Best Longboards for Dancing in 2023, Top Boards for Beginners and Pros

Dancing on a longboard is an art, a completely different type of joy attracting numerous skaters, especially beginners. Learning to dance is not as tricky as selecting the best longboard for dancing. There are multiple factors to consider before buying one, i.e., Flex in the deck, sturdiness of the trucks, types of wheels, and dimensions of a complete longboard. The review of each product contains a performance report of the longboard after months. Go through the report to find the best dancing longboard for a long time.

Several sellers are claiming that their boards withstand dancing style efficiently. After trying out widely accepted and top-rated longboards for dancing, we shortlisted the ones having maximum sustainability and minimum cons for newcomers and professionals. Also, we have included the advantages and drawbacks we noticed recently in these 8 top longboards for dancing. Jump to buying guide to understand what makes a good longboard for dancing perfectly.

Top 3 Longboards for Dancing

top pick 1

Playshion Longboard

top longboard 2

Volador 46″ Longboard

top pick 3

Hana Dancing Longboard

Best Dancing Longboards

1. Magneto Bamboo Dancing Longboard

best longboard for dancing
  • 46 Inches deck length
  • 9 inches deck width
  • 70mm wheel size
  • 78A hardness
  • Bamboo material


The trio of bamboo piles and the fiberglass sow the seeds for a durable, flexible, and sturdy deck specified for dancing and cruising. Besides the sturdiness of the board, it also has kick tails at both ends, and their availability makes it possible for you to do shove-it, flip tricks, and manuals. But, of course, to perform these steps, you need a wide deck, and Magneto provides the best fit. When we had our first try on the board, we found the flex firm, but after some time riding and dancing, the flex got loosened a bit. 

Trucks under the deck have high-angle gravity cast aluminum, making them effective when dancing on the board. The bushing included in the trucks has medium fair firmness allowing you to take safe turns. The wheels attached to the trucks are soft(78a), which is obvious for longboards specified for dancing, tricks, and flips. Moreover, after riding this board for over a half year, we have never experienced wheel bites. 

Performance After Months:

The wheels and bearings attached to this dancing longboard perform better than the others. The good thing is that you can easily replace its rollers and bearings if they are not supportive of some of the dancing steps. We bought heady shake bearings and tested a few rides on it. The performance of Magneto Bamboo was more accurate and to the point. Secondly, the deck is still strong and nicely bears a load of around 240lbs.

The board is a bit heavier, which makes it suitable for dancing rather than freestyle. But, the availability of twin kick tails enables you to enjoy freestyle as well. Every specification is a concern, and Magneto meets its customer needs by meeting all the necessities. For example, the slight concaveness of the deck makes it the perfect platform to dance. 

Last but not least, if you are a freshman, and want to learn some dancing skills over the board, this board suits inexperienced people the most because of its wide deck and firm flex. So bring it on, but do care of yourself by using proper safety gear. Read our helmet guide & slide gloves guide to buy high-quality safety gear. 


Firm flex

Sturdy & durable deck

Twin kick tails for freestyle

The wide area of the deck makes it easy to dance

Equally best for novices and experts


Bushings are not of great quality

Price is a little high

Final Thoughts | Updated

The best thing about the Magneto brand is that the manufacturers are skate comrades themselves. They build any longboard design according to their experience and don’t launch it for sale before completing test rides. You can confidently move on with this board to perform more dancing steps. Most importantly, the Bamboo material helps heavy riders to ride smoothly for a long time.

2. Playshion Drop Through | Dancing Board

best dancing longboard
  • 39 Inches deck length
  • 9 inches deck width
  • 70mm wheel size
  • Weighs 7 pounds
  • 7 inches Al trucks 
  • Al-Maple material


Each longboard is built keeping in mind the primary purposes the longboard will be utilized for. These purposes decide the fundamental design mechanics of the whole unit. Therefore, a very commonly asked question about dancing longboards is the design of their decks. Playshion answers these demands very well by bringing in a balanced, flat, and symmetrical deck shape. Moreover, this skater outranks other competitors because of its slightly concave shaped design. 

One might wonder about the concave-shaped deck and its appeal. Such design comes in handy for printing your feet better on the deck. As a result, dancing and tricking on this cruiser becomes more accessible and safer than ever. As a result, members of our community rank playshion relatively higher in the list of best dancing and freestyling longboards. 

