Best Sliding and Drifting Longboards with Performance Update | Buying Guide & FAQs

Sliding is undoubtedly an exciting riding style, but the significance of having the best longboard for sliding increases due to injury possibilities. A slight mismatch of longboard measurements can put you in danger of body scratches during the performance of slides. So, we have come up with top-rated downhill sliding longboards that will take your sliding experience to the highest possible level. 

Our list of technical sliding longboards includes supreme quality boards with positive feedback from earlier buyers. After refining longboards based on reviews, we tested multiple longboards and enlisted 7 best longboards for sliding to ease your search criteria. We also have an extensive buying guide for newcomers to explain basics of sliding longboards. Learn the complete sliding process at; How to Slide on a Longboard.

7 Best Sliding Longboards

Volador Freeride | Best Longboard for Sliding

best longboards for sliding

Key Specifications

  • 9×42 inches longboard
  • 78A, 70mm PU wheels
  • 7-inches reverse kingpin trucks
  • ABEC-9 bearings
  • Youth longboard

About Volador:

Sliding around the edges and curves with Volador feels effortless and safer than ever, thanks to genuine parts of the longboard. Whenever the riders opt for sliding on any longboard, they tend to focus on the internal synchronization of wheels and trucks.

The longboard installs fast-rolling wheels equipped with precise bearings, and thus, accelerating and decelerating the board becomes comfortable. In order to maximize effectiveness in turning, there are highly-responsive dual-purpose trucks mounted through the deck.

Volador offers two different angles to operate the trucks, i.e., 45 and 50 egress, and both come in handy in various situations. One thing that stands firm is the quality and performance in sliding and their rides. As discussed above, the trucks are mounted through the deck, making the center of gravity of Volador lower to the ground.

Consequently, the longboard’s stability, an essential sliding requirement, increases exponentially. Furthermore, Volador’s camber deck is flexible, shock-absorbing, sturdy on its own, and holds moderate weights as well.


Healthy material deck

Heavy-duty adjustable angle trucks

Swift and anchoring wheels

Spacious and grippy deck

It can hold 250 pounds

Cutout design to prevent wheel-bites


Cruising quality decreases with distance rides


I have been longboarding with Volador for a long time, and I must say it is a multitalented longboard. I use it for freeriding and cruising, and for the last 3 months, I have been using it for sliding. It helps you slide and turn well at higher speeds. Moreover, its 70mm Polyurethane made wheels gain pace quickly and grasp the road very well to assure a safe ride. Most importantly, the deck is still durable and bears a reasonable weight nicely even after months. The tip here is to look after the deck for long-term use.

RIMABLE Drop-Through | Drifting Longboard

Rimable Drop through

Key Features

  • 9.5 x 41 inches dimensions
  • 85A hardness on the durometer
  • Maple wood deck
  • 70 mm PU wheels
  • 7-inches heavy-duty trucks

About Rimable:

Drop-through longboards are generally favored for downhill sliding and free riding, and the reason is effortless. Not only does this mounting technique offer high-speed levels, but it stabilizes the skater with the most decent posture as well.

Rimable breaks the ceiling of all expectations, especially during sliding adventures. The longboards deck works effectively against vibrations and makes the journey energy-efficient. The riding applications of Rimable aren’t just here because you can explore other areas of longboarding.

The perfect PU wheels are responsible for taking the longboard from one point location to another. These rollers stick to the ground with a robust force and offer maximum stability. On the other hand, heavy-duty trucks enhance the turning radius of the Rimable longboard.

Consequently, the rider achieves unmatched speed and control over the sliding adventure. Overall, Rimable is suitable for experienced skaters looking for complex longboarding journeys. Read, How fast do longboards go.


Lower center of gravity

Highly responsive trucks

Quick and solid wheel

Perfect choice for sliding and downhill riding

Pre-lubricated and smooth bearing


The quality of trucks needs to improve

Often unavailable


It is perfectly manufactured for sliding rides. The most exciting feature of this best sliding longboard is that its wheels let you ride freely and confidently. Like this, you can go as fast as possible and then turn your straight ride into a slide by reducing the pace instantly. Furthermore, you can go for it if you are finding a long-lasting longboard. Unfortunately, it has been unavailable in the market for a long time.

Playshion Longboard | Best Deck for Sliding

Playshion drop through longboard

Key Specifications

  • 39×9.1 inches size
  • 70mm PU wheels
  • ABEC-9 bearings
  • 7-inches premium quality trucks
  • Item weighs 7 pounds

Why Playshion:

Playshion is manufactured mainly for the skating and longboarding categories such as sliding, cruising, carving, and freeriding. The deck of Playshion is flat and symmetrical, and curved with a slightly concave design on the center. Therefore, no matter the rider’s age, they get to have a proper fitting on the board.

