Best Lubricant for Bearings, Skateboard & Longboard Oils for Cleaning

The continuous use of skateboard and longboard without care will affect your rides in different ways. First and foremost, a massive amount of dust appears on the metal parts of your board, such as bearings, wheels, and trucks. It results in making unnatural sounds and slowing down the speed of your rides. Therefore, we highly recommend using the best lubricant for bearings to avoid all these complications. 

There are multiple lubricants that people use for their longboard bearings like grease, oil, solvent, etc. But it requires a lot of attention while choosing one for your metal pieces. The liquid has to be 100% synthetic and must contain petroleum ingredients. A waterproof item will be more helpful in different scenarios. After a long research, our accessories expert (Michael Bradley) has reviewed the 8 best lubricants for bearings of your skateboards and longboards to minimize your searching effort.

Top 3 Lubricants & Oils for Bearings

Park Tool Lube

Park Tool Bearings Poly Lube

3 in 1 oil

3-IN-One Oil for Multi Uses

Bones Speed Cream

Bones Speed Cream Lubricant

8 Best Lubricants for Bearings in 2023

Bones Speed | Best Skate Bearing Lubricant

best lubricant for bearings

About Item:

The skaters widely appreciate Bones brand whenever the task is to find the best skating accessories such as wheels, bearings, and bushings. This lubricant is also manufactured by the Bones brand and provides all the possible results. So, if you’re looking to bring more speed and smoothness to your rides, you should go with this lubricant.  

I once had a chance to use this best lubricant for my longboard bearings when they got weirdly dirty and started making unusual sounds. As soon as I applied this solution to the bearings, the dirt disappeared, and bearings started helping wheels roll faster. In addition, it has the functionality of high-temperature and low-viscosity at the same time. As a result, corrosion is no longer a big problem for skaters.


Tackles the corrosion and decreases the friction to none

High temperature and low viscosity assure longevity.


Smooth, comfortable, and speedy rides


The bottle tip needs to be smaller

Why Bones Lubricant – Updated

After implementing this lubricant, bearings become shinier and help longboard wheels roll faster. Moreover, you will not listen to weird sounds during your longboard rides until you are using Bones lubricant. Another advantage observed recently is that it works fine on your bearings for a month.

Liberty Oil 4oz | Best Lubricant for Skateboard Bearings

Liberty Oil

About Liberty Oil:

Liberty Oil has proved its worth in multiple uses like cleaning, protecting, and making bearings faster. This best lubricant for bearings is synthetic and brings maximum comfortability to your regular skating journeys. The quantity inside the bottle is 0.12 liters which lasts longer because a few drops do the rest quite efficiently. 

Moreover, the ingredients inside this oil fully support when implemented on steel and painted surfaces. Therefore, we see skaters using it, especially to keep the bearings quiet during the fast rides. That is to say, if you are in search of a lubricant that makes rides noiseless and speedy at the same time, Liberty Oil should be your priority. Last but not least, if you want to make your longboard faster, you must use it during the cleaning and lubricating process.


Easy to apply


No sound during the rides 



Found complaints about the quantity

Why Liberty Oil:

It is an unprecedented option for multiple uses like cleaning the dust from wheels and bearings, keeping them noiseless, making your longboard run faster, and bringing smoothness to the rides. Lastly, it is affordable and does not cost too much.

Reel Butter | Best Bearing Lube

Reel Butter Lubricant

About Product:

The lube outperforms Bones Lubricant in terms of low viscosity. Its ultra-low density makes it helpful in performing accordingly with almost all the parts of the bearings. Most importantly, it helps components in sticking at the exact placement. Ultimately it makes you feel the same comfort as your first ride, even after months.

We differentiate this oil from the previous products by its versatility. Besides the bearings, you can also apply them to the other mechanical parts. The buyers use it to clean the rust from metals due to the synthetic ness. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about the different temperature ranges anymore as it tackles these ranges comfortably.


Versatile lubricant

Perfect for cleaning purposes and making bearings noiseless

Performs well in different ranges of temperature


No needle provided to apply

Final Say:

This lube performed well for whatever purpose we used it. For example, we tested it to keep the noise away from our longboard rides, and it worked exceptionally well. Moreover, it is highly recommended for cleaning different mechanical components.

