Best Longboard Slide Gloves, Top 5 Gloves for Downhill Longboarding

Sliding while cruising downhill is a unique experience but requires maximum concentration of the rider and protection from the safety gear. It is common even for experienced skaters to be thrown forward by the board while stopping, resulting in scratches and bruises. Wearing the best longboard slide gloves eliminate this possibility and shields the rider from getting any injury. Riders do not have to worry about getting scars and focus entirely on the ride.

There had been multiple occasions in the past where riders got into mishaps while sliding and cruising. Those who were riding with precautionary measurements saved themselves from injury. But unfortunately, cruisers without safety items got into minor trouble. Consequently, we have always recommended our riders follow all the safety standards. Below lies the list of best slide gloves we have selected after testing several of them.

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Image Product Details   Price
best sliding gloves Triple Eight Gloves Color: Black
Sizes: Three Size Ranges
Material: Neoprene
Closure: Hook & Loop
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backpac LOSENKA Puck Set Color: Black Spark
Material: Silicone
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cordlessblower IMPORX Gloves Color: Black
Size: For Adults
Material: Polyester
Closure: Buckle & Hook
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YS-Sport-Gloves-1 YS Sports Longboard Gloves Color: Black
Material: Synthetic Leather
Closure: Buckle & Hook
Size: Standard & Medium
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Andux-Slider-Gloves-1 Andux Land Gloves Color: Red & Black
Purpose: Touching the ground & slowing down
Brand: Andux Land
Size: Adjustable
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5 Best Longboard Sliding Gloves

1. Triple Eight | Best Sliding Gloves

best sliding gloves


  • Neoprene made product
  • Palm Pucks
  • Kevlar fingertips on the glove
  • Hook and look type closure
  • Uses Ambidextrous orientation of hands

About Product:

Decent quality gloves are necessary side gears for longboard users while sliding and drifting. These solid slides help the rider put their hand on the ground safely. In addition, triple eight slide gloves provide even more protection and ease of movement because of kevlar-styled fingerprints. After wearing these gloves, focus on the ride instead of worrying about rashes in case of any mishap.

The minor requirement for doing tricks and stuff during skating is gloves with palm pucks. Technically speaking, pucks bear all the weights of hands when the rider leans and touches the ground. These triple eight gloves have a round-shaped puck installed in the center. You can even remove and replace these pucks with new ones. In addition, TE provides swipe pads to clean any sweat during the rides.

For a closer look, you can watch this video;

There have always been complaints about gloves not fitting properly around the wrist of the user. But, the slider above gloves solves this problem by bringing in the wrist strap for proper fitting. Other than that, gloves have three different sizes to entertain various riders.

The sizes are: 

Extra small


Large/extra large

7.0 – 7.5 Inches

7.5 – 9.0 Inches

9.0 – 10.5 Inches


Better grip during sliding

Replaceable palm pucks

Weight-bearing pucks design

Supports three different hand measurements

Ease of movements


Fingertips need to be stronger

2. LOSENKA Puck Set | Downhill Skateboard Gloves

best for skateboarding


  • Black Spark color
  • Silicone material
  • Granular Matte fabric at palm

About Product:

The sturdy build of this piece includes microfiber leather which makes the glove durable. Also, the overall design helps skaters to slow down, drift, or dance. The palm is specifically built to assist in braking, the most challenging task during downhill racing. Most low-quality gloves come off quickly from hands, or they don’t fit well. Compared to those cheap brands, LOSENKA ensures the gloves don’t come off by providing adjustable wrist straps. 

Another crazy feature of this gear is the circular slide at the palm. Some of its key responsibilities include;

It doesn’t get stuck during the slide
Manage the direction of the slide
Non-Brate & wear-resistant as well.

Here is the diagram showing you the material and used in different parts of LOSENKA gloves;

gloves material

The presence of a mesh hole in the glove helps in continuous airflow. Both the fingers and the palm are excellent sources of ventilation because of delicate matte fabrics. They also reduce stuffiness in severe conditions. In addition, the backside of the gloves can easily bear adequate shocks because of the silicone material used in its build. 

Last but not least, sellers have a return policy for the first 30 days if the product doesn’t satisfy you for any reason. So, get this durable, sturdy glove to get a better experience of sliding.


Durability at its best

Effective palm to control slides

Circular palm to brake or turn well

The back of the glove is shock absorbing

Affordable price

30-days money-back guarantee


The placement of puck is off

3. IMPORX | Cheap Slide Gloves

cheap longboard gloves


  • 8.7 inches size, perfect for adults
  • Velcro and metal buckle
  • Fibre made wrist strap
  • Removable slider puck
  • Thorough Hole patterns

About Product:

Almost all longboard gloves look out to provide the most comfortable and fit hand gears. That’s why IMPORX follows every other brand and comes out with an adjustable wrist wrap made up of fabric. This provides customization for the rider to tighten or loosen the gloves on the wrist according to their own choice. Riders need not worry about gloves coming off and focusing on the beautiful skating experience with this design. 

There are very few gloves available in the market that protect finger joints and knuckles as well. The product in review ensures safety to the front and back of the hand because of strong leather armor. When the rider is leaning downwards and sweeping his hand on the ground during the tricks, the supreme design of the gloves drains away any pain. Any good rider should seek out this feature in a glove before buying one.

It is known that sliding and drifting without a palm puck installed gloves can result in minor to major scratches and injuries. Hence, IMPORX delivers round-shaped slider pucks centered in the gloves. While performing tricks and touching the road, your maximum weight will be handled by these pucks. You can remove and change this device if you want.