Moreover, the build technique of the discussed longboard focuses on facilitating its users with precise turning and curving. One massive advantage of having Playshion is adjustable trucks to offer further ride customization.

As the name suggests, the longboard mounts trucks through the deck, and therefore, you can explore different areas of sliding. The wheels are bigger yet soft in quality. As a result, sliding down the hill gets as fast as it can without disrupting any stability and safety precautions.

Ultimately, Playshion equips its wheels with fast, reliable, and pre-lubed bearings to maximize the accuracy of the adventures. The Playshion is also suitable for beginners, but these players should avoid sliding down the road as this specific ride requires decent experience.


Versatile longboard

Maximum grip on the deck

The board can hold 250lbs

Turning and sliding is effortless

Fast yet anti-slip pair of wheels


Deck flexes a little higher


When I started longboard sliding on Playshion, I observed that it has a comparatively smaller deck than Rimable and Volador. Ultimately, it will require more sliding and balancing skills while riding Playshion for sliding rides. In other words, if you are new to sliding, you should go for 40 inches or above deck.

Seething Downhill Sliding Longboard

downhill sliding longboard


  • 10×42 width and length
  • 80A, 70mm PU wheels
  • Item weighs 7.27 pounds
  • PU-casted 95A bushings
  • Reverse kingpin trucks
  • ABEC-11 bearings

About Seething:

The most beautiful thing about Seething is its highly professional streamlined skater design which can turn a few heads on its way. When the riders stand on the deck, they feel a scalable force of friction between their feet and the board, mainly due to the waterproof and anti-slip emery sand finish.

On the other hand, the deck can resist weights up to 330lbs with a practical flexibility point. Thus, Seething cruises through the lanes with great charisma and slides at an adequate pace.

Seething is ranked highly among the top quality longboards in the online era because of the supreme quality of sub-parts. The mounted trucks submit nothing less than responsiveness and complete steering control over sliding rides.

Furthermore, a fast-rolling pair of wheels anchor decently to the ground, enhancing the overall stability and comfortability of any longboarding trickeries. Seething arrives pre-assembled at your doorstep so you can set out for your first
sliding experience on your new longboard.


Suitable for experienced riders

It can hold 330lbs

The streamlined shape of the deck

The anti-skid surface of the deck



Wheels quality needs to improve


I recommend Seething longboard to all those riders in my community who want to learn longboard sliding. It has a nice 42 inches long deck with an excellent weight-bearing ability that provides maximum space for the rider to stand comfortably. The trucks help the board in turning well when you need to slide at higher speeds. Also, it lasts longer if you take care of the deck and clean all the parts regularly.

JUCKER HAWAII Longboard | Best Trucks to Slide


Key Features

  • Bamboo material
  • 99cm deck length
  • 78a hardness of wheels
  • Item weighs around 8 pounds

About Item:

Multiple factors can effectively improve your sliding experience, and flex is one of those critical factors. Hence, Jucker provides the required flex in the deck to handle your slides like a professional skater. Another classy feature of this longboard is its cutout design which keeps the deck and the wheels far away. So, when you slide coming down the hill, the deck and wheels don’t collide. In this way, wheels stay bite-free, and you get a flawless riding experience. 

Besides sliding, this longboard can allow riders to do freestyle tricks because of kicktails at both ends. Also, the drop-through design keeps the board and truck at the same level, decreasing central gravity for effortless pushes.

Hence, you are free to cruise around, do freestyle tricks, or enjoy an adventurous sliding experience with this high-quality original longboard. What makes the deck durable is the Bamboo material used in the build. The deck can easily hold weights up to 300lbs. 


Versatile longboard suits multiple riding styles

Perfect for sliding

Enough flex to hold accurate slides

Durable deck


Grip peels off a little quickly



I inspected this longboard profoundly and found it a good option for sliding rides. The only disadvantage with this product is that it costs too much but does not provide anything extraordinary. I compared it with the other best sliding longboards on the list, and they were all the same. Therefore, if you are not on a budget, you should buy it for sliding. It will help you learn and improve your sliding skills.

Atom Pin-Tail | Longboard for Drifting

Atom Pintail Longboard

Key Specifications

  • Maple made product
  • 39 inches deck length
  • 78a high-rebound wheels
  • Item weighs 7 pounds only
  • 65mm wheels with 78A hardness

About Atom Pintail:

Atom is one of the best longboard brands that produce high-quality longboards suitable for multiple riding hobbies when it comes to longboarding. Like this Atom Pin-tail, which has a wide enough deck for newbies and experts to ride comfortably according to their preferred style.

Besides expansiveness, the deck has multiple layers of maple laminated, ensuring durability. The gritty grip tape is available on the deck, which assists in keeping you on the board during sudden slides. 

