accuracy, distances, and swiftness. Ceramic has robust polished glass balls better than metal balls in various scenarios. No matter your ride type, Oldboy works concurrently with the overall board and maximizes the output.

Ceramic matches your passion for longboarding and offers your premium quality so that you can skate through the track like a pro. The bearings fulfil every requirement of an experienced skater to present a decent longboarding experience.

What’s Good

Perfect for cruising and skating

Pre-lubed pieces

Fast-rolling balls

Polished glass balls

What’s Missing

Need time to become suitable with board

Why Oldboy Premium Bearings:

Oldboy Premium bearings are excellent for smooth, noiseless, and quick rides. Because of the smoothness of the rides, many members of our longboarding community decided to buy these bearings. Moreover, they are long-lasting and budget-friendly.

6. Yellow 608 ABEC | Ceramic Longboard Bearings

yellow jacket bearings

These best longboard bearings for cruising are manufactured with maximum-strength steel, offer infinite performance, and are highly precise. There are seven different color schemes of Jackets to choose from and customize the style. Durable green-coloured rubber shields prevent dirt from promoting a clean journey.

As a result, the product’s lifetime increases without affecting the functionality of inner parts. Moreover, the combo of outer racers and the shield works to generate better speed and acceleration.

Yellow sells itself because of premium quality bearings in a very reasonable price tag compared to traditional bearings brands. Improve the nature of your cruising trips by applying these pre-lubricated gears with your longboard.

What’s Good

Powerful steel made bearings

Precise and fast

Various color palettes

Resistance against dust and water

What’s Missing

Slightly lower speed against competitors

Too oily

Buyer’s Review:

One of my longboarding companions bought Yellow Jacket Premium bearings, which were too oily when he opened the package. After installing them onto his longboard, he seemed unhappy with the performance in terms of the smoothness of the rides. Also, he suggested Oldboy Premium over these bearings even though they are comparatively cheaper.

7. KVENI Bearings for Cruising

KVENI Ceramic Bearings

The appealing quality of these best longboard bearings for cruising is that you are free to use them in longboards, skateboards, scooters, inline skates, and multiple other sports out there. Their perfect size is another reason to select them because these bearings can fit almost any sized wheels available online.

Besides their versatile nature and accurate fitment, Kveni doesn’t stay back in providing quality. After weeks of testing, these bearings proved their worth at all types of terrains, be it smooth surface, or bumpy roads, I found them outperforming many classical products. 

Even if you have any quality issue, sellers have left their contact details, allowing you to replace them or take refund and their customer support is definitely impressive. 

What’s Good

Impressive quality 

Fit any sized wheels

Versatile in nature

Refund and replacement policy available

What’s Missing

Ceramic is not swiss

Shield missing

User’s Review:

A buyer of this product complained about the missing shield inside these bearings. Due to the unavailability of the shield, the dirt goes inside quickly and impacts the ride’s speed. After cleaning and installing the shield, they started performing like standard bearings.

8. Heady Shake Pro | Fastest Bearings

heady shake pro

These precision bearings respond effectively by offering suitable rotation, fast spinning, and immense durability. Like Kveni, Heady shake is not behind in allowing riders to use these bearings anywhere they want, i.e., Longboard wheels, skateboard wheels, scooter wheels.

Another appealing quality of these bearings is that they come pre-oiled, and you can use them as soon as you receive the package. Nylon and steel improve their durability, and the ABEC rating defines their speed gain capabilities. 

Like Kveni, Heady shake sellers provide a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality of these sets. The package includes eight bearings, four spacers, and a waterproof sticker. 

What’s Good

Smooth & faster rides are inevitable

Suit cruising perfectly

Super bearings design increases durability

100% refund guarantee

What’s Missing

Wheels turn a little slower

Inspection Report:

Heady Shake bearings have been one of my favorites since I started cruising with them. Their most exciting feature is that they work well with the wheels they are installed with. I used them with Fireball Tinder wheels and Orangatang Caguama wheels. They help rollers go faster and smoother. Most importantly, you must buy these bearings if you are on a budget and want to enhance your cruising experience.

9. Shiver ABEC 9 High Performance

best bearings for cruising

Pro one oil is the most attractive feature of this set of bearings. Pro one is widely used as a premium grease in various fields and helps Shiver bearings keep performing for longer runs.

Besides oil, I found that these bearings can quickly adapt to your riding style and are highly rated due to their extreme quality. Speed rings and partitions inside the bearings carry the balls and fat to let the wheels roll faster.

