Best Longboards for Heavy Riders | Metal Decks for Fat Guys

We have been noticing the complaints of burly people about the lives of their longboards for since long. Most of them highlight the frailty of decks, and others belong to wheels and trucks issues. Hence, we decided to recommend a few of the best longboards for heavy riders that hold weight comfortably and be trusted companions. You can cross pavements, asphalt, cracky, or bumpy roads with any of these longboards without hesitation of damaging it.

All these enlisted items passed through our rigorous testing process, and we selected them based on the most positive reviews. These longboards can withstand any skating track and any weight up to 350lbs safely. Newcomers with more weight can jump on to our descriptive buying guide to know what makes the best longboard for big guys.

Best Longboards for Heavy Riders

White Wave Bamboo | Heavy Duty Longboard

White wave bamboo

41×9.75 inches

7-inches trucks

33.5 wheelbase

70mm PU wheels

ABEC-9 bearings

A heavyweight rider stands firm on the White Wave thanks to its critically manufactured Bamboo and Canadian maple layers. The drivers feel extreme resistance that stops them from breaking into the board.

In addition, the brand supplies forceful and clean grip tape for maintaining the posture and stability of any user that stands on the longboard. Moreover, the spacious deck and accurate wheelbase improve the quality of any longboarding trip.

White Wave turns effectively and precisely around deep curves and angles. This facility becomes possible only because the aluminum-made trucks are heavy-duty and responsive in nature.

Another essential feature of White Bamboo is its high rebound wheels that stick well to the ground yet provide insane speed limits. Precise and fast ABEC rated bearings assist these rollers in achieving balanced rides. Overall, the product is among the top-rated longboards for heavy riders.


Fast rotating and anchor wheels

Durable bearings and bushings

Decent flex and weight-bearing ability

Heavy-duty and reactive trucks


A bit expensive compared to other longboards

White Wave Performance Update:

I have been inspecting this sturdy longboard for months by handing it over to the heavy riders. It can easily bear a weight of around 230lbs. The man who rode it weighed 200lbs and enjoyed riding White Wave Bamboo longboard. Most importantly, I observed that the bearings should have been more vital to help wheels bear more weight. Other than that, it is a perfect longboard for cruising, carving, and freestyling.

Teamgee H5 | Electric Longboard for Heavy Riders

Best longboard for heavy riders

8.7 inches wide and 37 inches long

90mm PU wheels

2x350W motor

Item weighs 14.55 pounds

LCD screen for charging bars

Teamage grants maximum strength and quality of the rides because of heavy-duty motors and powerful batteries. It can carry you to a long distance without any problem at a reasonable speed value.

The board stays closer to the ground as much as it can and, in return, offers the least speed wobbles and infinite stability. H5 can hold as high as 200lbs even during speedy tackles and pacey journeys. The brand installs high-performance dual-motor systems to create necessary peak speed levels.

The Teamage does zoom past the pedestrian on the road with peak value, but that doesn’t mean it can provide the required balance and safety. In order to remove any possibility of the deck breaking into the ground, H5 is manufactured with 10ply Canadian maple and 1ply fiberglass.

This is the best combo that a brand can offer for heavyweight riders from a mechanical point of view. It drives with unique power in addition to the unlimited grip and strength of the deck. Overall, the board succeeds in various scenarios with an extravagant and eye-catching design. For further E-Boards options visit, Top Electric Longboards.


Thin deck with a robust grip

Highly-responsive trucks

Fast-rolling wheels

Holds around 200 pounds

Wireless control device


Costly item

Weight-bearing ability should increase

Junli Freeride | Best Longboard for Heavy Riders

Junli 41 Inches longboard

9.5x41inches longboard

80A hardness on the durometer

70mm PU wheels

7-inches wide trucks

Skaters with the slightest knowledge about longboards know how good a Junli longboard is in terms of customer satisfaction and performance at the same time. The maximum weight it can handle without any problem is almost 330lbs which is impressive and accepted in the community.

As a result, Junli is famous for experienced riders, novice players, and heavy drivers. Enjoy the beauty of longboarding with the gigantic performer under your feet when it comes fully assembled at your doorstep.

The product opens an entirely new universe of skating styles and adventures for any level skater out there. But specifically, Junli is an optimal fit for the people with higher weights but with a passion for adapting to the longboard and skateboard community.

Each and every sub-part of the brand, wheels and trucks, bearings and bushing, work in conjunction with each other to increase the performance value exponentially. You will find more advantages to the longboard in the upcoming sections.


Highly responsive trucks

Weight-bearing ability around 330lbs

Fast yet stable pair of wheels

Perfect in maneuverability and speedy rides


The wheel should be bigger

Volador 24-Inches Longboard for Big Guys

Volador Freeride

9×42 inches longboard

7-inches size of the trucks

78A hardness on the durometer

70mm PU wheels

Volador is a masterclass of mechanical artists and engineers that succeeds in longboarding dimensions where most boards cannot. The decently-cambered profile, in addition to the internal shock absorption system, is a tremendous improvement over traditionally styled longboards.

