Can you Travel with a Longboard? Top Airlines Policies

Including me, several longboard riders want to fly with a longboard from one city to another or one country to another. Various conditions apply whenever it comes to flying with a longboard on an airplane. The major ones are extra charges and the weight and dimensions of your longboard or skateboard. Some airlines strictly disallow the passengers to fly with the longboard. On the other hand, you have to pay an extra fee depending on the size of your board. Moreover, some airlines let you travel with your skateboard or longboard. 

We have noticed that the length, width, and weight of your package must follow the rules of the airline you wish to fly with. Another important point to be noted here is that not all airline networks have the same rules for luggage limitations. Therefore, we have decided to arrange an in-depth session on “Flying With a Longboard” to scrutinize everything that can help the visitors of BoardsOnTop. We will be guiding you with the regulations of the best airlines these days and their policies for those who want to fly with a longboard.

Flying with a Longboard

The presence of numerous airline companies means you will have to face different rules regarding taking a longboard on a plane. Their policies aside, there are a few important things to consider whenever you wish to fly with a longboard. After discussing all these noticeable factors shortly, we will be disclosing the regulations of some of the significant airlines. Here are the most valuable considerations for you if you are willing to take a longboard on a plane.

Airline to Fly with:

Half of your entanglement will disappear if you are familiar with the luggage rules of the airline you are going to fly with. Once you know the luggage limitation or other precautions set by the air network, it will become easier to travel. Most importantly, if you fulfill all the requirements, there will be no problem whether you are traveling with a longboard, skateboard, or any other item. 

Airplane Size and Longboard’s Dimensions:

The measurements of your longboard are the second most important factor to consider whenever flying on a plane. The air company allows you to take your board with you if it is smaller and can fit in the surrounding area of your seat. In case, the deck length of a board with more than 40 inches can be problematic. 

Secondly, you should see for yourself the size of the plane. Because smaller airplanes mostly have issues in terms of adjusting the travelers’ baggage. 

Your Way of Carrying Longboard:

As a longboarder, you must know how to carry a longboard in a normal routine. It also depends on whether you can take the skate or longboard on the plane. The possibilities of carrying a longboard are, carrying in the hands, carrying with the backpack, or using back strips. Your comfort level can also inspire the staff to let you in with your backpack.

Your Travelling Route:

If you are moving inside the US on a plane, there are strong chances that you can easily travel with a skateboard. On the other hand, the European countries have different laws such as board size, board weight, and plane size. In short, your easiness depends on your traveling routes as well. 

Flying with a Longboard on Different Airlines

In the rest of this post, you will come across 5-6 different major air networks and their policies for those who wish to fly with a longboard. We recommend you find your preferred airline and see if they allow the passengers to travel by skateboard. Most importantly, we will also be enlightening their rules which are necessary for you. So, go through the restrictions as well to repel the upcoming possible issues.

Traveling with a longboard | American Airlines

After reading the luggage policy of American Airlines, we came to know that you are allowed to move on a plane with your skateboard or longboard. There can be 2-3 different scenarios for you. You can check in with a carry-on length of around 20 inches. Secondly, you can enter the plan with a checked backpack if it weighs around 50lbs and has a length of around 60 inches. Most importantly, the staff will ask you for some extra charges depending on the quantity and weight of the backpack in which you are carrying your longboard.

The last possibility is that you don’t find a suitable place for your luggage. You will have to separate a few parts of your board, such as trucks and wheels. The T-shaped tool will help you in taking trucks and wheels apart. Make sure to proceed with all this at your home, not inside the place. Below is the official statement given by American Airlines. 

Flying with a longboard

Flying with a Longboard | Southwest Airlines

The luggage policy of Southwest Airlines is quite polite for skaters. You can easily fly with your longboard if it has the same size as the below size of your seat. It is considered the most suitable option whenever you are flying on Southwest Airlines. The secondary option is to place your board in the overhead bin. Make sure to place it in a wheels-up position so that it does not move and disturb your traveling companions.

The policy says your board’s size must be 24x16x10 or even less if you wish to check-in as a carry-on. So, it is always better to measure the length and width of your riding board before you leave the home for the airport.

Carrying a Longboard with Delta Airlines

I have personally flown with my longboard on the Delta Airlines flight. The regulations of this air network let you enter the plane with both checked-in and carry-on. The carry-on policy may become a bit challenging due to the limitations of the dimensions. On the other hand, the checked-baggage service is considerable as they don’t charge you extra money since your bag size is 62 inches. 

If you wish to fly with carry-on service, your package must be 22″x14″x9″ which seems impossible if we see the normal measurements of skateboard and longboard. Anyhow, if you have got a cruiser board is small size with you, you can check-in as a carry-on easily. 

Flying with a longboard

Alaska Airlines Policy for Longboards

Flying with a longboard on an Alaska plane seems to be a bit challenging compared to the other airline networks. First of all, the checked-in baggage will cost you around $30 or even more, depending on the weight of your luggage. Moreover, we can’t give you exact numbers on how much it will cost you. In short, they will charge you according to your package’s length, width, and weight.

The carry-on service is quite similar to the other airlines. If your longboard fits well under the seat or overhead bin, nothing is problematic. Our research says that you will have to pay extra dollars to avail the checked-baggage service as a normal longboard can’t fit under your seat. Yes, there can be a possibility for the penny board users. Read the policy below in the image.

Flying with a longboard on Alaska Airlines

United Airlines and Flying with a Longboard

Unfortunately, you can’t fly with your electric longboards either as check-in or carry-on. It is written in the official policy provided by United airlines. On the other hand, if you wish to fly with a traditional and non-powered longboard, you can check in as both checked baggage and carry-on. Keep in mind that you might be charged extra money if your bags exceed their official announcement. Read the policy about skateboards and longboard in the image given below.

United Airlines policy for longboards

Your board has to be less than 45 inches for carry-on luggage service. It looks achievable, and for surety, you may need to remove the trucks and rollers from the longboard. So, the united airline is a worthy option for those who wish to fly with a longboard.

Flying with a Longboard | Jet Blue Airlines

Like all the previous airlines, Jet Blue also allows its flyers to take the longboard along them if your package fulfills their requirements. Also, it does not matter if you want to take your board with you as a carry-on or checked bagged. If you wish to avail the checked-in service, the length of your package should be 62 inches or less. In case you want to place your longboard ( with or without backpack ) under the seat, the measurements should be 22″x14″x9″.

An important note mentioned in the Jet Blue policy is that the company is not responsible if your longboard or skateboard gets damaged during the flight. Therefore, you should place it in safety or put some old pieces of clothes inside the bag. 

Final Words

Flying with a longboard has been one of the most discussed topics in longboarding communities in recent times. Our short answer to “Can you fly with a longboard” is yes, you can. The major airline companies in the US allow you to fly with your longboard if you follow all their requirements. In these limitations, you will have to be careful with your package’s weight and other dimensions, no matter if you want to fly as checked-in or carry-on. 

Moreover, some airlines charge you extra dollars when you travel on a plane with a longboard or skateboard. Also, some restrict you from taking electric longboards on a plane. In the end, we have mentioned the official policies of some of the most used airlines in the US. We suggest you go through each one to know everything regarding flying with a longboard.

Written by: Andrew Norris

Hello, I am Andrew, and I am an experienced longboard rider since my early boyhood days. I have had multiple longboards throughout my life and has gained an invaluable experience about the build quality, structure, and performance.

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