Best Longboards for Commuting 2023, Top Long-Distance Commuter Boards

Do you find it difficult to walk to the nearby metro or bus stop? Are you tired of spending bucks for transportation? We confidently bring you the most suitable solution in the best longboards for commuting. Our suggested products made their way into the list depending on the most positive feedback and satisfactory personal experience. Most importantly, all the products suggested below have been inspected by numerous longboarding masters. Any of the products reviewed below will allow you to go for long-distance longboarding.

We, a fanatic group of skate comrades, have years of experience in this field, and the same thing forced us to recommend some of the best longboards for commuting. If you wish to find a commuting longboard for long-term use, read the performance report of each product. Our enlisted products are great for ease of pushing, stability in the ride, budget-friendly, quality assurance, and portability. Feel free to skate through buying guide to learn everything about commuter boards.

Our Top Picks

Retrospec Zed Longboard

Quest Cruiser Longboard

MBS All-Terrain Longboard

8 Best Commuting Longboards

Retrospec Zed | Best Longboard for Commuting

best longboard for commuting

9×44 dimensions

70mm PU wheels

85A hardness rating on the durometer

ABEC-7 bearings

7-inch aluminum trucks (reverse kingpin)

About Product:

Retrospec is arguably the most notable and positively reviewed longboard and skateboard brand in the entire community. Zed has been rated the second-best product in the longboard and skateboard category. The reason behind the success of Retro-Zed is its 1950s inspired classic surfboard-related shape and structure. Ultimately, riders can ride the board for hours and hours and still feel no glitches. Hence, this beast performs magnificently to carry you from one place to another in no time.

The brand focuses on the ease of rider as its number one priority and, as a result, grants an anti-wheels-bite build. When the skater is speeding down the track, the wheels and bottom of the deck don’t contact. Therefore, there will be no scratches on wheels, slowing down, or energy dissipation. We consider it a deciding factor in longboards known for commuting and means of transport usage.


Anti-shock wheels

Sturdy and Pliable deck

Grippy rides

No wheel-bite and noise

Perfect for commute


Not recommended for rough terrains

Cal7 90mm wheels work more efficiently

Retrospec Performance Update:

As an experienced longboarding enthusiast, I realized to replace the attached wheels with Cal7 90mm wheels, and the outcome of this experiment turned out to be better than the expectations. The ride over asphalt was insanely smooth. After using Retrospec Zed for longer distances, I started hearing softer sounds coming from the rear trucks. It usually happens when the rider commutes for more than the capacity of the longboard.

Loaded Tan Tien Commuter Longboard

best  commuting longboard

Length: 39″, Width: 8.75″

Wheelbase: 27″

Orangatang wheels: 70mm, 80A

Item weight: 12 pounds

Paris trucks: 180mm, 50-degree

About Product:

Drop-through deck lay very close to the ground because of the lower center of gravity, and that’s why speeding such boards became easier. As a result, the rider requires fewer pushes to move from one point to another in a matter of seconds. Loaded follows this truck mounting technique, and hence, it is an ideal choice for transportation and commuting.

The strong deck has a cutout design at the front so that wheels don’t contact the deck. This eliminates the chances of wheel bites and maximizes the speed of the longboard. Loaded is manufactured with a combo of bamboo and fiberglass to create infinite power to hold reasonable weights.

There are three different flex available for Tan Tien explained as:

1: 170-270+lbs

2: 130-210+lbs

3: 80-170+lbs

Due to the depth in the structure of Loaded, the longboard is feasible for various situations and isn’t limited only to commuting. Professional riders utilize the Tan Tien for cruising, carving and pumping and recommend it to newcomers.

If we were to give our honest review of the board, we would describe it as a high-performance and highly functional board that meets the expectations of any rider. Every single gear of the board, from trucks to wheels, maximizes the output of easy pushes ensuring an effortless trip.