The function of a lubricant is to deal with the resistance and warmth created during intense rides. This set of bearings can genuinely improve your riding experience with their high-quality build, ease of handling parts, and quick-rolling capability over rough terrains. 

What’s Good

Great cruising experience

Best lubricant among all 

Extreme quality helps bearings stay durable

Perform well during rough track rides

What’s Missing

Slow without lubricant

Final Review After Testing:

I replaced these bearings with my ABEC-3 bearings to reduce the noise. Shiver bearings are quiet but roll over comparatively slower than the ones I replaced. I had to use lubricant, this trick worked, and the longboard started going faster.

10. Bronson Speed Co

ABEC-9 Bearings

Bronson’s bearings’ most impressive feature is deep trough balls that disperse quickly inside raceway psychics. This circulation minimizes the danger of damage caused by flank impacts and neglects the breakage possibility.

Another premium factor that rates this set of bearings high is its refined edge frictionless guards. These shields carry lubricant, collect mud, and remove wetness to make it easy for users to clean stuff easily.

The grooving covers install easiness in oiling the bearings to move quicker than usual. The internal cage can keep the balls away from each other during the rolling. When they roll together, they are safe and allow oil to spread correctly. 

What’s Good

The internal structure allows smoother rides

Durability at its best

Easy lubrication & Fast-rolling

Easy to clean

What’s Missing

Not suitable for electric longboards

Performance Update:

It is a versatile product at a reasonable price. You can confidently go for cruising, carving, and commuting rides when these bearings are installed in your longboard wheels. Furthermore, these bearings will help you thoroughly even if you ride on wet, dirty, and bumpy roads.

Longboard Wheel Bearings | Buying Guide

This section will explain all the essential factors you need to consider before buying extreme quality longboard bearings. All these factors directly affect the performance of bearings. Hence, you should choose the best longboard bearings for cruising according to the following tips. 

Nylon Cage for Fast Longboard Bearings

The cage inside bearings aims to keep the steel or ceramic balls at a safer distance from each other. Besides spacing, the cell is responsible for minimizing the friction between balls to circulate quickly for better movement.

When both these factors are met, the rides become smooth, and bearings’ strength increases exponentially. This nylon cage increases the speed quickly and keeps the pace high for a longer run. 

Ceramic Balls

There is a high competition between steel and ceramic balls, and both are equally good at what they are supposed to do. But, after all the trials and our experience, we recommend ceramic balls for better cruising.

These balls proved to be more durable than steel ones, and you can place them in multiple ways inside the bearings, allowing you to opt for various riding styles. 

Waterproof Longboard Bearings

It is better to go for waterproof bearings because this quality can significantly increase your bearings’ life. Bearings that can not deal with water get rust quickly and prove useless. On the other hand, waterproof ones keep the balls safe from rusting and keep the cage sturdy enough to perform its obvious function. 

Oiling for Bearings

Lubrication is the most vital process that needs to be done now and then to keep the bearings working. Some of the bearings come pre-lubricated, so you are good to go for the first ride. After a few rides, you need to oil them to keep performing to their highest possible level. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best longboard bearings?

The best longboard bearings are the ones that have waterproofing ability, steel or ceramic balls, nylon cage, and lubrication oil. These factors directly affect bearings quality, and ABEC ratings define the speed generated by the bearings.

What bearings do pro longboarders use?

According to their preferred riding styles, all professional skaters use bones, shivers, or heady shake bearings. Some emerging bearings brands have proved their worth, like Kveni and Bronson. 

Do longboard bearings make a difference?

Yes, they directly affect the speed you get on a longboard. The higher the ABEC rating of bearings, the more pace you will achieve. Moreover, the best longboard bearings promise smoothest rides for cruising, carving, and other riding styles.

When to Upgrade Longboard Bearings?

Bearings need to be upgraded when they are dirty and start affecting the speed and smoothness of your rides. You can keep using your old set of bearings as longer as you don’t notice any difference in the rides.

How to Install Bearings on a longboard?

Final Say

Throughout the article, I have explained what factors impact the quality of the bearings and which brands are suitable for cruising. I have suggested the 10 best longboard bearings for cruising to make it easy to choose the best one you need. The suggestion procedure depended on buyers’ feedback and my personal experience.

You only need to look for the set that is easy to clean, pre lubricated, suits multiple styles of riding. Most importantly, the ceramic sets we recommended are not too expensive and you can enjoy your rides for long time with same pace and smoothness.

Here are the top 3 sets of bearings that can enhance your cruising experience;

Top 3 Picks

Bones Super Swiss 6

Bones Reds Bearings

Bones Ceramic Bearings

Written by: Michael Bradley

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