Short & Long Best Pintail Longboards with Classic Decks | 202 Update

Trying out all longboard designs is fun, and Pintail longboards are the most joyful ones. Their distinctive ability is to withstand multiple riding styles at once. For example, the best pintail longboards are the most suitable options if you are looking for a longboard that helps you cruise, carve or any style that doesn’t need a speed of more than 25mph.

We have tested hundreds of multiple types of longboards varying from pintail to drop-through, cruiser to penny boards. Our extensive experience and positive feedback from previous buyers urged us to enlist the best pintail longboards for you to ease your research process. Our buying guide has every bit of detail that influences the performance of a longboard in any riding course. Here are the three best pintail longboards we have used and found versatile in different riding styles.

We suggest you read each product’s inspection results before buying one. The members of our community have tested almost all the pintail longboards reviewed below. So, we have highlighted the updated part of the review. It will help you in buying high-quality and long-lasting best pintail longboards.

Top 3 Picks

hana Bamboo

Hana Bamboo Longboard

Seething 42 Inch

Seething 42 Inch Longboard

Yoacher Longboard

Yoacher Longboard

8 Best Pintail Longboards

Seething 42 Inch | Best Pintail Longboard

best pintail longboard

10 x 42 inches size

Maple based deck

7-inches All trucks

80A, 70mm PU Wheels

ABEC-11 bearings

About Seething:

When the deck is mounted on top of trucks; we call this manufacturing technique “Pintail”. This technique is directly opposite of drop-through design but succeeds in areas where the latter one doesn’t. Seething allows top-mounted deck and ultimately, becomes suitable for cruising and carving. Moreover, you can utilize the Seething Pintail during rides slower than 25 mph. The board uses the streamlined shape to remove air resistance and, in return, provides comfortable rides.

Seething is built with high-quality Canadian Maple wood to overcome the needs of flexibility and strength. The rider can bury their worries due to the strong base of the longboard. Not only does the cruiser generate maximum balance, but infinite power to hold the rider before breaking into the deck. Both the pros and novices require adequate turns around the edges for deeper curves, and Seething allows them because it has highly-responsive aluminum trucks.

Pintail longboards are best-suited for cruising and effortless adventures. Therefore, their design patterns are built to overcome these challenges. In addition to a sturdy deck and powerful trucks, Seething installs a fast pair of rollers that anchor to the ground well. The wheels might be softer, but their grip is genuine on different tracks. Overall, this Pintail cruiser grants trademark performance records no matter the experience level.


  • Eye-catching streamlined design
  • Stable and Sturdy deck
  • Fast and precise bearings and wheels
  • Highly reactive and heavy-duty trucks
  • Pre-assembled


  • Not recommended for downhill riding


One of the most fantastic features of the Seething longboard is its trucks. I am fond of longboard tricks and freestyles, which require high-quality trucks for perfect turns. Before purchasing this product, I talked to many users of Seething. After riding this 42 inches longboard, I can confidently say that this is one of the best longboards on the market. Moreover, the quality and length of the deck are perfect for multiple riding styles, and you can buy it for long-term use.

Hana Short Pintail Longboard

best pintail longboard brands

9.5×36 inches

Bamboo and Maple deck

78A hardness of durometer

70mm Shore wheels

Laser-etched graphic design


The classic deck build of Hana with cutout for wheels permits the skater to turn and twist around the corners without coming in contact with the board. This automatically helps remove the possibility of wheel-bites as well as noisy rides. Moreover, the rider feels their feet jammed on the W-shaped concave deck design, and ultimately, an anti-slip surface is generated. When cruising down the lane, any skating comrade will feel visible control and comfort over their longboards.

Though Pintail mounting techniques are suitable for cruising and carving, Hana evolves more than that and allows other different rides. If you get familiar with the mechanics of the board, you will be able to have free rides, dancing, and pumping as well. Furthermore, Hana is compiled with Shore wheels that roll faster with the pushes and generate good resistance to grip the ground decently. This is helpful when trying to achieve the feats mentioned above and trickeries.

