Best Sliding and Drifting Longboards with Performance Update | Buying Guide & FAQs

Best sliding longboards

Sliding is undoubtedly an exciting riding style, but the significance of having the best longboard for sliding increases due to injury possibilities. A slight mismatch of longboard measurements can put you in danger of body scratches during the performance of slides. So, we have come up with top-rated downhill sliding longboards that will take your … Read more

Best Longboards for Dancing in 2023, Top Boards for Beginners and Pros

Dancing on a longboard is an art, a completely different type of joy attracting numerous skaters, especially beginners. Learning to dance is not as tricky as selecting the best longboard for dancing. There are multiple factors to consider before buying one, i.e., Flex in the deck, sturdiness of the trucks, types of wheels, and dimensions … Read more

14 Best Electric Longboards, Top All-Terrain Remote Control Longboards

Do you reckon why people prefer electric longboards over traditional ones? The simpler longboards are genuine for cruising, but they require continuous pushes. No doubt, you will enjoy this experience, but they are tiring in nature. On the other hand, best electric longboards provide you with step-less yet faster rides. Moreover, you can adjust the … Read more

Best Longboards for Beginners 2023, Easiest to Ride Boards for Newbies

Longboarding seems slightly challenging but appealing too. Have you recently been watching people showcasing their skating skills around your neighborhood or online? Did you find it fascinating to give it a try? We’re sure you did. But you might be hesitant in inspecting the best longboards for beginners. So we offer our sincere services to … Read more

Best Longboards for Girls & Beginner Women | Buying Guide for Females

best longboards for girls

All-female skate enthusiasts crave a longboard that suits their preferred riding hobby. Finding the best longboard for girls is neither difficult nor easy. We have minimized the effort of newcomers by suggesting a few of the top longboards designed explicitly for women. Female members of our skate group have tested all these longboards, and we … Read more

Best Longboards for Commuting 2023, Top Long-Distance Commuter Boards

best longboard for commuting

Do you find it difficult to walk to the nearby metro or bus stop? Are you tired of spending bucks for transportation? We confidently bring you the most suitable solution in the best longboards for commuting. Our suggested products made their way into the list depending on the most positive feedback and satisfactory personal experience. … Read more

Short & Long Best Pintail Longboards with Classic Decks | 202 Update

best pintail longboards

Trying out all longboard designs is fun, and Pintail longboards are the most joyful ones. Their distinctive ability is to withstand multiple riding styles at once. For example, the best pintail longboards are the most suitable options if you are looking for a longboard that helps you cruise, carve or any style that doesn’t need … Read more