Best Longboard & Skateboard Knee Pads 2023 | Buying Guide & Safety FAQs

It doesn’t matter if you are a pro or a newbie; if you plan to skate down the hill, cover turning tracks, or do slides, you need the best longboard knee pads. What makes these pads best is a perfect size, durable material, improved safety, and elasticity for comfort. We have enlisted some of the best skateboarding pads with all the pre-installed requirements mentioned above.

The process of suggesting the hottest knee pads included our years of skating experience and research-based on most positive feedback. After testing and convincing reviews of returning buyers, all the products in our heap got into our list. Initially, we have had some injuries with low-quality pads, but with experience, we finally came up with the best skateboard knee pads for adults and teenagers. Here are three of our most recommended safety gears. 

Our Top Picks

Bodyprox Knee Pads

187 Killer Knee Pads

Triple Eight Knee Pads

12 Best Skateboard Knee Pads

JBM Longboard Knee Pads

longboard knee pads
  • Youth Item Dimensions: 14.3 x 11.2 x 4 inches
  • Adult Item Dimensions: 12.99 x 11.42 x 4.33 inches
  • Material: Polyester, Polypropylene, Plastic, Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

About JBM:

JBM is a sports-related safety gear brand that excels because of top quality products and hundreds of thousands of positive feedbacks from their customers. The safety pad we are going to discuss now follows the same pattern in terms of quality as well as success.

JBM safety pads are manufactured with soft EVA pad material that promotes the well-being of your knees, elbows, and wrists when you wear them. Moreover, these pads are reasonably reliable as they have solid plastic plates to take the maximum impact if any error happens.

A large pool of JBM users considers the gear a decent fit for adults and kids, including pads for wrists, knees, and elbows. You can wear these safety gear when going for a longboard and a skateboard ride.

However, its application doesn’t end here because we have used them for other activities such as scooter rides, cycling, etc. Keep in mind that JBM is a certified brand, and its products will satisfy the expectations of its customers.


  • Strong plastic plates
  • Soft yet reliable pads
  • Multiple elastic straps for fitting
  • Multi-purpose gear


  • It gets hot after long-hour usage


JBM knee pads have been my best companion since I started downhill longboarding and other scary longboarding styles. As a regular longboard rider, I must say that if you are interested in speedy rides, downhill rides, or sliding, you must protect your knees with such pads. Moreover, the multiple dimensions let kids, teens, and adults wear the pads properly. Also, these longboard knee pads perform as good as the first time because of the high-quality material used in the construction.

187 Killer Knee Pads | Best for Skateboarding

best knee pads for skateboarding
  • Ballistic Nylon material
  • V-22 Foam
  • Interior Drying Lining
  • Plastic material

About 187 Killer:

Killer provides the two most essential perspectives that define any knee pad’s performance. The specially designed V-22 dual-density foam enhances cushioning and protection for any hard impacts.

187 pro pads lock in perfectly on any shape of knees and remove any possibility of incorrect positioning. The brand itself specifies that these pads can be utilized in various situations ranging from simple longboard rides to other outdoor lifestyle activities.

There are other noticeable features about 187 Pro, which come in handy in different scenarios. For example, the internal lining dries up any wetness or sweat caused by hours of trips.

Moreover, the pads are durable and can take maximum weights when an impact happens. You can find six Killer sizes that fit knees of different dimensions such as Junior, Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large. Find more specifications about the knee pads below.


  • Imported quality
  • Perfect cushioning and protection
  • No chances of sweat and wetness
  • Ultimate comfort


  • Comparatively expensive


Spending some extra money on these pads will boost up your confidence in the ride too much. Downhill longboarding and sliding on a longboard require a lot of experience and confidence. Therefore, if you wish to try out these styles, you must be confident that you have completely protected your major body parts. Our 3 months of experience with 187 pads say that this product is incomparable. On the other hand, its biggest disadvantage is no variety in the size of the pads. That is why the adjustment becomes quite difficult for some riders.