Drop through mounting technology offers a centre of gravity as close to the ground as four inches. Now you can stay more balanced and stable on the board and enjoy faster rides. Furthermore, pushing with your steps becomes efficient, and you can slide with ease and control. Trucks are highly responsive and can be adjusted according to the type of ride. One needs to tighten or loosen the gears of trucks for even better customization.

As there are multiple roads and surfaces, a perfect pair of longboard wheels will perform smoothly everywhere. In addition, the softer and wider polyurethane wheels act as an anchor on the ground, hence providing better sustainability and stability on the ground. To make things even better, greased bearings offer minimum resistance and make the journey smoother and noise-free. 


Highly stable and flexible deck

Adjustable truck

Softer wheels for better grip

Lower centre of gravity

Holds around 250 pounds


Not recommended for fast downhill rides

Performance Update:

We found this board in the list of best longboards for beginners. Later, we tried to execute some freestyle and dancing techniques. So, after using this longboard for more than 4 months, we can confidently say that Playshion is a suitable longboard for dancing. The major help you will get from the deck’s stability and the performance of bearings and wheels.

3. Volador 46 Inches | Best Longboard for Dancing

best dancing board
  • 46 Inches deck length
  • 70mm PU wheels
  • 10 Inches wide deck
  • 78A Wheels’ hardness
  • Weighs 8 pounds
  • 250 Pound load capacity
The graphic work on the deck has changed now.


When it comes to dancing on a longboard, the most significant factor you need to take care of is the deck. Volador provides a cold press multiple-ply board having the ability to bear any weight up to 250 pounds. Also, the flexibility of the deck makes this longboard an ideal choice for dancing and freestyle. The deck can absorb significant shocks when you dance your way, and its concaveness lets you generate the initial acceleration before you showcase your skills. 

All you need to do is lose the trucks, give grease to bearings, accelerate a little up, and you are ready to dance with ease. The best feature we found in this longboard is its responsiveness. You feel like you are virtually connected to the deck. Besides dancing, the lower and concave deck, along with its vast area of 46’’ x 10’’, attracts beginners and experts to cruise for hours. So, this near-to-ground shallow deck enables you to maximize distance per push, decreasing human effort by a significant margin. 

Volador’s Testing Points:

The advantage and disadvantages of the Volador dancing board are one. If you are addicted to longboard dancing, then Volador is one of the best longboards for you. On the other hand, if you want to ride this board down the hill or slide on it, it will not give you satisfying results. We have tried riding it for tricks and downhill rides, but we could not proceed.

The 37’’ wheelbase can not stop this board from turning at wider angles at all. Moreover, the raiser pads keep the wheels bite-free at any cruising ground. Unlike Volador, almost all other 40+ inches longboards have the issue of wheel bites because the deck and wheels get smashed during sharp turns. This facility eradicates the fear of losing balance at sharp turns allowing the rider to maneuver freely. 

All the vital parts of this longboard are of genuine quality. From aluminum trucks to carbon iron bolts, sturdy rebound Polyurethane wheels to steel bearings, everything is of top-notch nature, permitting riders to explore the board’s potential to an utmost level. 


Flexible, lower, concave deck

Best for dancing & cruising

Best for beginners and experts because of the broadest deck

Wheels are bite free

Trucks are sturdy

Responsiveness at its peak


Planks make a weird noise

Suitable for dancing rides only

Final Review After Riding:

After riding this freestyle dancing longboard for months, we have concluded that this product is suitable for longboard dancers only. The seller is active all hours; buy it, try it, find any difficulty or mistake? Then, you can directly contact one of the related team members, and they will guide you to a fair solution.

4. AODI 46 Inches | Freestyle Dancing Longboard

best bamboo longboard
  • 46 Inches deck length
  • 2.6 inches PU Wheels
  • 10.51 Inches wide deck
  • 85A hardness
  • Weighs 8.3 pounds
  • 250 Pound load capacity


AODI produces the most reliable related sports boards, thus highly trusted among riders and the online market. This brand new longboard has a super-strong maple base which holds a reasonable amount of weight during cruising, carving, and most importantly; Dancing. AODI finalized this longboard for selling purposes after rigorous and healthy testing in the real-time environment. So hop on this board and start dancing as you don’t have to worry about anything else.

The types of longboards available in this online era is enormous, but finding a 46 inches long product like AODI will be tedious. Its huge design is what separates this longboard from its rivals. Weight balancing and dancing are two closely related concepts, and the discussed cruiser takes these things keenly. The better weight distribution throughout the board while dancing and carving ensure safety and stability to the rider.

