Best Longboard Trucks for Downhill and Sliding Rides, Performance Update

Trucks in a longboard play an essential role in providing stability on any terrain and keeping the rides in control when you opt for turns and twists.

There are numerous truck-selling brands, but not all of them promise quality. After testing them ourselves, we suggest the best longboard trucks widely accepted by skate aficionados.

After a stringent testing process, we have enlisted top longboard trucks according to the requirements of all types of enthusiasts.

Our list of recommended trucks consists of top-notch quality, high-performing, best-budget, and lively ones.

Dig deep through our buying guide if you want to know everything about trucks’ functionalities.


Gullwing Sidewinder

WaterBorne Trucks

Jizmo Aluminum Trucks

11 Best Trucks for Longboards

1. Gullwing Sidewinder II – Longboard Trucks

best longboard trucks

Features Table:

Size(mm) 9.0 Axle 10.0 Axle


Gullwing trucks are designed for carve-specific rides and perform exceptionally well in carving scenarios.

There are two different axle sizes available with Gullwing i.e. 159mm and 185mm, and both rotate the wheel according to their abilities.

Make sure to go with the recommended axle width according to your board to get the maximum performance out of these trucks.

But remember that due to their build mechanics, do not utilize them for downhill rides.

Sidewinder supports deeper curves and turns when installed with the longboards and skateboards, thanks to dual pivot hangers.

You can treat the concrete roads as your playground once you get familiar with the working of Gullwing II.

There are limits to the design of these trucks, and that’s why their baseplate is not compatible with the Paris risers.

Finally, the dual kingpin technology of Sidewinder II is perfect for tight turns, biggest carves, and surf-like rides.

Performance Update:

I have rarely seen trucks that help longboards slide smoothly, and Gullwing is one of those perfect trucks. I’ve noticed that these trucks are better for drop-through longboards.

If you plan to use a double drop-through longboard, you should consider using 10-inch wide trucks.

These wider trucks will save the longboard wheels from bites during the ride. Another solution to prevent wheel bites is to use nylon riser pads.


Carving and Cruising ride style

Supports Deeper curves and tighter turns

Double turns in comparison to normal trucks

Perfect for new riders


Not compatible with Paris risers

2. WATERBORNE Trucks | Best for Longboards

best longboard trucks
  • Aluminum made product
  • Tested up to 1500 pounds
  • Two 14mm eco-friendly riser blocks
  • Weighs 0.8kg


Are you looking for trucks that can turn traditional longboards into carving and pumping boards without extra effort?

Look no further than Waterborne trucks, as they have magical powers to bend your skaters according to your will.

The universal design of these trucks fits perfectly with any cruiser and sports board.

Though waterborne is built specifically for surf skating, the rider can utilize it in any way for smooth turning, pumping, and speedy adventures.

Manufacturers tested the design under extreme conditions of 1500 pounds before launching the item into the online market.

Our school of thought prefers these trucks for any longboard and trips due to their maximum output and positive reviews.

Moreover, this surf adapter prevents wheel bites as it has a built-in limiter to separate the deck and the wheels.

All you need is to install this device under the deck of your beloved longboard and get ready to roll effortlessly down the lane.

Performance Update:

After a few weeks of testing, I felt the square bushings start squeaking.

With the help of a few lubricant drops of bearings, I managed to loosen the tighter bushings. This process helped me remove the squeaking problem.

Besides this issue, these trucks are undoubtedly the best option for pumping and carving riding styles. The suppliers should receive an update on how to install these trucks.


Works perfectly with any board

Free of wheel-bites

Sheer control over the ride

Recommended for carving and tricks


Not compatible with small penny boards

Need regular lubrication with bearings oil

3. Paris V2 Longboard Trucks | Best for Carving

best for cruising
  • 356.2 Aluminum quality
  • Grade 8 Steel Axles
  • Branded Kingpins
  • 6-hole Baseplate
  • 180mm width
  • 50-degree angle


Paris is one of the most successful boards-gear related brands available in the market.

It produces top-quality trucks suitable for longboards and skateboards equally, and V2 trucks are one of them.

V2 offers an unmatched level of carving and cruising for its users. Moreover, they are long-lasting, extremely strong, and durable.

Install these beasts in your longboards and start exploring the newer worlds of longboarding.

The most exciting thing about Paris V2 is the highly-responsive nature of its trucks. You can now turn at different angles effectively and not worry about technicalities.

In addition, the base plate design has different options for all kinds of mounting techniques.

Paris has manufactured the V2 trucks to withstand any kind of ride and therefore is often considered as a long-lasting gear.

