How to Carry a Longboard | Holding Tips with Backpacks

Recently we noticed people asking “how to carry a longboard.” This question requires an in-depth answer because I have to carry my board several times. To eliminate this problem about holding a longboard, we have researched and analyzed some beneficial ways of taking any board. If you are fond of longboarding in a neighborhood or somewhere near home, you may need to worry about this less than those who ride down the hill.

When a rider chooses a hill to ride or wants to cruise in the city, there are strong chances that he will have to carry his longboard, but how?. Before we move to the steps of carrying a longboard, we would like to address those riders who might need a solution to this problem.

How to Hold a Longboard?

In my five years of longboarding experience, I have used different methods to carry a longboard. Some of them require investment, while some are free but may tire the rider. By investing, you can have a shoulder bag, shoulder strap, and backpack specially designed to put the longboards in them. The most common way to hold your longboard is by carrying it with your hands. We’ll analyze each of the methods for your satisfaction. Choose one that satisfies you in all scenarios. The five beneficial ways of holding a longboard are;

Hold in your hands

Place in the shoulder strap

Use longboard backpack

Carry with a travel bag

Hold with a traditional bag

1. Holding your longboard in Hands

Not in all scenarios but in some, when you hold a longboard in your hands, it is not that bad. Almost half of the skating community appreciates this way. Moreover, carrying a longboard by the rider itself can be a hectic process sometimes. It will mostly happen when;

The longboard has a length above 36 inches.

You have to take the board with you for longer distances.

When the weight of the longboard is more than usual.

You have something else as well to carry with it.

how to hold a longboard

Beginning with the deck’s length, if it goes over 36 inches, you may tire yourself by covering a short distance. The perfect positioning for holding a longboard (36 inches ) in hands would be in a horizontal shape. Grab the deck from the middle and free your arms. With this position, you will be able to walk a bit longer than any other way.

There are some other techniques as well, but they seem tiring:

  • You can also grab the deck from its nose side and keep going.
  • Place it on your shoulders and cover as much distance as possible because this technique will start hurting you sooner or later.
  • Hug the front side of the longboard near the chest.
  • If you have some muscles and more stamina, divide your fingers in the trucks and hold them in a hanger shape.

In the end, we want to clarify that any of the methods mentioned above can make you tired. So, if you know the distance you cover with a longboard in your hands is short, this technique is excellent.

2. Carry your Longboard with Shoulders Strap

In this way, you buy a strap to wear on the shoulders and tie it beneath the deck. It is pretty satisfying to invest in such a belt as a longboard with any length around 32-46 inches can fit in it. Unluckily, when we compared it with a backpack, we found it inconvenient in some ways.

There are two significant inconveniences that we saw in the shoulder belts. The first one is that you have to switch it to the other shoulder repeatedly. Secondly, if you don’t give it over to the second shoulder, the one you carry with the most gets tired. Go through the pros and cons to understand if it suits you or not.

carrying a longboard with shoulder straps


Your hands remain free.

The strap has weight almost none.

Suitable for both holding the board on shoulders or back


A longboard with more weight than usual will tease you.

Need to be careful of attaching the board’s grip tape to your outfit

Longboard staying naked means no protection in rain

3. Longboard in the Backpack

It is a traditional and benefitting way to carry the board. In addition, the weight goes on both of your shoulders for satisfaction means you can go longer than you could go with a shoulder strap. Unfortunately, these advantages are achievable when the board has an average length. The only solution BoardsOnTop found for this problem is letting the rest of your board stay outside the backpack.

longboard backpack

Obviously, it can be a disadvantage in some ways, like when it is raining, fear of longboard fall, etc. The primary difference we noticed in backpacks and shoulders straps is the weight. To make it more simpler than every method of holding a longboard has both advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, we discuss each one and see what suits us the most. Using backpacks for carrying a skateboard or longboard is highly suggested when going for family tours or trips.