Triple Eight | Best Longboard Knee Pads

best longboard knee pads

Multiple Sizes:

  • Junior fits 6-7 inches
  • Small fits 7-8 inches
  • Medium fits 8-9 inches
  • Large fits 9-10 in

The junior size is suitable and specially made for kids where rest of the sizes are for adults. Make sure to measure your knee so that you can wear the perfect size.

About Triple Eight:

A unit of TE pads includes a pair of highly-resistive knee pads, wrist pads, and elbow pads that are perfectly feasible for the Longboarding, skating, biking, and roller derby. The knee pads and elbow pads cover the organ completely for extreme protection and don’t restrict the rider’s movement during adventures.

Even in case of any mishap, these pads are made of EVA foam that takes maximum pressure and keeps you safe and sound. Wrist savers are slightly different from the first two because they are made of nylon and ABS-splints, but the purpose remains the same.

If you want to check Triple Eight head safety gear, feel free to visit here. Wearing and taking off the kits is relatively easy because of the wider sleeveless on and off design pattern.

Moreover, elastic straps can be used to adjust the pads accurately on the knees, elbows, and wrists. Triple Eight allows you to choose from four different sizes according to your age.


  • Ease wear and remove criteria
  • Perfect sizes for snug fitting
  • Superior protection from any level of impact
  • Suitable for Skateboarding, Cycling, and Snowboarding
  • Perforation Holes


  • Not recommended for Adults


We reached many users of Tripe Eight knee pads to know what’s their review. Most of the riders were not happy with the sizes provided by the brand. I did not face any size issues because the brand lets you choose the pads according to your knee size. You can buy small, medium, large, and junior pads. Therefore, the riders who bought the pads according to their size were happy with the comfortability during the rides and the sturdiness of the product.

Triple Eight KP 22 | Longboarding Knee Pads

longboarding knee pads

About KP22:

KP-22 is another exceptional safety gear from Triple Eight that follows all the customers’ standard guidelines and requirements. The inside of these knee pads is stuffed with top EVA foam, which helps remove impact damage of any sort and grants unlimited comfortability.

An exciting feature about TE-22 is the high-density kneecap mounted in the middle of the gear, which enhances the lifetime of the package and promotes the rider’s stability. Furthermore, the knee pads are easy to put on or off because of the sleeveless design.

Skating and Longboarding can become no easier with the addition of triple eight knee pads in your armoury. As a beginner, you must try these on before going on for even a simple ride. Triple Eight will boost the rider’s confidence for doing manoeuvres and tricks.

Therefore, we consider the gear for almost all types of longboard and skateboard users. Moreover, there are several sizes available for these safety pads, explained as:

Available Sizes:

  • JR fits 11–12.5 inches (28–32 cm)
  • S fits 12.5–14.5 inches (32–36 cm)
  • M fits 14.5–16 inches (36–40 cm)
  • L fits 16–17 inches (40–44 cm)
  • XL fits 17–19.5 inches (44–50 cm)


  • Easy on-and-off sleeveless design
  • Elastic straps for further adjustment
  • Comfort and maximum protection
  • High-density Knee cap


  • Package contains knee pads only


This is another reliable product made by the Tripe Eight brand for riders’ safety. These pads’ quality, sizes, and durability justify their price completely. You can confidently repel knee injuries by wearing these pads before your longboard or skateboard rides. Most importantly, this product is essential if you ride an electric longboard.  

Pro-Tec | Best Skate Pads

best skate pads
  • Two knee pads
  • Two elbow pads and two wrist pads
  • Hook and strap for fitting
  • CE certified

About Pro-Tec:

A set of Pro-Tec safety gears includes high-quality knee pads, wrist pads and elbow pads. Every skateboard or longboard rider out there requires premium stuff of paddings to protect exposed parts of the body.