Hana longboard is a successful descendant of the traditional Magneto brand and complies with industry standards. As the brand is founded by the skaters of California, they know a big deal about the requirements and expectations of an ordinary skater. Therefore, Hana abides by all the needs and acts per your journey. All in all, Magneto Hana is among the most appreciated and admired pintail longboards that find its success in cruising, carving, freestyle, and pumping.


  • All level skater-board
  • Concave deck for stability
  • Noiseless and free of wheel-bites
  • Endless riding options
  • Fast pair of rollers


  • Not suitable for ollies and tricks


I was interested in this product because the Magneto brand manufactured it. No doubt, Hana Pintail Longboard charges you extra money than the others on our list but provides every essential feature. I have been riding this 36 inches longboard for months for freestyling purposes. The deck’s dimensions fully support you if you love to dance, trick, or freestyle on a longboard. The users’ reviews about wheels and trucks were also good. The wheels are soft, and the trucks help them take tight turns.

Magneto Pintail Longboard for Beginners

magneto pintail longboard

9.25 x 40 inches size

27″ wheelbase

78A, 70mm Shore wheels

Stinger Shaped Tail

About Product:

The glory days of Magneto have never ended since its foundation because of positive feedback from their customers as well as Magneto’s constant care towards them. The brand frequently involves the skaters and manufactures the news products based on their reviews. Magneto Pintail is the latest edition of the brand to taste success as it is popular among all riders, professionals, and beginners alike. The board is inspired by surf-board designs and is ideal for carving and cruising.

Unlike cruising, Pintail has a stinger-shaped deck design that helps carve at deeper angles more and more. The Shore wheels stay higher from the ground and away from the deck, promising wheel-bites and scratches. Not only do you get the ideal height of board for cruising, but fast-rolling and quality experience as well. Moreover, the brand stays online 24/7 in case of any queries. Feel free to contact Magneto when you encounter some inconvenience while riding your pintail cruiser.

We have come across multiple cruisers in our testing and analyzing phase, but this Magneto stays on top in performance and positive reviews. The board is versatile and can be promoted for different trips such as freeriding, freestyling, and pumping. Moreover, the board is ideal for any rider out there, no matter their experience in skating and longboarding. You will feel comfortable riding this board once you get to know the primary mechanism of its system.


  • Made by skaters themselves
  • Improved Version for Cruising
  • Swift and soft wheels
  • Maximum stability and grip
  • All level skater-board


  • Not suitable for bomb hill riding


This is another top-rated pintail longboard made by the Magneto brand with different dimensions but the same high-quality features. It provides you with 40 inches deck length where you can stand firmly and balance your rides. One of the heavy riders in our community bought this complete longboard. Interestingly, it bore the weight nicely, and the rides went smoother. When I tested this board a few months ago, I noticed that the bearings struggle a little when achieving higher speeds. It is not a big deal as you can buy high-quality bearings from the market for a better experience.

Windrunner Complete Pintail Longboard

9.5 inches wide, 41 inches long

70mm PU wheels

80A hardness rating

ABEC-11 Bearings

7-inches aluminum alloy trucks

About Windrunner:

The Windrunner has a performance-based streamlined shape which reduces the air friction when the board accelerates. This phenomenon creates minimum air resistance, and therefore, achieving higher speed becomes relatively easy. Consequently, the Pintail longboard is helpful in various scenarios such as simple rides, cruising, carving, and dancing. We suggest you drive the board for cruising purposes at the start and when you get familiar with the system, test it to the limits.

Windrunner is a big longboard that gives the total area for the rider to stand on the deck. Its deck is made up of maple wood that creates the necessary grip and strength to bear reasonable weights. Moreover, the base can suck out vibrations caused by uneven and cracked roads. Equipped with reliable and heavy-duty Al trucks, Windrunner offers effective cushioning and the ability to turn at a broader radius.

Novices with no prior experience should try this board at the earliest because it can help them gain necessary movements for the future. On the other hand, experienced skaters can improvise their rituals by sailing on the Windrunner for some time. The anti-slip emery grit finish and wider turning angles of the longboard are enough reasons to prove it as a unique roller. Thus, we believe that Windrunner will prove its worth in cruising, carving, pumping, and free ridings.


