Best Longboards for Girls & Beginner Women | Buying Guide for Females

All-female skate enthusiasts crave a longboard that suits their preferred riding hobby. Finding the best longboard for girls is neither difficult nor easy. We have minimized the effort of newcomers by suggesting a few of the top longboards designed explicitly for women. Female members of our skate group have tested all these longboards, and we recommend them based on positive feedback.

Inspired by Alexis Sablone and Sky Brown, our ladies enjoy every bit of testing these girlie longboards. Though we found some flaws in some of the listed ones, the longboards still meet all requirements a new skater wants. Feel free to go through our extensive buying guide if you are entirely new to longboarding.

We shed light on several best longboards for girls with the buying guide. If you still don’t know which one to choose, here are our top 3 picks that will perform very well in all situations.

11 Best Women’s Longboards

Top 3 Girls Longboards

Oudew longboard

Oudew Longboard

Junli Longboard

Junli 41 Inch Longboard


PHOEROS Longboard

OUDEW Longboard | Best for Beginner Girls

best longboard for girl

About Oudew:

The brand follows the drop-through deck technique, a common practice to attain a lower centre of gravity. In return, OUDEW can achieve decent speed levels and infinite stability and comfortability. We believe these are the primary features a beginner requires in a beast quality longboard.

Moreover, the deck provides maximum strength to hold the rider and non-slippery surface and resistive grip tape. Consequently, any new skater girl in the town can ride OUDEW without any hesitation and learn newer versions of longboarding quickly.

OUDEW keeps all the rides for its user energy-efficient with the help of a fast pair of rollers that are anti-shock in nature. This means the wheels absorb vibrations caused on the uneven tracks as much as possible, keeping the rider safe and stable.

In order to comply with the genuine quality wheels, aluminum trucks are installed, which are highly responsive and heavy-duty in performance. These trucks meet all the requirements of turns and curves, and hence, an unprecedented level of skating is accomplished. Lastly, the OUDEW comes pre-assembled with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

  • 41 inches long
  • 9.5 inches wide
  • 50mm PU wheels
  • Eight layers deck
  • 7″ Aluminum trucks
  • T-shaped tool


Durable and Stable deck design

Anti-slip surface

Shock-absorbing wheels

Fast and responsive trucks

It can hold 250lbs



Smaller wheels diameter

Performance Update:

All the parts of this longboard are built nicely and stay sturdy for a long time. The 8 layers inside the deck make it a long-lasting longboard and allow you to ride safely. The girls in our group were satisfied with the performance of the wheels and trucks. It works evenly well for kids, youth, and adults.

PHOEROS Girls Longboard

best longboard for beginners girl


PHOEROS meets all the expectations and requirements of beginner longboard players, especially younger girls. The brand follows the list of adventures where rider girls can accomplish their goals. Unsurprisingly, its deck grants users higher weights to stand without breaking into the ground.

Furthermore, the deck’s surface is furnished with no-slippery and waterproof sand grit, which allows infinite stability to the girls and other riders. As a result, you can try cruising, carving, bomb hill riding, dancing, and pumping without any worries.

Unlike OUDEW, PHOEROS mounts decent sized wheels that grip well to the ground as well as roll swiftly. The wheels follow the longboard accurately and perform reasonably in all the journeys as mentioned above.

Moreover, trucks keep all the damps out of the system with the addition of high-rebound technology. Not only does the rider perform effortlessly on the board, but it keeps stability and comfortability at the maximum. Honestly, the package is a perfect gift for younger girls and boys who like skateboard rides and add newer heights to their longboarding abilities. 

  • 41 inches length
  • 9.5 inches width
  • 70mm PU wheels
  • 95A wheels’ hardness
  • ABEC-11 Bearings
  • Maple deck


Durable Deck

High-rebound wheels

Anti-slip sand grit finish

Damping system in trucks

It can hold 330 pounds

Beginners-friendly board


The deck requires further testing and analyzing

Why PHOEROS | Updated

We know many girls and women who ride PHOEROS longboard regularly. They love riding it because it fully supports cruising rides. Most importantly, it is a budget-friendly longboard with all the required features.

WeSkate Longboards | Best for Women

best longboard for beginners girls

About WeSkate:

A relatively newer longboard rider demands two features from the longboard they want to ride. The first one is the ultimate control of the board, no matter the speed and type of adventure. The second one is the genuine stability of the whole design while cruising, carving, and freeriding. WeSkate has a pair of soft rollers that anchor to the ground and roll at a reasonable speed. These wheels complete the demand for stability by gripping the ground with extensive force. 