Whenever the skater falls unfortunately from the board with some impact, the presence of these pads sucks out the collision energy. Besides being safe and protected, these pads fit on the designated body parts very well, and there is no inconvenience in wearing them.

Wrist straps fall with a decent fit around the wrist area and can be adjusted with wrap straps. On the other hand, Pro-Tec knee savers and elbow savers are foam-rich and justify the fitting while still being one hundred per cent safe.

Moreover, the complete package is CE certified for any rider weighing between 55lbs to 110lbs. Ultimately, it would be best to consider Pro-Tec for your children aged from 5 to 10 years as they are the accurate users according to the brand itself.


  • Protection from falls
  • Comfortable and Flexible
  • Support straps for adjustment
  • Weight range: 55lbs to 110lbs


  • Suitable for 5-10 ages children only


We know many skaters who are enjoying the longboarding adventure with Pro-Tec pads. All of them look happy with the features provided by the manufacturer. The major advantage of these pads is that they fit your knees very well and do not annoy you when you ride your longboard or skateboard. Moreover, your kids can begin their longboarding career confidently with these knee protectors.

Gonex Safety Pads for Skateboarding

skateboarding pads
  • Material: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
  • EVA padded foam
  • 600D high-density oxford cloth
  • Double-side twill elastic straps


Gonex manufactures its safety gears with the most authentic and genuine stuff to provide utmost performance. The unit comprises high-density cloth, robust curved shell, and high-quality foam.

Consequently, Gonex generates next-level protection from the hits and impact one might take while going on a longboard ride. A common problem with closed shaped pads is that they might get sweaty after hours of use. Gonex addresses the issue by breathable cloth material that soaks moisture and dries up the surface.

There are two elastic straps attached to each unit to adjust the pads with a snug fit on the elbow, wrist, or knee. A complete package comes with a pair of knee-saver, elbow-saver, and wrist-saver pads, and each exhibits unprecedented quality. Moreover, these pads are highly-recommended for girls as well. For longboards, you can visit ” Best Longboards for Girls

If you are looking for gear that can enhance the quality experience of your outdoor rides with complete protection, Gonex is the go-to product. There are sizes available for kids, youth, and adults separately and thus cover wider dimensions of required parts.


  • Impact resistance build
  • Highly adjustable and breathable design
  • Decent protection against collisions
  • Separate sizes for kids, youth, and adult
  • Perfect for skateboarding, Longboarding, cycling, etc.


  • Knee pads require longer straps for more fitting


These high-density oxford cloth-made knee pads can easily repulse knee wounds. Also, the 3 different sizes allow you to choose the most suitable according to your size. The female member in our longboarding community prefers Gonex pads over the others due to their lightweight and eye-catching design.

PHZ Protective | Pro Longboard Knee Pads

pro skateboard knee pads
  • Material: Polyester
  • Closure: Hook and Loop
  • Durable PP shell
  • Adjustable Elastic Straps
  • 2 Elbow pads, two knee pads, two wrist


PHZ is a leading sports board’s related safety gear brand, and its helmets, safety pads, etc., are famous in the skating community. The PHZ pads are the latest addition to the long-lasting items available in the brand’s arsenal. Durable shells on the outside of the gears contain all the impact pressure, and as a result, PHZ becomes safer than ever.

Moreover, the pads themselves are free of wear and tear and last for a longer lifetime. Consequently, the brand itself recommends their users avail these pads during Longboarding, biking, and other similar outdoor activities.

Besides being safe and comfortable to wear, PHZ adjusts decently according to its size and can be further modified with the help of attached elastic straps. Moreover, two different techniques are used to put on the pads, known as sleeves and bandages.

In order to remove any moisture and sweat particles, there are ventilation holes because the overall design is decently breathable. All in all, PHZ is a versatile safety gear for different variations of ages and can be found in sizes like Small, Medium, and Large.


