Best Longboard Grip Tapes | Heap of Grizzly, Coolest, & Clear Ones

Do you want to enhance your longboarding experience? Are you sick of getting jumped off the board every time you ride? We bring you the solution in the form of the best longboard grip tape, which gives you a locked-in feel while cruising or enjoying pacy rides. Our list of grip tapes for longboards enclose highly-rated ones that define quality and last longer than you expect.

We have pasted hundreds of different grip tapes on our best longboards, but only a few of them performed impressively and proved to be durable. We enlisted 11 of the best longboard grip tapes from the testing process suitable for all riding styles. Newbies are free to jump straight to frequently asked questions to clarify any confusions they might have. For more satisfaction, we guide you about how to clean grip tape.

11 Best Grip Tapes for Longboard

1 .BooTaa Grip Tape for Longboards

best longboard grip tape

Key Features:

45.2*10.6 inches dimensions

Silicon-Carbide grit

1.5mm thickness

Compatible with paper and Plastic

About Product:

Generally, longboards and skateboards are furnished with premium quality grip tapes to make them safer in advance. BooTaa manufactures one of the best material grip tapes in the market, which holds riders’ feet with infinite strength.

You will receive enough-sized rolled grip tape to decorate your sports boards. Once glued to your rolling device, neither will it come off nor wear out even after a longer period. Moreover, there are smaller perforation holes for air to pass through to ensure a bubble-free ride.

The materials used in BooTaa are very insistent and provide maximum strength against water and dust. BooTaa itself promotes using this grip tape for multiple purposes rather than using it for longboards and skateboards.

You can rely on the brand, and you don’t have to worry about any inconvenience. All you need to do is cut suitable tape dimensions according to your longboard area and stick it to the base. Then, you are good to go and start sliding down your street.


Lifetime Warranty

Multifunctional Grip Tape

Timeproof High-strength Quality

Maximum anchor for the feet


Least elasticity

2. ZUEXT Bubble-Free | Best Longboard Grip Tape


Paper and Plastic Compatible

11X44 inches dimensions

OS780 diamond silicon grit

1.5mm thickness

About Item:

All the units of this best longboard grip tape are water-proof and tear-proof so that you can trim them without any error. Each can be utilized for multiple surfaces such as skateboards, longboards, and adult scooters. If you see the base of the tape very closely, you will see small perforation holes that remove any trapped air and create a genuine bubble-free ride. Moreover, the silicon-carbide-rich mat-shaped grip tape is non-slippery and shields against wear and tear.

Experienced riders can feel the importance of a strong grip and anchor of the deck because they require it for tricks and turns. Therefore, ZUEXT meets their requirements and grants maximum friction between the feet and tape.

Consequently, the quality of your overall skating experience increases exponentially. Furthermore, all the units of ZUEXT are rolled in the package instead of flat packing, which prevents creases and folds.


Water-proof and dust-free

Air and Bubble-free

High-grade grip tape


More expensive than BooTaa

3. Jessup Single Sheet | Cheap Longboard Grip Tape

9×32.5 inches

Black Color sheet

Compatible with wood

Single sheet per package


The original Jessu brand is among the brands that introduced silicon-based grip tapes into the longboard and skateboard community. Though there is only a single Jessup sheet per package, the sheet follows all protocols and guidelines that a skater requires for its rides. Jessup mat sticks to the deck with rock-solid force and never comes off in any scenario. Moreover, it keeps the board safe from dirt particles and water molecules.

You can trim the sheet easily without any irregularities and deformations as Jessup is tear-free. After installing the rack to your deck, you can stand on the board with stability as it generates resistance between the rider and the board. In addition to the novices and seasonal riders, many professional skaters choose Jessup as the go-to product for their longboards.


Tear-free trimming

Maximum grit force

Rock Solid bond with the deck


It doesn’t suit plastic products

4. Black Diamond | Cool Longboard Grip Tape

cool tape for longboards


10×48 inches length and width

Silicon-Based sheet

Compatible with paper

Standard 80 grit protocol


The bigger dimensions of Black sheet make it possible to fit with most of the longboards and skateboards in existence. Black diamond follows all the standards set by the skating industry to manufacture a top-quality grip tape.

Through the process of sterning, silicon carbide pieces are bound in a single place, resulting in superior and premium quality resistant grip tape sheets. As a result, the rider feels a lot of friction while standing on the board with a genuine stature.

Unlike most brands, this best longboard grip tape uses adhesive and sticky components to glue the deck and the black sheet. Once in contact, there is no way you can separate them and, therefore, no worrying about the sheet coming off the board. Most riders who want to customize their longboards start from this very simple trick. You can follow in their footsteps and improve your cruising experience in your way. Explore the best longboards for cruising with “BoardsOnTop”.