Tri-Flow TF0021060 Lubricant

best skateboard bearing lube

About Tri-Flow:

An unmatched lubricant in disappearing dust and rust from the metal parts, including longboard bearings. If you are tired of corrosion and could not find any solution to this problem, try Tri-Flow lubricant. Major parts that can be freed from the dirt with this oil are chains, joints, nuts, bearings, and bolts. Also, if you are a skateboarder like me, minimal use of this liquid will fasten the rides.

The inclusion of petroleum ingredients in it assures metal friction to almost none. Most importantly, it performs with the same potential no matter the temperature. It has the same viscosity as the Bones lubricant but outperforms in 60 degrees to 475 degrees. Moreover, it can hold the pressure up to 3000 pounds.


Available at a reasonable price

Best lubricant for bearings and cleaning purposes

Less friction due to low-viscosity


Inclusion of Teflon

Final Say:

Probably the best choice for multiple uses at a reasonable price. If you have any rusted metal near you and want to clean it, you should try this lubricant. For longboarders like me, it is an incomparable product and makes bearings like newly manufactured.

Bones Lubricant for Bearings

best lubricant oil for skate bearings


Another bones brand made lubricant for skating lovers. As we all know, bearings are the essential parts of longboards and skateboards. This liquid is widely used in dealing with all longboard metal-related issues. You can invest a little in this product to ensure there is no dirt left in the bearings and they start rolling faster than before. Same as the previous Bones lube, it is also synthetic and does relevant tasks exceptionally well.

Its design and way of implementing this liquid to the metal make it different from its previous model. It has a suitable plan that provides the solvents equally to all the parts. As a result, the friction and weird noises you faced before using this will no longer be your headache. The most exciting feature that we pointed out is this oil applies to almost all types of longboard and skateboard bearings.


Compatible with different bearings


Perfect for skateboard and longboard use

Distributes solvent equally where required


No cleaning solution provided

Final Say:

I have scrutinized this lubricant for bearings in different ways. Mainly, I use it to clean the wheels and bearings and especially when my longboard does not roll faster.

3-IN-ONE Oil for Roller Skate Bearings

3 in one Bearings Lubricant

About this Oil:

As the name suggests, it is multi-purpose oil and has been a trusted tool for years. It does not only clean the metals efficiently but also keeps them safe for a long time from being rusted again. If your research is still on for something that can prevent corrosion, give this multi-purpose oil a try. At once, it cleans the dirt and protects it from rust and corrosion accordingly. 

Let’s talk about its benefits for those who ride skateboards, cycles, or similar things. We used it for the chains, nuts, bolts, bearings, and other steel material-made components. A noticeable feature was that it started improving the speed and comfortability of our rides. In addition, the twist spout given with this item is helpful in applying the oil to the parts.


Best choice for multiple uses

1-pack and 24-pack available

No chance of corrosion with this oil

Valid for cleaning and renewing skateboard bearings


Complaints about the cap

Final Words:

We have used 3-in-one oil for multiple purposes. For example, rinsing the metals in-home and shop, upgrading my wheels’ bearings by applying this properly, and as my biggest tool against corrosion and rust Rather than that, you can also use it to make some components faster. Also, a 24-pack was available at a reasonable price, so I decided to go with that which I am still using.

Super Lube 51004 Synthetic Oil for Bearings

oil for roller skate bearings

About Super Lube:

One of the best lubricants for bearings on our list is Super Lube. Some exciting features in it differentiate this oil from the others. First of all, it costs less than all the previous ones with the same features. Secondly, it is waterproof, which insisted we include it in our list. Finally, this is the only product on our list that performs evenly well in wet situations. Here are some of the other noticeable features that might gain your interest.

Starting with its friction, wear, rust, and corrosion preventing ability brings joy to all of its users. In addition, the suspended syncolon particles inside the oil help it face wet conditions. Ultimately, it becomes an obvious choice for all the anglers. We do longboarding in the rain as well, which can cause rust on bearings; the use of this waterproof liquid will avert dirt and keep you rolling at the same pace.



Comparatively cheap

Suspended syncolon particles 

Suitable for skating bearings


Low-Quality seal results in leakage of the oil

Why Super Oil:

If oil or lubricant is your need no matter for what purpose and you also want them not to disappoint you in wet conditions, Super Lube is made for you. We gave it multiple tires in water, but it proved its worth as mentioned.