Reasonable weight bearings flex

Responsive trucks

Grippy and faster wheels

Multi-purpose board

Highly-Functional design


Expensive and heavier to carry

Recent Performance of Loaded:

One of the most attractive qualities of Loaded Tan I found in recent rides is the availability of Flex 1 and Flex 2 for riders weighing between 190 – 230lbs and 170-190lbs. Flex3 is also available for skinny riders providing the smoothest rides for commuting purposes. From the past month’s experience, I noticed that wheels get dirty, but they can roll over anything on the commuting path. From asphalt to rough terrains, from bumps to smooth roads, you’ll feel like waving on the roads without any particular discrepancy.

Leyoo 41 Inch | Longboard for Transportation

 commuting longboard

41 x 9 inches full-size

7-inch aluminum alloy truck

50mm PU wheels

Item weighs 7.6 Pounds

ABEC-7 precision bearings

About Product:

Recently, Leyoo has taken the longboarding community by storm with its finest and top-quality boards. The 41-inches longboard is the latest addition to their skating arsenal, which hundreds of customers appreciate. Designed for fast and long-range trips, Leyoo’s deck is very spacious and energy-efficient in nature. Moreover, the surface is furnished with an emery non-slip finish to create resistance between the feet of the rider and board. As a result, you can stand on the board with an infinite grip and a balanced posture.

The pair of fast Pu rollers can carry the longboard to long distances with effective swiftness. As the wheels are also shock-absorbing, they remove negative effects caused by the rocky paths and cracked surfaces. Any top-quality longboard requires responsive trucks to accommodate its wheels. Therefore, Leyoo installs heavy-duty Al trucks that make the rider controllable and smooth.

There are multiple occasions when Leyoo proves its worth as the best companion, such as commuting, effortless rides, downhill riding, and cruising. However, we suggest you get familiar with the mechanism of the board before getting into complex and tricky rides. The brand has nominated the longboard as the ideal for zero to maximum experienced skateboard riders. We, at BoardsOnTop, advocate for the Leyoo because it certainly has that defining element in it.


Anti-vibration and grippy wheels

Highly responsive and heavy-duty trucks

Suitable for all levels of skaters


It can hold 330 pounds


The smaller diameter of the wheels

Why Leyoo Longboard | Testing Results

Initially, the board came in pretty bad condition. The deck was damaged due to unknown reasons when I opened the package. I decided to call customer services and ask for a replacement. The good thing was that they responded to my query and sent me a better replacement, which seemed suitable for young beginners who want to learn to cruise or commute rather than freeride and freestyle.

MBS All-Terrain | Commuter Style Longboard

MBS All-Terrain

Wheels: 100mm, 78A


Deck: 39.1″x11.5″ maple-lam

Bearings: ABEC

Item weighs 2676 Grams

About Product:

MBS is a beast performer no matter the surface you are trying to skid on because it has exclusive features to back its performance. You can roll through rocky paths, even tracks, and large-hole pavements while committing to your workplace with no error and inconvenience. This longboard opens a whole new dimension of the skating experience with its unprecedented and ultra high-rebound wheels. The rollers have tread patterns on their surface to remove any rocky particles in their path to maximize the ride’s speed.

MBS applications don’t end here only with commuting and means of transport because the board has got some other tricks up its sleeves. All-Terrain longboard’s build follows drop-through mounting to succeed in other skating areas such as cruising, downhill riding, pumping, free-riding, and carving. Moreover, the deck is strong enough to hold moderate weights and flexible sufficient to dissipate vibrations and bumps. Consequently, MBS offers ease-of-push riding and off-roading.

MBS takes you wherever you want to go with full control over the ride. It has navigator drone trucks to fulfill all the turning and deep curves. Moreover, the rubber shield bearings are very precise and fast to acquire further accuracy in the journey. We believe that it might take some time for you to know the mechanics of the MBS All-Terrain, but once you get to know it, you are on the right track.


All-terrain and super-high-rebound wheels.

Precise turning

Drop deck keeps your center of gravity low for pushing and off-roading.