Not only does Volador hold great weight values, but it performs like a beast in most categories of longboard and skateboard adventures. It uses restorative materials in its products that are environment-friendly while entertaining at the same time.

An essential aspect of Volador is the adjustable truck angles that you can set between 45 degrees or 50-degree. This board customization comes in handy for heavier riders in situations one can’t imagine.

Moreover, the trucks are responsive instantly and remove any possible falling off while turning at wider angles. To achieve perfection, the ultra-rebound and sticky yet fast pair of PU wheels assist Volador in creating an unmatched and unprecedented trip.


It can hold 250 pounds

Decent flex and anti-damp system

Adjustable trucks

An optimal choice for heavier players

Vintage longboard design


Trucks need precision while turning

Fish 250 Lbs. Longboard

Fish Longboard

40-inches longboard

70mm PU wheels

7-inches aluminum trucks

Additional t-tool

FISH stays at the top when it comes to being a perfect fit for all level skaters and any weight drivers belonging to the longboard society. A heavyweight rider receives a non-slippery surface of the deck, resulting in a proper grip to offer stability and balance.

FISH is a lightweight product, but it provides an insanely robust deck that can hold around 330lbs. In addition, the wheels are anti-vibrant and fast-rolling and thus, you enjoy energy-efficient and speedy waves.

The fact that FISH improvises the quality of the ride with the overall working of the sub-gears is impressive and the most significant selling point for people with higher weights. We can mention as many features as possible, but the list won’t finish quickly. For example, the chrome-steel bearings provide efficient strength and rolling to the wheels to upgrade to next level speeds.

On the other hand, its trucks are fast-responsive and reliable. This nature becomes helpful for less-experienced beginners and heavyweight riders so that they can enjoy peaceful and professional rides. Moreover, the additional t-tool comes with the package for adjusting different portions of the longboard.


It can hold 250 pounds

Smooth and speedy rides

All level skaters longboard

Grippy yet fast rollers


Deck quality needs to improve

Why Fish Longboard:

Fish is one of the best longboards for heavy riders at a reasonable price. Its most significant advantage I observed during the testing process is that it goes fast, even if you are a heavy rider. I tested types of longboarding styles over it by using its skate tool for tightening and loosening the wheels and trucks. If we talk about the disadvantage, it has only one. Its grip tape is not too durable.

Arbor DropCruiser for Fat Guys

Arbor DropCruiser

Wood and Bamboo material

Cambered profile with snowboard-inspired waist

38-inches extended, 9.75-inches deck

180mm Paris trucks

Arbor is relatively new to the longboarding community but impresses in every sense a traditional and classic longboard should. Though the deck is smaller in length, its more comprehensive and spacious design completes all the missing pieces of the puzzle and reinvents newer versions of riding styles.

The deck is solid and can hold necessary weights while being extremely non-slippery and stable at the same time. These exclusive features are possible because of the best combination of wood and Bamboo used in the manufacturing of the Arbor longboard.

The discussed Snowboard waists and their cambered profile inspire arbour longboard shape. One might ask how this shape helps achieve better performance and improvised experience of the journeys. The answer is fair and square, exploring two important longboard sub-gears.

One is highly reactive and fast-responsive trucks installed through the lower board, which improves turning and tracking. On the other hand, the broader wheels with the ability to hold the ground well help heavyweight players enjoy the trips without any inconvenience. 


Drop through deck for stability

Lower center of gravity

Fast and anti-slip wheels

Perfect cruiser for heavy riders


The deck is smaller in length

Arbor Inspection Results:

If you love to commute and weigh more than 200lbs, Arbor longboard is for you. As mentioned above, it is built with wood and Bamboo material, making it a long-lasting longboard. I have been using this board for my commuting rides for months, and it is still durable. Moreover, its trucks turn well and let you take tight turns easily. The only drawback is its price tag which might stop you from buying this product.

Sector-9 Drop-Through longboard

longboard for fat guys

36 inches longboard

78A hardness of the durometer

69mm wheels

5ply Bamboo

9.0 Gullwing charger trucks

The carving and cruising specific longboard from Sector-9 cuts our list because of its unique shape and performance-based flex. Sector bases the manufacturing criteria of this board on a drop-through mount that serves best for the artist’s stability and posture.

Not only does the efficiency of the ride increase, but the industry-standard grip enhances the safety of the adventures as well. Consequently, all the heavyweight players get a decent boost in their confidence.

Each piece of Sector works individually and combined with the whole design and results in fulfilment of every requirement of the user. The trucks are high-speed and sensitive to the motion of the longboard, while the pair of rollers generate the necessary power to pace up the longboard. Moreover, the board can handle weights up to 3000lbs which considers almost all skaters of the longboarding society.


Carving, Cruising, and Commuting longboard

Regular grip tape

Responsive trucks

Fast pair of rollers


The length of the deck is short

Inspection Report:

This longboard is recommended if you have a reasonable budget and want a long-lasting board for commuting and downhill rides. I use this whenever I go for my downhill rides, and it also bears around 280 pounds. You will also notice that this longboard covers maximum distance with a little push.