Before and After Performance:

AODI 46 inches longboard is a durable and best product for long-term use. The sturdiness of the deck and wheels are still the same even after months. The most interesting feature of this board is its wheels. You will feel no bumps or shocks in the rides when riding on rough terrains. Most importantly, the 46 inches length makes it one of the best dancing longboards for beginners.

When we discuss the trucks of any outdoor board, top-mounted and drop through designs remain constant. AODI follows top mount technology as trucks are installed directly to the bottom. As dancing requires adequate turns and aggressive tricks, top mounts are preferred. As a result, your posture and weight will be perfectly distributed, and you can perform better with these trucks.

A beast quality deck and truck combo require healthy bearings and fast-rolling wheels. Hence, wider PU wheels are installed down the button of the deck. As a result, you can roll at a nice pace without getting into any trouble. But this is not enough as the brand creates a banging feature for the wheels. Sparks generated from the rolling of the wheels illuminate the wheels and portray an eye-catching glow. Now you can dance with flex and perfection


Super strong design

Fast-rolling glowing wheels

Top mounts for sharper turns

Perfect posture on the deck

Approved and Certified product

Perfect weight distribution


Lesser center of gravity

Final Review after Inspection:

We have been dancing on the AODI longboard for months, and it still gives us the same joy as our first ride. The wheels and the bearings require regular care to keep providing smooth rides for a long time. Moreover, the deck’s stability and sturdiness are dependent on the care of grip tape.

5. Loaded Bhangra | Complete Dancing Longboard

complete dancing board
  • 48.5 Inches deck length
  • 70mm Orangatang wheels
  • 9.5 Inches deck width
  • 77A hardness on durometer
  • 180 Degree trucks


Loaded is among the highest-rated outdoor sports brands in recent years as it has produced top longboards and skateboards. However, the bhangra longboard adds a feather in a cap, and the reason is simple. The high-quality product performs up to the mark during dancing, cruising, and commuting. Perfect space on the deck, lightweight design, and maximum strength of the longboard is the deciding features while buying this item.

There are two worth-mentioning traits about Bhangra. One is a mildly concave deck responsible for providing complete control of the ride. The deck is sanded with powerful grip tape, which generates friction for better grip on the board. The second one is a rockered profile platform due to which the posture of the rider stays erect and firm. You are not going to find a better pair of distinctive features in a longboard. Hence, dancing, tricks and footwork become more accessible than ever, along with maximal safety and comfortability.

Inspection Report:

No doubt, Loaded Bhangra costs more than any other dancing longboard on our list, but it is worth it. From our first ride to the last one, the quality of the deck is top-notch. You can make dancing moves comfortably on the deck and get full support from the wheels and trucks. Moreover, the graphic work on the deck remains attractive if you clean the board regularly.

Like many other longboards in this list, the here-addressed item has trucks mounted on top. Aggressive turns around the corners and dancing while riding is not a problem anymore because the trucks support such a concept. The deck might be a lit bit above the ground, but stability remains maximum. You can turn tight or lose these trucks depending on the nature of your adventure.

Harder wheels are better rollers and allow the rider to enjoy a more frictionless ride. The infinite wider rollers support the unit’s overall design very well and execute the purpose of the rider entirely. Moreover, bearings are highly responsive to make the board function ultimately.


Spacious dancing board

Flexible and strength deck

Two different weight-bearing flex

Resistance-free rides

Trustworthy truck design


Wobbles at a higher pace 

Final Review After Riding:

As we have been dancing on Loaded Bhangra for months, here is our final review of this product. Investing in this longboard will allow you to dance for a long time with no critical errors. In terms of the quality and durability of the product, it is second to none. Yeah, the only drawback is that it costs comparatively more.

6. Black Dancer | Best Wheels for Longboard Dancing

cheap dancing longboard
  • 38 Inches deck length
  • 70 x 53 mm wheels
  • 9.7 Inches deck width
  • 78A hardness of the wheels
  • 7 Inches trucks
  • Weighs around 8lbs


Dancing on top of a longboard demands the board to be ruthless, genuinely strong, and flexible to a reasonable extent. That way, the rider can focus preliminarily on doing his tricks and stuff and worry less about falling off the skater.

Thus, Black has stormed the market with this best longboard for dancing due to its super sturdy and durable deck design. The design is made possible because of the wood and maple mixture used during the construction. Moreover, the top of the board is sanded with laser-cut grip tape to give the rider a locked-in feel.

