Top 7 Best Longboards for Cruising | Best Brands in 2023

All riders require a decent type of longboard that ensures smooth and effortless rolling over the cracking streets and flat tracks. You will come across various longboards online, and choosing the best fit becomes a tedious job. Some might be critically expensive, while others might underperform in crucial conditions. As a fanatic skater, I have analyzed and shortlisted a few of the top longboards for cruising.

This list of longboards includes durable and smooth boards widely accepted by the riders community. Most of the enlisted ones are lauded and positively reviewed by hundreds. Regardless of their suggestion, my own experience convinced me to review 7 of the best longboards for cruising. So let’s skate through the list without further ado.

7 Best Cruiser Longboards

1. Restrospec Zed | Best Cruiser Longboard

retrospec longboard
  • 44*9″ dimensions
  • 70mm PU wheels
  • 12 Colors available
  • 85A hardness
  • Wood-based product
  • Weighs 9 pounds


A quality longboard having thousands of positive critiques online urged me to buy and have a test ride. Believe it or not, it was worth every single penny spent. Its wide surface allows you to have a secure and stable ride without spending hundreds of dollars. Imagine spending over 100 bucks and still not getting enough area to stand firm over the Deck? Compared to other expensive products, Retrospec provides you 44-inch longboard to skate comfortably in the long run.

The 8-ply Canadian maple used in the Deck’s built makes it hybrid and flexible, ensuring a worry-free ride. The embedded Deck allows you to turn and twist or ride smoothly over cracky streets and asphalt roads without the fear of getting it broken. If you aim to have a longboard with minimum setting and long-lasting ability, Retrospec tops the list incomparably.

A solid grip while skating is essential, so the resistant wheels of the Zed board guarantee a butter-smooth rollover for your utmost user dive. In addition, ball bearings used in the structure make it possible to achieve a high speed and maximum running capability. Jumps on the roads become zero to negligible with the help of shock ignoring wheels. Plus, the availability of a sturdy finish allows supreme grip.

The ride becomes more enjoyable when there is no noise and vibrations along the path. Retrospecs’ firm Trucks, along with riser pads, significantly reduce the vibrations on the road. This feature keeps the journey awesome and amusing.


Retrospec is among the top-rated longboards for cruising. However, as cruising on a longboard is not as technical as sliding and carving, you can also opt for this item as a beginner. Since I started longboarding, I have Retrospec in my collection. It is a long-lasting cruising longboard at a reasonable price. Its deck is still strong after years, and the wheels and trucks turn the board nicely.


Firm grip

Deck provides sturdy and firm grip

Shock absorptions

Ball-bearings help to remove vibrations

Weight bearing

It can hold around 300lbs weight


A very reasonable priced product

Quality of wheels

Wheels are bite free and noiseless


  • Deep turns might cause wheels to stop
  • The bearing bolt sometimes gets snapped

Final Thoughts:

An excellent grip during the run, rust-free wheels, quiet rides, and affordable price defines the best longboard to buy, and Retrospec Zed is undoubtedly the one with all these capabilities up to the mark. Don’t forget to go through an in-depth discussion about cruising on a longboard.

2. Magneto Kicktail | Top Longboard for Cruising

best longboard
  • 44*9″ dimensions
  • 70mm wheels
  • Multi-color wheels
  • 78A hardness
  • Bamboo based deck


Magneto’s deck is more prolonged than almost every other longboard available on the internet. That wide surface brings stability to its peak, also makes your ride confident. Moreover, the Kicktail at the back of the deck allows you to pop frequently for more adventurous rides.

During my first ride on Magneto, I had a locked-in feel due to the sticky material used on the deck. The deck seemed comparatively flexing than top cruising brands. Furthermore, the concave-shaped deck makes the ride smooth and steady.

Soft and long-lasting wheels attached with this longboard take your carving and cruising joy to a whole new level. The wheels perform equally well on whatever track you are cruising on, be it rough sidewalks, cracked pavements, or even the surface full of tiny sticks. Additionally, the wheels are bite-free due to their perfectly built design.

The trucks and metal bolts are adjustable as per the requirements of the skater. If you are a newbie, loosen the trucks a bit, and enjoy a comfortable ride. Contrary to that, being a professional rider tighten the trucks and maximizes the length per push to enjoy an effortless ride.


The Magneto longboard is as beautiful as in the advertisement pictures. I have been taking care of its deck, wheels, and trucks for a long time. Therefore, it still lets me ride it like the first ride. Discussing its performance update, it has the shape required for cruising rides. Magneto and Retrospec are similar in shape and perfect for cruising.



Flexible and long-lasting Deck for perfect rides.

Quality wheels

Wheels are soft, bite-free and available in multiple colors.