  • Suitable for pros and newcomers
  • More comprehensive and effective turning radius
  • It can hold 330lbs weight
  • Ideal for cruising and freestyling
  • Pre-assembled


  • The deck is too flat


The overall quality of the Windrunner pintail board satisfies you greatly both as a beginner and a pro. I have inspected it carefully to write an updated review about this product. The quality of the deck is great and gives you a locked-in feel whenever you go for a ride. The wheels and the trucks make an excellent combo for multiple riding styles. The guy who owns this longboard complained about not receiving the T-tool with the package. Therefore, we can’t give it 5 stars rating.

Sector 9 Pintail Board

Length: 44.0″ Width: 9.75″

Wheelbase: 30.5 inches

9.0″ Gullwing Charger Trucks

70mm, 78A Wheels

Nine balls ABEC 5 Greaseball Bearings


Sector Nine comes toe to toe with Magneto in terms of quality, positive remarks from customers, and exceptional longboard products. One such example is the S-9 Pintail which retains an almost perfect five-star rating from its user. The cruiser and carve-specific skater are built with an exceptional pintail mount that is perfect for sliding around your neighborhood. Moreover, the longboard has an artistic feel thanks to Sector’s collaboration with the French artist “The Minimalist Wave”.

Though the discussed board is among the latest released cruisers of 2021 and has had less audience than well-known longboards, the users of Sector Pintail have positive remarks about it. Also known as Crag Maverick, the board is built for every single player out there in the skating community despite their experience. It has highly responsive gullwinder trucks and an abroad wheelbase to drive deeper curves and twists. In return, it enhances the playing ability of the roller to invent newer tricks.

Sector built the Pintail longboard for unprecedented speed and stability because these are the features required in cruising and freeriding. But one might ask about how the board accomplishes all these values. The board has a robust yet flexible deck structure in addition to the iconic and fast pair of wheels. No matter the kind of adventure you have chosen for yourself, you can rely on this beast performer, and it will never fail you.


  • Perfect board for commuting and cruising
  • Speedy and smooth riding experience
  • Suitable for beginner and professional riders
  • Wide turning angles
  • Sturdy and Stable deck


  • Expensive product compared to others


Undoubtedly, Sector 9 manufactures excellent longboards and skateboards, but this one costs too much. This product is good for longboarding but not as good as Magneto pintail and Seething longboard. Still, they cost too much. The updated review for Sector 9 is short because everyone seems to protest against its price tag.

Yocaher Blank Cheap Pintail Longboard

yoacher blank

Maple deck

Aluminum trucks

Rubber wheels

70mm wheel size

78a hardness

Item Description:

Another competitive brand in the longboarding field is Yoacher yielding impressive grade products. This Blank Checker is specifically designed for newbies as well as experts. The deck of this board has needed flex, and the overall build is sturdy enough to last longer than many rivals. As the producers prioritize accuracy and quality, Yoacher Blank can outperform any other pintail longboard suggested in our list. 

The board comes pre-assembled, so novices don’t need to worry about setting up the initials before their first ride. 78a hardness of the wheels and ABEC7 bearings inside the rollers allow you to catch up the pace quickly and roll over cracks and rough surfaces comfortably. Aluminum-based trucks increase the stability in your ride, and heavy-duty trucks are durable enough to meet all the needs of pro-skaters. 

What makes the deck sturdy is a 9-ply lamination of maple. A grip tape of premium quality is available on the deck to help riders feel grippy during the ride. The slight concaveness of the deck holds riders’ feet pretty well. Moreover, the deck shape keeps a safer distance from the wheels to ensure bite-free rides. Wheels usually get bites when they contact the deck during curves and turns. 


  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Beginner-friendly board
  • Quality trucks and wheels for better stability
  • Performs better at cruising


  • Trucks are a little noisy


If you are looking for the best pintail longboard at a reasonable price, you must inspect the properties of Yocaher Blank Longboard. As mentioned above, its deck is built with maple material, allowing you to use this product for a long time. The noticed disadvantage during the testing process was noisy trucks. I observed unusual noises from the trucks whenever I tried to maximize the speed of my ride. Other than that, the other parts performed well under critical situations.

