Apollo Longboard Review | Are Apollo Longboards Good?

Apollo Longboards Review

Due to the availability of several longboard brands, it is possible that you might struggle in selecting the best and multifunctional longboard. We always look for three to four gadgets inside a longboard; these accessories are trucks, wheels, decks, and sometimes bearings. These attachments will decide how your longboard will perform in various conditions. So … Read more

What is Freestyle Longboarding & How to Freestyle on a Longboard

what is Freestyle Longboarding

Undoubtedly, freestyle longboarding is one of the most technical riding styles in longboarding. Compared to freeriding, you must have experience in longboarding and grip over various skills. Mostly, freestyling requires stopping, balancing, speeding, and turning tricks at once. This one also has multiple tricks and techniques like sliding, cruising, dancing, and other riding methods. So, … Read more

Uphill Longboarding | Brief Guide on How to Do it

longboarding uphill

All skaters universally accept cruising and downhill riding styles, but some commuting enthusiasts come across uphill, and it becomes a little hard to go uphill on a longboard. Those unfamiliar with longboarding uphill usually pick the board upon the shoulder and cover that distance by foot. We are here to explain all the methods that … Read more

Longboarding in Snow | Can you Longboard in the Winter?

Tips and tricks for longboarding in snow

Whenever the snowy season comes, most skaters pack up their skateboards and longboards. They start looking for other extracurricular activities to amuse themselves in their free time. As soon as winter comes, most states have roads and streets full of snow. Hence, professional skaters receive questions about longboarding in the snow from numerous newbies. This … Read more

Drop Through vs Drop Down Longboard & Preferred Riding Styles

The number of longboard lovers has exponentially increased in the past few years, and everyone likes a different riding style. Some skaters enjoy cruising around, and some skate enthusiasts love freestyle and freeriding. Commuting is another popular style, and most people use it to travel longer distances. For each riding style, professionals recommend a specified … Read more

Pintail Longboard vs Drop Through, Which one you should choose

pintail longboard vs drop through

Whenever a newbie joins any longboarding community, one of the initial questions that come to that beginner’s mind is, “Should I Buy a pintail longboard or a drop-through one?”. Pintail longboard vs drop-through is an interesting debate. Comparing both types of longboards depends on multiple factors, including the riders’ preferred riding style, riders’ skills, and … Read more

Why are Longboards more Expensive than the Skateboards

Why do longboards cost a lot

Length is not the only difference between longboards and skateboards. If you inspect a longboard and skateboard completely, you will find all the accessories different from each other. Ultimately, these differences make a longboard more expensive than a skateboard, and it is the answer to “Why are Longboards so Expensive.” Heavy and extra material in … Read more