It fits any boards’ dimensions

Industry-standard grit force

Customization of your board

Silicon granes for better friction


Not compatible with plastic boards

5. Mob Perforated Longboard Tape

Mob Perforated longboard tape

Key Specifications:

33″ x 9″

60 grit standard

Silicon-based product

Product Description:

If you ever ask professional skaters about their experience regarding MOB and the grip tapes it produces for longboards, there will be a single response from all of them. Pros defend MOB with their life as every single item from the brand comes into the market after heavy testing.

This is why their customers had trusted MOB since 2000, when it started making skating-related gear. Therefore, heavy-duty, infinite resistant, and perforated grip tape from the MOB is applauded and admired throughout the community.

Manufactured by the binding process of silicon granules, the sheet gives a sandy paper feel when you roll your hand over the surface. Various tiny perforation holes push air out of the mat to ensure a bubble-free ride.

Moreover, the mob tape has advanced dimensions to fit reasonably sized longboards and skateboards. Other classical features of the tape are a water-proof surface, high-strength, tear-free cutting, and maximum traction.


Exclusive silicon-carbide for grip

Water-proof and dirt free

High strength and Tear-resistant

Free of wear and tear


Not suitable with metal step stool

6. ZUEXT-2 Grip | Clear Tape for Longboard

ZUEXT 11x50"


Paper and Plastic compatible

11×50 inches size

1.78mm thickness

Silicon-Carbide binding


There aren’t many differences between the previously discussed ZUEXT product and the one we will argue about now. Some longboard comrades prefer the 2nd addition because of its bigger size and area. Therefore, you can use the 11×50 inches dimensions of the Z-II on a variety of longboards and skateboards.

However, the domain doesn’t end here because the brand itself nominated this product for use in multiple scenarios such as kids’ bikes, kick scooters, etc.

Let’s dive deep into the natural features provided by the second installment of ZUEXT. First of all, the sheets are made up of silicon and carbon with the necessary sterning process. This generates the full grip of which the rider demands a safer and swift ride.

Moreover, ZUEXT sheet ignores bubbles and air particles and sticks to the deck’s surface decently. The sheet stays protected from any water, dump, and first particles as well. Finally, grip tape mats are rolled and then placed in respective packages, eliminating creases and irregular patterns.


Easy to trim and cut

Bubble free structure

Long-lasting product

Versatile usage sheets


Least sticky with metal devices

7. Mr. Pen | Grip Tape for Cruiser Boards

Mr.Pen tapes for longboards and skateboards


10.6×36.4 inches size

Silicon Carbide grit

1/32 inches thickness

Wood compatibility


Any brand that manufactures grip tapes for longboards and skateboards relies on the most efficient formula ever known to date. Mr. Pen utilizes that idea to perfection by binding up the silicon and carbide particles in one place under the process of sterning.

This results in the unlimited power of friction on the sheet’s surface. When such sheets are glued to the base of longboards with effective adhesive material, they produce anti-slip emery feel for the rider to stand. Thus, the adventurer is granted decent control while navigating through the streets.

Mr. Pen effectively tackles the problem of sheets peeling off the board’s deck by creating bubble-free and air-remover perforation holes. Consequently, the sheets stick to the deck no matter the variables.

Another cool feature about the best grip tapes for longboards is that such tapes can be cut to portable shapes and fixed with other devices. In order to achieve such accuracy, the mats are made with high thickness and tear-free procedures. Hence, you can easily cut the required design from the sheet and customize your favorite devices.


Adhesive and bubble-free product

Durable quality sheets

Easy to cut and trim

Multi-purpose grip tape


Supports boards with 36-inches

8. Rayauto | Coolest Grip Tape

Rayauto Tape

Key Specifications:

47*10 inches dimensions

19 different styles

Sandpaper material

About Product:

The 10-inches wider and 47-inches longer sheet from Rayauto can solve all your grip-related problems of any size longboards. Not only it comes in handy with a huge range of devices, but it stays strong and healthy in any high-intensity situation as well.

Moreover, these sheets are made with tear-free manufacturing, making cutting them easier. Though the grip tape protects against water, try to prevent it from completely immersing in water. By following such rules, you will achieve maximum life from the product.

Rayauto is popular among its customers due to the worthy products it launches and cool figurative designs and patterns engraved on the products. There are 19 different color pallets available for you to choose from. But top-notch quality is what remains common in all these designs.

This product is a work of art as it keeps the particles of silicon as closer as possible, which generates subpar friction for safety. All these abilities of Rayauto rank the product among the top competitors in our list and the market.


High-density diamond material for strength

Wear-resistant and anti-slip

Super sticky

Eye-pleasing graphic designs


Not 100% secure against water

9. Black Diamond 10×44 Tape

More Designs Available

Black Diamond Grip Tape


10″ x 44″

Standard 80-grit

Application kit for installing

About Item:

Some small variations in the previously discussed Black diamond resulted in the newer version, a.k.a. Black-II. It has slightly less length than the first one, but the width remains the same. Though there is less length of the sheet available in the latest product, it is still possible to utilize a huge pool of longboards and skateboards. Keep in mind that the second instalment of Diamond grip tape is super adhesive and stick to any board’s base for a lifetime.

