How Long Do Longboards Last & Tips for Making Longboards Stronger

We come across a lot of exciting and weird questions on the internet. How much do longboards last is one of them. It is a vital query and requires a detailed answer. The stiffness and longevity of a longboard depend on multiple factors. We all know that a longboard consists of several gadgets such as trucks, bearings, wheels, and a deck. Therefore, we must be careful with every accessory attached to any longboard. That’s the most beneficial way to find a long-lasting longboard.

The attachments we have mentioned above need maintenance regularly. Any of the accessories can ruin your complete setup. Therefore, we will be inspecting the whole structure of a longboard to know precisely how much time your board should spend. In our years of longboarding experience, we have used longboards from 5 months to 2 years. Some could not even complete 5 months due to the terrible quality of the deck. That is to say, if something is wrong with your bearings, wheels, or trucks, then you can renew your board, but if its deck gets broken, your longboard is no more applicable.

What Makes your Longboard Weaker

How Long do Longboards last

Firstly, we will analyze the attachments that get used in a longboard and their longevity to conclude the life of a longboard. Secondly, we will shed light on those factors as well that can affect your board or its accessories. It means that if you take care of what we will disclose here, your longboard will last for more time than your expectations. Here are some of the significant factors that will decide if your board will last longer or not.

Manufacturing Quality:

First and most important, the quality of material used in your board’s construction must be top-notch. It is the most crucial factor that will specify the life of your longboard’s deck, wheels, or other gadgets. 

The territory of Use:

The environment and the territory where you use your longboard directly impact the construction of your board. Let’s say if there are holes, bumps, and cracks everywhere when you ride regularly, it clearly shows that your product is not going to last longer. 

Product’s Maintenance:

Whether you notice some error in the item or not, you should always do maintenance of the skateboard or longboard after some time, such as cleaning the wheels, tightening the trucks, and lubricating the bearings.

Riding Technique:

You can imagine if your try to slide your longboard over a rough surface, then what will happen to the sturdiness of your product. BoardsOnTop has researched that challenging longboarding styles can also slow your longboard down. Riding an electric longboard is a different topic and it has a different procedure for the upgradation.

How Long do Longboards Last

Talking about “How long do longboards last,” we have four significant attachments: the deck, wheels, bearings, and trucks. We will simultaneously discuss the life of all the attachments. Also, we will try to give you some beneficial tips for making your longboard sturdy and up to date. The deck inside the skateboard and longboard is an essential thing, so that we will be discussing it at first. 

How Long do Longboards’ Decks Last

In case you don’t know, the deck is the part where you stand and ride the board. It clarifies that the responsibility of bearing the rider’s weight is almost dependent on the deck quality. If you are fond of riding a longboard, you should look for a thick deck with less flexibility. Firstly, it will be unbreakable, and secondly, your heavy friends can also ride it.

How Long do Longboard decks last

If you wish to dance, freestyle, or freeride over a longboard, your product may not last more than 3 months. When you perform tricks and dancing steps over the deck, it makes the deck weaker, which will ruin your longboarding experience. BoardsOnTop suggests Bamboo, Fiberglass, and Maple wood as the best material for your longboards.

Deck Maintenance:

There are two highly-admired ways of maintaining the deck of a longboard. First, you have to keep your deck away from dirt, water, moisture and other harmful things. Secondly, you should renew or clean your grip tape when required. If you fulfil these two requirements, we believe your deck won’t only stay strong but will also last longer than the expectations.

How Long do Longboard Trucks Last

How long do Longboard trucks Last

Trucks inside the skateboard and longboard are the most muscular part. Trucks are made of high-quality and robust material; therefore, they don’t get damaged easily. After regular use, you will notice small cracks or holes on the surface of trucks. It will bend the axle net a bit which is placed in the middle. In that case, you will have to repair or change them.

We have to see trucks in a board getting cracked. Although, we do notice some delays whenever we make tricky turns. Delay in the turns means incident which you should avoid at any cost. So, whenever you feel such an error in your rides, it means you should see and make suitable changes in your trucks. Here’s what you can do to make them faster and more responsive.

Trucks Maintenance:

Whenever you come back from a rough ride, don’t forget to clean the pivot, axle nut and bushing near the trucks. Either you can clean them with a wet cloth or lubricating the pivot and bushings will be even better.

