How Long is a Longboard, Suitable Length for Your Riding Style & Height

A lot of essential things like riding styles, braking, pushing, and sliding matter on what is the length of your longboard. That’s the major reason why beginners ask how long is a longboard. Well, it is not easy to tell how long exactly a longboard is because there are multiple types of longboards with different sizes.

We have seen boards from 32 inches to 46 inches in the longboarding world. The fact behind multiple lengths is the different riding styles and shapes of longboards. Cruising, carving, commuting, and freestyle longboards are the most common designs used to manufacture a longboard.

How long is the average longboard

We have been analyzing and riding different types of longboards and skateboards for a long time. A deck around 38-40 inches is the average length of a longboard and works well for different riding styles. Moreover, this size is considered a suitable choice for the rides that have been in touch with longboarding for some time. If we talk about the width, 7″ is the average width and is excellent for longboard riders. If you are a beginner, cruising, carving, and freestyle riding lover, you can go with these dimensions as per the observation of many experienced skaters.

how long is a longboard

Why do Longboards and Skateboards have different lengths

As a newbie, you must learn how to longboard first and then move towards skateboarding. The significant difference between these two boards’ lengths provides beginners with a more accessible deck to ride as beginner longboards promise 40+ sizes where the rider gets more room to stand and keeps the rider’s momentum. 

On the other hand, skateboards are still better for performing tricks and freestyle. Moreover, it’s never easy for a newbie to keep the momentum alive on a flat and short skateboard deck. To learn longboarding, everyone requires an extended deck. Later, you can either select a longboard of a shorter size or a skateboard. In short, skateboards are more suitable for pro riders whereas the beginners feel comfortable on a longer deck.

What Longboard Length is Good

It is never easy to say what longboard size is suitable for the riders unless we know the riding style and height of the rider. Yes, your riding style and your height matter a lot while deciding which longboard length is good for you. For example, to perform cruising on a longboard, you need a different length, and to carve on a deck, you need a different size. Therefore, we need to go through the complete analyzation process and then we will tell you the perfect height for each of the common types of a longboard.

How long is a longboard | Longboard sizes


If anyone is fond of longboard cruising and has a height of around 5’10”, we suggest buying a longboard with 34-40 inches in length. The rider’s size above is average, and cruising on a board needs flex and responsiveness. Therefore, around 36 inches would work perfectly well. Also, these dimensions have been inspected by the experienced member of our community.

If your height is above the mentioned one, you will have to find a deck size of 40+ inches. Most importantly, length is not the only factor you should look for in a cruising longboard. Its other components like wheels, bearings, and trucks also need to support your riding style.

Longboard Length for Cruising

Height Length
5’10”34-40 Inches
5’10″+40+ Inches

Downhill Riding:

Riding a longboard down the hill is another widely performed riding style. It would be best to be very careful while choosing a longboard for this specific purpose because it is one the most technical riding styles in longboarding. Trucks, rollers, and bearings are as crucial as the length of the deck inside downhill longboards. As a skater, we do everything to prevent injuries and mishaps. 

The best way to deal with this is to choose a longboard with 42 or above inches dimensions. You get more space to stand and stop your longboard quickly with such length. The size chart for downhill riding lovers is given below for more explanations.

Suitable Length for Downhill Longboard

Height Deck’s Length
5’10”42 Inches
5’10″+42+ Inches


We believe your skills and technique matter more than just the size of the carving longboard. Rather than conflicting yourself in the measurements, you should invest your time in finding more suitable components. Rollers need to grasp the ground very well during the carving rides, and trucks need to be as responsive as possible. 

For a person with an average height of 5’10”, any deck between 36-42 inches in length would be a suitable choice. If the size is above the expected one, stay around 42 but don’t choose one with 36″ or less.

Carving Longboard Length

Height Deck’s Length
5’10”36-42 Inches
5’10″+42+ Inches


For commuting riders, the width should also be satisfactory. Because while commuting, riders often need to bend in different directions. Therefore, we never compromise on the deck’s width to avoid incidents. Thus, the perfect dimensions for a commuting longboard are 39″ in length and a width of around 9 inches. Moreover, these proportions are suitable for any rider of any height. 

We notice people asking, “how much distance can be covered while commuting”, so the answer is if your feet are over a recommended and complete board, you can cover a couple of miles easily with fewer pushes.

Commuting Longboard Dimensions39 x 9 Inches


We believe many of you love to slide on the longboard. Yes, because sliding is an unprecedented feeling and procedure to learn. You can minimize your effort in learning to slide by selecting an appropriate board with all the essential high-quality parts in it. In this case, you are almost restricted to finding a length around 39-42 inches. You will come across many longboard decks, but the sliding one will always have the size around a little 40″ above or below. 

Length for Sliding Longboard39-42 Inches

Freestyle and Tricks:

Using a longboard for freestyles and tricks is not a bad option unless it is fully supported. Probably, you will need attention and care more than ever while choosing a board for tricky rides. Starting with the length and width, you can’t go below 40″ and above 46″ for technical dancing rides. Moreover, these dimensions are evenly suitable for kids, teenagers, women, adults, and beginner longboard riders.

Deck’s Length for Tricks40-46 Inches


Dancing on a longboard has a massive fanbase in the longboard world. And why should it not be? It is one of the great adventures that you can try riding a board. While selecting the deck, trucks, and wheels, a little more effort will take your dancing experience to another level. A length of around 40 to 42 inches is acceptable in this scenario. Of course, you are not allowed to forget to test the deck’s flex. 

As I have been dancing on the longboards for years, I have concluded that flexibility plays a considerable role while riders rotate themselves continuously over the deck. So the deck’s size is apart, make sure it has a reasonable flex in it no matter how many rotations are being made over it.

Deck’s Length for Dancing40-42 Inches

How Wide are Longboards

Unlike the extent of the longboards, you will mostly find the width from 6-9 inches only. The experienced skaters believe that the width does not play a considerable role in longboard performance. But if you are a beginner, you should look for the maximum wideness in the deck to ride confidently. Technically, it gives you more room to stand firmly and have excellent control over all of your rides.

Suitable Longboard Length for Beginners

It’s one of the essential questions being asked related to longboarding. If you have not ridden any longboard before, we recommend you have a deck with maximum length. There are multiple longboards available with 46″ dimensions proving their worth under critical situations for the newcomers. The width also plays a specific role in providing novices secure and hesitation-free rides. That is to say, 46 x 9″ is the best longboard size for beginners. Most importantly, these kind of boards will last longer than the other ones.

Beginner’s Longboard Size46 x 9 Inches


There are various queries regarding longboards, and one of the significant ones is how long is a longboard. There are nearly six different lengths for the longboards specifying different riding styles. You will often notice a longboard’s distance from 36 inches to 46 inches. Beginners are suggested to invest in a board with maximum length, while others can choose one by mentioning their favorite riding style. 

We shed light on almost all the manners of longboards, along with their best dimensions. Clarify your height, and BoardsOnTop will help you find the most suitable product for you. Moreover, we have discussed the width as well to clear all of your confusion regarding longboards’ sizes.

Written by: Andrew Norris

Hello, I am Andrew, and I am an experienced longboard rider since my early boyhood days. I have had multiple longboards throughout my life and has gained an invaluable experience about the build quality, structure, and performance.

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