  • Highly durable gear
  • Decent fit with additional adjustment
  • Comfortable and safe
  • Various sizes available
  • Economical


  • Recommended for kids and youth; not for adults


These are the top-rated knee pads for longboarding because of their versatility. From youth to kids and adults, these pads will protect your knees evenly well. Most importantly, you get a chance to purchase this product in multiple dimensions. If you are fond of longboarding, skateboarding, and cycling, this multifunctional protective gear is for you.

BOSONER Kids & Youth | Best Knee and Elbow Pads

skateboard knee and elbow pads
  • 2pcs of knee pads
  • 2 for elbow
  • Two pads for wrists
  • Small and medium sizes available
  • Pink, Sky blue, Black colors are available

About Item:

BOSONER is a famous brand in producing durable and insured protective gear related to multi-sports. This knee and elbow pads set is primarily suitable for teenagers, while elders can hardly take advantage of knee pads.

The design of these gear allows you to adjust them according to your awareness. Elastic straps are the reason for proper positioning. EVA foam makes the pads evaporators and protectors during hard slides. Their versatility in adapting multiple sports like longboarding, skateboarding, cycling, and rolling makes them the obvious choice for everyone. 

The whole package includes a couple of knees, elbow, and wrist pads. It is rare to get so many safety items at a reasonable price. For better safety, all the cushions will compress the body a little and the Reasonable assists the rider to stay balanced during critical occasions. The use of PVC material makes the whole protector very lightweight, long-lasting and keeps the body dry with the help of EVM evaporators. 


  • EVM keeps the protected body parts sweat-free
  • PVC material makes the pads sturdy & durable
  • Suitable for younger kids
  • Perform efficiently for teenagers
  • Multi-sport pads


  • Wrist pads don’t come with Velcro
  • Specified for kids


I bought multiple sets of BOSONER knee pads for the kids 6 months ago, and they performed as advertised. On the other hand, adults can’t go for longboard rides with this set because of the smaller size. Also, the age range mentioned by the manufacturer is for kids only. So, be careful to spend money if you purchase it for kids.

Triple Eight Covert Adult Knee Pads

triple eight knee pads
  • Black color
  • Small, medium, large sizes are available
  • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Material
  • Perfect for biking and longboarding

About Item:

If you have been into cycling, skateboarding, or longboarding, you must have heard about Triple 8 safety gears. This brand produces every necessary product with a full durability guarantee to entertain regular and new customers, from helmets to pads.

The reason behind its classic performance is Ethylene Vinyl Acetate(EVA), which protects the knees and makes itself withstand more brutal slides. There is no headache of broken straps or anything like that as you can wear them like socks; a sleeve-like design. 

The option of multiple sizes and the flexible nature of pads doesn’t irritate during crucial rides. After our continuous testing, we found that the flexibility is more than enough to help the cushions adjust under or over the pants.

These pads usually suit downhill biking, but their prime feature is to entertain the skaters’ community as they need full protective gear during the downhill race, sliding, or commuting purposes. Very slim, yet the best protective equipment for longboarding is what triple eight covert pads are designed for.


  • Ultimate safety from slides
  • One of the slimmest pads in the market
  • Easy to wear
  • Adjustable over or under clothes


  • Padding reduces very fast


This protective element is one of the complete products on our list. First of all, it does not cost too much and is available at a reasonable price. I have done downhill longboarding, sliding at higher speeds, and tricky rides wearing these knee protectors. These pads proved their quality in all scary rides by saving me from injuries.

Bodyprox Padded Shorts | Best Skate Pads

best skate pads
  • Nylon & Appendix material
  • EVA foams
  • Four different sizes are available
  • 3D protections padded shorts

About Bodyprox:

Bodyprox is, undoubtedly, one of the best safety gear producers and the number of positive reviews say that all. These padded inner wears take full responsibility for protecting multiple body parts, including the hip, thigh, knee, and tailbone.