As the deck’s design is kept “drop-down”, trucks are made with lightweight material for a better combination. Fully-reactive trucks are paired up with ultra-high rebound bearings. This duo helps the skater turn insanely quick, even at gliding speeds. Additionally, bearings have built-in spacers for better fittings. 

When we discuss the drop-down design of the board, a worth mentioning feature is that the design keeps wheels bite free. Not many longboard brands bring customized wheels for each of their longboards. But, Black impresses the pro community with its brand new wider and custom rollers.

These harder wheels generate maximum energy output on your pushes and dancing techniques. Your experience will catch the high roof, and your ride will feel lively through and through with these giant-sized Hooligan wheels.

Advantages After Months:

Firstly, the wheels of this best dancing longboard are as good as we are riding it for the first time. We have been using Black Longboard constantly for the last 4 months on smooth and rough surfaces. The wheels don’t struggle under critical conditions and let you ride smoothly. Secondly, the bearings respond nicely, especially when initiating a dance move.

Noticed Drawback:

After 2-3 weeks, the grip tape on the deck started peeling off. That’s the only drawback we noticed during the inspection process of the Black longboard. The solution to this problem is cleaning the board after every ride and removing the dust completely.


Strong and durable deck

Laser Cut grip tape for a locked-in feel

Custom pinstripe design on the board

Custom Bite-free wheels

Responsive trucks for turns and tricks


Faster rolling downhills can become risky

Low-Quality grip tape

Inspection Results:

Our overall experience with this dancing board was great. The quality of the accessories attached is trustworthy and great for long-term use. Most importantly, the trucks and wheels will fully support your dancing moves if you are not a complete beginner. If you want the grip tape to perform well, you must clean it every time you ride the board.

7. Hana Longboard for Dancing Beginners

magneto bamboo dancing board
  • 42 Inches long deck
  • 70mm wheel size
  • 9 Inches deck width
  • 78A durometer hardness
  • Maple, bamboo material


Though most pro skate comrades recommend this board for cruising, it is equally incredible for freestyle and dancing. Its extended, flexible, slightly concave, and durable deck is suitable for dancing and freestyle. The flexibility comes automatically when the board is designed with maple or bamboo. The concaveness of the deck is not too shallow; it is just enough to lock your feet in the board rather than making the ride uncomfortable.

To freestyle and dance, the sturdiness of the deck is the most significant thing, and Hana has taken good care of this requirement. The lamination of 8 layer maple and availability of bamboo at the top and bottom makes the deck competent in handling shocks produced during freestyle and dancing. Also, the bamboo lining makes the board look pretty and eye-catching.

Due to the assistance of professional skaters, Hana successfully manufactured this board which has every hardware riders need for cruising, freestyle, and dancing. For example, the 78a wheels are the most suitable ones for cruising and tricks, flips, and pops. In addition, these wheels are soft, which means they don’t generate a lot of speed, making them perfect to cruise at different types of surfaces.

You can use this board as an alternative to many outdoor activities like carving, transportation, or even land SUP paddling. All you need to do is fortnightly maintenance like tightening the trucks, applying lubricant to bushings, and proper use of T-tool.

Hana’s Performance Update:

Hana is one of the best and most complete longboards for dancing purposes. The unique shape of the deck lets you carve and flip the board easily when dancing. Furthermore, the wheels roll according to the required pace. The most interesting feature we observed is the usability of this longboard. Beginner and pro longboard dancers can effortlessly learn and perform technical dancing steps.


Flexible deck for dancing

Soft wheels to keep the ride smooth

Bite-free wheels

Concave deck for stability

Sturdy trucks


No shock absorbers between trucks & board

Why Hana Longboard for Dancing:

This board has got everything you are looking for. A concave deck to keep you stable, a flexible board allowing you to dance, sturdy and soft wheels for a smooth ride over any terrain, and the product’s durability make it an ideal choice for long-term use. Even after months, this dancing longboard is as easy to use as in the beginning. Keeping the deck, wheels, and bearings clean will make it more responsive and durable.

8. WHOME PRO | Cheap Dancing Longboard

best for dancing
  • 42 Inches deck length
  • 70mm PU wheels
  • 9 Inches deck width
  • 330 pounds load capacity
  • 31.5 inches wheelbase
  • Maple material


Another top-notch best longboard for dancing on our list is WHOME Pro. Compared to the Hana longboard, This one also has exact dimensions of 42 * 9, making it a suitable choice for cruising, carving, and dancing. Due to its expansive deck, novices can learn tricks and flips, while experts can showcase their dancing skills wherever they want. Moreover, multiple layers of 8-ply maple give the board enough sturdiness to bear freestyle shocks and provide flexibility during cruise and dance steps. 

