Top 10 Best Longboard Helmets | Buying Guide for Safest Skating Helmets

There is no doubt that longboard and skateboard rides bring a soothing and joyous feel to the rider. Cruising down the lane on your board without any fear of falling off is an unprecedented feeling, but riding without any safety gear can hinder the process of this peaceful skating journey. That’s why we have brought you the list of best longboard helmets, including cheap, safest, full-face, and open-face top-rated ones.

Riders of our squad have had minor injuries throughout the years; luckily, they were wearing helmets and managed to protect their heads. This is why we at “BoardsOnTop” always prefer safety before anything else. We have analyzed multiple head safety gears and concluded a list of the best longboard helmets for our fellows. Most importantly, you will see each product’s advantages and disadvantages after using them for months. Therefore, must read the updated content to buy the most reliable longboarding helmet.

Our Top 3 Helmets

It is one of the best open face longboard helmets

Outdoor Master

Best longboard helmets, product no 2

Triple Eight

Razor v-17 is among the best longboard helmets

Razor v-17

10 Best Helmets for Longboarding

1. Triple Eight Gotham | Roller Skate Helmet

longboard helmet

About Product:

Any skateboard or longboard rider, either a newbie or a pro, is keen on the safest ride possible. This concern is quickly deleted with the availability of Gotham helmets in the market. The inside of this helmet is lined up with the EPS liner, which guarantees necessary impact absorption.

Moreover, crumple coneheads are installed inside the helmet to compress and redirect impact energy linearly to the whole helmet. The urban-styled helmet complies with every set of safety standards as set by the authorities. According to our experience, a helmet can get no better at safety than TE Gotham because of its supreme unit design.

Any customer can select the size of the helmet between three different variations, as explained below:

Helmet’s Sizes













Riding a longboard is one extensive and tiring process. You will get sweaty after hard pushes during the ride. To make things even, the Triple Eight Gotham helmet supports air ventilation by holes on the top of the helmet. Additionally, there are two removable fit pads responsible for drying out any form of moisture.

You can easily adjust the helmet on your head with the dial system of the helmet. A comfortable chin-fit strap and release buckle makes the helmet complete and thorough. Overall, this helmet not only provides safer rides but also keeps your journey clean, natural, and healthy.


Dual certified (skateboarding & Biking)

EPS safety liner

CPSC compliant design

Moisture and sweat-free rides

Available in three different sizes


Smaller ventilation holes


Triple eight is undoubtedly the one I trust the most despite having half a dozen helmets in my collection. Not counting other helmets means they can be dangerous in various ways. The unique quality of this safeguard is that it doesn’t disturb at all during intense rides. Also, if you belong to a snowy area, this helmet keeps your head warm, and the inner foams suck the wetness to keep your head dry.

2. Retrospec Dakota | Best Skateboard Helmet

best helmet

About Product:

Retrospec is a highly rated brand producing items related to the sports board category. Just like its top-quality longboards, Dakota Helmet stands proud among all the other competitors. The helmet follows all the safety standards and is approved by CPSC, CFR, and other regulatory authorities.

Unlike other helmets, there are ten rectangular-shaped vents for exchanging airflow in and out of the helmet. In addition, Retro offers two sets of interchangeable custom fit pads. Together these vents allow the rider to stay comfortable during the long-distance and downhill rides. Sturdiness with the comfort in rides is unpresented.

You will come across different safety guidelines for longboard helmets, and every one of them will suggest EPS-rich helmets as the better option. Hence, Dakota follows this design pattern, and its inside is perfectly lined with EPS form around the thick shell. This multi-purpose helmet will keep your head safe during any impact.

Moreover, the helmet is ultra-light and very easy to carry. You can find different colors in helmets and three different sizes that suit a wide range of users. The perfect way to choose any of the best longboard helmets is to measure your head first. Retro explained three different sizes with same durability of helmets.

Helmet’s Sizes














Eight rectangle-shaped ventilation holes

Approved for skating, Biking, and skiing

Genuine EPS foam

Grants safety and  cleanliness

Buckle and chin strap for better fitting


Less attractive design


This Dakota is relatively cheaper but arguably competitive in functionality to Triple Eight. I’ve tested this helmet for cycling around the area and riding a longboard for cruising and long-distance rides. The shock-absorbing capability of this helmet impressed me a lot because I hit my head once in the trees while riding a longboard on the pavement. The hit was fierce, but amazingly the helmet saved me from significant injury, and the helmet had scratches all around.