Yocaher Graphic Longboard

pintail board

Aluminum trucks

Rubber wheels

70mm wheel size

80a grip tape

40x9inches deck dimensions

About Yocaher Graphic:

Another incredible piece of pintail longboard produced by Yoacher is here with multiple attractive features. The length of this board suits both the novices and experts to get balanced nicely. When we tried it for the first time, the broader deck assisted us in balancing the board, also provided increased stability. The 9-inches expansive deck stays far from wheels to avoid wheel bites. 

There are around 17 different graphics available, and you are free to choose any of them with slight variation in the price. Besides an eye-catching graphical deck, aluminum trucks promise steady rides with safe turning even on slightly higher speeds. As the pintail board is more suitable for cruising, the trucks are traditional kingpin technology. These trucks are not too responsive but better at providing smoother rides. 

The wheels that come with this board are 70mm in size, like the Yoacher Blank. This size is perfect for multiple riding styles. If you are planning to buy a longboard for cruising and sliding, this board has adjustable trucks and suitable wheels for both of these riding styles. If you loosen the trucks, you can turn swiftly, and tightening them would allow you to cruise in a straight line.


  • Multiple graphical design available
  • Sturdy trucks provide smooth rides
  • Pace acquiring wheels
  • Suits multi-style riding


  • Little stiff to ride with tighter trucks
  • Low-quality bearings


Our group’s users of Yocaher Graphic Longboard gave it 3 stars for two major reasons. Firstly, they were not happy with the performance of the bearings inside the wheels. Therefore, they had to replace the attached bearings with newer ones. Secondly, the trucks perform well only when you have adjusted them accordingly. In other words, you will have to tighten the truck according to your riding style.

Krown Krex 2 Bamboo Longboard

pintail longboard deck

43×9 inches Pintail board

Bamboo & Maple deck

71mm wheel size

78a durometer hardness

Aluminum trucks


The most exciting benefit of the Krown longboard is its versatility in adapting to multiple riding styles. The build material and design make them stand out for cruising, downhill riding, commuting, sliding, etc. The bamboo and maple deck combination introduces all the needed features everyone looks for in a longboard deck. For example, the upper and lower parts are built with bamboo, bringing flexibility. Flexibility is an essential factor for freeride, freestyle, and dancing enthusiasts

When the bamboo dampens flex, vibrations created by tricks and flips get ignored, making it easier for the rider to balance the ride. Moreover, bamboo also helps in reducing regular shocks brought by cracks, pebbles, or rocky roads. On the other hand, maple at the core increases the board’s durability, making it lighter than other products. The lightweight of this product makes it portable. 

Trucks under the Krown board come with a decent kingpin technique called exotic. These trucks are responsible for providing stable riding at any surface. During our testing process, we found that each hardware part of this board exceeds the standard set by the longboarding community. The wheels are wide enough to roll over any cracks impressively, and they last for a long due to their sturdy build. 


  • Versatile longboard
  • Stability at its peak
  • Expansive deck helps beginners
  • Sturdy wheels 
  • Durable trucks


  • Trucks are immensely tight
  • Deck does not remain sturdy after months


This pintail longboard is too flexible that the deck touches the ground sometimes. Secondly, the quality of the deck is not good either because some of its users were not happy with its construction. The deck performed well initially, but a few cracks appeared on it after a few months. That is to say; it is not a long-lasting longboard. The noticeable features are its eye-catching design, nice deck length, and strong trucks.

Pintail Board | Buying Guide

Various factors can impact the performance of every type of longboard. Everyone wants a durable longboard for the longer term and acts exactly according to the buyer’s needs. Here are the notable features you need to look for in the best pintail longboard. 

  • Riding style
  • Deck shape & style
  • Deck Size
  • Wheels
  • Flex in the deck
  • Trucks

Riding Style

There are several riding styles within longboarding, and a single board can’t suit all kinds concurrently. Each style and preferred pintail board are mentioned to ease your research criteria. 


