Best Unique Longboard Decks | Good for Tricks, Freestyle and Downhill Rides

Most skate comrades always complain about less durability, scratching issues, and sturdiness of longboard decks. This article presents solutions to all the common problems related to the deck by suggesting the eight best longboard decks. These boards have a high acceptance rate among all skate enthusiasts, proving their worth on the skating tracks. 

After years of experiencing various deck types, we enlisted the best longboard decks, which are highly durable, have required flex, and their sturdiness stays unmatched. You can find budget-friendly products as well as long-lasting ones. Our extensive buying guide will help newbies know about longboard decks and decide which one will suit their longboard the most.

Best Longboard Decks

Loaded Vanguard | Unique Longboard Deck

longboard deck
  • Bamboo material deck
  • 70mm wheel affinity
  • 4 sizes and flexes

1. 38-inches and 120-170lbs
2. 38-inches and 150-200lbs
3. 42-inches and 150-230+lbs
4. 42-inches and 175-230+lbs


Vanguard is inspired by snowboard’s streamlined shapes and provides unmatched performance in various rides such as carving, pumping, cruising, and commuting. The deck is symmetrical and lightweight and offers a cutout pattern on the ends.

Therefore, the riders’ experience maximizes a fantastic point by reducing noise, wheel-bites, and responsiveness. This design comes in handy when the skater tries to cut at tighter or wider radius, speedy runs, and deep clearances. Furthermore, the top mount contact finds success in all the aforementioned journeys.

Loaded is fast and lightweight; it is flexible and a robust base for the players to stand. The glass fiber-decorated deck flexes to a great extent to absorb shocks and bear weights at decent levels. Thus, it is ideal for heavyweight riders rather than a genuine deck for lightweight drivers only. An experienced newcomer tastes a firm grip of the deck, which helps with posture and stability.

Final Review | After Inspection

After installing this deck on my longboard, I would like to say that this is not an extraordinary deck according to its price tag. It bears around 240lbs and has an excellent shape supporting multiple riding styles. Overall, it is the best longboard deck; you should only buy it if you are not on a budget.


  • Versatile longboard deck
  • Snowboarding inspired vintage design
  • Lightweight yet sturdy
  • Infinite performance
  • Free of wheel-bites and noises


  • The board needs to be a bit wider

Yocaher Drop Through Deck

yoacher longboard deck
  • 9×36.5 inches size
  • 26.75 inches wheelbase
  • Weighs 8 pounds

About Item:

The radial, concave, and drop-through deck of Yocaher generate unlimited stability and balance due to the lower center of gravity. The longboard becomes the ultimate pick for fast-paced rides and adventures as the deck stays close to the ground.

There is a good chance of slipping off from the board at a higher speed and getting injured, but Yocaher removes any such possibility with the help of premium Grade 80A grip tape. You will experience levels of trips that you have never imagined with this performance deck.

Yocaher implants trucks and wheels through the deck, resulting in minor deck contact with the wheels. Consequently, the rider turns effectively and efficiently in addition to zero noise and unwanted sounds.

Overall, this drop-through deck is an optimal option for beginners and experienced and respected players of the community within a decent price tag. The brand mentions adjusting wheels and trucks before taking the deck for an extreme and complex adventure.

Inspection Results:

I have been cruising and commuting with this deck for months. After a deep inspection, I rate it 4 out of 5 stars. The noticeable features are the sturdiness and shape of the deck. Also, its grip tape makes your rides more comfortable. On the other hand, the only observed disadvantage is that its bottom is slippery. Therefore, you must be careful when riding on the Yoacher deck at a higher speed.


  • Drop through mount provides safety
  • Balanced posture on the deck
  • It can hold around 250lbs
  • Wheel cutout design
  • Free of wheel-bites and noises


  • Length is smaller in comparison

Loaded Icarus | Trick Deck

Loaded Icarus
  • 3 Pounds weight
  • Fiberglass material
  • Two different flexes

1. 170-250lbs
2. 75-200lbs


Icarus is a highly-renowned longboard deck often complimented as a versatile carving machine in the longboarding community. The list of adventures compatible with the board is never-ending, but we have shortlisted a few of them. These are pumping, bomb hill riding, commuting, freestyling, and freeriding.

One might wonder about such a high-performance deck flex, and we can justify it here. Its cambered and edged shape grants a positive and accurate riding experience. Lightweight build, yet stronghold of the deck is a cherry on top.

A few notable features of the board are symmetrical design, powerful tails, cutout patterns, and cork bottom layer. All these traits provide support and make the board succeed in situations one can’t imagine.

Thanks to the shock-absorbing button layer, you can navigate point A to point B with accurate speed and energy efficiency. The wheels try to stay away from the deck due to the beautiful carved and cut pattern on either end. All in all, Icarus supports fierce and aggressive rides and normal freerides. 

Updated Review:

I have ridden loaded longboards and decks numerous times. Speaking of the Loaded Icarus longboard deck, it is another expensive product that provides the usual features. The most significant advantage of this deck can be its sturdiness and longevity.