3. Outdoor Master | Best Skating Helmet

high-quality helmet

About Product:

After testing some of them myself, I concluded the lineup of the best longboard, skateboard, and cycling helmets. OutdoorMaster has been accompanying me for a long because of its durability, dual adjustment, and many other features highlighted here. 

First of all, the availability of ABS and shock bearing EPS takes immense care of your head after massive collisions. In addition, the thickness of EPS foam strengthens the structure of the helmet. Apart from safety, this sturdy hat has additional detachable liners to fit heads of different sizes. Moreover, washing them away becomes way easier than liners of other branded helmets due to their removability. 

The innovative airing system in the design lets this Outdoor master stand tall among its competitors, becoming an ideal choice for skating, longboarding, cycling, and any other racing sport. Also, the chin strap is more comfortable and skin-friendly than various other helmets like counterfeits. Furthermore, the belt is adjustable, and you can place it according to your comfort level. 

Finally, getting the best size of the helmet is equally essential. To make things easier, note down the most accurate dimensions of your head and then select the most suitable fit. For example, 21.3-22.8inch (54cm-58cm), this range is for size large, while anything less than that would automatically fit the medium or small size.

Our experience with this best skating helmet was a bit confusing due to no road map for the sizes. Therefore, one must select that fits the head very well. Trust the positive feedback of new and returning buyers and get this helmet for ultimate safety and comfort. 


Super Sturdy

Shock bearing ABS and EPS foam

Removable liners to clean out sweat
Proper ventilation

Multiple options for size and color


Absurdly shaped


The most durable helmet I have seen in the past two years is the Outdoor Master. It has been more than 2 years since I bought this, and I go on a downhill ride with my mates every weekend wearing this master guard. I inspected it recently and saw some scratches on the hard-shell because of my carelessness. Moreover, the internal foams were as good as new because they were cared for after sweaty rides.

4. JBM for Adults | Certified Skate Helmet

top safety gear

About Product:

There are multiple logical reasons to suggest this helmet for skate comrades, cyclists, and skatepark lovers. Firstly, sportspersons of multiple categories love this helmet’s durability and flexibility. Helmets are the top priority whenever the talk is about protective gear, and JBM is one of the cheapest, most liked, long-lasting, and admirable helmets. 

The use of rigid and sturdy PVC and PC material keeps the collision resistance at the utmost level. Moreover, EPS foam is an obvious choice for reputed brands to use for an impact absorbing purposes keeping the head secure after unfortunate collisions. All the competitors of JBM provide high-level airflow, and JPM competes incredibly well in providing enough ventilation through helmet holes. Its unique aerodynamic structure has multiple vents to let the sweat evaporate and keep the riders calm and relaxed. 

Last but not least, this protective gear comes in three different sizes, just like all its competitors. Unlike Outdoormaster, JBM has specified the static measurements for each size. Here is the range for each category, measure your head and buy the fit one for yourself.

Sizes of Helmet













This range means the helmet is perfect for adults, kids, or teenagers. You need to measure the size of your head and pick the best fit. The helmet promises the care of your head to the highest possible level. Moreover, you will get satisfied by the number of positive feedback left by skaters, cyclists, scooter riders, etc. 


PVC & PC material to ensure safety 

EPS to keep head safe from collisions

Multiple vents for proper airflow
Better chin strap

Perfect for any age


Choose the size wisely as there is no return policy

Suitable for small heads only


On my first try with this helmet, I realized that JBM is slightly smaller than the other helmets recommended here. Due to the same reason, I use JBM only for most short rides on a cycle or a longboard. Otherwise, it is better for small heads without any inconvenience. If you are fond of downhill riding, freerides, or freestyle, this helmet can be annoying due to its smaller size. If its quality convinces you, you can choose the extra large size.

5. Flybar Multi-Sport | Safest Helmet

best longboard helmet

About Product:

Although there are several types of foams available, EPS foams are far more reliable than the rest. The impressive duo of ABS outer shell and EPS inner foam keep the head safe after potential hits during the cycle, scooter, or a longboard ride. Flybar offers a variety of colors and graphics while the sturdiness of the helmet stays constant in all of them.

A dozen good-looking vents ensure air passage to keep the rider cool during challenging longboard rides or cycling competitions. Similar to the Triple Eight, the Flybar also allows you to choose the size of your helmet according to your need. Here are the critical measurements of each size. 