Park Tool Poly Lube | Best Overall

Best Skate bearings Lubricant

About Park Tool:

In the end, we have brought the top-rated product for you with unique packaging and features. Park Tool is created with synthetic grease material like many other lubes online. It weighs 0.3 pounds and contains 0.12 liters of lube. It is one of the most vital tools in protecting your essential components, no matter how difficult the condition is. Thus, if you want to apply this to your boards’ bearings, it will give you a remarkable outcome. 

Rather than that, it is fully capable of repelling the moisture and works pretty well with the greases. The purpose behind manufacturing this was to support the riders mainly, such as bike riders, cyclers, and longboarders. For all of them, it is an unrivaled option. Along with bearings, you can implement it on the nuts, bolts, and other stuff.


Compatible with greases

Top-rated product

Powerful enough to repel wetness

The well-performing liquid in multiple conditions


A bit expensive in light of the ounces amount

Why Park Tool Lube:

Most of the riders in the sports community are using Park Tool widely because of its compatibility with the grease. However, we suggest this to our skating fellows because it is specially made for riders. After its use, the bushings became started responding more quickly.

Best Lubricants for Bearings – Buying Guide

No doubt, when you buy a new longboard or skateboard, its bearings don’t make noises and help the wheel roll smoother. But as you keep riding it regularly, different metal parts start touching each other, which results in weird noise.

Moreover, a lot of moisture and dust appear on bearings and other components. Therefore, you always need to have the best lubricant for bearings. Here’s what you need to look for whenever a search for oil or lube;


Having synthetic ingredients in the lubricant is the essential feature to look for. It performs multiple tasks at once, such as removing dirt, preventing sounds, and making wheels roll faster than before. There are various oils discussed above that obtain synthetic material in it. Last but not least, these kinds of oils are versatile and can be used for other purposes as well. You can apply them to chains, nuts, bolts, pedals, etc.


Without low viscosity, a lubricant struggles in providing the users with what they want. Because the liquid does not last long without it and you don’t see any difference even after continuous use. Therefore, make sure to go with a lube that has less viscosity.


Some items contain everything but lag in moving on with the same performance in the critical conditions. For example, a high-temperature lubricant is guaranteed to perform in both hot and cold temperatures.


Some people want to apply greases and oils to the metal parts, often performing under wet conditions. The best solution for them is to have a waterproof lubricant; these liquids repel the water accordingly and don’t let it damage the quality of metal components.


What to use to lube skateboard bearings?

Many people use cooking oil, motor oil, and other stuff to lubricate the bearings, which is not a good idea. It would help if you had a suitable liquid for the metal parts. In longboard bearings, you should use the best lubricant for bearings. The ingredients inside these oils fully support the metal and steel material.

How to lube skateboard bearings?

Some lubricants arrive with a thin needle that helps apply the liquid, especially on the bearings. If you have a bottle that does not have a hand, you will need a separate one for implementing it. The video given below will teach you the process of applying,

Can you use olive oil to lubricate your bearings?

There is a difference between a solvent and a lubricant. There is no way a solvent can help you achieve the result you can achieve with a complete skateboard-bearing lubricant. So it is good to keep going with the current situation of the bearings rather than applying olive oil on them.


After continuous use of a longboard and skateboard without using a slippery liquid on it, it will damage the quality of your bearings. Ultimately your rides will start creating noise, and there will be a lot of inconvenience in skating. To avoid this problem and keep them newer, we suggest using the best lubricant for bearings. Then, the weird sounds will no longer be a big deal, and the bearings will start helping the wheels roll faster and smoother than ever. 

There are multiple products discussed above that have been tested by ourselves and executed very well. Thus, buy one now and bring more joy and happiness to your longboarding and skateboarding rides. At the end, we would like to share our top 3 picks among these eight products. Select a suitable one and improve your skating rides today.

Written by: Michael Bradley

Hi, This is Michael and I am way too ahead in dealing with longboard and skateboard accessories like wheels, trucks, bearings, etc. I have always loved playing with T-tools, nuts, wrenches, and stuff like that. Also, I will be assisting you regarding the longboard protective gear.

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