WeSkate has taken the online market by storm because of its exclusive duo of the durable deck and reactive trucks. The deck supports maximum weights as well as stable and higher-speed journeys. In order to turn and trick the board without much effort, original quality trucks are mounted through the deck. As a result, the trip’s absolute control stays under the rider’s feet, which suits best for novice skaters, specifically girls.

The complete build of WeSkate is fashionable because there are dedicated design patterns on the bottom of the deck. Any female rider cruising on the WeSkate automatically stands out from the crowd in a relaxed and fashionable way. Consequently, you get to ride a smooth and dashing longboard with an insane amount of quality riding through and through.

  • 42″ long deck
  • 10″ wide deck
  • 8-layered Canadian maple
  • 51mm PU wheels
  • ABEC-9 bearings
  • 7-inch Paris trucks


Suitable for novice girl riders

Durable & sturdy deck

Precise and fast bearings

Bears load around 100kg

Maximum control and stability


It is expensive than the first two longboards

WeSkate Performance Update:

This longboard is best for beginner girls in terms of safety. On the other hand, if you are longboarding for a long time, this item may seem boring to you. The major reason is that its bearings do not allow you to roll faster. Therefore, choose it if you are a complete newbie.

Playshion Drop Through Longboard

playshion drop through

About Playshion:

Playshion has a symmetrical deck and a slightly concave design on the centre, which results in better weight distribution of the rider. As a result, the user gets a decent turning radius and proper grip on the board. Moreover, the drop-through shape of the deck makes the board sit lower to the ground and, therefore, has unlimited stability. This comes in handy for the girls and boys newer to the dimensions of longboarding.

Riders get to customize their longboards with the help of adjustable kingpin trucks that can be tightened or loosened according to the need of the journey. You can turn with adequate speed and control when you keep the trucks at loose settings. On the other hand, maintaining the trucks at tighter ends grants precise and high-speed adventures. 

Though the wheels have a smaller radius than traditional longboard wheels, they provide the ability to roll swiftly and adequate control and steering. The beginner girls and novice boys can trust these beast rollers and take their longboard for versatile rides. In order to achieve accuracy and error-less rides, there are multiple pre-lubricated ABEC-9 bearings installed with the wheels. All in all, Playshion works like a charm for most beginners’ riding requirements. 

  • 39 inches long
  • 9.1 inches width
  • 70mm PU wheels
  • Weighs 3.3 kg
  • ABEC-9 Bearings
  • 7 Inch Al-trucks


Strong and flexible deck

Soft quality wheels for better grip

Smooth and controllable ride

Adjustable trucks 

Lower center of gravity for stability

Economical package


Smaller wheels in comparison to other contenders

User’s Review:

I suggested this Drop-Through longboard to one of my beginner female friends. She has been riding this for months, and I recently asked about the performance of Playshion. She believes this board is good for both beginners and pro-rides. As a beginner, you will have to be careful with over speeding. After a few weeks, you will start riding it like a pro.

Leeyoo 41 inch | Female Longboard

best longboards for women

About Leeyoo:

The prominent features of this longboard include a durable and weight-bearing deck, nimble trucks for better movement, shock-absorbing PU wheels, versatility in riding styles, and ease of use for beginners and girls. What makes this longboard last long is multiple layers of natural maple. These coatings are hard enough to carry poundage of more than 300lbs. The maple deck has a sandpaper surface that authorises girls to stand firm. 

The responsive trucks under the deck of this longboard make way for a smooth ride, also fetching flexibility to supply a safe ride for newbies and girls. Small wheels attached to the trucks ignore bothersome jigglings caused by rough traces or cracks on the road. Moreover, these wheels have speed-generating bearings, and the bushings permit riders to drift fluently. 

If you are fond of downhill riding, freeriding, freestyle, or sliding, this longboard has got it all. Nimble trucks, smaller wheels, high-pace producing bearings, and the sturdy deck is everything you need for specified riding styles. Moreover, the seller sends you a pre-assembled longboard so that girls and novices do not have a headache assembling a longboard before the first ride. 

Deck Width: 9 inches

Deck Length: 41 inches

Wheels: 50mm PU

Bearings: ABEC-7

Load Capacity: 330lbs


Suitable for multiple riding styles

No assembly required

Responsive trucks for stable rides

Smooth wheels roll over any terrain

Best longboard for girls


Misses the skate tool

Why Leeyoo | Updated

It should be your first priority if you want a good-looking and comfortable longboard for your girls. It is sturdy enough that it stays sturdy even after months. I talked to the users of this female longboard, and they also recommended it for adults. A few girls seem to be unhappy with its weight-bearing ability, which is really disappointing.

