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Riding longboards and skateboards is the merriment of its type. However, they need proper maintenance regularly. Therefore, it is really important for you to learn how to clean longboard wheels. Cleaning wheels, oiling bearings, cleaning decks & trucks is essential to keep the longboard or skateboard performing at the highest possible level. As you move with the help of wheels, they need to be clean and mud-free every time you plan to cruise, carve, dance, or go for downhill racing.

Advantages of Cleaning Wheels:

There are numerous advantages of cleaning longboard wheels regularly. It may seem like a headache, but it has outstanding facts when riding your longboard with cleaned or new wheels. Let’s skate into the benefits of longboard wheels care.

how to clean longboard wheels
  • Once the rollers of your longboard or skateboard have been washed perfectly, the wheels are going to grasp all kinds of surfaces very well. The cleaning brings more stability, momentum, and control to the upcoming different rides.
  • The weight distribution becomes more accessible. If a heavy rider rides the longboard, the perfectly cleaned rollers bear the load very well and keep him going simultaneously on uneven surfaces.
  • Multiple wheels support different riding styles like cruising, sliding, and commuting. So, if you keep them up to date, it will help you enjoy the adventure of your preferred riding style.

Disadvantages of not Cleaning Wheels:

Same as advantages, if you don’t take care of the rollers and other parts it becomes the reason of multiple disadvantages. Let’s see what these drawbacks are and how it affects your rides.

  • First of all, the dirty wheels compromise your essential safety. The dust on the wheels makes their surface uneven. In other words, you feel shocks and bumps during the rides. Not only on uneven roads, but you also stay in danger on flat surfaces. The cleaning process helps you roll faster and with the required momentum.
  • One of the biggest advantages of dirty wheels is that they lessen your longboard life. Dust makes rollers uneven, so they can’t bear the weight accordingly. When the wheels don’t bear the load exactly, it results in shocks which will affect your deck. Sooner or later, it will lose its sturdiness.
  • The wheels struggle to generate the pace like before and affect your riding style. Therefore, to enjoy your cruising, carving, sliding, or commuting rides, make sure to clean the rollers whenever required.

How to Clean Longboard Wheels

The cleaning of longboard or skateboard wheels may look difficult, but it is not actually. You only need to go through the process once or twice and require some essential tools to begin this process.

Steps to Implement

Here is how you clean muddy, dirty, and dusty wheels within a few simple steps. So, read the steps, apply them to the wheels, clean them, make them look fresh, and bring back the stability and momentum like before.

1. Dispatch the Wheels:

Turn the longboard or your skateboard upside down, make use of the skate tool that comes along with the package when you buy the board. Dispatch the wheels with the tool, and don’t forget to keep the nuts organized so that you don’t have to worry about it when attaching the wheels again.

2. Remove Bearings:

Bearings inside the wheels are the actual reason for wheels spinning, and they only need to be lubricated, not watered. Hence, remove the bearings first.

3. Remove Small Stones:

There is a high possibility of wheels having small stones stuck inside the core or the surface. Dip a cloth in water and remove the stones and gravel from the wheels.

4. Choose Chemical to Clean:

Now you have multiple choices to opt for in the cleaning process. Either buy Magic Eraser or fill up a big bowl with hot water and mix some dishwashing chemicals in it.

5. Place Wheels in the Bowl:

Drop all 4 wheels of your longboard or skateboard inside the bowl and let them bathe. Wait for at least 10 or 15 minutes.

6. Rub the Wheels:

Get the wheels out now and rub them with a mixture of soap. Rub them hard so that all the dust and dirt get removed completely. A harder brush will do better because it can get into the pores to clean up stocked stuff.

7. Dry the Rollers:

In the second last step, you will need a towel or dryer because now is the time to make the wheels dry. With an old piece of towel, place the pair of rollers inside it and dry them. Secondly, you can use a dryer and spend 5-10 minutes making them dry.

8. Bearings Lubrication and Reinstallation:

Once they are fully dry, put the bearings in after oiling them if needed. Attach the wheels back to the trucks, and now you are ready to go for a smooth and flawless ride with sparkling wheels.

If the steps mentioned above look difficult for you to apply. See the video below for better understanding.

People Also Ask

How to maintain longboard wheels?

Cleaning the wheels regularly is one of the best ways to keep them updated. You can implement multiple ways to clean and maintain the longboard parts, including wheels. It is helpful in various ways, such as generating pace, control over your rides, and smooth-rolling over uneven surfaces.

How to clean longboard wheels without removing them?

Cleaning wheels without dispatching them is not completely beneficial but applicable. You need an old brush that can go as inside the rollers as possible. Use that brush to remove the possible dirt. Make some liquid in a bowl with soap or dishwashing chemicals. Now put the wheels inside the bowl and leave them there for 10 minutes.


If you are riding your longboard with dirty wheels, you must learn how to clean longboard wheels. Perfectly cleaned and fresh rollers are advantageous in different ways. Firstly, your longboard generates speed faster than before with the help of wheels and bearings. Also, it provides you with smooth rides on uneven surfaces. That is to say, keeping the wheels cleaner all the time gives you the feeling of your first ride every time your ride.

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