Rubber shielded bearings

Fully Assembled


Not suitable for grass surface

MBS Performance After Months:

The MBS All-Terrain longboard is one of the most dependable longboards in the winter season. The smoothness in its ride doesn’t get affected by Sandy, bumpy, or winter debris. After I tested multiple Duros, Venom 91d barrel was the most suitable for this longboard. Bone bearings are good for various longboard wheels, but MBS sustains Zealous bearings perfectly. These bearings bring more stability to the ride and give a fluent riding experience.

Quest Longboard | Best for Long Distance

freeride longboard

Length: 44″, Width: 9.5″

Wheelbase: 26.3″

Weight: 7.6lbs

Trucks: 7-inches

Wheels: 70 mm

About Product:

Quest impresses its riders and critiques with its quality, shape, and performance. The spacious deck of the Quest allows the skater to stand on the board with a balanced posture. In addition, it generates infinite friction on the surface so that you anchor your feet with substantial force. In order to compete with the deck, Quest installs stone ground wheels that roll faster on every surface and suck out vibrations and damps. As a result, the rider can move from one point to another with easy pushing and low energy effort.

Trucks are mounted below the deck of Quest, creating a drop-through shape of the longboard. This comes in handy in different riding scenarios that demand the board’s lower center of gravity. Hence, the skaters can trust the board for cruising, carving, and downhill riding rather than just sticking to commuting. As mentioned above, there are super fast and precise ABEC bearings to provide the control required during all the adventures.

Quest distinguishes it from traditional longboards because of the top-quality material used in the production. No matter your experience in skating, you can surf on the board with little practice. To achieve bite-free and quiet rides, you can adjust additional popup pads provided with the package. In short, Quest is a 100 percent original product that defines the true experience of skating and longboarding.


Reactive reverse kingpin trucks

Anti-shock transparent wheels

ABEC-7Bearings for full movement and control

Fewer chances of Wheel bites

Anti-Slip OS780 Grip Tape


Squeaky sound at very speeds

Moves comparatively slower than other longboards in the list

Update on Quest Performance:

The length of this longboard makes it unique from other longboards on our list. This extended length reduces the ride’s speed but increases the smoothness and stability at once. If you are a professional, I won’t recommend this board for commuting because you’ll not like its slower pace. On the other hand, Quest will make you fall in love with longboarding due to its increased stability and smoothness if you are a beginner. You can ride for as long as you want without getting tired.

OUDEW Long Distance Longboard

Commuter longboard

9.5×41 inches size

50mm PU wheels

8-layered Canadian maple deck

ABEC-9 precision bearings

7″ Aluminum Alloy Trucks

About Item:

The list of best commuting longboards continues with the addition of this masterpiece from none other than OUDEW. Specifically designed for any seasonal, professional, or beginner longboarder out there, OUDEW has a natural non-slippery emery surface for the rider to stand with a perfect stance. Therefore, you will experience a forceful grip while moving here and there without any chance of slipping and breaking the step.

Not only does the deck provide a grippy feel, but it manages to hold moderate weights thanks to the influential Canadian maple wood material. A large pool of OUDEW users utilizes the board mainly for commuting and as a means of transport. However, it has a solid and anti-shock pair of wheels that can be helpful in other skating areas. For example, you can ride the longboard for free rides, pumping, and carving as well.

As the OUDEW is suitable for different rides, the manufacturer installs responsive trucks to achieve infinite accuracy during such adventures. These fast and reactive trucks provide you with an efficient turning radius so that you can handle the board with decent control. This feature alone makes OUDEW a strong contender for novices and expert skaters. Lastly, the package comes pre-assembled at your doorstep and thus, you can start rolling down the street once you open up the box.


Durable and stable deck

Responsive and heavy-duty trucks

Fast pair of PU wheels


It can hold 250 pounds


Wheels have a slightly smaller size

Why not OUDEW | Inspection Report

The first look of the longboard was good, but after a deep analysis, I found some delamination near the rear trucks. After a few rides, the problem of delamination looked even worse. I contacted customer support, and their response was quick. They delivered another board but with almost the same problem. A crack near the truck’s lamination doesn’t help the rider feel safe during a long-distance ride.