The manufacturer has focused more on stability to help beginners learn the basics of longboarding. The extended deck is responsible for making the longboard agile and taking decent turns comfortably.

Along with wheelbase, sturdy trucks perform up to the par in providing a stable, smooth, and enjoyable ride. When the riders take sharp turns, several other longboards face wheel bites, but in WHOME, the wider trucks ensure the safety of the wheels from bites.

Update on Trucks:

Doubtlessly, the trucks inside WHOME Pro dancing longboard are responsive and support your riding style. The only negative point about the trucks is that they don’t help the deck bear rider’s weight. For example, if the rider weighs more than 250lbs, the rides will not be smooth as trucks can’t bear the load after months.

Wheels play an essential role in a joyful ride, and this longboard has high-precision polyurethane wheels responsible for absorbing annoying shocks on rough terrains and providing a smooth ride. In addition, the deck contains non-slippery grip tape to grab your feet during fast rides, also providing complete control of the ride. Moreover, the wheels are perfect for commuting and downhill riding. 


Extended expansive deck perfect for beginners

Sturdy trucks and wheels

Perfect for dancing and commuting

Anti-slip grip tape to give a locked-in feel


It comes without T bars

Trucks don’t bear load after constant use

Updated Final Review:

Enjoy safe commuting, learn and showcase dance and freestyle tricks, cruise around the skatepark, or go for a downhill ride; this longboard can perform marvelously well in all conditions. You can skip this longboard if your weight is more than 250lbs. In the beginning, the trucks will perform well, but afterwards, the moves will be delayed in case the rider is too heavy.

What features make a perfect dancing longboard? ( Buying Guide )

Dancing vs Freestyles

Before we move on to the buying guide, we would like to clarify the difference between longboard dancing and freestyles. Dancing and freestyles over a board are totally opposed to each other. The major difference we notice between them is the placement of the wheels. For example when you dance on the board, the wheels stick to the ground and do not change their position. In other words, riding the longboard in different styles while rollers keep touching the ground is called dancing. 

Freestyles are easy to understand but not to implement. It requires a lot of experience and dedication to learn. While doing tricks and freestyles, sometimes wheels are on the ground and sometimes above the ground. This is what you call freestyling. In this case, we recommend wearing the best longboard helmet and gloves to both advanced riders and newbies. 

Watch the video and differentiate dancing and freestyling easily.

Deck Length 

The length of the deck decides whether you can dance perfectly on the longboard or not. For dancing purposes, you need to have more space on the deck where you can easily stand after changing your positions. The longer decks (40 Inches or more) support rollers below in getting stronger grip to the ground and making the rides safer. In short, the longer the deck, the better you will be able to dance. 

If you are more interested in doing tricks, a lightweight deck will be suitable for you. Our skillful riders prefer a shorter deck (less than 40 Inches) when it comes to footwork. A short deck will automatically weigh less which means you can flip the board smoothly. But, you will have to put more effort and energy into doing the styles properly. 

Deck Width

You should select the width of the deck according to your dancing experience. Let’s say, you are learning how to dance on the board or you have not reached advanced level yet then around 10 inches width would work very well. The chances of falling off instinctively decreases as you get plenty of room to stand. Furthermore, when you turn yourself in different ways, the wider deck assists you in gaining control. 

For the trick lovers and those who like to dance on the longboard can rely on the same width. If you are just going to buy a board specially for doing freestyles, the deck should be 9.5 inches wider. In other words, the width of the deck is not problematic at all. 


For dancing, the flexibility of your board and deck matters a lot. Although, you are allowed to choose any flexibility but it must suit your weight, height, and experience. The recommandation says a softer and flexible deck is great for novices. Here are some of the major benefits of rotating with the softer deck. 

First of all, it lets you stand in the middle where the gravity point is throughout the ride. Ultimately, making it suitable for carving and cruising. Most importantly, this flex supports your trucks and lets them turn quickly around the edges. Sometimes, there is a lot of trickery required on the best longboard for dancing along with cross-stepping and peter-panning. One must pick a flexible yet muscular deck performing these actions.