The ever-green silicon formula alongside bubble-free perforation holes is the key feature of Black Diamond. You will be able to achieve maximized grit on the deck and strong friction while standing on the board.

Pros recommend these Black sheets to be used with cruiser boards specifically. Not only do you get the chance to improve the overall riding experience, but you have the freedom to customize your board according to your own will. Lastly, you can select an additional application kit that will help you install the grip tape on the longboard.


Suitable for many devices

Super sticky adhesive

Air perforation holes

Industry specified grade 80 grip


Applying the grip tape requires some practice

10. P.LOTOR Bubble-Free Grip Tape

P,lotor tape for longboards

Dimensions: 46″ x 11″

Compatible with plastic

Grade 80 grit surface

Lifetime warranty

About P.LOTOR:

P. LOTOR respects all the manufacturing guidelines and produces unprecedented grip tapes for better tricks and unmatched safety. Each package of Lotor contains a pressed silicon carbide sheet having an industry-standard grade 80 gritty surface.

Consequently, the grip tape grants premium anchor and durability for professionals and novice riders. Moreover, sticking the grip mat onto the board’s surface is fairly easy and can be done without errors.

When trying to cut the real piece of sheet for your longboard or a skateboard, the tear-proof technology comes into play. Thus, you will be able to get the desired chunk without any tearing. Furthermore, P-Lotor has a strong sticky surface that glues to the base firmly and won’t peel off in the heat or cold temperatures.

All the units are rolled carefully before putting them into the packages in order to prevent any deformations and creases. Finally, the seller provides a lifetime warranty for each package and can be returned in case of any dissatisfaction.


Long-lasting product

Easy to trim and apply

High-quality adhesive

No chances of peeling off


Less accurate with wood

11. ZUEXT Transparent Tape

Zuext grip tape

Dimensions: 46″ x 11″

Compatible with plastic

Grade 80 grit surface

Lifetime warranty

About ZUEXT:

We have already posted two versions of ZUEXT in this list, and we present you with yet another to-notch grip tape product from the brand. This version of ZUEXT differs from previous ones in two ways. First of all, the sheet is transparent and comes without any colour palette.

Anyone looking to stay with the natural color and design of their longboards can consider this sheet the perfect type. Secondly, the dimensions of this grip tape sheet are longer and wider to tackle almost all sized sports boards.

All remaining features of ZUEXT-III are exclusive and in a league of their own. The sheets do not go berserk when trying to trim a suitable piece for your longboard. ZUEXT grip tape has infinitely small perforations to expel the trapped air presenting bubble-free rides.

Moreover, the sticky adhesive material of the mats glue perfectly to the deck and doesn’t come off even in extreme conditions. Lastly, its 1.5mm thickness of silicon and carbide mixture enhances added grip and control over your adventurous rides.


Bubble-free application

High quality and long-lasting


Expensive compared to others on list

FAQs for Grip Tapes

Grip tape is usually a blend constructed by an abrasive textile integrated into a wax. When spread straight on stout paper auspices, this resin converts to sandpaper. This “sandpaper” then obtains a substantial glue to the opposite flank. This glue helps in sticking on the wooden part of the deck. 

If we have to define its prime purpose, grip tape works exactly like a seat belt in a truck that travels slowly. It is not always necessary to have one, but we suggest you find a good sandpaper grip tape for newbies because it helps your feet stand on the deck comfortably. Another purpose of a grip tape is to control the ride, and novices desperately need the command to ride safely. 

You need a gluey tape that keeps you stable on the board during pacy rides or rough terrain journeys. BooTaa and Zuext are the most trusted brands providing one of the best grip tapes, and their customers are completely satisfied by the performance of their sandpaper. 

A knife or blade will help you remove the existing tape, and all you need is a new durable grip tape to unpack it and place it on your longboard simply. 

How to Put Grip Tape on a Longboard?

Different Types of Grip Tapes

There are multiple types available in the market, and we will illustrate the most impressive ones here. 


This brand has got the most positive reviews because of its gritty tapes that provide impressive grip during the rides. Their products vary in thickness, and the preferred thickness depends on your preferred riding style. 


As the producer of this tape is himself a skater, the quality is never compromised. After careful consideration of all factors that can affect grip tape quality, Grizzy provides the most durable products widely accepted by skating enthusiasts. 


Having the best longboard grip tape can enhance your skating experience to a whole new level. You will not only enjoy stability during the ride, but the grip tape will not let you jump off the board unless it is in extreme condition. Our list includes the best budget, best quality, widely accepted and highly-rated grip tapes used by skaters in 2021-22. 

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