Apart from versatility in protection, these pads are suitable for different outdoor activities, including longboarding, cycling, skateboarding, or even snowboarding. After our couple of testing sessions, we found that they were initially a little tight, but they felt like a part of our body after continuous use. 

The foam used in the build of these shorts is EVA which unarguably absorbs massive shocks comfortably. The arrangement of EVA foams highlights the professionalism shown by producers.

Bones, things, knees, and tailbones are fully covered with foam and keep your body safe from even minor scratches. Moreover, Spandex and Nylon make the pads breathable and skin-friendly. The nylon helps shorts absorb the sweat as early as possible and precludes sticking to the body.


  • Fits very well
  • It doesn’t stick to the body
  • Keeps the protected parts dry
  • Ultimate safety for multiple sports
  • Most trusted brand


  • The rear cushion remained consolidated


When I wore these pads for the first time, it gave me the feeling of wearing a foam sheet. One thing I noticed about this item is that they will save your bones only if the speed of your ride is slow. Otherwise, it can damage you seriously. Moreover, it sweats comparatively more than the other knee pads, which can annoy you during the rides. In short, buy them only if you ride longboard at a normal pace.

Bodyprox Knee Pads | Best Overall

best knee pads
  • Available in black color
  • Polyester material
  • 45% rubber
  • 25% EVA & 30% latex
  • Small & medium sizes are available


The perfect combination of polyester, Eva, rubber, and latex introduces safety to ultra pro level. These elastic knee pads have a build of premium foams full of density and strength. The internal structure of cushions is kept breathable to keep the pads sweat-free.

With our electric longboards, this dryness made us pretty comfortable during hard-fought downhill races. You can opt for any of the two sizes available according to the width of your knees. Feel free to contact customer support if you want to replace it with another size. 

Once you try out these pads yourself, you will praise their efficient design and lightweight. Because of this adaptable design, the movement of your knees becomes pretty easy. The producer claims to have tested it against severe impacts, and our 3-months of continuous testing proved their claim entirely.

We have had some unimaginable mishaps during longboarding, and these pads kept every bit of our knee safe from any possible danger. Their non-slippery nature is another reason you fall in love with them. 


  • The use of polyester make them go-to protectors
  • EVA, rubber, and latex foams are breathable
  • Very lightweight
  • Anti-slippery nature
  • Comfortable protectors


  • Not suitable for martial arts


Recently, the users of Bodyprox have increased massively. One of the major reasons behind this success is the product’s versatility. Many people use these pads for multiple tasks like mountain biking, longboarding, cycling, etc. The pads fit very well and don’t lose their position even after using them for hours.

G-Form Pro X2 | Best for Longboarding

G-Form Pro X2
  • Half a dozen sizes available
  • Silicone material
  • Black Logo
  • G-Form brand
  • 50+ compression fabric


After Polyester, silicone is the most impact-absorbing material that can protect your knees to every possible level. The company has adequately tested the shock bearing capability of this set of cushions, and they are perfectly reliable for any age skaters.

The prime quality of these pads is that they are very soft when you ride and behave rocky-hard when they come in contact with severe shocks. This feature of behaving differently comes with flexibility in the pads. They absorb impacts pretty well. 

Everyone looks for a pad that keeps your rides injury-less and gives a comfortable experience during critical rides. G-Form provides sweat eliminator material inside the cushions that compress impressively, keep the knees dry, and don’t allow pads to stick to the knees.

This set also includes small ventilation voids at the front to increase air circulation. Moreover, the grippers keep the cushions to their exact place, reducing the risk of injured knees. 


  • Best shock absorbing knee pads
  • Multiple features to ventilate sweat quickly
  • Pretty comfortable to wear and take off
  • Grippers available to keep pads in place
  • Cool protectors


  • Little more side padding needed


G-Form Pro is available in 9 different sizes, which inspired me to buy this item. The other exciting features of this safety gear are sturdy material to keep your bones safe, holes in front for air, and lightweight. My experience was good with these protectors and I did not face any accidents wearing them. So, they look good, and people buy them for multiple uses.