Trucks and bearings are highly responsive improving quality of ride.


Thorough design of board stabilizes the rider on the board.


  • Bushings seem to be softer in some cases
  • Trucks are not highly impressive, good enough though

Final Thoughts:

This high-quality longboard has wide acceptance among pro skaters for out-of-the-box ideas. A flexible deck, adjustable bearings and trucks, and bite-free wheels make this longboard an obvious choice for cruising.

3. White Wave Bamboo | Best for Cruising and Carving

top quality
  • 36*9″ dimensions
  • 70mm PU wheels
  • 180mm Al Trucks
  • ABEC-9 Bearings
  • Bamboo-rich product
  • Weighs 8lbs


The White Wave longboard has the same size as many of the other booster boards. So, if you are familiar with riding booster boards, I am pretty sure you will be comfortable riding this longboard. The sanded Deck is what makes it easier to grip and reduces the possibility of falling off. Of course, you can buy an electric board within the same price range, but it is widely preferred to get used to a genuine longboard first rather than an Electric Board.

After some test runs, I found out that its speed and acceleration are the key features when cruising downhill. Furthermore, the weight of this whole board makes it achieve speed levels that keep the ride safe yet entertaining. Also, the combo of soft wheels and their firm grip allows you to speed up accordingly. Furthermore, wheels take maximum impact when going steep, so the chances of risk reduce even more. It is essential to wear the best longboard helmet during speedy rides.

The Deck is beautifully designed, with appropriate length. Interestingly, the Deck itself is strong enough to uphold a reasonably healthy person without the risk of breaking down. Its trucks help turn the Deck here and there so that you can carve and cruise through the road freely.

Bearings have built-in spacers, which ensure the ride of the skater is smooth, flawless, and noise-free. At the start, when you are pushing the board, the resistance is zero to none.


The sturdiness and longevity of White Wave Bamboo are why we added it to the list of best longboards for cruising. The design of the deck helps you thoroughly while you cruise on it. Most importantly, my beginner friends learned cruising with White Wave. It costs a little more than Magneto, but it is worth it.



It can achieve decent speed level


Suitable for downhill cruising

Deck Quality

Sturdy deck design for stable rides


Less friction and resistance during rides


Soft wheels for better grip


  • A little bit noisy when leaning back
  • Comparably heavier than other longboards

Final Thoughts:

Expert opinions suggest that this cruiser is relatively good for newbies and pro skaters. Its balanced design, sturdy wheels, and weight-bearing Deck make it evident among the top cruising longboards.

4. Magneto Hana Longboard | Best Deck to Cruise

Hana Longboards
  • 42*9.5″ dimensions
  • 70mm Shore wheels
  • 8-layered Deck
  • 78A hardness
  • Bamboo-Maple product


The most exciting feature of the Hana longboard is its concave Deck especially built for comfortable carving. The deck is flexible, its bamboo is stained, and its core is made up of maple. Additionally, the board comes with a skateboard tool used for tightening wheels. There may not be a grip tape on this board, but its sand grit deck ensures a tight grip for your feet. The bamboo design is carved beautifully and is an eye-pleaser.

Although Magneto Kicktail cruiser is a good choice because of its deck stability, the high angle para style truck and low gravity design of the Magneto Hana longboard define its importance in this list. The latter feature technically promises you a softer and safer ride. So if you are afraid of setting your feet on a longboard, trying out this cruiser can be a pretty safer choice than the ones discussed earlier.

The Hana cruiser is designed with softer wheels, yet its grip is pretty tight and accurate. You are free to adjust the settings of the truck with the tightening tool alongside the product. Even after tightening the truck, the wheels work perfectly fine and create no problems while carving at long angles.

Overall, the core of this board competes very well in the market. But according to pros’ suggestions, the bearings should be better and stronger. If a new design comes with this change, it can become an obvious choice for board lovers.


Everyone loves this longboard for cruising and long-distance rides. Many skaters have got Magneto Hana, including me, even when it is more expensive than the previous three products. Talking about its performance after months, its deck, rollers, and trucks are durable and assure you smooth rides even after months. Also, I use it to enhance my carving experience.


Stable Rides

Deck’s lower center of gravity provides stability


Trucks can be adjusted with t-shaped tool


Low to ground shape speeds up the journey.

Wider Turns

Para angle trucks support better turns around edges.


Deck is concaved shape hence better for carving.


  • Slightly softer wheels
  • Slight Margin of improvement in bearings design

Final Thoughts:

Hana longboard is an exceptional choice for those looking for a low-speed and safe ride. This cruiser’s deep-through design pattern satisfies you in a healthy and joyous little journey down your neighborhood.

