Best Longboard Bearings for Cruising, September 2023 Performance Update

Bearings play a critical role in spinning the wheels, and it is always essential to select a set that matches your riding style. Cruising wheels require little slower spinning wheels so that lower ABEC bearings would fit them perfectly. Similarly, for downhill rides and pacy journeys, ABEC ratings must be high to achieve the required acceleration. Our list of best longboard bearings includes cruising, downhill, carving, off-road wheels bearings for a better riding experience. 

After trying multiple brand bearings ourselves, we are here to recommend some of the best longboard bearings available online. First and foremost, you need to define your riding style, and our suggestions along with buying guide will assist you in choosing the most related set of bearings. Newbies can go through our buying guide to know which set would suit them exclusively.

Our Top 3 Picks

Yellow Jacket

Shark 72mm

Bones Swiss 6


12 Best Bearings for Longboards & Skateboard

1. Yellow Jacket | Fast Longboard Bearings

longboard bearings

About Item:

One of the most exciting features of Yellow premium bearings is that they belong to the ABEC-rating family. You can find the mechanics and technicalities of such bearings in the below-buying guide. ABEC has classifications 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11, where one represents the least tolerant and precise and 9 and 11 are the best and most efficient. Yellow provides ABEC-9 and ABEC-11 ball bearings in the different packets, which will help your wheels roll faster and smoother.

Besides being highly precise, these tiny gears are made of maximum-strength steel and are unmatchable in performance. Jacket always inspires its customers with customization options, and this time, they offered them seven different color palettes that keep the dirt and dust away from the bearings. As a result, the lifetime increases, and functionality is never affected. Every single part of the bearings, from outer racer to shield, work in conjunction for better performance.

Yellow Stinger tussles with the Bone Swiss by manufacturing the competent products in a lower price range. The premium packets available in 9, 11 tolerant bearings are a few good examples of this deduction. With these reliable and beast performers installed in your longboard, you can speed up your journey with no worries. Moreover, the bearings come pre-lubricated to improve pacing up the longboard.

Two different variations come with the Stinger package:




  • Pre-lubricated
  • High-quality
  • Very economical
  • Multi-purpose gears
  • Protection from rocks
  • Long-lasting


  • Extra safety from water

Performance Update:

These bearings have impressed me according to their price. They lived up according to the expectations and worked impressively inside commuting and downhill wheels. I take them out every 15 days to clean them up and oil them for better use. They feel like the newest pair of bearings every time I oil them. After their superb performance, I bought another set of Yellow jackets for one of my brother’s longboards.

2. Bones Super Reds | Top Longboard Bearings

best skateboard bearings
  • Weighs 0.1 pounds
  • Alloy-Steel product
  • 8mm diameter bore

About Item:

The list of top-rated bearings will be incomplete without Bones as it is the most positively reviewed brand in the bearings category. It is no wonder that Super Reds feature better quality, ball technology, and surface polishing on their bearings. Unlike other developers, bones manufacturers focused on ball bearings because this technology comes in handy in many variations. Ball bearings reduce the friction to helpful power. Hence, energy is utilized at maximum. Speeding up with lower pushes becomes almost effortless.

There are two notable features about Bones bearings that define the place of the product so much higher in the list. First, is the nylon ball centered in the overall item, which generates faster speed and strength during pushes. Also, the proper lubrication keeps the ball frictionless and, thus, improves performance. The second is the removable rubber shield that collects the polluted dumps during sandy rides. But you can detach it, clean the figure, and connect it back.

If you are looking for bearings that can push the ride’s momentum, Reds’ package has the answer for you. Pre-lubricated and longboard-related tolerant pieces of mechanical gifts work wonders during cruising, carving, freestyle riders, downhill sliding, and easy-pushing journeys. Find the more exclusive features of the package below:


  • Steel racers
  • Better Grade balls
  • Quieter & smoother
  • Pre-lubricated
  • Set of 8 bearings
  • Removable rubber shield


  • Slightly expensive 

Bones Performance After Months:

Initially, my Magneto longboard had ceramic bearings inside, and they didn’t last longer than two months. When I realized that my older bearings were about to wear out, I went to Bones Super Red Bearings, which worked comparatively better than the replaced ones. Super Reds helped the wheels roll over with a great pace and made the rides smooth and steady. After use of about four months with consistent repairing, they started getting a little squeaky.