When rushing down the hill, the speed is high; the longboard needs to be responsive so that that rider can take curves calmly. That is why downhill longboards must have traction-free trucks and speed generating wheels. If the longboard gets out of control during downhill racing, there is a high possibility of getting injured. That is why Pintail longboards with 70mm wheels and Kingpin trucks suit downhill riding the most. 

Freestyle & Freeride

Freestyling is all about displaying skills on a longboard at a high level. For example, you place some obstacles on a straight surface and ride through them without getting in touch with them. There are multiple styles within freestyling, and you need professional-level control to do these skills.

Similarly, freeriding means sliding on steep streets or waving on straight roads and downhills. For this riding style, as you need to wave around, do flips, and pops, a Pintail longboard with responsive trucks, a flexible deck, and sturdy wheels will suit the most. 

Cruising & Carving

Most of the time, cruising enthusiasts go for long-distance rides, and this purpose, they need a board that can cover distances with minimal effort implied. Hence, drop-through longboards are perfect for cruising and carving riding styles. 

Pintail Decks | Shape & Style

There are two significant shapes in the longboarding field. Directional longboards have a nose and a tail, while symmetrical longboards look the same from both ends. Pintail is the most common style within directional longboards, and it can only be used in the forward direction. Hence, Pintail longboards are better for cruising and carving purposes that tend riders to move in a particular direction. 

When it comes to deck styles, the most common ones are;


drop through


drop deck

Top Mount

top mount

Pintail Longboard vs Drop Through

Pintail longboards mostly come with a top mount design because of their necessities. Though it takes more effort than other deck styles, a top-mounted deck provides more control, stability, and agility during the ride. 

Drop-through decks are near the ground and decrease human effort to push the longboard for minimum distances. These longboards are better for commuting purposes to travel more distance. 

Deck Size

An expansive longboard can help beginners stand firm on the deck without hesitation. Contrary to that, expert skaters go for slightly shorter decks because they increase responsiveness. Once the newcomers get used to a longboard and start controlling the board well at a high pace, they can move onto shorter pintail longboards comfortably to try out skills or multiple riding styles. 

Deck Flex

Flex in the deck is necessary if your preferred riding style is freestyle, pumping, carving, or downhill riding. A little flex can help you play with it more and enjoy adventurous tours. On the other hand, if a board has more than needed flex, it can easily pull you off from the board. That is why, for beginners, we recommend boards with deck flex almost equal to zero to keep them on board. 


The most suitable wheel size for pintail longboards is between 65mm-72mm. The reason is that these wheels can cross cracks, rough terrains, and rocky roads pretty comfortably. Besides the diameter of the wheels, the build material also matters a lot. Rubber wheels are good but can not perform as good as Polyurethane wheels. PU wheels always last for long and can resist shocks created during rides. 


There are two primary functions of trucks in a longboard. Firstly, they turn the boards around the curves or allow riders to wave on a straight street. Secondly, these trucks should provide stability, shock-free, and smooth ride.

Traditional kingpin trucks are not complicated, and they provide super cruising and commuting experience. On the other hand, reverse kingpin trucks are adjustable and can help downhill skaters, free-riders, and freestylers to adjust the trucks according to their individual riding styles.


What are pintail longboards good for?

Pintail longboards are most suitable for cruising purposes. Carving the following possible riding style with this stylish longboard. You can also commute smaller distances with the help of pin tail boards. 

Are pintail longboards good for beginners?

Yes, pintail longboards usually come with expansive decks that help novices stand calmly on the board. Besides length, the board’s overall design helps newbies learn basic and pro-level longboarding skills. 


Pintail is a unique design compared to other styles like drop-through or drop-deck longboards. Pintail always has a cut-out deck that keeps a safe distance from the wheels to avoid any collision between the deck and the wheels. This feature keeps wheels away from bites. Moreover, the best pintail longboards always suit multiple riding styles to meet the needs of various skaters. 

Written by: Matt Harper

I am the sole brain behind the idea of writing longboard reviews which resulted in the production of this case study i.e. BoardsOnTop. I love everything about longboards and write exemplary reviews to help the longboarding community as once it helped me.

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