Some backpacks have a design that can not place a complete longboard, so it’s a good idea to wear it horizontally. Unless you don’t have to pass through the tapered doors. As a fact, this is another disadvantage. On the other hand, some of the longboards are satisfactory in placing a longboard, accessories, and safety equipment ( helmets, gloves, knee pads ) if you wear them. In short, backpacks look like a more accessible way of carrying your board than straps. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of holding your board with bags.


Comfortable due to double belts for wearing the bag.

Even weight distribution on both shoulders.

Also suitable for keeping other essentials in it.


Heavier than straps

Inconvenient in hot weather

A complete longboard can’t fit in.

4. Keeping the Longboard in Traveling Bag

Suppose you wish to keep every inch of your longboard inside something safe. Then, of course, go for the traveling bags, but why? The most extended length that I have seen of any longboard is 46 inches. On the other hand, some of the travel bags for longboards have 47 inches in length and 11 inches in width. Is there anything else that you need? Satisfaction is assured with such products as you use the belts for even weight distribution.

travel bag

I said some bags have a length of 47 inches, which means if the deck dimensions are higher than the bag, your struggle begins. If you are more interested in using a travel bag to keep your longboard with you, make sure you buy one that suits your longboard’s dimensions. Let us differentiate these travel bags with shoulder straps and longboard backpacks.


Comfortable design when covering longer distances

Some bags have suitable lengths to keep the complete board in.

Perfect choice for trips and tours


Comparatively expensive products

Some bags are short in length.

5. Traditional Bags for Longboards

If you have any useless bag in your home, you can use it for carrying your longboard when needed. However, like the other techniques, the one also has pros and cons. First, you don’t need to invest because you use an old bag. Secondly, if you ride on an average-lengthed board, it will fit very well in the bag. The disadvantage is if the dimensions of your deck and bag do not suit each other.

Why do we hold a Longboard?

As mentioned above, there are some scenarios in which the user will have to pick his longboard. So let’s see what these situations are and see if you also need to find a solution for how to hold a longboard or not.

Traveling on a longboard

As an old skater, I know many people who buy longboards for transportation purposes. So, your reaching point can be longer to shorter. When you go for such rides, there are strong chances that you will have to hold your board in hand or any way you want to. While covering longer distances, you go through multiple surfaces; there can be rough roads, wet areas, etc. That is to say. It will help if you have a solution for picking your board.

Commuting on a longboard

In simple words, commuting means reaching the destination. The same principle applies to commuting on a longboard. You stand over the board and go to the place you have to. It is evident that you will have to leave your board and take it into your hands. Thus, you must find a way of carrying the board.

Reaching your Longboarding Place

We all know that we need a suitable surface for a specific riding style. Sometimes, we have to go to that place, which means you may be holding the longboard in your hands. Moreover, you travel by your bike to get there faster. If you have a car or its alternative, you might not need to pick the board in hand.

Cruising on a Longboard

In the longboarding world, cruising means exploring the city on any board. Ultimately, you will have to go through crowded urban areas where you can not ride your longboard. Even when we see the masters riding a longboard in overcrowded rooms, they come off the board for others’ safety. As a result, a suitable way of holding your board is essential.

Downhill Riding

Those riders who love to ride down the hill are probably the last ones who will have to know “how to carry a longboard.” Going down the hill on a longboard means going up the mountain first. Whether you use a two-wheel vehicle or go on foot, carrying the longboard is necessary. Unfortunately, you can not ride your board on the hill going high.


It is essential to discuss how to carry a longboard because sometimes riders have to go up the hill, cruise in a specific place, and commute. It becomes an irritating process when you need to hold your board, especially when you don’t know how to. Therefore, it is a crucial procedure to learn.

Experienced skaters have discovered numerous techniques. We have gone through all of them and disclosed only those that are comparatively more satisfying than others. Use your hands to pick your board, buy a shoulders strap, use a travel bag, a traditional backpack, or one specially made for placing the longboard in it. See the advantages and disadvantages of each technique and start decently grabbing your board.

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