How to Ride an Electric Longboard

Riding an electric longboard is different from riding a traditional 40 inches longboard. The reasons behind the different riding styles are numerous. First, an electric longboard does not move with the push, and it proceeds with remote control. Secondly, you don’t have to try different braking techniques for stopping a powered longboard because it has a braking system in the device. In short words, you ride your simple board with pushes and different body positioning, whereas an electric board works with the remote control device. Therefore, it is imperative for you to learn “How to ride an electric Longboard” if you have one.

We will go through three to four significant steps that we do the most on our E-Longboard. Firstly, we recommend you go and buy a suitable and long-lasting electric longboard for yourself. We are confident that you will get to know how to stand perfectly on deck and how to generate speed in your rides. Moreover, we will be shedding light on the points of braking at higher speeds when riding an electric longboard and turning it safely. So, stay with us and see what step teases you the most, and then learn it with BoardsOnTop.

How to Ride an Electric Longboard or Skateboard

how to ride an electric longboard

We have noticed that many people in longboarding don’t care about their stance, which is crucial whether you are riding with a non-electric board or an electric one. So, we will begin our conversation with how to stand on an electric board.

How to Stand on an Electric Longboard

how to ride an electric longboard

You must know Goofy and Regular stance if you’ve been riding any longboard for some time. Most importantly, riding a motorized or a simple board without knowing your perspective will make it challenging to stay balanced, take quick and responsive turns, etc. That is why we always recommend people to ride with their natural stance so that they can not only enjoy longboarding but with safety. Here are the two stances that are found in longboarders.

Goofy Riders:

Those riders who place their right foot in front and left foot in the back are goofy. In other words, your strong foot should always come in front whenever riding a longboard. Moreover, the best way to know which one of your feet is stronger is by kicking a football. We can’t say that having a goofy stance is beneficial, but yes, your realistic perspective will keep you safe.

Regular Stance:

Secondly, we have a regular stance which is the opposite of goofy. In this riding style, you will use your left foot as the front one and your right foot as the back one. Again, keep in mind that none of these feet positioning is recommended. One of these can be your stance, and you should ride with your natural one to ride smoothly and safely.

how to stand on an electric longboard

As we are done with the longboarding stance, here are some of the other tips and tricks for riding an electric longboard and standing on it.

Knee positioning is the key when riding an electric longboard because you have to stay stable throughout the ride. Keep the bent but not too much as it will make you tired.

The difference between the shoulders and your feet should not be equal. It is not a hard and fast rule, but experienced riders consider it reasonable.

Whenever you are on an electric longboard, your front foot (according to goofy or regular stance) must be tilted around 45 degrees. This positioning will help you stay stable and stop the ride instantly when required.

Lastly, we have central gravity to discuss, which is always essential whether you are riding a longboard or skateboard. The center of gravity will always be different according to your riding style. 

How to Boost up an Electric Longboard

As we discuss how to ride an electric longboard, speeding up your E-Board is the most important thing to learn. As mentioned above, you don’t need to place your feet on the ground to gain speed. You will get a device with your E-Longboard where you will find the acceleration button. Never go at full pace when beginning the ride; start from low speed and go faster when in total momentum.

Although the pushes are unnecessary for the newbies, we suggest having some. This will bring some peace to the ride, and you will not have to go at full speed at the start. In other words, it depends on you and your riding experience. The central gravity will decide your safety here. It must be under your control till the ride ends because it’s the only thing that can fall you down. Also, when you are riding at maximum speed, the motor attached below may ruin your balance during the ride. So, that’s the drawback that we have noticed when riding an electric longboard.

How do you Turn on an Electric Longboard

We have ridden both electric and non-electric longboards, and turning them was the most challenging task. Comparing them, turning a regular longboard is comparatively tricky to turning a motorized board. The difference in wheels and their sizes makes the turning different from each other. So, we have to answer “How to ride an electric longboard and how to turn it.” We have concluded a few interesting and beneficial points that will let you turn your electric board efficiently. 

In the beginning, you will have to practice a lot. Practice is the key to success when learning how to turn an electric longboard. As a newbie, you are not allowed to make tricky and quick turns because it can be problematic. You have to start with average speed and then take intentional turns with the help of your longboard’s device. We believe if you know the safety precautions for electric longboard riding, you can tackle all the challenges. 

The precautions are to stay focused and see what’s coming or going on the road. Don’t look at the device and your feet positioning again and again. Try to turn the board at a speed that you can easily balance to stop at the start. Also, learn from the carving, but the carves should not be too long or difficult to implement. In short words, you will have to turn the board dramatically until you are good at it. Below you will find our findings on how to turn an electric board perfectly.

Although you will turn the wheels with the device, your body positioning still has to be perfect. It must pretend to be ready whenever your turn the board.

Knees play a vital role in the longboarding journey. Position them to bring smoothness to your ride and give you confidence. Bending them too much for a long ride will be tiring.

Most importantly, you will always have to use your toes and heels for turning the deck, not your body. You can repel any mishap easily and complete the ride with safety with your body. 

Whenever you want to turn your board, choose the direction you want to turn on and put pressure on that site with the heels.

How to Stop (Brake) on an Electric Longboard

Stopping an electric board requires a lot of focus on the ride. The reason is multiple devices with different features. For example, some machines stop the board so fast that the trucks in the back will be lifted. Read “How to Tighten or Loosen Longboard Trucks.” On the other hand, some boards stop a bit late, and some stop perfectly well. Therefore, we have researched too much and found a beneficial way to tackle this issue.

The recommendation of BoardsOnTop says to have multiple rides on empty roads to inspect the braking system of your board. Guess what? It will help you break the board accordingly, and you will know about your board’s time to stop. Like turning the board, we suggest giving more practice to know your longboard completely.

Confidence is vital when learning how to ride an electric longboard or skateboard. The research says electric longboards can move at around 25mph or even more. So, it’s better to protect your head with helmets and your knees with knee pads. Using them will make you mentally ready for the speedy rides, turning the board and braking it at higher speeds.


How hard is it to ride an electric longboard?

Learning how to ride an electric longboard or skateboard is not too challenging. The availability of remote control devices makes it easier to understand the learning steps. You will have to focus on your feet and other body parts’ positioning. The rest of the job will be done by your longboard’s device. The tip here is to inspect the controlling device and board thoroughly for better results.

Are electric longboards suitable for beginners?

Turning the boards, achieving a suitable speed, and stopping the longboard are the most important. These tasks are easier to understand and implement when you are riding an electric longboard. Ultimately, it becomes a suitable and perfect choice for beginners. Learning difficulty apart, riding an E-Longboard is an unprecedented feeling for novices.

Is an electric longboard easier than a regular longboard?

Non-Electric longboards will make you tired because of continuous pushes, different body positioning, and stopping the longboard with your hands or feet. These are the primary reasons people love to invest in an electric skateboard or longboard rather than regular ones. In other words, both of them have their drawbacks and advantages. The price tag of electric boards is probably the most significant disadvantage.


Electric longboards and electric skateboards have almost the same riding technique. When learning how to ride an electric longboard and skateboard, there are multiple things to consider. You must know your longboarding stance, which will help you stay focused and balanced throughout the ride. Secondly, you should learn how to achieve speed on an electric skateboard and turn perfectly with that pace. You must practice the steps for stopping your longboard with accuracy and at perfect timings. You will get everything in detail above.

Written by: Andrew Norris

Hello, I am Andrew, and I am an experienced longboard rider since my early boyhood days. I have had multiple longboards throughout my life and has gained an invaluable experience about the build quality, structure, and performance.

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