Various Sizes













Double-check your head measurement, and then go for the order. Here are a few tips on how you do it better.

Use a string or a USB cable.

Wrap the yarn around your head just above the ears, 

After marking clearly, figure out the size with a measuring tape

Then select the size that suits you the most.

Multiple air vents have various functionalities. At the front of your helmet, four vents will take the air in while 8 of the rest at the back release the heat gathered by the plastic shell. The seller launches all of its products after thorough testing. The testing doesn’t only include the safety, but it also assures the helmet does not contain any harmful chemicals. 


EPS inside & ABS as an outer shell keep safety at the highest level

Four vents to take the air in

Eight vents to release the collected heat

Multiple sizes available

Multiple colors & graphics are available


Strap quality is not good

The clip may come out of the belt


After testing Flybar for over a month, its strap loosens quite often. Due to this strap, the helmet didn’t fit me well and got misplaced several times. I decided to contact customer care, and their response was excellent. They offered me a replacement even after use of more than a month. I accepted the replacement and tried the newer one again. I can’t give 5 stars to the reserve, but the strap was convincing of better quality.

6. Triple Eight | Best Road Bike Helmet

best longboard helmet for skating

About Product:

Dual certified means the helmet is perfect for both longboarding as well as cycling. The outer shell feature transmits external forces to the broader area of the helmet. To deal with sweating issues, Triple Eight provides multiple sweat absorber pads that are easily removable and fit comfortably. Moreover, the use of a chin strap keeps the helmet away from rolling off during the ride. The belt comes with an adjustable buckle allowing riders to wear the helmet according to their comfort level.

The seller offers three different sizes, here are the precise measurements;

Sizes of Helmet













Take the measurements of your head first, and then place the best fit helmet so that you don’t have to get into the trouble of replacing it. There are built-in holes responsible for evaporating any moisture caused by continuous ride time.

Overall, the product is sturdy, can get scratches but will keep your head safe in any mishap. The product is perfectly suitable for longboarding, skateboarding, commuting, downhill riding, and biking.  During the rides, we need to roll over the large gaps sometimes which results in rough movement of safety helmet. This best road bike helmet has ABS shell and foam EPS liner to avoid any kind of mishap and fits very well.


Versatile product ( Cycling, roller skating, longboarding etc. )

Adjustable chin strap & comfortable buckle

Two sweat-absorbing removable pads

Comes in multiple sizes

Safety assurance at its peak


Lacks padding

Scratches appear after a hit


Triple eight is producing exceptional helmets quality-wise. Even if you throw the helmet angrily at the road with full force, I bet it won’t break because I have gone through it. I have hit this helmet twice on the floor and once during a downhill race. It saved my skull from a massive impact. I recommend this helmet because it protects your head from unwanted injuries during intense rides.

7. Rock Bros | Full Face Longboard Helmet

best full face longboard helmet

About Product:

There are full-face helmets, and there are half helmets available in the online market. And then there is this detachable Rock Bro helmet that can act as both when needed. This gear has two different parts, i.e., head protection gear and removable chin gear. Headgear and Chin gear can easily connect both of these parts with the help of a simple buckle. The rock Bro helmet is a handy 2 in 1 item that can be used accordingly during Biking and skating.

The helmet’s upper part, known as headgear, is designed with a hard PC shell for maximum strength. Like its competitors, the ultralight helmet ensures the rider’s safety by distributing impact energy throughout the whole helmet. This becomes possible because of the EPS foam filled inside the shell. Furthermore, the helmet protects the head during mishaps due to shock-absorbing inner paddings. You can remove these paddings as well and install the new ones.

Variation in Sizes










The helmet passes CE safety standards which makes it a certified gear to be used by kids. In addition, there are ventilation holes for the passage of air on the helmet, which makes the helmet lightweight and breathable. To put everything in a nutshell, this detachable dual-purpose portable helmet serves as a great companion during Biking and longboarding.


Multi-purpose helmet

Strong shell design

Shock-absorber paddings

EPS lined product

Detachable chin gear


It supports two sizes instead of three

A little bit expensive compared to others


Rock bros is made for bikers, but longboard enthusiasts who are newer to this field can surely use Rock Bros. Rock bros can be as good as any other helmet when you are a newbie and afraid of getting injured. Once you are fully guarded with safety gear, you will love riding longboards more than ever. As soon as you gain experience on a longboard, you can move to lighter helmets like Triple Eight.

