8 Best Mini Longboards | List of Short Longboards and Skateboards

If you want to bring more joy and experience something newer, you should find the best mini longboard for yourself. According to experienced skaters, a deck with a length of around 25 inches is the perfect size to enhance your riding skills. The most exciting feature about the mini cruisers is that they help learn the basic steps of longboards. You will probably find the rest of the components, like trucks and wheels, the same as a traditional longboard.

Mini cruisers stand apart from the longboards and skateboards due to their length. A simple deck has 40 x 9, whereas the shortboards have a distance of 20-32 inches. This is how you can easily differentiate the boards from each other. After riding multiple decks with a short length, we have added some of the best mini longboards and cruisers to our list. Please go through each of the features and specifications and select a suitable one for yourself.

8 Best Mini Longboards

Magneto Cruiser | Best Mini Longboard

Best mini longboard

7.5 inches width

27.5 inches length

Maple material

60mm PU wheels

Weighs 5 pounds


The magneto mini longboard is at the top because of its versatility in our list. This shortboard is manufactured by the skater itself, making it an obvious choice for skaters and longboarders. With a unique and portable design, you can take it with you anywhere and start longboarding anytime. The inclusion of Canadian Maple material makes it strong and long-lasting. Moreover, with such a sturdy deck, it gives you suitable flexibility. 

It is highly recommended if you are here to find a mini-cruiser with a double kicktail feature. You can use it in multiple ways like cruising, doing tricks, and freestyle. In addition, both kicktails are well structured and provide maximum stability during the rides. Last but not least, the short length of 27.5 inches makes it an obvious choice for kids and girls.

Trucks are made of quality cast aluminum material maximizing the life of the board. An extra T-shaped tool is provided for tightening and loosening trucks. This tool makes it different from some other short longboards available. The wheels have a size of 60mm and are constructed with polyurethane material like many other mini boards. Bushings are always helpful to the rollers, which help in making them more responsive.

Performance Update:

Bring this best mini longboard today if you are a beginner and want to learn skateboarding or longboarding. It is a combination of longboard and skateboard for kids and newbies. Many skaters in our community have been using this short board for months, and it is still strong. The trucks turn well and support your riding style.


  • Portable design and weight
  • Equally suitable for kids and adults
  • Extra T-Shaped tool
  • Costs less than the others


  • Less distance between wheels and deck

Why Magneto:

Everyone gets a remarkable ride on this shortboard, from kids to adults. We did a flexibility test on its deck that showed it could easily bear an average person’s weight. Most importantly, it is portable and easy to carry, making it a vital option for college students like me.

Landyachtz Dinghy | Best Cruiser Skateboard

Landyachtz Mini Cruiser

Maple made deck

28″ long deck

Various colors available

30 x 9 x 8 package dimensions

About Product:

It has the same deck length as a magneto board. You can stand easily on its 28″ deck. The feature of transportation is assured with this cruiser board as well. It is easy to carry with you while going to campus and has a unique design to get cruising started anywhere. The availability of different designs with the same qualities and price tag attract more riders. 

All of the parts installed on this best mini longboard are incomparable and let you ride it for a long time. Like the Magneto board, it also uses maple material to increase the sturdiness of the deck. The 7 layers of maple become the reason behind making it stronger than ever. In addition, its dinghy tail has a ton of pop. With this quality, the rider flips more accurately and easily. That is to say; it would be a great option for freestyle, cruising, and carving rides.

After comparing the Landyachtz Dinghy with the previous product, we concluded that its wheels’ flares outperform the magneto shortboard in different ways. For example, it prevents wheel bites and proves its worth in bringing stability to your rides. No doubt, all these qualities are unprecedented, but the only drawback is the product’s price tag. Nevertheless, if you can spend some money, this is an outstanding mini-cruiser for you.

Inspection Results:

Its high-quality features have proved itself as one of the best mini longboards. Unfortunately, it is also the most expensive product on the list. You may not like the performance of bushings in the first few rides, but once you get used to it, they will perform accordingly. You can also buy a new set of bushings that fulfill your requirements.