  • Multi-purpose board
  • Easy pushing and energy-efficient
  • Shock absorbent bottom layer
  • Powerful hold and balance


  • Flex-2 has low weight-bearing ability

Loaded Tan Tien Bamboo | Flat Deck

Tan Tien Bamboo
  • 8.75 inches wide
  • 40 inches length
  • Fiberglass material
  • Good for 70mm wheel
  • Weighs 3 pounds
  • Two different flexes

About Tan Tien Bamboo:

Loaded mass manufactures quality longboard decks for its customers, and that’s why Tan Tien is the third deck on the list. This board matches with the previously discussed Icarus in various fields and differs in some scenarios. The board can fulfill its duty in adventures like transportation, downhill riding, pumping, carving, and cruising.

Moreover, its functional drop-through mount generates immaculate strength, reactivity, and speed. As a result, you can treat yourself with matchless experience by riding the deck on multiple occasions.

The fiberglass material is the core of Tan Tien, and hence, the experienced skaters achieve lively trips through and through while new players reach the following levels as time passes.

It comes in the market with three distinct flexes, and each one meets the values and needs of a specific portion of users. We recommend getting familiar with the mechanical compatibility of the deck with other gear before setting out on any complex riding adventure.

Why Tan Tien Deck:

Performance-wise, I found Tan Tien better than the other 2 Loaded Decks on the list. Unfortunately, it has the same price as the others. Even after using this best longboard deck for months, its sturdiness will remain the same. Also, this deck lets you cruise, commute, and carve nicely.


  • Suits multiple riding styles
  • Friendly deck design
  • Lightweight yet sturdy 
  • Lively and energetic journeys


  • Cutout patterns need to improve

Volador Freeride | Best Longboard Design

volador drop through
  • 42 inches long
  • 9 inches wide
  • 250lbs load capacity
  • Youth specific build
  • Maple based design

About Volador:

This drop-through deck of Volador is among the best longboard builds ever to exist. The 42-inches long cambered and lower to the ground deck minimizes the energy dissipation because of its shock absorption system.

As a result, you flex on the board with a decent weight and feel no difference while cruising at upper and lower speed limits. Volador manufactures this board with resistant maple and epoxy glue to invent newer riding options and entertainment.

Volador feels perfect for many longboarding adventures such as cruising, carving, pumping, and downhill riding. A fun feature about the deck is that it brings together novice players the experienced skaters, as it is a prime pick for both.

We believe you will turn some heads on the way when you are zooming past them, thanks to its elegant and vintage graphic patterns and classic drop-through build. Here’s the update about how Volador performs after months.


  • Minimal yet exclusive design
  • Sturdy and flexible base
  • Environment-friendly
  • Good for pros and beginners


  • Separate deck not available

Atom Longboard | Best Downhill Deck

Atom Drop-Through
  • 40-inches length
  • Maple wood
  • 7.2 pounds weight
  • Heat transfer graphic
  • Standard 80 grit


When the Atom laminates the core of this longboard deck, it achieves unmatched strength and performance boost. Also, the weight-bearing capabilities of the board are improved exponentially while the design still stays lightweight and responsive.

On the front and rear, the cutout design allows free movement of the wheels and prevents any contact with the deck. Consequently, speed wobbles decrease, the deck upgrades’ reactiveness, and the product’s life increases.

Yes, the Atom provides reasonable weight holding ability and creates chances for the rider to succeed but does it keep the driver safe and entertained at the same time? The official silicon carbide grip tape says yes to the question and prevents the user from slipping off the board.

The tape proves beneficial in various scenarios but is approved by the industry standard of grade-80. Overall, the deck supplies the regenerative strength of the deck no matter the trip you want to pursue.

Performance Update:

Atom longboard has a versatile deck that helps beginners learn downhill longboarding and sliding. Most importantly, it is a budget-friendly product. I learned many new longboarding tricks while riding an Atom board in 7 months.


  • Laminated deck improves lifetime
  • No wheel-bites
  • Maximum responsiveness of deck
  • Least noise production
  • Enhanced grip on the base


  • Comparatively espensive

Playshion Freestyle Longboard Deck

Playshion longboard
  • 9.1 inches width
  • 39 inches length
  • Maple based deck
  • Strong and flexible
  • Symmetrical & Concave design

About Playshion:

Decks quality provided by Playshion is in a league of its own and competes with all the top longboard brands. The core design’s insanely flexible and strong base allows heavyweight and lightweight drivers to operate the board effectively and efficiently.

An essential aspect of the deck is its drop-through shape that grants success to any experience-level skater. Moreover, the list of longboarding journeys attained by Playshion is never-ending, and thus, you can entertain yourself as you want.

The deck has a symmetrical and flat shape; it has a slightly curved and concave design in the middle. As a result, your feet feel glued to the base when you stand.

This grip improves the mechanical skills of the rider as well as removes mental pressure about falling off the board. Moreover, the overall quality of the drive becomes smooth in terms of turning, weight holding, stability, and balance. Performance update of Playshion Drop-Through longboard.


