Best Longboard Bushings | Set Up for Cruising & Paris Trucks

All you need to do is to define your desired riding style and this article will help you find the best longboard bushings according to the requirements. It is better to go for a quality product which is durable and performs well in all critical conditions. Our enlisted products include best quality, best budget, best cruising, and best carving bushings for your longboards. Feel free to dive through the buying guide for better understanding of why you need them.

Bushings are also known as support cushions and are primarily manufactured with urethane material. Their position is near the hanger and helps make quicker turns with adaptable resistance levels. Most importantly, bushings keep the metal parts of the trucks safe from touching each other. Let’s look at the best bushings for longboards and what they are capable of.

Best Bushings for Longboards

Venom 90A Bushing | Best for Paris Trucks

best longboard bushings


Venom bushings are important components to increase the productivity of hangers of the trucks. When you fix these parts onto your boards, the responsiveness of the longboard touches new limits. Equip your trucks with Venom and enjoy all the adventurous rides you are looking for in the future. Some typical rides include transportation, commuting, downhill sliding, and cruising.

These bushings perform exceptionally well for those who weigh above 200lbs. The 90A is good enough to bear almost 220lbs. You will find the most suitable with the Paris trucks. For any other trucks such as Caliber II 50s, you might feel them a bit stiffer. Except that these bushings are unprecedented. Here are the advantages that insisted us to describe this pair.

Update on Performance:

Many longboard brands in 2023 install these types of bushings near the trucks. I have been riding for a long time with these bushing, and I have observed various advantages. The major one is that it helps trucks and deck to bear more weight.


90A rating supports decent weight bearing

These bearings can help 220+lbs riders

4 bearings in one package

Perfect for bomb hill and simple cruising rides

Body Mount | Best Longboard Bushings


Body bushings are soft enough to provide a smooth ride while being robust and hard for the tough tracks at the same time. There are minimum chances of these bushings going wild, or out-of-performance, because of top quality material used in their production. Users of Body Mount get insane durability and control over numerous kinds of rides and adjust with most of the trucks out there.

A complete set of relevant and required parts ensures what you need these bushings for. The most exciting feature about this product is that you can easily replace and make an adjustment to them. The other parts provided with the bushings set help you make the adjustments. Please go through the advantages and differentiate them from the other products for better understanding.

Performance After Months:

After four months of continuous rides with Body Mount bushing, they still perform nicely. This product is expensive but provides a complete set of bushings. Moreover, it is a versatile set that lets you roll smoother and faster. Also, it bears good weight during the rides.


High quality product

Decent performance-boost

100% professional parts of the longboard

Energy Efficient

Different bushings sets in one package


Expensive item than the previous one

Venom Bushings Green | Best for Cruising

Venom Bushings

About Venom Green:

Venom Green are the second instalments of the brand in this list of best longboard bushings available in the market. These items fall slightly more into the harder quality unlike Venom Red and therefore rated as 93A on the durometer. Moreover, we experimented with their performance while longboarding in the rain. As a result, we’ve had a pretty comfortable ride with quick and smooth turns.

Green bushings acquire all those abilities discussed under the banner of Red ones with the addition of higher weight bearing capabilities. Moreover, these bushings improvise trucks in journeys like bomb hill riding, commuting, and normal cruising.

Inspection Results:

I know many users who bought these bushings separately to replace them with the one installed in their longboards. For the first three months, they performed as descriptive. However, after that, the quality was not the same. That is to say, Venom Green bushings are tremendous but not long-lasting.


Decent weight flex

Genuine stuff and material

Hard category bushings(93A)

Lightweight package (0.02pounds)

Bones Longboard Bushings Set Up

Bones Bushings

About Item:

Bones bushings apply immediate effect to your longboard once you have installed them. This means that the bushings break into the mechanics of the board instantly and you can start skating with decent accuracy and responsiveness.

Consequently, you get rid of the sloppy and rigid movements and achieve newer heights of success while cruising, carving, and other related adventures. Moreover, there are three hardness ratings provided by the Bones mentioned as 96A(hard bushings), 91A(medium bushings), and 81A(soft bushings).