8. Razor V-17 | Cheap Longboard Helmet

best cheap longboard helmet

About Product:

The most comfortable helmets fit perfectly on the head without any inconvenience. Razor is a smooth choice for a helmet that ensures maximum comfort and suitable fitting on your head. There are two different paddings inside the helmet to achieve the discussed features. The first is gigantic padding, and the second is an additional pad set. Hence, this combo works in correlation, and the helmet sits like a crown on the head. 

But, what’s surprising is that Razor has a total of 17 holes carved on the top, front, and rear of the helmet. Therefore, the ride remains cool, natural, and clean. Besides being perfectly safe for longboard and skateboard rides, you can use this helmet for biking, cycling, and other related journeys.

Razor offers three different helmet sizes for children, youth, and adults. In addition, the head size it supports in different ranges depending upon the helmet choice. The chin strap and secure buckle can be loosened or tightened for better adjustment. This is the go-to helmet for riders looking for top-quality safety gear in a decent price range.

No doubt, this safety gear is budget-friendly, but a small drawback is the size of the product. Other roller skate helmets, like Triple Eight and Retrospec Dakota helmets, this should also have been manufactured in various sizes. However, experts see its 21.5 to 23 inches size as a great fit for kids and teenagers.


Fits perfectly on the head

Super safety because of dual pads

Clean and cool rides due to V-holes

Adjustable buckle and chin-fit strap

Multipurpose helmet


Extra care for keeping scratch less


Razor is not a unique helmet-producing brand, but you can use this helmet for little kids and teenagers new to longboarding. Initially, when newbies start riding a longboard, they prefer cruising and leisurely rides. Hence, there are fewer chances of any mishap and massive injuries. That is why, if you want a helmet for kids or teens at a reasonable price, Razor is undoubtedly the one to go for.

9. TurboSke | Best Cycling Helmet

best safety helmet for cycling and longboarding

About Product:

The Turbo helmet satisfies all the safety protocols and standards set by the authorities. The helmet has survived intensive safety tests and complies with related certificates of CFR and CE. The core design of the headgear grants maximum protection from any incident because there are two different protective layers inside the helmet. Hence, TurboSke looks cool on the head in addition to keeping the rider’s head perfectly sound. Moreover, you should wear the pair of best longboard gloves as well.

It is a well-known fact that riding with the helmet becomes irritating if there is no proper way of exchanging air into the helmet and out. Therefore, 11 proper air channels are installed to propel the stale air out of the helmet and push the fresh air back into the helmet. To be more precise, top ventilation holes push out hot air while front holes let the cold air enter the helmet. Again, this is a well-known trick to keep the gear clean, cool, and 100% real and natural.

TS helmet comes in two different head circumference sizes, as mentioned by the brand itself. These two sizes are explained as:

Helmet’s Sizes










If you notice, the variation in its sizes set it apart from Razor V-17 and ROCKBROS HELMETS. Although the size mentioned above is comfortable for a good range of head circumferences, users can further adjust the helmet by using the flexible ring dial for better fitting. In addition, make sure to use the jaw strip and tighten it by using the installed metal buckle. Furthermore, the helmet is comfortable during biking, cycling, skating in addition to longboard rides.


Complies with safety standards

11 ventilation channels

Sits nicely on the head

Natural and hazard-free ride

Multi usage helmet


Slightly narrow design


TurboSke helmet is a dependable helmet having enough sturdiness to bear a notable hit. My younger kid has loved this helmet because it doesn’t have a heavyweight, and it fits perfectly on his head. The strap is adjustable and of premium quality, making it easier for the rider to ride comfortably. The inner foam and the outer part of the helmet play an essential role in keeping the rider’s head safe due to any mishap.

10. Triple Eight Sweatsaver | Longboard Helmet

triple eight helmet | best for longboarding

About Product:

The TE liner helmet has two prime features that make the helmet distinctive from other competitors in the list and the online market. The first one is the classic ABS outer shell which serves as the main protection gear, while the second is the primary sweat saver liner.

As mentioned above, the liner works like a charm to suck out the stinky smell and moisture caused during the rides. Furthermore, the sweat pads are easily removable for cleaning and better adjustment. When you have to ride over the rough surfaces, it stays fit and does not let you feel shocks you face during those rides.

We have reviewed and used multiple type of helmets before but Triple Eight brings this helmet to its customers in various size ranges. There are five different sizes so the user can choose one that remains fit during the speedy rides.