Performance Update:

A few of my close teammates have used Paris V2 recently, and the comments turned out slightly negative.

The trucks turned out to be squeaky when they tried to carve down the street. The noise coming out from these trucks annoys riders during intense rides.

The pivot cup seemed to be the main problem. Moreover, the truck’s paint coat wasn’t very good. The wheels fit perfectly with the trucks, and you don’t need to worry about wheel bites.


Lifelong guarantee

Strong and Durable

Ultimate experience of Carving

Highly-responsive design


Supports longboard width greater than 9.5 inches

Not fully suitable for carving

4. Cal 7 180mm Cruising Trucks

best longboard trucks
  • ‎4x10x6″ dimensions
  • 1.77 Kg weight
  • Trucks fit 8.5-10″ decks


An impressive feature of Cal-7 is the wide base plate structure and a higher angle on the deck.

Experienced riders prefer higher angles, such as 50-degree when they want to engage in cruising, carving, and freestyle riding adventures.

This is why Cal 7 longboard trucks are designed with higher base plates for great performance at high speeds and carving quick turns.

Moreover, the axle and the hanger have reasonable sizes to assist the trucks in further smoothness and effortless pushes.

The whole Cal-7 package contains grippy PU wheels, fast and smooth ABEC bearings, and spacers.

Other important aspects of the Cal-7 trucks are explained below:

  • Grade-8 axle of 9.75 inches
  • 180mm wide hanger design
  • 50-degree base plate for longer longboards
  • Reverse kingpins

The package includes trucks, wheels, bearings, spacers, and two 1/4″ (8mm) riser pads. It is the most interesting feature of Cal 7, and you get all these widgets at a reasonable price.

Cal 7 Performance After Months:

Cal 7 trucks are specified for cruising, and I always recommend these trucks to newbies for smooth and better rides.

As the newbies don’t try tricks and turn on longboards, these trucks become essential hardware.

Besides that, professionals should only try Cal 7 only if they want to cruise without dancing moves. Moreover, it is pretty easy to install and detach for cleaning purposes.


Authenticated Cal-7 product

Complete skating package

Responsive RKP trucks

Tough, High-Quality Aluminum Axle


Doesn’t fit with less than 8.5 inches decks

5. Jizmo | Best Longboard Trucks

best for money


  • ‎2 x truck
  • 2 x riser pad
  • 1 x T-tool
  • 4 x wheels
  • 8 x bearings


The shape and structure of trucks define their compatibility with different dimensions of decks. Jizmo supports decks ranging from 7.75 inches to 8.25 inches.

The whole package contains wheels, trucks, and ABEC-11 bearings.

But for now, our concern is towards the functionality of Jizmo trucks.

Your cruiser will find these responsive pairs of trucks as the perfect companion during cruising and freestyle journeys.

Each part of the truck, i.e., hanger, axle, bushings, plat-holes, etc., guarantees infinite strength to your board. See the diagram below to understand the dimension properly;

Jizmo develops into the existing build of the deck slowly, but once it breaks completely into the design, that’s where the actual performance will come from.

Experienced riders trust these trucks without any worries and recommend them to newcomers to the skating community.

Other than the trucks, you can get maximum benefits from other items like wheels, bushings, and bearings that come along the box.

Jizmo Performance Update:

I was a little confused after buying Jizmo Trucks. But after trying them for weeks, they turned out to be pretty reliable.

The seller sent all the necessary parts, and the installation was easier than ever.

The sturdy structure of these trucks handled any type of shocks created during rough-terrain rides.

I also contacted customer support for some recommendations about the delivered product, and their response was impressive.


Responsive pair of trucks

Suitable for 7.75-8.25″ decks

Riser pads for adjusting trucks with decks

Suitable for cruising and tricks

Cost-effective product


Supports a smaller range of deck widths

6. CCS Raw | Cheap Longboard Trucks

best longboard trucks for sliding

There are four different sizes available in CCs trucks, explained below.

109mm fits7″ Decks
129mm for7.5 “-7.75 inches Decks
139mm fits8.0 “-8.25” Decks
149mm size for8.5+ inches Decks


It is a widely-known fact that the more you skate, the more your trucks will be compatible with your build.

CCS designed raw trucks to be reliable, lightweight, and durable so that they can compete with longboards of every level.

A decent pair of trucks will assist beginners in rolling and turning smoothly, no matter their ride type.

On the other hand, almost every skater, including pros, appreciates the trucks whose axle and hanger will take utmost pressure during sliding and down-the-track trips.