5. Seething Longboard | Best for Heavy Riders

  • 42*10″ dimensions
  • 70mm PU wheels
  • Multiple colors available
  • 80A hardness
  • Al-maple rich product
  • Holds 330lbs


The most common thing skaters want is pre-installed longboards without wasting time setting them up. The Seething brand delivers what you need as a skater. Just unbox the parcel, and start skating.

Longboards specifically have the feature of allowing almost everybody to skate, and Seething achieved this goal by manufacturing a 42-inch extended Deck. Deck’s flexibility bears weight up to 330lbs while making the rides smooth in varying conditions like pavements, parks, and even on rough roads. Moreover, the overall weight of the Deck attracts skaters who love to twist and turn, dance, and do freestyle calmly.

In comparison with the Magneto brand or Retrospec, Seething manufactures more eye-catching boards with fantastic color contrast. One of its unique qualities includes the water-repellent anti-skidding capability allowing your body to have an exceptional grip over the board. This ability keeps your trip even.

Countless buyers and experts praise the Trucks, bearings, and wheels of this board unconditionally. However, you will want to play with its settings to experience more when you get used to it. A skate tool in the packaging will help you do so.


Structure-wise, Seething has got everything that you find in a cruising longboard. After inspecting it thoroughly, I must say it is a complete longboard for cruising but for the newbies. It rides smoothly, and the wheels roll over uneven surfaces pretty lovely. Furthermore, this item weighs less if you wish to take it somewhere.


Load capacity

It can hold around 330lbs easily


No worry about assembling the units

Durable deck

Resistant and durable deck design


180mm trucks for sharper turns

Quality of wheels

Bite free and noiseless Wheels


  • Wheels may get bites on a rough surface
  • Packaging, sometimes, seems bad

Final Thoughts:

Want to start skating soon after unboxing? This brand sends you a pre-installed longboard. Then, ride through the parks, beeches, pathways, or wherever you want with one low price.

6. APPOLO Premium | Best Type of Longboard

best longboard
  • 39*9″ dimensions
  • 70mm wheels
  • Multiple colors
  • 83A hardness
  • Aluminum Alloy Trucks
  • ABEC 9 Steel bearings


What if the seller provides you with a warranty of 2-years, also providing customer care and replacements without any questions asked? APOLLO is one of the most trustworthy brands, always prioritizing customers at every cost. A wide range of APOLLO longboards is always available online, and I have picked up the very best one for you.

The dual Tip Drop of this longboard welcomes newbie skaters to slide into the longboarding society, also allows skillful ones to elevate their freeride.

The manufacturers are skaters themselves. They designed it with their extensive experience to produce a longboard with a lower center of gravity, ensuring a smooth ride for cruising or freestyle.

Trucks of the board have aluminum composite material urging you to outlast paves. Sliding becomes even more delightful with the help of substantial wheels taking freestyle to a whole new level.

All the significant parts of the APOLLO longboard possess the most delicate grip tape, increasing all durability. You will receive your package with having pre-assembled longboard. The box will also include a T-tool allowing you to play with the Trucks’ firmness as per your riding style.


It is one of the most expensive yet durable longboards on our list. Due to the deck’s sturdiness, I could smoothly ride APPOLO on all surfaces. Most importantly, if you weigh 200lbs or around, it will bear your weight nicely. My longboarding companions and I had a wonderful time on this durable longboard. However, a noticeable drawback is that its T-shaped tool is missing.



Product has a 2 years warranty


Unbox the board and start riding

Durable trucks

Quick and responsive turns

Dual tip drop through

Suitable for both novices and pros

Good quality wheels

Rollers have firm grip on the ground


  • A little bit expensive
  • Might be noisy

Final Thoughts:

The best products come with the best features. Dual tip drop, strong wheels, aluminum-based truck, and delicate yet significant grip tape are the defining features of this board. Additionally, a two years warranty with never-ending customer care support is a cherry on top. Honestly, this APOLLO Premium longboard sells itself.

7. B BAIJIAWEI | Best Drop Through Longboard

best for cruising
  • 41 inches deck
  • 52mm PU wheels
  • APEC 11 Bearings
  • 80A hardness
  • Al-maple made product
  • Holds 220lbs


After a long process of reviewing longboards, I came across this deep-through longboard with a mildly concave-shaped deck. This superior deck design guarantees long-lasting control during a skillful ride down the road. This cruiser is typically assembled not only for riding but also for doing multiple tricks and turns.

The lightweight truck proves to be a good companion of the overall board and allows precise movement for turning in any direction. To accelerate at a reasonable speed, you need a slight push at the start. All this is made possible because of its fast spinning wheels assisted by highly responsive bearings.

Even speeding at higher levels feels very comfortable and safe with this board. There are two reasons for this. One, your feet feel locked in the board, and the other one is the intense grit of the Deck. The maple-based Deck is super-strong, considering it can bear weights as high as 200lbs.

