How to Clean Grip Tape | Guide for Skateboards & Longboards

It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie skater or a professional one; you’ll always want your skateboard or a longboard to look attractive, clean, and dust-free. Keeping the board parts clean is the rider’s duty, and when it comes to cleaning the grip tape, a little more consistency can help grip-tape work more efficiently than ever. In addition, when you keep cleaning the tape after every few rides, you’ll feel the increased traction caused by freshly cleared grip tape.

how to clean grip tape

Procedure to Clean Grip Tape

Like longboard wheels, bearings, and bushings, you need to clean the grip tape as well after some time. Continuous rides on the longboard result in peeling off the tape over it, or it does not stick to the deck anymore. Here are some of the suitable and beneficial ways to scrub your longboard grip tape.

Things you need to clean dirty grip tape

If you plan to replace the previous grip tape with a newer one every time, you’ll have to spend a lot monthly. Instead, if you keep our suggested essentials in the bag, you’ll not only save bucks but also increase the longevity of the skateboard’s grip tape. A grip tape gum, a wire brush, and a cloth made up of microfiber will help you remove dirt and increase traction inside your existing grip tape.

There are three different practices that can do what we want to achieve. Each method is briefly explained here to help you get the best possible results. 

1. Using Grip Tape Gum Cleaner

Gum is the quickest and most adopted way of cleaning dirty cover. Find the most suitable gum from nearby hardware stores. This gum has the ability to remove every bit of dust from anything, including covers of longboards or skateboard grip tapes. Your task is to rub the gum around the dust, and the gum will absorb it to result in a cleaned surface. Moreover, this method keeps the tape grippy enough for a quick ride again.

2. Using Water & Brush

If you see crust-type mud over the grip tape of your longboard or skateboard, then this method will help you clear everything effectively. It would be best to have a brass-like brush or a hard toothbrush, water, and a towel. Dip the brush into a bucket of water, make it wet enough to clean stuff, rub the surface which contains mud with the help of a damp brush, and now use a towel for cleaning extracted debris. After removing debris, use grip gum to clean the tape completely.

3. Using Dryer & Towel

Most professional skate comrades have surely stepped on waxed surfaces to push the longboard. Removing wax from grip tape is a hell of a task, and we recommend you to use this method for proper cleaning of grip tape. Firstly, you need a hair dryer that can generate heat. This heat is enough to melt the wax placed on the grip tape. As soon as the wax starts melting, use a towel to remove it from the standing surface.

Benefits of Longboard Grip Tape

Cleaning the grip tape of the longboard makes your board and deck look fresh and improves your rides. Here are some of the most exciting advantages of renewing the grip tape.

  • Installation of grip tape to the deck brings friction between the shoes and the longboard.
  • Secondly, it helps you stay in the perfect momentum while longboarding and minimize your effort of stopping the longboard. 
  • Some riding styles, such as carving and commuting, require such accessories to be upgraded every time you ride your board.

Tips for Keeping the Grip Tape Newer

1. Keep your deck away from the dirt and avoid riding it in wet conditions.

2. Always buy a waterproof grip tape.

3. Clean the tape using an old piece of cloth or towel every time you come back after the ride.


Should you put grip tape on the longboard?

Putting the grip tape on a longboard is essential in various ways. Firstly, it helps in providing you the stability during rides. Secondly, it keeps the friction alive between your shoes and deck. Most importantly, you get complete control over your rides, including quick stopping, turns, etc.

How much do longboard grip tapes cost?

Grip tapes cost around $15-20 and are beneficial in various ways.

Are longboard grip tapes replaceable?

Yes, three different ways can help you replace the tape as many times as you want to. Also, it is highly recommended for both newbies and experienced skaters.


We insist all our skating fellows either have a new grip tape or clean the older one after some time as we have noticed some extraordinary advantages of replacing the tape to the deck. Bring more stability and control to your rides by cleaning the grip tape. Above, we have discussed how to clean grip tape with three more accessible methods. Please read all of them and select the one you think is easy to implement.

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