There is a reason why CCS stands high in view of its customers. CCS trucks perform decently compared to other trucks on the list, regardless of the user’s skill level.

Moreover, the economical price tag is a cherry on top. We believe that CCS offers a lot in quality and performance despite being so economical and affordable.

CCS Raw Trucks Performance Update:

The product is good according to the price. This is the update after using these trucks under my Magneto longboard for over one and a half months.

I recently realized that the bushing that comes with these trucks isn’t too good. That’s why I replaced the bushings with a better set; now, everything seems perfect.

These trucks have fewer squeaking issues than other products, and they turn the board around the street corners.


High rebound bushings

Smooth steering control

Sturdy steel base plate

No-slip kingpin design

Additional Phillips hardware


Softer bushings compared to competitors

Attached bushings are not perfect

7. Thunder Team | Best Cruiser Trucks

best carving longboard trucks


There are many variations in Thunder trucks depending upon the axle width.

But the one feature that stays put in all these trucks is the polished surface and which provides a swift turning response to the rider.

Team trucks are lightweight and reactive and grant unmatchable control and strength over the board. Use the gears with any line of sports board, and an immediate boost effect will be detected.

All the inner items of the Team trucks are backed by the manufacturer itself.

The responsive hangers, reasonable height baseplate, and Chromoly kingpin support the overall unit really well and hence put decent efforts to guarantee the longer life span of trucks.

Risers from some brands may be incompatible with the discussed trucks e.g. Independent, Loaded, Paris, Rayne, Sector 9, Girl, etc.

Also, specifications may vary on the basis of axle size. After extensive research on these best longboard trucks, we concluded some important points.

These points will let you know whether the trucks suit your riding style.

For further convenience, you can look for the best longboard brands with their high-quality products for starting a completely new journey in skating.

Important Information:

  • 1. Axle width ranging from 6.9 to 9.1 inches
  • 2. Supportable for different width decks
  • 3. Lightweight design with faster response
  • 4. Promises quick turns around edges
  • 5. Set of 2 trucks backed with 100% thunder

Thunder Trucks Performance Update:

The grinding power of these trucks emerged to be impressive. These trucks break in perfectly throughout the ride.

I have several longboards, and Thunder Team trucks are installed on my favorite one.

I have been riding on these trucks for over a year, and they have never let me down. They ignore the shocks on rough surfaces and ensure a smooth and steady ride.


Lower stability than low-angle trucks

8. Independent Stage 11 | High-Quality Trucks

best for cruisers
  • 356 T6 Al-hanger
  • Weighs 2.01 pounds 
  • Supercush bushings


This design is unique in multiple factors. Firstly, these trucks are a little higher than other brands.

This height makes them heavy but allows them to grind well and last for a long time. Their weight is not as heavy as you might think.

Before opting these trucks, we used 139s and when we switched to IS 11, the weight difference was only 40gm, lighter than a baseball. 

Pure aluminum hangers and baseplate define the quality as they are durable, provide stability, maneuverability and ignore annoying shocks created on rough roads.

This pair of trucks, if attached to a matched wide longboard, ensure the wheels don’t get any bites.

When there are sharper turns to cover, the deck can touch the wheels if there is not enough distance between the wheels and the deck.

IS 11 provides long-enough trucks to overcome this problem. Ultimately, your rides will become smoother and you will be able to get quick response from these best trucks for longboards.

Why Stage 11 Trucks:

The utmost quality of these trucks is that you can use them for both skateboards and longboards.

Another extreme quality of these trucks is that they have got strong dual-action bushings that help the trucks turn well around road corners.

The kingpin is still strong after a couple of months, and I hope they will also stay stronger in the coming months.

The overall quality is impressive and is recommended.


Quality, durable trucks

Ensure bite-free wheels

Perfectly fit with deck of 7-9 inches width

Work more efficiently with spitfire wheels


Bushings are on the soft side

9. Atlas Truck Co | Best Trucks for Cruiser Boards

best trucks for cruiser boards
  • 8mm Steel Axle
  • 91a Cone 
  • 0.5 kg weight
  • Forged A-356 Aluminum baseplate
  • Set of 2 trucks


Riders and critiques wonder how Atlas can provide cruising adventures as smooth as trucks with humongous price tags.

The answer is the newest standard of reverse kingpin technology of trucks offered by the brand.

Not only the trucks remain strong and responsive, but the overall journey becomes soothing and entertaining.

Moreover, every single sub-item of the trucks is 100 percent original and lightweight than the traditional ones.