Landyachtz Drop Cat | Strong Deck

Two different sizes available

72mm wheels

78A hardness of the durometer

Item weighs 2 kilogram

ABEC-7 bearings

Heavyweight riders require comfortability and balance no matter the longboard they need to set foot on. This is why Landy manufactures the deck with a concave shape and a drop-through mount so that the user gets infinite carving abilities and freeriding patterns.

Furthermore, the maple base creates an anti-damp effect to minimize energy loss and enhance effective kick riding. Ultimately, the best impact of these features is go-to players that weigh a little higher and, thus, an improvement in their experience. 

Other essential traits of Landyachtz are the wheels, trucks, and the collective effort of these gears. The wheels rotate with a sufficient variable while the trucks react quickly against any user’s action. Therefore, when the skaters try to curve and cruise, trick and turn, and surf from one point to another, they feel no fatigue and inconvenience. 


Perfect for Cruising and Commuting

Increased stability and comfortability

Anti-vibration system

Decent flex of 250+lbs


Expensive product 

Performance Update:

It has the same abilities as the other ones reviewed above. At the same time, it costs more than the other longboards for heavy riders. A few riders in our community use Landyachtz for different purposes and seem happy with its performance. Again, it is a nicely manufactured longboard but costs too much.

Buying Guide | Longboards for Heavy Riders

Don’t let your weight stop you from enjoying adventurous longboarding journeys. Contrary to that, your excessive weight can be beneficial in multiple ways. Let’s dig deep into all the factors you should consider before buying the best longboard for big guys. 

How Wide a Longboard Should Be? | Deck Size

Typically the longboards have a width ranging between 6-10 inches, which you have to look for in the first place. The more space you get on a longboard will return more stability in your rides. Riders weighing more than 300lbs should always go for at least an 8-inches wide longboard. Similarly, if you are heavier, nearly 400lbs, a longboard with 9-inches width will help you ride comfortably. 

Heavy Duty Longboard Material

The strength and sturdiness of any longboard deck depend on the material used for building it. There are multiple compositions widely used by the longboard brands to ensure the deck’s durability. Bamboo and Maple lead the race because they prove to be the most suitable ones for any riding style. Carbon fiber comes third behind bamboo and Canadian Maple, and the one we think is most durable for heavy riders has to be Canadian Maple. 

Maple decks always trigger the longevity of the longboard deck, and it provides the required flexibility for different riding styles. Fat guys weighing more than 350lbs should go for a Maple deck to enhance their riding experience. On the other hand, people with weights up to 300lbs can easily opt for bamboo decks for better journeys. 

What Defines Weight Limit | Longboard Trucks

Trucks are the essential hardware parts of a longboard performing three significant functionalities. Firstly, these trucks bear the whole weight of the deck, which is critical in our case. Secondly, their purpose is to turn the longboard well on street corners. Some adjustable trucks are available in the market that can help you enjoy multiple riding styles like carving and cruising. 

Lastly, the stability in your ride over rough terrains depends on longboard trucks. Aluminum Alloy trucks are sturdy enough to bear any weight up to 350lbs, and they also can keep you stable when moving through bumps or cracky roads. Moreover, for better turning and twisting, you should consider Reverse Kingpin Trucks which are adjustable at certain angles. 

Longboard Wheels for Big Guys

Wheels have multiple responsibilities to perform, and one of them is to keep the longboard rolling comfortably over any terrain—the hardness of wheels matters in this case. The Durometer measures hardness, and wheels of 78a or 80a are perfect for hefty guys. These wheels don’t allow tracks to have an impact on your rides. Instead, they fight against cracks and remain sturdy for longer rides. 


How much weight can a longboard hold?

There are dozens of brands producing longboards, and not all of them are as sturdy as claimed. Cheap longboards can hardly bear weights of 250lbs. On the other hand, reputed longboards like Magento, Retro, and Junli can easily hold weights up to 350lbs. 

What kind of longboard should I get?

Firstly, you should define which riding style you prefer the most. After determining the style, the next task is to specify your budget. After that, you can choose any longboard from these brands; Junli, Magneto, Retro, and highly rated ones like this. 

Do longboards have a weight limit?

Yes, there is a weight limit for every type of longboard. This limit depends on the material used in constructing its deck and the sturdiness of trucks under it. Top longboards can bear weight up to 300lbs comfortably. 

Final Say

All the discussion resulted in some critical points: decks’ sturdiness matters the most, trucks responsibility increases with heavyweight onto the deck, and hard wheels of more than 78a can be as crucial as other longboard parts. A longboard with these properties defines itself as the best longboard for heavy riders. 

If you wish to ride a board for specific riding style, make sure to find that one with maximum weight bearing capacity as well. Most of the times, stronger decks have less flexibility compared to a bit smoother ones. Therefore, make sure to fulfil all your requirements first before choosing one.

Top 3 Picks

Top Longboard = 1

White Wave Bamboo

Junli Freeride Longboard

Sector 9 Drop Through

Written by: Matt Harper

I am the sole brain behind the idea of writing longboard reviews which resulted in the production of this case study i.e. BoardsOnTop. I love everything about longboards and write exemplary reviews to help the longboarding community as once it helped me.

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