  • Strong components
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • 7 Ply Canadian maple
  • No wheels bites


  • Expensive

Why Landyachtz:

It is highly recommended for those who are not on a budget and can spend more. Speaking about its qualities, it is incomparable and proves its worth in critical conditions. Moreover, it is the best shortboard out there for long-term use with all muscular parts.

Serene Life Cruiser | Best Cheap Mini Board

Best Mini Cruiser Longboard

6 inches size of wheels

Polyurethane material

85A hardness

Abec-7 bearings

5″ Al-Trucks


We have to include this complete mini longboard into our list due to its multiple exciting features at a reasonable price. This 6 plywood-made product has proved it’s worth numerous times in critical situations. It is strong enough to bear the load of 220 pounds at once without compromising its flex. Before reviewing it, we had offered kids and men to give it a try and share the experience. Shockingly, it worked perfectly. So, you can purchase it for your kids, yourself, or any other family member. 

Keeping in mind the rest of the structure, the wheels are softer and have 60 x 45 mm. As a result, these rollers tackle cracky roads and uneven surfaces well, even at higher speeds. Moreover, the polyurethane wheels have 85A hardness, which is good enough to bring smoothness to your rides. 

The attached bearings to this beginner mini longboard have ABEC-7 ratings, which is essential to commute and carve around. Overall, the combination of the softer rollers and strong bearings work exceptionally well. 

As mentioned above, it can hold around 220 pounds thanks to its 5 inches aluminum trucks. The trucks do dual tasks of holding weight and ensuring the same flexibility simultaneously. As a result, tight turns become easier, and responsiveness touches its peak while commuting and carving.

Performance After Months:

I have been using Serene life mini longboard for long for long-distance rides. All thanks to its strong wheels, deck, and trucks. Most importantly, it costs less than Landyachtz Dinghy and has every essential feature in it.


  • Perfect for commuting
  • Suitable for both kids and adults
  • Responsive trucks and tighter turns
  • Holds 220 pounds of weight
  • Cheaper than the previous boards


  • 1 ply of wood is missing compared to magneto and Landyachtz

Final Say:

One must invest in this product if tight on budget. However, it still furnishes some extraordinary features like sturdy trucks, soft wheels to commute, and friendly structure to all kids, girls, and adults.

SANSIRP 17” | Shortest Longboard

17″ length 

7 ply of maple in the deck

67mm wheels

Item weighs 2kg

Available in black color

About Product:

It is the shortest board on our list, with a huge fan base because of its weight-bearing capacity. SANSIRP’s deck is unmatched in load capacity as it can hold around 300 pounds easily. It is assembled with 7 layers of Anti-Skid hardwood maple material, bringing more sturdiness and making it an obvious choice for long-term use. 

Compared to wheels, it has LED wheels that are useful while riding at night. Like the previous short skateboards, you get wheels made of polyurethane material 67 mm in size. Moreover, the transportation of a longboard is no more a big deal as it weighs 2kg only. So, you can use it for covering shorter distances, and it fits easily inside a normal backpack. 

Even with a 17 inches longer deck, ABEC-7 bearings help wheels keep rolling for a long distance with one push only. If you don’t want to pack it in the bag, there is a cut in the middle of the deck, especially for carrying it. Another exciting reason behind purchasing this board is the 30-day money-back guarantee. So buy it now, have fun and see if it completes your needs or not.

Update on Performance:

One of the best mini solid longboards for beginners in SANSIRP. The sturdy parts of this board allow you to ride this board for years. But, most importantly, it goes at a limited speed which suits you as a beginner longboard rider.


  • Holds 330Lbs easily
  • LED wheels for riding in the night
  • Fast rolling with ABEC-7 bearings
  • 30 days money-back guarantee


  • Not fully supported to beginners


If you want to try something unique and mind-blowing, try this complete longboard with the shortest deck on our list. Even if you weigh more than 250lbs, no worries, this best mini longboard and cruiser can carry 300 pounds of weight. In addition, the LED lights installed around the wheels make it more different from the other boards.