Size Ranges





Extra Large

XX Large



21.4 –22










Besides these fittings, the sweat liner snugs perfectly on the head and makes the helmet better for different sizes. Furthermore, you can use the chin strap with a buckle for further adjustment. But, keep in mind that this helmet is not certified and tested by CPS, CE, and ASTM protocols. The perfect solution would be measuring head before choosing one.


It Fits 5 different head sizes

Moisture and Stink absorbing technology

Removable Sweat pads

Solid protection ABS shell


Not tested by CPS and CE standards

Not certified for cycling


I have inspected almost all the helmets the Triple Eight brand manufactured. I bought this Sweatsaver a few months ago and tested it straight away for nearly all types of longboarding and cycling styles. I now proudly suggest this helmet for every rider who loves cruising, carving, downhill riding, freeride, and freestyle. Its impressive quality and adjustable straps bring comfortability to the ride.

Buying Guide (Longboard, Skateboard Helmets)

It doesn’t matter whether you are an advanced rider or a newcomer in the skating or racing world. A high-quality helmet is necessary for everyone. It is essential to wear a helmet during simple rides and speedy ones. Our guide will let you know what to look for in the best longboard helmet before you choose one.  

Longboarding Helmet Types

Full face helmets and half shell helmets are the most common types used widely in cycling and skating.

If you are fond of riding a longboard at higher speeds, you should always go with the full-face helmet. Their most significant advantage is to keep your face and chin area safe from all kinds of injuries. You may find these helmets more expensive than simple ones, but they are incomparable in terms of protection.

Half shell helmets give enough protection while you cruise, carve, commute, and go for downhill rides. But, most importantly, these skateboarding helmets provide maximum protection to beginners at a balanced price. We look after every single factor that makes the helmet sturdy and provides maximum protection to the rider.

Here are the essential requirements in the best longboard helmet:


It isn’t easy to have a comfortable ride with a helmet unless it fits perfectly over your head. The helmets come in three different sizes, large, medium, and trim. Therefore, you should measure your head first before choosing one. An ideal helmet protects you and does not move when you are riding at maximum speed.

We often use helmets with the pads as they are exchangeable and keep you safe during tricks and freestyles. It would help if you never conflicted with the helmet’s weight as it automatically increases with the size.

Vents & Inner Foam:

The inner structure of any helmet has immense responsibility for taking care of the rider’s head. If the material of the inner helmet is not sturdy, riders can get badly injured. To deal with this problem, almost all the brands go with EPS foam which ensures safety to the safest level. EPS foam has become a standard because of its durability, sturdiness, and positive results.

Due to racing or continuous skating, riders sweat a lot. A lot of sweat can be distracting during the race.  To overcome this issue, you must look for a helmet that has maximum vents installed in the helmet. Vents help the sweat wash away automatically to keep the ride calm. Almost all of our suggested best longboard helmets have got multiple number vents to ensure a comfortable journey.

Chin Strap:

Half shell helmets require a stable and durable chin strap because it is responsible for holding the helmet at a steady place on your head. Make sure you get a helmet that has a skin-friendly and easily adjustable strap. Straps are adaptable, and you can do customization accordingly. Dont forget to tie those straps under your chin for relaxation. OutdoorMaster & JBM helmets has got the strap you are looking for in a helmet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Riders do need to wear a helmet for longboarding. But there are two types of helmets out there, full face and half shell. As a skater, if you participate in racing, freerides, and tricks, you will always need a full-face helmet to protect yourself. The half-shell helmets are considered for cruising, commuting, and simple rides.

It is essential to wear a roller skate helmet, especially if you dance on a longboard or participate in downhill racing, because maximum protection is required when you ride at high speed and do tricks.

Yes, this brand manufactures muscular helmets, and their prices are reasonable. In comparison, you will find it a bit different from the other brand, like fewer bells and whistles, but it still assures the most excellent safety to everyone.

Final Say

We did a thorough research and short-listed the 7 best longboard helmets. This list is full of half shell and full face helmets, you can freely choose a suitable one for you. Furthermore, you can go through our buying guide for further guidance where we put light on all the important and required factors for a safety helmet. However, our personal expertise rates the following three helmets as the ideal ones.

Written by: Michael Bradley

Hi, This is Michael and I am way too ahead in dealing with longboard and skateboard accessories like wheels, trucks, bearings, etc. I have always loved playing with T-tools, nuts, wrenches, and stuff like that. Also, I will be assisting you regarding the longboard protective gear.

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