  • Easy learning curve 
  • Accurate for all level skaters
  • Low center of gravity
  • Smooth, stable, and speedy rides
  • It can hold 250 pounds


  • Heavier package

Quest Super | Deck for Cruising

Quest super
  • 44-inches long deck
  • Wood and Bamboo 
  • Black color deck

About Item:

Quest is famous for its highly spacious deck design manufactured with decent hold capacity and trick-specific criteria. The core design depends on the authentic bamboo product to meet all the customers’ expectations.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Quest offers the most beneficial effect at a meager price tag. This quality is why the brand stays unmatched in this scope, and the other brands can’t compete.

Quest manufactures parts related to longboards and skateboards, and the super deck is one of them. The brand understands the expectations of its clients and delivers precisely as required.

People at BoardsOnTop recommend the deck for novice riders and experienced drivers. However, the former might need some practice to understand the Quest’s mechanical capabilities. Read the inspection report about Quest Super.


  • Insane strength and flexibility
  • Improved performance
  • Preferred by beginners and Pros
  • Unlimited stability and reactivity
  • Reasonable price range


  • Not suitable for very heavyweight riders

Longboard Deck Buying Guide

There are various longboard deck brands available in the market. The essential factor that makes it easy to buy a deck is your preferred riding style. All deck types are available according to the longboarding styles chosen by hundreds of skate enthusiasts. Here is everything we will cover in this section.

  • Deck Shapes
  • Deck Styles
  • Deck Material
  • Deck Dimensions

Flexible Longboard Decks’ Shapes

The two most typical shapes are available everywhere in the online market, and skate comrades accept both equally. 

Directional Longboard Deck

As the name suggests, these decks allow riders to move only in the forward direction. The most common example of a directional deck is Pintail. Most of the cruising and carving comrades opt for directional longboards. 


These boards have the same design from the front end and back end. The rear end is called Pintail, and the front one is Pintail. They let riders move in both directions, i.e., forward and backward, helping freestyle longboarders to showcase their skills comfortably. 

Longboard Deck Styles

Styles in longboard decks are evident because of multiple riding techniques. Each deck style has its advantages, and each suits a different longboarding style. Here are the most famous deck styles;


This deck style is lower than usual, sitting precisely at the same level as the trucks. Due to the deck’s closeness to the ground, the central gravity decreases, minimizing riders’ effort to push the longboard. Besides less effort, the lowered gravity increases stability as well. Hence, we recommend these longboards for commuting rides. 

Top-Mount – Flat Longboard Style

These are the most regular longboard decks widely used for cruising purposes. The deck stays above the truck’s level, making it easier to have complete control over the board. Hence, we suggest Top-Mount decks for beginners to get started with longboarding. Cruising and carving enthusiasts are welcome to try out Top-Mount decks.

Drop-Down Stiff Decks

The deck sits even lower than the trucks, very close to the ground in this deck style. As explained earlier, as the deck stays more close to the ground, the central gravity gets lowered, lowering riders’ effort even more. Stability also increases exponentially. Commuting becomes inevitable with this deck style, or some professional downhill riders recommend Drop-down decks. 


The inner build of the longboard deck matters a lot because the deck material specifies its durability and sturdiness. With the use of material, there comes flexibility as well. Besides all these crucial factors, the weight of the longboard matters too.

For example, for commuting, your longboard needs to be portable; it should have less weight so that you can handle it without stress. All these factors belong to the material used in decks’ build. Here are the most used synthetics for decks’ structure;

  • Bamboo
  • Maple
  • Carbon Fiber decks


The length and width of the longboard deck play a crucial part in deciding the riding style. You should go for longer longboards having 42+ inches and 9 inches width for cruising. These dimensions are the most suitable ones for beginners. As there is more space to stand, the hesitation of newbies fades away. 

Similarly, for carving, you need decks with lengths 39-41 inches, and for downhill riding, the dimensions should be similar to carving. As the length of the longboard deck decreases, the deck becomes more responsive. So, choose the deck with specific dimensions according to your favorite riding style. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What longboard deck is good?

There are multiple types of longboards, but we consider the cruising deck the best longboard deck. These kinds of boards have a cutout that supports both beginners and pros. Moreover, the deck length is mostly between 30″-40″, which is excellent.

Does the shape of the longboard matter?

If you have a specific riding style, such as cruising, carving, or commuting, the shape of the deck must suit your style of longboarding. Each style requires a different cutout and length, ensuring a remarkable longboarding experience.

How many plies should there be in a longboard?

You need to consider two factors before deciding the number of ply in the deck. Flexibility and sturdiness, if you wish to ride a longboard for a long time, then you should go with a 9-ply deck. If you are more attractive towards flex, 7-ply maple will work accordingly. That is to say, the more complex the deck, the less flexible it would be.


Throughout the discussion, we learned that the importance of the best longboard deck increases because of executing excellent riding skills. Besides riding style, the material becomes vital to introduce durability and required flexibility in the longboarding deck. The deck style plays a crucial role in defining the part of the rider. Here are our top 2 picks for highly-accepted longboard decks;

Our Top Picks

Yoacher Drop-Through Deck

Loaded Deck

Loaded Vanguard Bamboo

Written by: Michael Bradley

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