Summit Board Co | Best Short Longboard

Summit Co Short Longboard

9 inches wider deck

Bamboo and Maple material

18 inches long deck

78A durometer hardness on wheels

Abec-11 Bearings

About Summit:

The Summit shortboard is one of the easiest longboards to ride. Its width is good enough to conduct maximum stability in rides. As a result, it is considered a suitable choice to learn and improve your longboarding skills. Kids and girls can begin their careers with this fully-assembled longboard, while others can use it to experience newer things. 

The inclusion of bamboo and maple material inside the deck ensures you a safe ride full of firmness. Furthermore, these two materials certify durability for a long time. On the other hand, you have to ride with the same tightness of the trucks as some brands don’t provide an extra tool. With this item, you get a T-Shaped tool to try different settings by using this tool. Moreover, it is also helpful for replacing wheels and lubing the bearings with lubricants

The bearings ratings of this complete mini cruiser board differentiate itself from the other products. It has ABEC-11 ratings, which are not easy to find on a traditional longboard. As a result, you will not have to buy a different lubricant for bearings to keep them fresher. The 78A wheels created with rubber work exceptionally well and promise fast yet balanced rides on all other surfaces. Also, it will help do tricks and freestyles.

Users’ Review:

I have inspected Summit Board deeply and observed that it is an excellent mini longboard to ride in 2023. Its noticeable features are the sturdiness of the deck, responsive trucks, friendly wheels, and, most importantly, budget-friendly.


  • Maximum stability with 9″ width
  • Solid and suitable deck to last longer
  • Extra tool for replacing metal parts
  • Multiple designs available
  • Smoothness in rides due to wheels and bearings


  • Installing the parts again can be challenging

Final Review:

Except for its wheels’ material and ratings of bearings, it is the same as the other mini boards reviewed above. However, instead of polyurethane, rubber stuff has been used in rollers. Moreover, its ABEC-11 bearings attract riders a lot.

White Wave Bamboo | 28 Inch Longboard

White Wave Bamboo Shortboard

27 inches deck length 

8 inches deck width

Bamboo, maple, and aluminum material

60mm size of wheels

About White Wave:

We all are well known for the White Wave brand due to its high-quality longboards and skateboards. Here is the top-quality mini board with an average length of 27 inches. This is an obvious choice for those who want neither a too long nor a short deck. With such size, you can ride in multiple ways like cruising, carving, and doing freestyle. Most importantly, it has a unique and suitable deck for beginners to begin their longboarding career. 

Along with many layers of bamboo and Canadian maple, you get a non-slippery grip tape as well. As a result, you get a locked-in feel whenever you are on the board. Moreover, its bushings give massive support to the 5 inches trucks to assure safe rides. This combo not only brings stability to your rides but also helps in making tighter turns with quick responsiveness.  

60mm x 45mm wheels are constructed with urethane that always gets help from the helium 2 ABEC-9 bearings. Built-in spacers with bearings are the cherry on top. The rollers grasp the road and uneven surfaces very well to prevent any mishap.

White Wave Performance Update:

Like the other White Wave longboards, this one is a high-quality mini longboard. After an extensive inspection, I noticed that it has a suitable deck length for multiple types of longboarding. In addition, the other parts like trucks, wheels, and bearings all are made of high-quality material.


  • Multifunctional product
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Responsive trucks
  • High rebound bushings
  • Safer rides


  • No tool for tightening

Why Bamboo:

The length and width of the deck make it different from all the other mini longboards. It has a deck with average dimensions that keep the chances alive for carving, freestyles, and cruising. In the end, we ended up calling it one of the best boards for beginners.