For a better drifting experience, one always needs a longboard with durable trucks, and Atom Pin-tail provides traditional kingpin trucks which perform excellently in any condition. These trucks will assist you in better turning at curves and also increase stability in your pacy rides. We found that the wheels can bring adventure during testing this longboard due to their high rebounding. You can cruise, slide, or participate in downhill races without any fear of danger. 


Perfect for cruising and sliding

Sturdy and durable deck

Traditional trucks bring stability

Wheels are of great quality

Best brand


The board vibrates on higher speed


Grab this board immediately if you want to buy something that provides everything at a reasonable price. I had many sliding longboards when I decided to buy this one because it was available at a balanced price. After testing it over a hundred times, I found it a great companion for showing off the sliding tricks. The trucks work well with the wheels in critical conditions.

Rayne Supreme Complete Longboard

Rayne Longboard


  • 9.63 inches wide deck
  • 36 inches deck length
  • 78a durometer hardness
  • 70mm PU wheels
  • Load capacity 225lbs

About Rayne:

Rayne is a comparatively newer brand, and we always love to test new entrants in the longboarding field. After weeks of trying this Supreme longboard, we found multiple qualities regarding the sliding technique. One of its most appealing features is the deck length which is pin-point perfect for sliding. Besides the size, the deck itself is of immense quality, contains the required flex, and outperforms many cheap longboards in the market. 

Trucks under this longboard introduce a joyous riding experience because they ignore many annoying vibrations caused by rough tracks. Besides smooth rides, trucks also ensure safe covering around the turns.

The drop-through design, like Atom longboard, decreases riders’ efforts to push the longboard. In return, the longboard wheels generate maximum distance. Hence, this longboard is better for cruising, commuting, and sliding all at once. 


Durable and flexible deck

Smoother rides are inevitable

Perfectly sized longboard

Good for multiple riding styles


Grip tape gets off in some cases


I am not satisfied with the shape of the deck and the grip tape over it. The grip tape started peeling off from the first ride, which interrupted a lot during the rides. The deck shape looks excellent for skateboarding but not for sliding on a longboard.

What to look for in a sliding longboard

Sliding is a tricky task, and only expert skaters can perform perfect drifts while coming down the hill or steep streets. Selecting the best longboard for sliding is vital because this hobby is adventurous and dangerous at the same time. That is why, in this guide, we will explain the importance and essentials of all longboard parts which are most suitable for sliding purposes. 

Longboard Sliding Decks

There are various deck designs available for multiple riding styles. The deck design which suits sliding most is drop-through. The Drop-through technique lowers central gravity to increase stability in the rides and also minimizes skaters’ effort to push the longboard for a long distance. For sliding, the most important thing is stability, and the drop-through design completely fulfills this requirement. 

Drop Through Longboard Design

drop through longboard design

Besides deck style, the material used in its build is equally important. The deck material rates the durability, flexibility, and strength while all these factors affect the sliding experience directly. Professional skaters’ are familiar with maple, bamboo, and Wood decks, but the most suitable one among all, as per our sliding experience, is maple. 

Longboard Slide Trucks

Trucks play a critical role in installing stability during rides on multiple types of terrains. Sturdy trucks are needed for every kind of longboard, and sliding longboards require even better trucks that can hold weight easily.

Moreover, these trucks are responsible for better turning and twisting. We recommend traditional kingpin or reverse kingpin trucks that increase sliding stability, and you can drift as per your skating experience. 

Sliding Wheels

All longboard parts have a role to perform during challenging slides. Wheels bear a lot during the drifting process, and they need to be of sturdy material and accurate size. After our years of sliding experience, we recommend that Polyurethane wheels prove their strength during hard-fought slides. Moreover, wheels with 70mm size prove to be the best-sized wheels for sliding purposes. 

Drifting Longboards FAQs

What size longboard is best for sliding?

The perfect size for a sliding longboard lies between 37- 42 inches. This length is equally better for handling slides while coming down the hill. Longer longboards are not responsive, and shorter ones become challenging to handle. 

Can you slide on any longboard?

All longboards are not for all riding styles. You need an accurately sized board, sturdy trucks, and durable wheels for sliding. Not all longboards come with these specifications. Hence, not all longboards are suitable for sliding. 

Are drop-through longboards good for sliding?

Drop-through longboards are perfect for this purpose because they provide stability during slippery slides. Moreover, they ease your efforts during movement. 


After our own experience and reviewing buyers’ feedback, we have recommended the top longboards. Drop through shape is the most recommended design for the best longboards for sliding. Our buying guide clarifies each and every single query you have in your mind about the drifting boards. Most importantly, the products we suggested are available at a reasonable price and will last longer.

If you are still confused, here are the 3 best sliding longboards which have flexible and strong decks, reliable trucks, and sturdy wheels. Enjoy your rides!

Top Picks

Playshion 39″ Drop-Through

Volador Freeride

Volador Freeride Longboard



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