Junli 41 Inch | Best Longboard for Girls

junli longboard

About Junli:

The number of positive reviews and the test rides done by a few of our female companions urged us to suggest this best longboard for beginner girls. Our testing found that the longboard is immensely responsive because of the trucks attached. The trucks’ elastic PU pad lets the rider control the ride and boosts stability while crossing bumpy roads. The truck length is suitable enough to travel the corners safely.  

Like the previous two longboards, Junli also comes with an 8-layered maple deck guaranteeing durability and flexibility. The non-slippery surface of the deck attracts females and newbies to enjoy safer rides. Wheels under this longboard define ultimate quality by behaving well on any skating surface, whether asphalt or a pebble-full road. Compared to Phoeros, this longboard bears less weight, not more than 330lbs.

The overall weight of this masterpiece makes freestyle possible, while responsive trucks and accurate wheels make this longboard fitting for downhill riding. A skate tool is also part of your package, which helps you adjust the tightness of the trucks according to your preferred riding style. The most liked feature of Junli is that it provides a 30-days refund policy if you find any issue quality-wise. Read the performance update on Junli Longboard.

  • 41 inches long
  • 9.5 inches wide
  • 80A hard wheels
  • 70mm PU wheels
  • Aluminum trucks
  • Maple deck


Suitable for multiple riding styles

Durability at its best

Harder wheels cross uneven roads pretty well

Nimble trucks make rides smooth

High-rebound trucks bring control

30-days money-back guarantee


Bearings need an upgrade

INNOWEIGH 41 Inch Girlie Longboard

female longboard


A longboard with a length of more than 40 inches is always better for both girls and newbies. The deck’s expansiveness provides enough space for riders to ride without hesitation.

Innoweigh is one of those 40+ inches longboards pretty popular among ladies and novices alike. The manufacturers compiled eight layers of stuffed natural maple to introduce sturdiness in the deck. Due to carefully manufactured decks, riders of any weight up to 330lbs can ride with ease. 

Another hardware part that brings stability during crucial journeys is the truck under the deck. Besides smooth rides, trucks turn the board well on corners.

This longboard’s trucks consist of aluminum alloy that defines the quality, and the professional rubbery pads with trucks allow riders to control the rides well. PU Wheels that come along have a suitable diameter and hardness to enable riders to do freestyle, downhill riding, or simple cruising. 

  • 9×41 inches deck
  • Maple deck
  • Aluminum trucks
  • 70mm PU wheels
  • 80a hardness


Expansive deck suits girls

Sturdy trucks provide stability

Quick rolling wheels

Elastic pads bring the longboard under control


Wheel bites are common if you lean too far

Deck does not remain sturdy

Performance After Months:

I will rate it 4 out of 5 stars because it does not remain sturdy after consistent use. One of my close friends bought it for his daughter 4 months ago. He claimed that it performs well in the first weeks, but later it does not. Besides that, it is a well-designed longboard for beginner and pro girls for cruising.

Quest QT-NSC44C Super Cruiser

quest longboard

About Item:

Most girls are interested in simple cruising, and we suggest Quest QT with complete confidence after our proper testing. Everything in this cruiser suits beginners and ladies because of its more expansive deck, sturdy material, speed generating bearings inside stable wheels, and quality-defining hardware parts. ABEC7 bearings allow you to pace up quickly, and the wheels bring ultimate stability to cruise smoothly. 

Multiple layers of bamboo in deck design assure durability, and the broader deck attracts novices to cruise without hesitance. Aluminum trucks are always preferred for longboards because of their longevity. The trucks that Quest provides bear weight easily and bring smoothness to the ride. Its hardware parts, including wheels, trucks and deck, prove their worth in every critical condition. 

The positive feedback from skate enthusiasts and our continuous testing found that beginners can cruise all day long. Besides sailing, novices can learn simple freestyle tricks with the help of a helpful guide. Read the updated content about Quest Longboard performance here.

  • 44 inches long
  • ABEC-7 bearings
  • Maple & Bamboo deck
  • 70mm PU wheels
  • Aluminum trucks


Broader deck favors novice ladies

Smooth wheels 

Sturdy trucks provide complete control

Durability is assured

Best for cruising

Great quality with affordable price


The wheelbase is shorter than expected

Landshark Island Style | Pretty Longboard

Landshark Island Style


Landshark is new in the market but has quickly gained skaters’ confidence because of its versatility in riding styles, quality hardware parts, and durability. The manufacturer designed the deck according to the typical surf-style design, which suits cruising, carving, and commuting all at once. Though the deck length is shorter than all other suggested longboards, this one is still suitable for girls who have little experience in the longboarding field. 

