How Much do Longboards Cost |Price Range Comparison

“How much do longboards cost?” is a frequently asked question by beginners especially. The concern is genuine because everybody has to spend according to what their purse allows. But, unfortunately, the answer is not a straightforward one. Due to the availability of thousands of longboards online, the price varies from brand to brand and type … Read more

Reasons to opt a Longboard for Transportation

It does not matter if you have other sources of transportation or not but investing in a longboard for transportation is worth it. Covering longer and shorter distances with the longboards is not something new. People have been using their boards for a long time for multiple purposes like going to campus, longboarding in the … Read more

Tips and Tricks for Longboarding in the City | FAQs

Longboarding in the city

Longboarding in the city has always been a great way of enjoying nature and roaming freely around the city. Also, people opt to ride longboard around the city for regular exercise but in zero traffic areas. Moreover, many longboarders will use their longboards for commuting purposes and to complete their daily tasks. Most importantly, the … Read more

Can you Travel with a Longboard? Top Airlines Policies

flying with a longboard

Including me, several longboard riders want to fly with a longboard from one city to another or one country to another. Various conditions apply whenever it comes to flying with a longboard on an airplane. The major ones are extra charges and the weight and dimensions of your longboard or skateboard. Some airlines strictly disallow … Read more

Do You Need a Helmet for Longboarding?

Experienced riders have discovered multiple longboarding ways. The most favorite and popular among the people are Cruising, Carving, Commuting, Dancing, Downhill Riding, and Freestyling or Freeriding. Therefore, I had to deeply inspect all the riding styles to answer, “Do you need a helmet for longboarding?” As an old longboard rider, I’ve ridden my longboard for … Read more

How to Ride an Electric Longboard

Riding an electric longboard is different from riding a traditional 40 inches longboard. The reasons behind the different riding styles are numerous. First, an electric longboard does not move with the push, and it proceeds with remote control. Secondly, you don’t have to try different braking techniques for stopping a powered longboard because it has … Read more

Best Way to Tighten & Loosen Longboard Trucks

Due to the availability of multiple types of longboards, there is a possibility that you will come across different trucks’ adjustments and tightnesses. Therefore, the longboard riders must learn “How to Tighten Longboard Trucks.” Moreover, even if you buy a suitable longboard according to your riding style, you still may need to try different alignments … Read more