Junli 41 Inch Longboard | Best for Commuting

commuter board

9.5″ width, 41″ length

80A, 70mm PU wheels

7-inch aluminum alloy trucks

PU support pad

30 days warranty

About Item:

Junli finds itself among the top five best selling longboards and skateboard brands because of hundreds of thousands of positive user feedback. The longboard has a beast duo of trucks and the deck. Manufactured from cold-pressed maple wood, the deck grants unlimited weight-bearing capabilities as well as an anti-slippery brushed black surface. Riders feel maximum friction between feet and deck and, thus, no chances of falling off. On the other hand, your adventures become much more in control and stable due to responsive drop-through trucks.

Rolling the Junli longboard with decent speed and control is very easy as it has a supportive build structure. According to the brand itself, its product is friendly for fast-paced rides, bomb hill riding, and freestyling. Therefore, when you need to move faster to your work location, you can rely on this highly functional mechanical masterpiece. We are convinced that the board can provide you with a natural learning curve for skating while having fun.

Wheel-bites is an annoying phenomenon related to the sports boards category and makes the ride uncomfortable. However, the symmetrical wheels cut-out design of the deck eliminates any such possibility. As a result, your Junli board does not create any noise and does not slow down during turns and twists. Overall, Junli is a perfect gift for your loved ones because it provides top-notch quality at a decent price tag in addition to the pre-assembled package. Explore more cheap longboards at BoardsOnTop.


Highly responsive trucks

Ultra-high elastic PU support pad

Max load weight 330Ibs

Commuting, downhill riding, and freestyling board


The deck is not water-proof but still reliable

How Junli Perform After Months:

Junli is one of the best brands in the longboarding field. Many of my teammates have been riding Junli 41 for months now. They are delighted with the deck, wheel, and trucks’ performance in any specific condition. Though the wheels get rough after continuous rides, their traction remains the same, which helps provide a smooth ride. For a better experience, you can undoubtedly go for 90mm wheels if you want to commute longer distances.

Volador Freeride Commuter Board

9x42inches longboard

70mm wheels with 78A hardness on the durometer

Item weighs 6 pounds

7-Inch reverse kingpin trucks

ABEC-9 bearings

About Item:

Volador prioritizes users’ experience and requirements and manufactures the longboards according to such needs. The freeride longboard is the last but not the least essential product in the list of the best commuting longboards. Camber-concave drop-through deck build of Volador enhances the shock absorption abilities of the board and offers superior flexibility. As a result, you can reach from home to office and back with the least effort and infinite control. Moreover, the spacious deck provides a total area for the rider to stand with a decent grip and posture.

A considerable advantage of Volador is the adjustable truck angle to accommodate the trip you want to take. You can set the angle at 45 or 50-degree angles, and both come in handy in different scenarios. For example, cruising, carving, freeriding, and bomb hill riding become comfortable when you keep the trucks at an angle of 50 degrees. Hence, this simple setting makes the Volador longboard a versatile and highly-admired roller in the community.

The vintage longboard design with a decent cut-out shape to remove wheel scratches and noises takes Volador’s success to the skies. Moreover, studded with precise bearings, its PU wheels generate a healthy grip on the ground and roll faster than ever. In short, Volador has got all those pieces that are required in commute-specific longboards. The ability to utilize the board for multiple other options, as discussed above, is a cherry on top.


Vintage design

Adjustable truck angles

Durable and fast-rolling wheels

Ideal for commuting and free riding

250 pounds load capacity


Not suitable for ollies (tricks)

Volador Inspection Results:

After 4 weeks of riding Volador, I state that I found no difference in the stability of this longboard throughout the testing period. Apart from stability and steadiness, you can also rely on doing some tricks and turns with this fantastic longboard. For example, cruising and carving become pretty easy to learn for beginners. As a professional, I have used it for cruising and carving for an entire month, and I am pleased with its performance.

Queries for Best Commuting Longboard

What longboard is best for commuting?

A longboard with either drop-through or drop-deck design, deck length more than 39 inches, 70mm PU wheels, and sturdy trucks is the best option for commuting. Retrospec, Volador, and Loaded longboards have got it all. 