Why Bones Bushings:

These Bones brand bushings are as suitable as their bearings and other longboard accessories. While inspecting this item to update the review, I learned that these bushings have two significant advantages. First, they will bear the weight nicely, and secondly, they will resolve the error regarding washer caps. Overall, it is a high-quality and long-lasting item.


Effective immediately

Improved movement of the trucks

Trademark product

Decent reviews from the customers

Dime Bag Truck Bushings

longboard trucks bushings


The brand offers a variety of longboard bushings available in different hardness ratings and usage. The heavyweight riders can choose harder bushings in order to perceive a stable and a smoother ride.

On the other hand, you can utilize softer bushings for situations where loose trucks and lightweight riders succeed. You can choose from 88A hardness to 98A hardness on the scale according to your needs. The whole package of Dime contains 2 top bushings, 2 bottom bushings, 2 pivot cups, and 4 washers as well.

Why Dime Bag:

It is the most inexpensive bushings on our list with almost all the features you would like to see. You may be surprised I have used these bushings with skateboards, longboards, and cruiser boards. So, it is a multifunctional product at a reasonable price.


Smooth and responsive rides

Good range of hardness ratings(88A to 98A)

Quality stuff in cheap price

Buying Guide for Longboard Bushings Set Up

Replacement of bushings means you have to get a new set. Here, we will explain all related facts to help you find the best longboard bushings you need. 

Skate-Longboard Bushing Size

Usually, manufacturers categorize truck bushings into three sizes, Standard, short, and tall bushings. The standard height of the bushings helps people who love to cruise or carve around the streets.

Taller ones are useful for better covering of sharper turns; hence these bushings are worthy enough for downhill longboard or freestyle. As the size of bushings decreases, the longboard’s responsiveness also lowers. Most professional skaters use small-sized bushings for sliding purposes. 

Shape of Longboard Truck Bushings

The most common bushing shape you will find everywhere is Cone. Symmetrical cone-shaped bushings ensure smooth rides over multiple terrains. The extended form of the Barrel design introduces stability at an increased pace which comes in handy during carving purposes.

Barrel Shape

barrel shape

Cone Shape

Cone Shape

The cruising style of longboarding typically requires a Standard bushings shape. If your riding style includes covering steep and tight corners, the Stepped shape of bushings is the set you need. These bushings install grip on slippery tracks. 

Bushing Durometer

Durometer is the standard for measuring the hardness of the bushings. As the hardness increases, the stability and grip escalate too. The most complex sets provide grip; they work impressively in rides where you must twist and turn the board responsively.

Bushings Durometer

Durometer value of 100A belongs to the hardest category. Slightly less turning and stability can be achieved by medium-hard bushings(90A). On the other hand, 70(A) bushings are the widely used ones, liked by cruising enthusiasts the most. 


What kind of bushings are suitable for my longboard?

It depends on your riding style. Some need hard bushings, whereas some require soft pairs. We often look for two things inside the best longboard bushings, shape and durometer. Barrels and cones help us describe the condition of bushings. The hardness of the bushings depends on the durometer. Stiffer bushings are specially manufactured for riders with extended height, and softer ones are suitable for shorter persons.

How good are Venom Bushings?

Venom dominates the race when it comes to multiple uses of the bushings. You can use them for numerous riding styles such as cruising, downhill riding, and sliding.

What bushings are good soft, or hard?

First of all, you need to clarify what style you prefer while longboarding. The significant difference between stiffer and softer bushings is the responsiveness of the turns you take during rides. In this case, softer bushings are preferred.


Throughout the product suggestion and guide, we saw that importance of the best longboard bushings increase when we aim for certain riding style. All bushing types are not suitable for all riding techniques. Cruising longboards need Standard bushings while Barrel shaped bushings are useful for carving longboards. That is why, you need to define your preferred riding style before buying the best longboard truck bushings.

Written by: Michael Bradley

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