Furthermore, there are four-hole patterns for the exchange of air inside the gloves. As a result, your hands won’t get sweaty anymore even if you had the gloves on for hours. To sum up everything, AMPORX allows its user to have the most comfortable ride.


Comfortable and safer rides

Ventilation holes and Temperature moderation

Adjustable wrist strap for fitting

Maximum safety to knuckles and fingertips



Only one hand orientation size

4. YS Sport Puck Gloves

puck gloves


  • 2 slider pucks and 1 finger pucks
  • Metal buckle
  • Polyester wrist strap
  • Synthetic leather

About Product:

The heavy-duty design separates the top gloves and the medium-level gloves. If your gloves provide you protection for the front and back of the hand alongside all joints, consider it a perfect fit for you. YS gloves provide these discussed exclusive features and allow airflow in and out of the gloves through holes. Make your ride cool and moderate with these beautifully crafted gloves.

There are multiple parts included in the gloves to assure maximum protection of the rider. The picture below defines the gadgets used in it.

Gloves material

This pair of best longboard slide gloves fit perfectly on your hands’ thanks to the polyester fabric wrist strap. To provide further customization, the rider can tighten or loosen this strip on the attached metal buckle. In addition, the presence of palm and slider pucks mounted on the center of gloves grants better weight distribution throughout the hand. YS gives two removable slider pucks and an additional finger puck installed at the top to make things better than other gloves. 


Protects the hand from front and back 

Safety for knuckles and joints

Ventilation holes

It fits perfectly on the wrist

Economical product


Only medium size available

5. Andux Slider Gloves | Best for Longboarding

best longboard gloves


  • Nylon covering
  • Finger pucks
  • Weighs half a kilos
  • Red color

About Product:

These nylon gloves also come with plucks, just like the previous brand of gloves. You can remove and replace it if necessary. The plucks don’t cover the thumb and can assist you in slowing down the pace or taking sharp turns. A wrist strap is available, allowing you to adjust the glove according to your comfort level to make the gloves a regular fit. 

A breathable fabric installed in the gloves ensures the availability of proper ventilation, due to which sweat in the hands gets evaporated. Also, if you are a novice and learning to slide, these gloves become a real deal of safety. There is no particular size selection feature on their purchase site, but after trying out these gloves myself and buyers’ feedback, it is clear that the gloves quickly fit because of the wrist strap and its compact design. 

Worried about the dimensions of gloves? See the sizing described in the image;

best longboard slide gloves

The quality of pucks matters a lot because their usage during the ride is more than any other part of the glove. I have been sliding with these gloves for over four months, and there was no significant wear on the pucks. This means the quality of plucks in Andux Land gloves is of premium quality, and they last for a long time. Besides pucks, the gloves do not come off because of their adjustable strap and can easily fit any size hand unless too big or too small. 


Perfect for slide learners

Innovative ventilation system installed

Pucks are of excellent quality, durable ones

The strap does not let them come off


Velcro peels off after a few rides

Buying Guide ( Longboard Slide Gloves )

Before choosing gloves, you need to know what factors depend on their quality. Along with enlightening the elements, we discuss their solution as well. Go through our guide, and we will make you able to wear the best longboard slide gloves during your tricky rides.


The durability and safety insurance comes with a high-quality material used in the build of gloves. Most often, synthetics are used to make great gloves. On the other hand, natural leather is an obvious choice for a great body. 

Difference between Synthetic & Leather

As compared to synthetic, leather gloves appear glossy, but they perform exceptionally well than synthetic gloves. First of its many features is the natural sturdiness of leather, due to which the gloves last for a long time. Moreover, due to a perfect grip, your hands respond better during competitive rides. Unfortunately, with all the features, leather is pricey as well. 

The most common material available in gloves is synthetic. Though the cost is low due to lighter fabrics, they ensure the needed amount of safety. Some synthetic gloves also compete with leather gloves and even beat them. Like Triple Eight Slide Gloves, they have Kevlar style at the fingertips, making them more sturdy and lighter as well. 

Find the Perfect Fit in Downhill Skateboarding Gloves

Longboarding & skateboarding is challenging task when you are riding down the hill. You need all safety gears to make yourself secure. These gears include best longboard helmets and gloves. And you need to find the one that fits perfectly on your hand and head. The thing that makes gloves doesn’t come off is the strap. The more durable the belt is, the more you can make use of gloves. We have the following products that provide the perfect strap. 

Triple Eight Slide Gloves

Andux Land Slider Side Gloves

LOSENKA Skateboard Gloves with Sliders

Frequently Asked Questions

Wearing gloves during the longboard rides is as crucial as wearing a helmet. When you lose your balance during the rides, you try to stop the boards with your hands. Therefore, you must protect your hands with gloves. In this case, palm pucks save you from getting injured without compromising the gloves’ quality.

Pucks will last around six months with a comfortable fit in the hands. Moreover, if you use them accordingly and take care of them, they will last more than the given period.

Manufacturers use dense UHMW polyethylene material for manufacturing glove pucks which ensures safety and product quality at the same time. In other words, if you longboard regularly, gloves designed with pucks will suit you a lot.

Advanced longboard riders and newbies require protection evenly while riding any board. Skateboarding and longboarding incidents result in head injury, and this is why longboard helmets, gloves, and knee pads are the utmost during the rides.


Everything that matters in the best longboard & skateboard slide glove is synthetic(Kevlar) or leather material, replaceable palm pucks for better speed control and turns, strap to fit perfectly, and proper ventilation holes. We have used numerous gloves to know which one is best. Here are the three of the best longboard slide gloves that will provide everything you need. 

Our Top 3 Sliding Gloves

LOSENKA Downhill Gloves

IMPORX Slide Gloves

ANDUX Longboarding Gloves

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