3. Zealous Longboard Wheel Bearings

bearings for wheels
  • 4.49* 1.06″ Dimensions
  • 0.3 Pounds weight
  • Alloy-steel product
  • Ball bearings type
  • 8mm Axle holes

About Item:

The classic Zealous bearings have received so much love from the community after they launched this product into the market. Highly-positive reviews and customer feedback made us review them, and they didn’t disappoint us at all. The more lubricated the bearings are, the smoother the skater’s experience gets. Hence, Zealous are lubed with customized Nanoceramic Grease, helping remove the deformations inside the bearings. Additionally, green rubber covers the outer ring from dust and debris, and as a result, the item remains clean and natural.

Sliding at higher speeds with longboards requires highly-responsive bearings because they help remove the friction and generate enough grip for the ride. Zealous has developed a near frictionless surface for the bearings to attain riders’ confidence. Moreover, the package fights effectively against corrosion and water, making it an absolute monster to stand in every riding scenario.


  • Safe from dirt and corrosion
  • Super smooth for faster rides
  • Near-frictionless surface
  • Pre-lubricated with custom cream


  • Little bit noisy

Update Review:

All bearings do not make a perfect combo with all sets of wheels. My friend’s 3 months experience suggests that Zealous bearings inside Orangtang wheels initiate a superb combo allowing the longboard to speed up the smoothest ride. These bearings have pre-injected lubricant, which works flawlessly for a couple of weeks. If you intend to ride regularly and cover longer distances, try cleaning and oiling up the bearings weekly.

4. Bones Ceramic Bearings for Longboard

best for cruising
  • Weighs 0.22 pounds
  • Set of 8 bearings
  • Grade 5 ceramic balls

About Item:

Remember when we said Bones is one of the biggest brands producing peak bearings quality? We weren’t wrong because we present you with yet another notable longboard bearings. Ceramic Bones is comparably lighter than its counterparts but still supports faster acceleration during sliding adventures. Additionally, these bearings generate less friction because of the smaller ball size inside the bearings. To summarize everything up, Ceramic bearings are super-reliable and adapt well to your riding requirements.

Likewise, Super Reds, Bones Ceramic has a removable rubber shield mounted to act as a wall to stop any dust particles. There is always an option to get it out and clean it anytime you want to filter out grime and smut. A perfect-sized nylon ball retains the maximum swiftness and power of the whole gear. These pre-lubricated pieces keep everything in balance while you enjoy your journey. As a result, rubber won’t become dirty, balls heal from corrosion, and the item’s life increases exponentially.  

The warranty of every bone bearing is a cherry on top after all the above-mentioned unprecedented features. You will find a different look at them below:


  • Fast bearings
  • Rubber shield
  • Pre-lubed and oiled
  • Resistance to rust
  • Long-lasting gears


  • Expensive compared to others

Inspection Results:

A user from 2017 updates his review about Bones Ceramic with convincingly positive remarks. As per that skaters, the bearings are worth enough the money spent. Even without lubricating it for the 2nd time, the bearings have the competency to spin for at least a week without a break. The quality of Bones helps them stay working for longer than any other set of bearings. Moreover, he confirmed to buy these bearings again for another board he’ll buy.

5. Bones Super Swiss 6 | Best Bearings for Speed

for fast speeds
  • 0.2 pounds weight
  • Ball bearings
  • 4×1.9×0.4 Dimensions

About Item:

A unique design of super swiss bearings helps them stand tall among other products in our lineup. These bearings consist of cadmium steel balls, defining their longevity. Due to excellent quality material, their strength increases as they produce pacy rides like any motorized longboard. 

The rubber shields are necessary for any bearing pack, so their time to time maintenance is necessary. Take them out because they are removable, wash them out, and replace them where they belong. This procedure is essential after every sandy ride or a week of riding on any terrain. 