Penny Cruiser | Complete Mini Skateboard

Penny Cruiser

32 inches length

Black color

54mm wheels with 90A hardness

Item weighs 5.65 pounds

5 inches trucks and ABEC-7 bearings

About Product:

Penny cruiser has the most lengthy deck among all the mini cruisers discussed here. It has a 31 inches long deck with a guarantee of having a comfortable and safer ride every time you step up on this complete cruiser. The design and shape of the deck make it completely different from Landyachtz and magneto boards. This is probably the best choice for all those who like to buy a cruiser with a skateboard shape. 

Another outstanding feature we noticed is the non-slippery deck. With such length and firmness, the chances of falling off automatically decrease. It is the first item in the list with alloy steel-made rollers and has 90A hardness. The 54mm wheels get an outstanding grip on the ground and keep you going on a single push. The bushings are 83A which is essential for the rollers to keep moving on uneven surfaces.

Moreover, the flat deck keeps getting support from the trucks below to bear as much load as possible. The trucks are manufactured with aluminum and have 5 inches in size. Talking about the bearings, they have ABEC-7 ratings and obtain the material of stainless steel material. Overall, it is a suitable option but comparatively expensive due to the longer length and skateboard design.

Performance After Months:

I know many users of Penny mini Longboard, and they have been riding it for months. So, I decided to ask them about the performance of this short board. They were not happy with the price and claimed that the other mini longboards have the same features as this. So, if you have a reasonable budget, you can go for it.


  • Skateboard kind of structure
  • Perfect for cruising
  • Smooth and comfortable rides
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Portable


  • It costs a bit much compared to other short cruisers.

Final Say:

All of its components prove that Penny cruiser is satisfactory for cruising rides. In addition, the use of aluminum material in the construction clarifies its use for the long term. In the end, it has a 32 inches long deck with 90A harder wheels for perfect rides on various surfaces.

Quest Fishtail Cruiser Board

Quest Fishtail

27 inches in length and 6 inches in width

Plastic Material

70mm PU wheels

6 pounds of weight

It holds around 250 pounds

About Product:

The previous module of the Quest brand ( Quest Super Cruiser ) inspired us a lot to purchase this fishtail board. The only significant difference we notice in this item is its length, except it was the same unprecedented feeling to ride it. This best mini cruiser has an average length of 27 inches with a 6 inches width to stand. That is to say, even if you are riding it for the first time, the chances of falling off are almost none. 

Due to the use of plastic material, a man with 250 pounds of weight can easily ride it with good flexibility. Its 70mm wheels are made with polyurethane material ensuring a solid grasp on the ground and uneven surfaces. These rollers fit the 6 inches aluminum trucks very nicely. The length of the trucks is excellent, but we have some issues with the quality. Trucks are not as sturdy as Magneto’s and Landyachtz. 

Like many other cruisers, you can carry this one quickly with you anywhere you want, as it weighs only 6 pounds. The only drawback we noticed was the responsiveness while quickly taking tighter turns. So, it would be great not to try tricks, especially if you are a newbie.

Update on Quest Performance:

You will have to spend extra money if you buy this mini longboard as a newbie. However, the parts attached to this short Quest board are suitable for experienced riders. Therefore, you must know your riding style and longboarding experience before you lay your hands on this product.


  • High-quality bearings
  • Wheels grab the road very well
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Sturdy deck built with seven layers of wood


  • Beginners might struggle while cruising
  • Low-quality of trucks

Why Quest Fishtail:

As a newbie, you can ride this mini cruiser very well, but for tricks and freestyle, it is not recommended. The responsiveness of the trucks below lag is sometimes unacceptable while you cruise and flip. However, for more uncomplicated rides, it is a suitable choice.

Buying Guide for Mini Cruiser Board

The process of buying a shortboard or mini cruiser is almost the same as a traditional longboard. It would be best to keep in mind multiple factors before you invest in one. Make sure the deck length and width are satisfactory to you. The rest of the parts like trucks, bearings, wheels, and bushings are also suitable. Let’s discuss how these components can be helpful in your mini-board.

