Each & Everything About Downhill Longboarding With Some Beneficial Tips

Downhill Longboarding

There are countless people who start longboarding due to the downhill riding style because it amazes people a lot. Undoubtedly, it is amongst the last step towards becoming a master of longboarding. First and foremost, you have to put your fear aside before you start learning downhill riding. The game of downhill longboarding is all … Read more

What is Freeride Longboarding, How to Freeride, and Best Tricks in 2023

What is Freeride Longboarding

Freeride longboarding is one of those riding styles that longboarders love these days. If we talk about “what is freeride longboarding” and its learning difficulty, it is not too difficult to learn compared to carving, commuting, and downhill riding. We consider it the second easiest riding style to learn whereas cruising remains the first one. … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Longboard Vs. Penny Board | Updated

longboard vs penny board

Longboard vs. Penny Board is one of the most heated debates among the beginner members of longboarding communities. One of the significant differences between penny and longboard is clear from their names. A penny board is comparatively way smaller than a longboard which has an expansive extended deck. However, the deck length is not the … Read more

Styles & Techniques for Long Distance Longboarding

Using longboards as means of transport to cover a distance of miles is an extreme level of commuting. Unlike other riding styles of cruising, freestyle, freeride, or downhill riding, the commuting technique requires professionalism at its best. In other longboarding methods, you do not need to have collective skills. For example, you only need to … Read more

Is Longboarding Safer than Skateboarding

Is longboarding safe

Every kid or a starter always stays confused about the safety measures before joining the longboarding community. Longboards provide excellent opportunities for transportation and enjoyment in spare time. But, there would hardly be a skater who hasn’t got injured at any point of his riding career. The most common injuries include skin scratches, knee sprain, … Read more

What is Longboard Pumping – Complete Tutorial for Beginner Riders

what is Longboard Pumping

Longboard pumping is a highly-appreciated riding style among longboard riders. Also, the longboard riders have enormously done longboard pumping throughout the year (2023). Some of the riding techniques are easier than pumping a longboard whereas some are hard to implement. That is to say, if you have a little command over longboarding, you can avail … Read more

What is Freestyle Longboarding & How to Freestyle on a Longboard

what is Freestyle Longboarding

Undoubtedly, freestyle longboarding is one of the most technical riding styles in longboarding. Compared to freeriding, you must have experience in longboarding and grip over various skills. Mostly, freestyling requires stopping, balancing, speeding, and turning tricks at once. This one also has multiple tricks and techniques like sliding, cruising, dancing, and other riding methods. So, … Read more