Now comes hard-lined nylon covering, enhancing the bearings’ strength greatly. This cage is also responsible for putting up the pace. A rigorous testing process before launching this pack of bearings authenticates their performance. With all these extraordinary features, Bones Super Swiss rank themselves as one of the best options in the bearings field. 


  • Unconventional design
  • Generates high-speed
  • Long time durability


  • Bit noisy
  • A bit expensive

Swiss 6 Review After Riding:

Super swiss is one of the best-selling sets of Bones bearings due to their longevity. I have multiple longboards for multiple riding styles, and I use Bones Super Swiss for commuting and cruising purposes for smoother rides. Smooth rides come in cruising style, while bearings push longboards for faster rides. Buying lubricants and cleaners become mandatory to help these bearings run for a longer run.

6. Heady Shake Pro | Best Longboard Bearings

best for money
  • 2.99 x 2.99 x 0.94 dimensions
  • 7mm Width
  • 0.29 Pounds weight

About Item:

Let’s talk about something different from the Bones brand. Heady shake competes with top brands by producing premium quality bearings with unmatched design to strengthen their product structure. This unique design amplifies spinning speed, reduces the generation of unwanted noise, and delivers a durable product for smoother rides. 

When you receive the package for the first time, these bearings are appropriately oiled when delivered, allowing you to put them where they belong and start riding. The use of synthetic oil as a lubricant gives the bearings a kickstart to roll faster and produce the required speed. Because of the high acceptance rate, riders of all sports can use them in their respective sport. These bearings showcase their worth everywhere, from longboards to skateboard, from inline to roller skate. 

Another sheer quality of these inline bearings is that they increase smoothness in your rides. A full-fledged package includes eight pro-grade bearings, four spacers, and a sticker. You need to trust the seller and try them once; if not satisfied, a 100% money-back warranty is always available. 


  • One Low Price
  • Premium quality
  • Durability at its best
  • Multi-sports bearings
  • Smooth and fast rides


  • Need hard pushes for faster rolling

Final Thoughts | Updated

My first impression was not good at all with these bearings. I used them for testing, and they broke out within a week. I asked customer support to replace the bearings. Their response was impressive, but the replacement was not too good to last for more than two months. The only good thing about this brand is that they try to keep the customers happy with their limited resources.

7. Bones Swiss Ceramic | Best for Cruiser Boards

top longboard bearings
  • Cerbec Ceramic product
  • One size fits all
  • 5 x 5 x 2 dimensions

About Item:

A mixture of Bones Ceramic and Bones Super Swix resulted in Swiss Ceramic having higher sturdiness and faster-rolling capability. Though the price is high, the quality of these bearings is unmatched even after continuous use over rough or flat terrains, downhill, or skateparks. Including Cerbec balls instead of grade 5 ceramic ones escalates bearings’ performance exponentially, making them sturdy, lighter in weight, and long-lasting. 

The availability of nylon balls ensures high acceleration by providing resistance-free contact to roll quicker than usual. Another reason for them to perform better is speed cream lubricant which makes your downhill races flawless. ABEC has been a standard for quality and speed of bearings, but the Swiss Ceramic set also exceeds ABEC ratings. 

What makes these sets of bearings different from their parental techniques(swiss & Ceramic) is their noise reduction capability and incredible pace generating skill. As a universal fact, if the price is high, the quality is unmatchable, and Bones Swiss Ceramic is the perfect example. Pre-lubed bearings will help you have a test ride without doing any settings. Spacers are also available; install spacers to increase friction after reading their guide if you are interested in lowering the speed.


  • Quality-wise best product
  • High-speed generation
  • Spacers to lower the speed
  • Lighter in weight
  • Sturdy structure


  • Price is a con if you are tight on a budget

Bones Results After Riding:

If you are tired of buying bearings for longboard wheels every other month, I proudly recommend Bones Swiss Ceramic. I kept them clean and oily on consistent bases for 24 months, and these bearings still enforce the wheels to produce a smooth and speedy ride. The only problem with these bearings is their price, but they are truly worth the price you pay for them.