Deck Length and Width:

First of all, any deck with 17-32 inches in length is considered a mini longboard or cruiser. The width is mostly 6-9 inches. In this case, we have to analyze a few factors first, like the rider’s weight, length, and riding style. In short, it depends on your own choice. We use and recommend a board around 25 inches. With such size, you can achieve multiple goals like comfortable, hustle-free rides, an average space to place your feet on, and flipping the board around to perform some tricks.

deck length and width

You should always opt for one that can help you stand firmly and lessens the chances of mishaps for the width. In short, the broadness only matters in terms of safety. The perfect way to analyze the width is to place your feet over and see if you can stand easily.


Like the length and width of the board, the wheels’ size and diameter also change. Remember that you can not compromise the quality and size of rollers neither in a simple longboard nor in a mini longboard. Most of the time, you will see the size of rollers from 55mm to 70mm and hardness from 65A to 90A. The measurements and stiffnesses have their abilities.

wheels size

Softer wheels ( 70A ) are a great choice when the goal is to ride faster and cover distances quickly. On the other hand, more rigid rollers grasp the ground very well and lessen the chances of mishaps and injuries. Our suggestion says size is around 60mm, and stiffness should be around 85A. These kinds of pairs perform equally well in pacy and secure riders.


Some people invest in a smaller board to experience some tricks and freestyle, whereas others want a mini longboard or cruiser for learning purposes. Both require different types of trucks with different lengths. 

Trucks set up

Those who want to cruise around and perform some flipping stuff should look for responsive trucks with 5-6 inches in length. The beginners will need 7-8 inches, and any reactiveness will be good.


You can say that the bearings’ performance depends on their ABEC ratings. As they are placed around wheels, it means bearings are somehow responsible for making your rides faster or slower. So firstly, you need to clarify whether you want speedy rides or learn longboarding. The law is pretty simple, the higher the rating, the better bearings will perform. In this case, ABEC-7 ratings are widely used and are acceptable in both ways.

FAQs for Mini Longboards

Are mini longboards suitable for beginners?

Yes, mini longboards are considered one of the best ways to begin and learn longboarding. Make sure the length and width of the board are not too small or too large. Average size of around 27 inches will do exceptional work. That is to say; if you have the best mini longboard, it will be a great option to begin your skating career.

How to ride a cruiser board?

There are a few basic steps that you will need to perform regularly. It will take you to an experience of riding where you would be able to switch yourself to a skateboard or longboard.

What are mini longboards suitable for?

Mini longboards or cruiser boards are mainly used for two purposes. The first one is to learn how to longboard, and the other is to polish their skills for tricks, freestyles, and cruising. So, you have to clarify your purpose, and then you can achieve what you want with a small cruiser.

Can an adult use a mini longboard?

There are numerous boards out there with short lengths suitable for both kids and adults. Even the girls can ride the same longboard. So, the answer is yes; you can buy a shortboard even if you are an adult.


If your motive for buying the best mini longboard is clear, the whole process will become easier. People use shortboards mainly to achieve two goals of learning or improving their already learned skills. Mini cruiser boards come in various lengths, from 17-32 inches. For beginner riders, the size should be around 30″ as newbies need plenty of room where they can stand firmly.

On the other hand, experienced skaters can choose the length they feel good with. The rest of the components like trucks, wheels, and bearings must be high quality. It will help both the experts and newcomers. Most importantly, don’t forget to find one that suits your budget as there are different boards with different prices.

Top 3 Mini Longboard Cruisers

Top Mini Longboard = 1

Magneto Mini Longboard

Landyachtz Board

Landyachtz 28 inch Longboard

White Wave Shortboard

White Wave Mini Longboard

Written by: Matt Harper

I am the sole brain behind the idea of writing longboard reviews which resulted in the production of this case study i.e. BoardsOnTop. I love everything about longboards and write exemplary reviews to help the longboarding community as once it helped me.

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