This top longboard is commonly known for its low-weight and shock-absorbing rings. That’s why experienced skaters consider this board suitable for cruising and carving purposes. Moreover, if you use this product for some time, you can comfortably use it for several purposes.


B BAIJIAWEI attracts people a lot with its eye-catching design when you are cruising on the roads. It gives you extraordinary cruising rides with an inexpensive price tag. If you want to keep riding it for a long time, I suggest lubricating the wheels and bearings regularly. Also, I tried to carve on this cheap longboard and concluded that it would perform well for beginners.


Strong deck

You get efficient grip during different rides

Lightweight trucks

Sharp turns around the edges

High-quality rings

The rings absorb shocks accordingly

APEC 11 Bearings

Bearings help wheels in gaining pace

Spinning wheels

Maximum speed with little push


  • The ride might be noisy in the long term
  • Wheel bites

Final Thoughts:

Cruising becomes satisfactory with the availability of this board in your collection. This cruiser will always prove its worth in bumpy roads, flat tracks, and rough surfaces. Hence, it is a versatile longboard for executing tricks and related stuff.

Buying Guide

Before you move on to purchasing any of the longboards, never forget to go through the following important aspects. These aspects will help you out in finding the best longboard for cruising according to your requirements. We have discussed each of the aspects in detail and recommended which one will suit you while you cruise around the streets.


The length of a deck in any board determines the type of ride you want. For shorter and smaller turns, it is suggested to have short-length decks. On the other hand, boards with long decks are preferred for carving, cruising, and gliding at higher speeds. Additionally, deep through decks are safer due to the impact of low gravity. This is beneficial for newbies.

The deck length is a longboard is supposed to be around 40 inches, and the width should be at least 7 inches for a better cruising experience. To make sure the deck has premium quality, you need to go with a Canadian maple deck or a bamboo-crafted deck.

Longboards vary in shape, and it depends on the purpose of why you want them. For example, if you need to perform tricks and freestyle, you should go for a kicktail deck, while flat decks are better for cruising purposes any way around.


Wheels come in a range of hardness and softness. Let’s say you are looking for a slow and hard-to-push longboard, and softer wheels are the answer for you. They roll smoothly. Contrary, hard wheels might roll very fast with little push but are unpredictable and can injure beginners.

The durability of the wheels is an essential feature, and it comes with Polyurethane material used in the wheels. Moreover, bite-free wheels can enhance your cruising experience on rough surfaces. If there is a margin of a couple of inches between deck width and the width of trucks, then wheels don’t get bites on sharp turns.


A good quality truck is necessary no matter what longboard you are buying. The truck turns the board anywhere during a ride. Hence, experienced skaters suggest choosing those trucks that remain closest to the width of the Deck. Moreover, cruising and carving become flawless and joyous when the condition mentioned above is met.

Trucks come in different shapes and technologies. One of the most common types is Kingpin technology, and its relevant one is reverse Kingpin, in which trucks system is the other way around. These combinations are better for cruising longboards as they provide a stable ride and balance on sharp turns.


Little circlets having ball bearings visiting the wheels of a longboard are known as bearings. Their sheer quality is necessary to keep the longboard’s performance up to the mark for a longer run. Although all of our suggested products come with durable and high-performing bearings, if you want to know more about them, please read Best Bearings.

The scale that measures the quality of longboard bearings is ABEC. Some professionals suggest that higher-rated ABEC bearings perform better in all critical conditions, which is valid to an extent. If you keep the Bearings clean and lubricated, they will last long; otherwise, any high ABEC rating bearing, if not oiled from time to time, will start underperforming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Longboards have drop down and drop through decks. These deck designs provide better center of gravity and pushing the board becomes easier. Top mount decks can also help you achieve good speed levels. Overall, longboards are generally good for cruising.

Cruisers are lightweight and smaller in size as compared to longboards. You can use cruisers for riding in city areas. Longboards are bigger in size and have thorough design. You can use them for carving, cruising, commuting and riding downhill.

There are multiple factors that decide the quality of a longboard. Deck’s dimensions, responsiveness of trucks and bearings, and hardness or softness of wheels can help you find the best longboard for you. Make sure you go through the buying guide above so you can find the most suitable longboard for you.


As an experienced skater, I have had multiple longboards in my collection, but these 7 are the best longboards for cruising. Every single one of them has its appeal, and that’s why they are on this list. In other words, if you like longboards over cruisers than these boards are highly-recommended to get used for cruising purpose. However, if I had to shortlist 3 of them, I would choose and recommend the following three:

Magneto Kicktail


Retrospec Zed

longboard for cruising

White Wave