8. Oldboy Premium Ceramic Waterproof Bearings

fast rolling
  • One Polymer shield
  • 8mm bearings
  • 2 Oldboy stickers
  • Weighs 0.1 kg 

About Item:

There are eight ceramic bearings pre-lubricated with extra cream components, hindering any dust particles. At the start, you might have to get familiar with them and wait for them to break into the system. Once they accommodate the mechanics of the board decently, a new level of experience is coming your way. Moreover, these balls are more rigid, and their pre-oiled surface safe the bearings from wearing out. You can use Oldboy for skating, cruising, freerides, and downhill sliding for a long time.

Some riders believe that metal and steel-made bearings can rusty and slow down from their original high pace. As a result, Oldboy has manufactured premium polished glass bearings, which not only stop the corrosion and damage but rotate accordingly in high-pressure moments. The lubricated surface of the bearings acts as a charm for the whole design. It filters the dirt out, fights against wear and tear, removes water damage, and stops the overall gear from breaking down.

Oldboy is highly-recommended for pro skaters and riders who care about their soothing adventures. These boys will match your riding experience with excellent resilience and performance. There are more specifics to the bearings as explained below:


  • Long-Lasting
  • Easy maintenance
  • Protection from dirt
  • 364 pound-feet of force without braking
  • Response quicky


  • Lower weight capacity than metal bearings

Why Not Oldboy Premium:

Besides the waterproof ability, these bearings didn’t live up according to many customers’ expectations. Due to unknown reasons, the bearings are slow, and the rider needs to push harder and harder to attain some speed. One of the possible reasons behind their lazy behavior is the shields used inside them. The bearings might deliver something extraordinary if you can afford to replace the shields.

9. Neal Precision | Good Longboard Bearings

for cruiser board


Neal Bearings have the following different kinds of gears available in the arsenal:

9.1 Vinnie Banh Pro Signature Ceramic

 These Neal bearings are top-quality products, and you will feel the difference instantly when you install them on your board. Vinnie has a set of 8 identical bearings, four skateboard spacers, and stickers. Mount them on your skateboard, longboard, penny board and start rolling faster and smoother.

9.2 NEAL Standard Issue Ceramic

 Standard ceramic bearings are faster, lightweight, and stronger than steel balls. Like Banh pro, the Standard issue package has eight bearings and four skateboard spacers. These are versatile. Hence, you can use them in various conditions and on different sports boards.

9.3 Neal Blackout Ceramic

The only difference between Blackout and standard Ceramic is the color design between these two items. The Blackout comes out in a black matte palette and has eight similar bearings. For further implementations in skateboards, there are four spacers in the package. These all-around bearings can be attached to penny boards, longboards, inline boards, and other related boards

9.4 Neal Titanium Stinger

Titanium brings an immediate difference to the experience of your longboard and skateboard rides after implanting. Neal manufactured them to be useful for different breeds of sports boards. These units are safe, lightweight, highly resistive to rust and corrosion. They are made of titanium and differ from the steel category because of their strength and durability. Other than that, their lubrication with oil and cream keeps them frictionless and reactive.


  • Fast speed bearings
  • Lightweight
  • Multi-usage
  • Reusable aluminum case
  • Long-lasting


  • Ceramic bearings have a lower weight capacity than titanium ones

Neal Precision Performance Update:

Neal bearings lasted almost a whole year without a great deal of regular maintenance. Throughout the last year, I didn’t use these bearings for harsh rides, and I didn’t find a need to change these impressive sets of bearings. Some ex-teammates commented that they wanted to give 6 or 7 stars to Neal Precision bearings due to their smooth and speedy rides.

10. Oust MOC | Best for Skateboards

  • Metal product
  • Ball bearings technology
  • 0.02 pounds weight

About Item:

The most common problem with bearings is that they can become noisy if not mounted properly. That’s why Oust bearings work in correlation with the wheels when they spin. There is no chance of both coming in contact with each other, and hence, friction remains negligible, and the possibility of damage to the wheels fades out. Consequently, your trip becomes quiet and soothing as much as it can.