Atlas creates maximum opportunities for cruising, carving, and freerides because of its cone bushings.

These cones also provide higher rebound and anti-vibration mechanisms to make the rides energy-efficient.

You can compare this brand to many other famous trucks i.e. Paris, Caliber, Gullwing etc. and you will be amazed by the quality of Atlas.

Exponentially increase the responsive power of your longboard or skateboard by implanting these trucks as your primary ones.

Atlas Trucks Inspection Results:

The paint chips in the base are bizarre. Initially, I tried these trucks with my skateboard and found various issues.

These trucks kept pushing me towards the left and managing the board became out of control at a higher speed.

Then I used them with my Junli longboard, and the experience was the same. I recommend it for beginners who want to cruise and avoid tricks and turns.


High-performance kingpin

Open bushing Seat

Highly responsive and Durable

Perfect for Cruising and Carving

‎90 Day Manufacturer’s Warranty


Cone bushings quality needs improvements

Balancing the ride with Atlas trucks is not easy

10. Core Longboard Trucks | Best for Sliding

best trucks for longboarding
  • Set of 2 trucks
  • Item weighs 0.73kg
  • Al-alloy hangers
  • USA made bushings
  • Axle size from 4.75 to 7.365 inches


Core is among the most appreciated and trusted trucks brands as it has produced top-quality trucks for its customers for almost 20 years.

It provides the unprecedented gears but also in a very decent price range. The trucks are pre-assembled so you don’t need to worry about joining together all the pieces.

Moreover, there are multiple axle sizes available from 4.75 to 7.375 inches which fit deck sizes of 7-7.5 inches.

The lightweight aluminum hanger supports the axle really well, and the base plate offers maximum stability to the rider.

On the other hand, Cones and bushings work in conjunction with each other to make your ride further smooth and responsive.

Currently there are three different sizes available to suit decks with width between 7 to 8 inches.

Like the relation between deck width and truck length, trucks’ height relates to the diameter of wheels.

To meet the exact requirements, length from the tip of the axle to the hanger is about 1.30 inches.

This difference can work efficiently with wheels as wide as 70mm. For its overall cost, the quality you get is incredible.

Any extra stuff is kept away from the baseplates to lessen the overall weight of the trucks.

Performance Update

Core trucks aren’t as impressive as other trucks within Core’s price range. Their bushings are very hard and can not be tightened easily.

I had to replace the bushings with better ones because I broke the existing ones while trying to tighten them.

Once super special bushings are installed with Core Trucks, you will enjoy a great sliding experience during the downhill rides.


Lightweight design

60 days guarantee

Super high rebound Bushings

Recommended for smooth and responsive rides


Bushings need to be improved

Low-Quality Bushings

11. Gullwing Sidewinder Trucks

gullwing longboard trucks
  • 9 inches Axle
  • 159mm Hanger
  • 2.31 Pounds weight


Gullwing is the most positively reviewed truck brand and the reason is its premium quality and longevity.

We have personally used these trucks in our multiple longboards and after a rigorous process of testing, we concluded that this pair of trucks can fit any longboard design with ease and perfection.

When used in Pintail longboards, they outperformed every other pair we previously used. 

The fact that pintail boards don’t provide enough maneuverability, Gullwing trucks maximized this feature by providing stable, and smooth rides along with safer turns around the corners.

Another additional quality of these trucks is that they don’t let the board get unbalanced.

As the balance is natural, cruising and carving becomes natural and totally under control of the rider.

Feel free to adjust the kingpin according to your riding style as this pair is the most dependable one on the internet. 

Gullwing’s Users Review:

Many longboarders in our group have been using these trucks for a long time.

We decided to interview them and ask about how Gullwing trucks perform after months; their experience was great.

They mentioned that the rides are smooth, the trucks let you turn well, and they are built with high-quality materials if you wish to use them for a long time.


Excellent maneuverability

Fit any longboard easily

Stable, smooth, under-control ride


Comparatively low-quality bushings

Buying Guide for Longboard Trucks

All longboards and skateboards have a T-shaped tool inside their structure known as trucks. The trucks are crucial in making your rides comfortable, like the wheels, bearings, and deck shape.

Because two major parts ( deck and wheels ) remain in touch with the trucks from beginning to the end of your ride, that is to say; we suggest everyone not compromise on the quality of your T-shaped part.


People have an unambiguous opinion about longboard trucks and skateboard trucks because both of them have different structures.

The requirement of a longboard is two trucks which will either be supported by the hanger material or axle material.