Best Knee and Elbow Pads | Buying Guide

As safety is the foremost priority of all skate enthusiasts, it is always recommended to have protective pads that fit correctly on elbows and knees. Besides fitting, what counts is how long the gears last and how far they can go to protect you.

Also, the cushions’ elasticity matters because this feature defines durability. If the pack is comfortable, you can have comfy rides, and if they tease a lot in any way, riding becomes a headache. We are here to describe every feature that can impact the performance of longboard knee and elbow pads. 

Types of Skateboarding Pads

There are three prominent types of pads available online. Firstly, the vert pads are specified for longboarding and skateboarding purposes. That is why the protection level in vert-type is way more than other types of pads. In this wear, the leg-covering consists of thick foam. On the other hand, the cushions belong to the stiff plastic category. Extra foaming is installed behind the buffers that act as cushions for the knees to ensure complete safety.

Next is toy buffers. As the name suggests, they come as toys for teenagers and the young skate community. The main synthetic used to build these pads is plastic. With the help of adjustable straps, you can keep the pads in position. The flexibility of the straps matters a lot as they are the holders of the pads. If belts get broken, the thing becomes useless. 

Lastly, we have street pads. These are among the best skateboard knee pads in terms of fashion and cool looking. The primary thing is to look good; the safety foams are not outstanding quality. Hence, the producers use thin cushions to protect the elbows and knees. The most suitable pads for skateboarding and longboarding rides are vert pads, undoubtedly. 

Longboarding, Skateboard Pads | Size

The fitting of the pads counts the most because if they stay loose, you are putting yourself in danger. The first thing you need to ponder before getting knee and elbow pads should be their size. The best longboard knee pads are the ones that are gummy enough to stay where they should.

When you try to push the longboards or skateboards, there is a high probability that pads get slipped from knees if they are not firmly placed. The easiest way to get the most suitable fit is to measure your elbows and knees with a measuring tape and order the best item you need. 

Synthetic Used for Adult Knee Pads

There is zero variety in the synthetic used to build pads, whether knee pads or elbow ones. The most popular material in cushions is forged foam. The function foam performs like a pillow for your bones by neglecting notable shocks. This pillow convincingly decreases the chances of injuries. EVA is the most used foam, as you have seen in most of our suggested products. 

Velcro and elastic are other possible options to be used as pillows. Plastic is also a considerable material that performs better than Velcro and elastic material. Their prime purpose is to keep the pads in the exact position, and some plastic-formed pads also outperform EVA foam products. 


Should I wear knee pads for longboarding?

It depends on your preferred riding style. If you plan to commute longer distances, go for downhill racing, or plan to cover curvy tracks, you must get knee pads for your rides. Simple cruising and freeride don’t precisely require knee pads. 

How tight should skate knee pads be?

The tightness of knee and elbow pads matters a lot, and they should be tight enough to keep the pads in position. If the tightness increases, you will not feel comfortable, and if the pads stay loose, they may get away from the injury point. 

What pads are good for skateboarding/longboarding?

Foam-full, elastic, tight, and ventilating pads are the prime features a knee pad must-have. Anything less will either compromise on comfortability or risk of injury. 


Make your adventurous journeys injury-free with the help of the best longboard/skateboard knee pads with proper foaming, enough tightness, ventilation holes, and flexibility. Do not compromise on your protection on budget as most of our suggested products are very affordable and provide maximum protection.

Written by: Michael Bradley

Hi, This is Michael and I am way too ahead in dealing with longboard and skateboard accessories like wheels, trucks, bearings, etc. I have always loved playing with T-tools, nuts, wrenches, and stuff like that. Also, I will be assisting you regarding the longboard protective gear.

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