MOC bearings are the perfect quality bearings that can speed you up in no time. Their size is reasonable to fit in all kinds of outdoor sports boards, and they are lightweight. In addition, the rubber shield stops all the dump particles from entering the bearings and keeps the friction at maximum. If you feel like the performance is being affected by dirt and mud, you can take out the rubber shield, clean the whole unit and attach it back. 

Bearings do a lot of heavy work while you cruise down the road without worrying. That is why pre-lubed and pre-oiled bearings are preferred over non-lubricated ones. You can pass through the campus road or a muddy pavement, and you won’t feel any discomfort due to these tiny beasts being put in place with your longboards. Change your traditional bearings with these smoothies and enjoy the experience of longboard adventures.


  • Perfect Size
  • Pre-oiled
  • Noiseless
  • Quite bearings
  • All in one size
  • Six items box


  • Two more minor units than general sellers

Oust MOC Updated Review:

All of the wheels rolled perfectly over multiple testing terrains, but one of them turned out to be slower than the others. I removed the bearings from all of them again and tried to find a possible problem to implement a recommended solution. Unfortunately, no problem was detected, and I assumed that one of those bearings had already worn out.

11. KVENI Ceramic Cheap Bearings

ceramic bearings
  • Rubber shield
  • ABEC-9 Ratings
  • Ultra-chrome product
  • 3.15 x 3.15 x 1.18 Dimensions

About Item:

Like most brands on the list, KVENI also delivers pre-lubricated bearings for better performance and support. Fewer chances of wear and tear of the unit, non-existing friction, and least-effort pushes are the more prominent advantages of KVENI Ceramic bearings. You can use these powerful and handy tools for most of your wheel types toys, i.e., longboards, skateboards, etc.

The internal structure of these bearings is a mechanical masterpiece that assists most of your adventurous requirements. ABEC-9 rating bearings are exact, noiseless, smooth, and necessary for an experienced skater. Furthermore, the rubber shield acts as a firewall against rocky particles, grime, and water. It can be detached for cleaning purposes and attached to the bearing unit again.

KVENI fits most wheel shapes and designs thanks to its perfect size and measurements. The level of your experience improves exponentially and touches the sky only after they break into the wheel decently. Moreover, the brand provides after-sale services in case of any inquiry or issue with the package. Super-quality bearings with protection against unnecessary elements and friction-less adventures are the deciding factors for buying these bearings.


  • Protection from dirt
  • Versatility
  • Economical deal
  • Customer Support
  • Pre-lubrication


  • Slightly slower speed

Why Not KVENI Bearings:

The customer support and the product handling page seemed to be very misbehaving. When I received this set of bearings, 1 of those 8 was chunky, and the rest weren’t spinning as well as other bearings I have. I asked them to replace these bearings with the newer ones, but their response was not helpful.

12. Bronson Speed | Best for Cruising

high speed
  • Weighs 3.20 ounces
  • Eight bearings
  • Four spacers
  • Ceramic made product

About Item:

The next generation Bronson bearings are manufactured to keep up with today’s longboarding needs. Balls in the G3 bearings roll in deep groves and reduce side impact damages, so the wheels remain bite-free. In addition, there are micro-level groove channels to improve the lubrication of bearings, their spinning, and speed. Bronson G3 follows ball out technology to reduce contact between cage and shield.

Friction is a decisive variable for attaining speed levels during a longboard ride. The more friction the bearings, the slower and hectic the journey becomes. Bronson has a protective shield to pop off resistance, hold the oil, and suck out the dirt particles. The guard is removable as well for cleaning after the muddy pavement rides. Furthermore, The package of Bronson contains eight identical units of bearings, four spacers, and eight axle washers.

Some brands use oil as the leading lubricant, and some use the cream as the primary lubricant for the bearings. But you will be surprised to know that Bronson has a customized light-scale oil that acts as the lubricant in all the bearing units. The oil saves the gear from corrosion, water, and oxidation. All of these factors result in extended protection, and thus, the life of Bronson G3 increases.


  • Deep groove raceways
  • Frictionless straight edge shield
  • Balls-out Technology


  • Lower load capacity

User’s Review on BRONSON Bearings:

We bought this set of bearings for traditional longboarding like cruising and commuting. After one month, we learned that these bearings are highly appreciated for higher-speed rides. You will be achieving maximum speed in no time with smoothness. Most importantly, these bearings help you when you have to stop the ride instantly.