Moreover, you can know the trucks’ size by measuring the axle and hanger’s width. We use and recommend an altitude of around 170mm for the T-shaped tool.

Most importantly, it is not a good idea to use longboarding trucks in skateboarding as it will ruin the joy of the ride.

Kingpin Technology

You must have heard of the kingpin technology if you are a board rider for a while; if not, don’t worry. We will make everything crystal clear for you.

There are two main types of kingpin technology named “inverted” and “reversed.” Longboard manufacturers always prefer reverse technology, which is needed for the axle material.

In these settings, the axle will take place on the other side of the trucks. As a result, the bushings help riders intellectually take turns around the edges.


No doubt, the combination of soft bushings and reverse kingpin trucks suits maneuverability and downhill riding.

But, for downhill riders, the bushings have to be hard as they assist wheels in having an excellent grasp of the ground.

Softer and Harder Bushings


The exciting feature about the best longboard trucks is that you can easily change them. For example, essential gadgets like the axle, hanger, and bushings are replaceable.

You will find multiple sizes in trucks but need to choose one according to your requirements.

Keeping beginner riders in mind, we let you assemble your longboard with the help of some visuals.

Moreover, if you have not reached advanced level in longboarding, you should see the best longboard for beginners.

Best Size for Longboard Trucks

You will mostly see trucks’ sizes 160mm-180mm, which is impressive and meets all your needs.

People search longboards for specific purposes like cruising, carving, dancing, and downhill riding. Therefore you need to select the perfect size to achieve the goal.

Hanger Size

We will not let you get conflicted in several factors and make it simple to decide which size will work efficiently.

Let’s say the width of your deck is 8-9 inches, then, the hangar’s width should be around 170mm.

The changes in the width will happen when you have a specific purpose like dancing and cruising.

We discovered that less than 160mm spread was responsive and helped us cruise and carve very well.

The Baseplate

A high-quality baseplate is needed for every longboard rider. This part attaches your deck with the trucks from below.

From beginners to pro riders, everyone needs to take turns during their rides, which depends on the baseplate and its angles.

In this case, the higher the angle, the better turns around corners you will be able to take.

Less height will make it challenging for you to carve and rotate the longboard.

Baseplate’s higher angle of about 45 degrees supports multiple types of rides, which is the most impressive fact.

Most importantly, if you have chosen around 45 degrees higher grade for the plate, make sure to have a hanger size of about 170mm.

Like the axle and other materials, the alignment in baseplate settings is also doable.


The risers of the trucks set the height of the angles in the baseplate. In other words, when you try to set position higher or lower, risers do their job on that occasion.

But you don’t need to worry as tall baseplates never require risers. They are necessary if the default setting for the baseplate is at a lower mode.

The best longboards will never let you conflict in all these matters as they are designed accordingly.

If you mistakenly buy a board that does not give you what you were looking for, you will have to purchase separate trucks, bearings, or risers with the guide we mentioned above.

Rather than spending $50-60 on trucks, here are some top-rated longboards that will serve you properly at a reasonable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

The role of trucks is to respond to the deck and wheels throughout the ride.

If you are rolling at max speed or over uneven surfaces, their job is to support the deck by bearing some weight and keeping the board flexible.

Sometimes, you must make rotations or turns; the best longboard trucks will help you do so.

Furthermore, a competitive racer or tricky rider will never compromise on their quality because it is crucial for these rides.

The reason why skaters go with reverse kingpin trucks over inverted is that they are less problematic.

Their location remains the same as reverse kingpin along with the baseplate. Inverted ones are flexible, and you can try different angles to expand your riding experience.

On the other hand, you will not have to make changes often in the reverse kingpins.

The position of the reverse kingpin is kept lower to the ground, which is a need for cruising, carving, downhill riding, and other kinds of rides.

You may adjust them on the skateboard, but they will not be as responsive as on the longboard. Furthermore, there might be a delay in turns and can also cause a mishap.


In the buying guide about the trucks, we talked about the different sizes, shapes, and parts to let you choose one for a particular motive.

You must take care of every part of the truck in these cases. But, we made it effortless for you by discussing the ten best longboard trucks that will keep you away from misgivings.

As a result, these replaceable T-shaped materials will allow you to cruise, carve, dance, and commute simultaneously.

Written by: Michael Bradley

Hi, This is Michael and I am way too ahead in dealing with longboard and skateboard accessories like wheels, trucks, bearings, etc. I have always loved playing with T-tools, nuts, wrenches, and stuff like that. Also, I will be assisting you regarding the longboard protective gear.

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