As we have already defined the difference between dancing and freestyles, you will need a harder and less flexible deck for doing tricks. When you and the deck come to the ground after making a move in air, there is a lot of weight to your deck which might break the deck into pieces. Therefore, it is good to have an inflexible deck. 

Thus, you have to decide first if you want to make your deck a dancing floor then go for an elastic one. On the other hand, freestylers need to select a stiffer one over flexible. In short, it is difficult to perform both one same kind of deck. 


You need to select the wheels discreetly for strutting over any longboard. The responsiveness of the rollers play a huge role in all scenarios including dance. So let’s have a look at what factors you should keep in mind while selecting rollers.

Measure the wheels like this

First of all, make it certain not to rely on bigger and wider wheels specially for the purpose of dancing. Due to the vast length and width, you can ride at maximum speed without compromising the stability

What size of wheels would support dancing?

For this certain purpose, advanced riders go for the size around 70mm length. This length helps in gaining maximum speed with a little push for a long distance. Moreover, when you have to roll over uneven surfaces, these wheels promise trouble-free rides. As rollers don’t leave the ground while you dance, it will not affect your ride while dancing either.

Wheels for Freestyles 

For doing tricks and styles, you need to reach the maximum speed level in a short time. This becomes possible when wheels’ height is less than 65mm or even more. In other words, lightweight wheels are ascribed to high speeds and make your rides sophisticated. Those who do tricks can effortlessly lift the whole board from the ground. Hard deck and 60-65mm size of wheels is a perfect combination for tricks. 

In the end, we will share the benefits we had with sharp lipped wheels and round lips wheels. The sharp lipped rollers provide maximum grip while you cruise and carve. At the other end, wheels with round lips are supportive for sliding purposes. 

Trucks and Bearings

Trucks are as important as any other part in the longboard or maybe even more. Even if you have no dexterity in freestyling or strutting, good trucks will sort out this problem as well. You will be able to make quick turns and will have a locked in feel on the board. The disadvantages are featured, you might fall off while making turns around the edges.  

Besides trucks, there are multiple other key features you need to look for such as, pivot and bushings. Rather than saving money, you should invest a little more and choose high-quality trucks. The prime trucks assist you in having a fully-controlled ride every time. You can easily differentiate good and bad quality trucks by knowing their materials. 

Best Trucks

Trucks’ length is directly proportional to the width of the deck. 180mm wide trucks for a 9 inches wide deck seems to be the best fit for dancing on a longboard. This combination works perfectly when you have to cover sharp turns slowly.

Leaning only in one direction may cause wheel bites but if a longboard has a perfect pair of deck width and truck length, the leaning becomes smooth and safe. Bearings don’t play a big part in dancing longboards but it is better to have a longboard which has ABEC-7 or 9 bearings to keep the ride steady and flawless. 


The foremost thing to consider in a dancing longboard is how much stability it provides. Drop-through deck ensures more stability than top-mount trucks because the deck sits near the ground. Sometimes, riders choose dual drop decks, which is suitable for some reasons, but you might face delays in actions you make during rides.

First, you need the best longboard for dancing, then learn the dancing steps. Having a complete dance board will lessen your effort and learn quickly.

Once your feet are on a complete dancing board, all you need is to practice three steps to learn dancing.

There is no problem in giving it a try, but it will not behave as it should. Because some necessary properties create a complete longboard to dance, you will not have this opportunity on a cruising board—for example, the length and width of the deck, wheels’ hardness, and other settings. In short, you can give it a try, but the absolute joy of dancing will come if the board has the ability.

The tightness of the trucks should be according to your choice and you should make changes in it when you face a problem. The beginning of your dancing ride should start with loose trucks settings as it assures responsiveness in the steps you often make while dancing. You can do further changes accordingly.


After trying out multiple dancing boards and reading the feedback of buyers, the conclusion is simple and straight. The best longboard for dancing must have;

1. Extended deck of more than at least 40 inches

2. Wide deck of about 8-10 inches

3. Maple, or bamboo material in the build of deck to make it sturdy, flexible, and weight bearing

4. Soft 78a wheels with 70mm width, Polyurethane is must

5. Kicktails are good if you need longboard for both dancing as well as freestyle

6. Wider sturdy trucks along with riser pads

7. Here are our top 4 picks that provide everything we mentioned above.

Written by: Matt Harper

I am the sole brain behind the idea of writing longboard reviews which resulted in the production of this case study i.e. BoardsOnTop. I love everything about longboards and write exemplary reviews to help the longboarding community as once it helped me.

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