Buying Guide for Longboard Wheel Bearings

Several sellers claim to have the best longboard bearings, and you might get confused about which pack to buy. Our buying guide will assist you in choosing the most suitable set of bearings after we clarify critiques related to the topic. 

Longboard Wheel Bearings – How Do They Work?

Bearings consist of four different pieces that work collectively to meet the requirements. A track inside bearings has steel balls, further divided into a couple of steel rings. The outer rings have a wider diameter and have their groove cut inside. In contrast, the inner rings are in touch with the truck axles. Due to contact with trucks, the inner rings have grooves cut outside. 

The function of steel balls is to roll around the inner and outer rings, and all of them are hidden in the visible body of the bearings called cage. The cage keeps the balls at a considerable distance to increase performance. 

What to Look for in Good Longboard Bearings

Several factors affect the performance of bearings, and the variety of products plays a vital role in selecting the ones you need. Here are the key features you should go through before getting a pack of bearings. 


All of our suggested products include shielded walls. These walls keep the inner structure clear from outside dirt. If any bearings don’t have a dirt-proof shield, don’t go for it because the dust will gunk the steel balls, and they will under-perform in crucial rides. 

ABEC Rating

The most common scale to measure the quality and speed performance is ABEC. When the rating according to this scale is high, bearings usually perform better than bearings with a low ABEC ranking. Inside ranking, we can redefine the criteria of orders for multiple riding styles.

Bearings for Cruising

As cruising doesn’t require higher speed, that is why ABEC 1 and 3 bearings can easily fit in the best longboards for cruising. Apart from cruising, some cheap longboards have these bearings because of their lower price. 

Bearings for faster rides

For downhill and commuting purposes, all good quality longboards have ABEC 5-9 bearings, high-precision generating maximum speed on any terrain. Other than longboards, these sets of bearings are getting used in various fields, including skateboarding and the mechanical industry. 

Material Used

Bearings’ structure and use of the material in their build vary from brand to brand. Firstly, the most common stuff used to manufacture bearings is steel. Most widely accepted longboards and skateboards have all the internal bearings parts built with steel. There is a specific reason behind using steel stuff; they are highly resistant, sturdy, and unbreakable. 

Another widely used material is Ceramic. Bones brand is famous for its ceramic swiss bearings, which, in reality, are of steel, but the only component with the ceramic build is the balls. Ceramic is a sturdy material, and their balls don’t get heated even after continuous use, due to which bearings generate frictionless and faster rides. 


Lubricants of bearings is equally important as other features. If the bearings of the wheels aren’t properly lubricated, they stop working well. Their time to time maintenance is necessary. Here is how you can clean them up. 

Get the bearings out of the wheels

Clean them up

Give proper lubricant

Reinstall them

Frequently Asked Questions

A longboard consists of a deck, a couple of trucks, four wheels, and each reel has two bearings supposed to roll them. Their function is to let the wheels roll according to their ABEC rating. If the ABEC rating is high, the wheels will roll faster.

It depends on your preferred riding style. If you like to cruise on a longboard for the maximum time, your wheels can rely on low-priced ABEC1 or ABEC rating bearings. In contrast, you need bearings with higher ABEC ratings and ceramic material bearings if you want to commute or do downhill races. 

It depends on your preferred riding style. If you bomb hills regularly, ABEC 9 will work better. On the other hand, ABEC 7 are suitable for sliding or cruising on a longboard.


Know your riding style, select the brand with respective precision and ABEC ranking. The best material that lasts for a long time and needs minor adjustment is ceramic. Besides ceramic, steel is also dependable material, while synthetic bearings are suitable for cruising. Once you decide where to ride, selecting the best longboard bearings becomes easier. 

Written by: Michael Bradley

Hi, This is Michael and I am way too ahead in dealing with longboard and skateboard accessories like wheels, trucks, bearings, etc. I have always loved playing with T-tools, nuts, wrenches, and stuff like that. Also, I will be assisting you regarding the longboard protective gear.

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