How Long do Longboard Wheels Last

How Long do Longboard wheels last

The wheels of a longboard or skateboard will lose their functionalities and quality quicker than the other parts. Due to numerous riding styles, people don’t use separate pairs of rollers for their favorite riding technique, which lessens the wheels’ life. Also, wheels require maintenance regularly. Otherwise, they get rugged too early. According to our research, if you keep using the rollers without any preservation, they will be dead within 4-6 weeks. This is the case for those who ride down the hill, slide their longboard, and ride at maximum speed levels. 

For beginners, it is as simple as going straightforward with pushes. If newbies clean the wheels and take care of them, they aren’t going anywhere before 2 years. Make sure to inspect the rollers’ construction material and their size. We found Polyurethane made wheels with 70A+ hardness work efficiently. You should always know whether you want to have speedy rides or balanced and safe rides. If you are fond of achieving different speed levels, we recommend you change the roller’s position often. 

Wheels Maintenance:

Keeping the longboard wheels fresher is not challenging. You will need a skate tool, and you are suitable for the renewing process. Dispatch all the rollers from their position, clean them with oil, and then place them back. Read “How to clean longboard wheels” or watch the video given below. 

How Long do Longboard Bearings Last

How Long do Longboard bearings last

If there is something wrong with your longboard wheels, like they are not spinning well or not gaining speed or delay in the turns, the bearings need upgradation. Bearings are almost like trucks, and they don’t get harmed because of solid material in the construction. They do have the capability of being used for years if looked after properly. People replace bearings with the new set, which is also admirable. It entirely depends on the quality of bearings after continuous Use if they should be replaced or cleaned.

Suppose you are looking forward to the cleaning process. You must have the best lubricant bearings before you start that process. Lubricant will make the whole set not only shiny, but you will also notice smoothness and instant speed to your rides. Most importantly, using water to clean or soaking them in the water should be prevented because it will make all the pieces of bearings rusty within an hour.

Bearings Maintenance:

If you ride a skateboard or longboard in smooth and clean areas, the bearings will require preservation after 2-3 weeks. If you ride in the dirt, water, or on the roads full of cracks, we recommend a cleaning procedure after every ride. Our recommended video is given below for how to lubricate the bearings properly.

How to Extend Longboard’s Life

You can reduce your work and stay ignorant of how long do longboards last or how to keep them newer by applying a few important things. “Avoidance is better than cure” the same law applies here. We believe if you fulfil our suggested requirements, you will surely be happy with your longboard’s life.

Avoid Using Longboard in Wet Conditions:

Riding a longboard or skateboard in wet conditions and then not drying it will ruin the whole setup. The trucks, wheels, bearings, and deck will be rusty and will start reducing their lives. 

Maintenance of all Parts:

Any part included in the skateboard required upgradation or cleaning process. Whether you feel about cleaning or renewing them, you should clean the wheels after 1-2 weeks, bearings after 3-4 weeks, trucks after 1 month, and deck within a few days. That’s the best way to prolong the life of your skateboard or longboard. Moreover, you will not even need to ask how long do longboards last.

People Also Ask

How long should your longboard last?

It depends. If you are a regular longboard user with often maintenance, then it will last for years. On the other hand, if you don’t take care of the board, use it in rain and wet conditions, and don’t take care of the attachments. Your longboard will be under your feet for a few months hardly. You will be able to use it but not with the same joy and smoothness in rides.

When should you replace the longboard deck?

Those people who have broken their deck will mostly ask how long do longboards last. The deck should only be replaced when it seems finished, can’t bear the weight of an average person, or gets broken. If it works well but you can’t stand firmly, you should change its grip tape. The rough estimate says that you should clean or renew the tape after 1-2 months. Replace the deck when you believe it can’t go longer.

Final Words

Many people ask, “How long do longboards last” before entering the longboarding world. It is a valid question and requires an in-depth answer. We have described all the significant attachments that are placed in longboards to know how they impact the longboard’s life. Moreover, we give your maintenance tips for wheels, trucks, and bearings. Applying those tips will prolong the life of your board for sure. In the end, don’t forget to read the safety tips and tips for extending the life of the longboard.

Written by: Andrew Norris

Hello, I am Andrew, and I am an experienced longboard rider since my early boyhood days. I have had multiple longboards throughout my life and has gained an invaluable experience about the build quality, structure, and performance.

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