Can you commute on a longboard?

Longboards were initially invented for two prime prospects, to bring newbies into the skating world and commute for longer distances. A good longboard can help you commute around 5-8 miles every day without getting you tired. 

Which type of longboard is easiest to ride?

Drop-deck longboards provide immense ease of use despite minor drawbacks because of their lower decks. Also, drop-through longboards bring easiness while riding, but drop-decks are preferred the most. 

Are longboards good for transportation?

Yes, you can use longboards for the transportation process if they are specifically made for this. For example, the length, width, wheels and trucks of the board must support transporting. The best longboard for commuting are highly-appreciated for covering distances faster.

Commuter Longboards | Buying Guide

Longboarding is getting viral day by day, and there are multiple styles within this field. Many experts are fond of downhill races, and other professionals enjoy freestyle skills. Similarly, numerous skate comrades regularly use longboards as a means of transportation. There are multiple factors everyone should take care of before buying the best longboard for commuting. 

As you plan to commute a significant distance, you must be looking for a longboard that doesn’t tire you a lot and covers maximum length with the help of minimum pushes. Several boards facilitate skaters with ease of pushing. Here are the features to look for in a commuter longboard.


Commuting distances is directly proportional to the stability your longboard provides. The more stable the board is, the longer you will travel. The central balance comes along with a longboard that has a deck closer to the ground. As the distance between deck and ground decreases, the central gravity decreases, and it assigns resilience to your ride. 

Length of Long Distance Longboard

The foremost thing that defines the quality of commuting is the longboard’s length. Also, your height matters while selecting the appropriate deck length. Usually, the deck ranges between 34’’-50’’. Going for a longer and broader deck is better if you plan to commute extensive distances. Here is our comprehensive guide about the Longboard Size Chart.

Effortless Commuter Longboards

There are two most appropriate deck styles meeting all the needs of a commuting class. Firstly, the drop-through design has a deck and trucks rolling at the same level from the floor. Compared to top-mount, the deck is much closer to the skating surface in drop-through design. This closeness minimizes central gravity and decreases human effort to push the board. You can achieve a 1.5x distance compared to top-mount methods. 

Secondly, the drop-deck technique is also available, which has its deck staying lower than the trucks, almost touching the ground (4-inches above). This technique takes the center of gravity to zero and helps riders gain 2x distance compared to top-mount with the same amount of force applied. Still, because of its closeness to the earth, there is a high possibility of the deck coming in contact with the skating surface, so we prefer drop-through over drop-deck. 

Trucks & Wheelbase

Trucks have two momentous functions to perform during rides. Their prime commitment is to allow riders to turn safely around the curves and corners. Secondly, as they hold all the weight, they need to provide a stable ride above rough terrain or any skating surface. Hence, any traditional kingpin or reverse kingpin truck would manage both responsibilities up to the mark. 

Wheels & bearings

When you commute, you want to go faster, and there are hundreds of speed-generating wheels. The rollers introduce pace with the help of bearings inside them. The bearings are usually rated with ABEC ratings: the higher the ABEC, the faster the wheels will roll over. So, we recommend ABEC7 or above bearings inside 70mm Polyurethane wheels to commute anytime and anywhere you want. These PU wheels can ignore shocks created during rides on rocks or pebbles or any rough terrain. 

Lightweight Longboard

Portability is another critical factor in commuting. For example, you commute to your school, college, or work and get annoyed by the overall weight of the board. That is why, besides all commuting factors, you need a board that doesn’t weigh a lot.


Throughout the article, we have discussed a longboard that provides stable, smooth, and effortless rides. And that is what commuting requires. All these features are available in all of our suggested products, mostly drop-through designs. If we have to minimize your struggle, even more, we will suggest the following three products as the best longboards for commuting. 

Written by: Matt Harper

I am the sole brain behind the idea of writing longboard reviews which resulted in the production of this case study i.e. BoardsOnTop. I love everything about longboards and write exemplary reviews to help the longboarding community as once it helped me.

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