The cutout design ensures smooth riding, and wheels also stay safer from the deck during tighter turns. This ability negates the possibility of wheels getting bitten at any ride point. Moreover, the trucks underneath this longboard allow riders to enjoy safe turning around the curves. Wheels and bearings introduce pace with ease and can easily roll over road cracks and pebbles for smoother rides. 

  • 9.25×35 inches size
  • 54mm PU wheels
  • Wood deck
  • Aluminum trucks
  • ABEC7 bearings


Suitable for professional girls

High-speed bearings

No wheel bites

Safe turning and twisting for carving


Trucks’ quality needs an upgrade

Users Thoughts:

It is a great choice for kids to learn to longboarding and does not cost too much. The users complained that it is responsive for a limited time. The trucks and wheels are not as good as the other best longboards for girls on the list.

Buying Guide For Girlie Longboards

It is always a headache for beginner girls to find a longboard that suits their riding style. We have minimized novices’ efforts by highlighting all the crucial factors that evolve to make a fantastic longboard

Length of the Board

When rookies see skaters enjoying themselves, they want to try skating but are hesitant. The factor that reduces novice girls’ hesitation is deck length. After years of testing, we concluded that all newcomers should buy a longboard with a deck length of more than 40 inches. The more expansive deck you have, the more stability you will enjoy. For professional female skaters, we recommend any longboard with a length of 35 inches or more. 

Weight of the Board

In most riding styles, weight is not the ultimate factor. But, there are some styles where you need lightweight longboards. For example, the best longboards for commuting are the ones that allow you to travel considerable distances like going to college, shop, or a nearby station.

In that case, you need a portable and lightweight board. Similarly, if you plan to do freestyle or dance, your longboard should have less weight to display your ultimate skills correctly. 

Longboard Designs for Girls

We always suggest drop-through, drop-down, or double drop longboard designs because they ask for little effort and, in return, travel longer distances. Drop-through decks have the deck and trucks aligned at the same level, while drop-down designs include decks staying lower than the trucks.

Similarly, a drop-down is even lower, almost touching the ground. All these techniques minimize the center of gravity, due to which riders need effortless pushes for movement. 

Trucks of Female Longboard

Trucks perform two essential functionalities. One, to keep the ride stable, and the second is to help riders cover corners swiftly. There are multiple truck-producing brands, and the most common material used to make the trucks sturdy is Aluminum alloy.

Their length matters a lot to take turns, and 7-inches trucks are good enough for better rides. Always look for adjustable lorries with the help of a skate tool. Adjustable trucks allow you to enjoy multiple riding styles like freeriding, freestyle, downhill or cruising. 

Wheels and Bearings

Two critical measurements define the performance of longboard wheels. Firstly, the diameter of the wheel states movement on multiple skating terrains. Secondly, the hardness on the durometer scale determines the speed wheels can achieve. If you want to cruise around, wheels of 70mm diameter and 75a hardness could be of great use. Similarly, if you are an expert girl looking for faster wheels, 60mm and 80a hardness will help downhill racing. 

Bearings are part of any wheel, and their ABEC ranking describes the purpose. Higher the ABEC ranking, the higher the speed you will achieve. So, you should select wheels and bearings according to your preferred riding styles. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best size longboard for a beginner?

For all fledglings, it is good to go for a longboard with more than 40 inches. The deck width also matters. The more space you will get on the deck, the more stability you will get during critical rides. 

Are longboards good for beginners?

Longboards were initially launched for novices, but professionals started taking longboarding as a great sport as the sport got viral. As the length of longboards is greater than skateboards, that is why beginners find it easy to ride a longboard rather than a skateboard. 

How much should a beginner spend on a longboard?

It is better to spend around 70 bucks on a quality longboard that is durable, sturdy, and meets multiple riding styles. 

Winding Up Best Longboards for Women

After a reel of product description and a thorough guide, we concluded that all longboards with multiple pressed layers, 40 inches length, aluminum trucks with 7 inches width, and PU wheels suit all girls whether they are new or professionals.

Written by: Matt Harper

I am the sole brain behind the idea of writing longboard reviews which resulted in the production of this case study i.e. BoardsOnTop. I love everything about longboards and write exemplary reviews to help the longboarding community as once it helped me.

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