Reasons to opt a Longboard for Transportation

It does not matter if you have other sources of transportation or not but investing in a longboard for transportation is worth it. Covering longer and shorter distances with the longboards is not something new. People have been using their boards for a long time for multiple purposes like going to campus, longboarding in the city, finishing their smaller tasks, etc.

Longboard for transportation

I have also been using my longboard for transportation and other similar tasks. Therefore, I will be sharing all the advantages or disadvantages I came to know in this journey. You must be curious to know what Longboard to choose if someone is interested in covering distances with the help of a skateboard or Longboard. So, we will discuss the advantages and drawbacks of riding a longboard with the goal of transportation. 

First of all, we will highlight all the necessary features for a transporting longboard. Go through each of the points to know what product is suitable for the goal you want to achieve. 

Buying Guide for Transporting Longboard

Not all the riders would like to buy a longboard for the same transportation task. There is a possibility that many of you are finding a good longboard that can help you go to the campus. At the same time, the others want to have a nice longboard for covering maximum distances. Therefore, we will sum up all these things in the same buying guide. Specify your goal, and BoardsOnTop will do the rest for your convenience.

Longboard for Smaller Routes:

There is nothing to worry about when you search for a longboard that can help you go for a short ride. For example, you want to go two or three streets away from your home or buy something from the nearest market. An average-sized longboard will soft wheels will probably be the best choice for you. With this combination, you can easily ride at higher and slower speeds and balance the pace whenever needed. Below we have given the most suitable Longboard that reflects your riding style.

Boilgon 39 Inches Longboard

Longboard for Transportation

Longboard for College Students:

We consider college cruising also as transportation because you have to go through different roads and crowds. The most experienced longboarders at BoardsOnTop believe that a normal longboard will perform nicely if someone wants to go to campus regularly. Moreover, there are multiple best college longboards with all the required specifications. We have read the specification of each board and suggested you the best product below.

APPOLO Premium Longboard

College longboard

Best Longboard for Longer Distances:

We know many skaters that use their longboards to cover maximum distances. You need to be more careful when finding a board that can help you go for miles. You can’t compromise on the quality of trucks, wheels, and deck in a longboard. Many longboards can help you commute for miles without any inconvenience. We have ridden all of them and compared them to each other to suggest you the best product. This Longboard will work nicely and be friendly to you whenever you are on a long-distance ride. You will surely like the area to stand, its stability, pace generating ability, etc.

Retrospec Zed Longboard

Transporting Longboard

Final Words on Buying Guide:

We have shed light on the possible reasons for riding a longboard for transportation. You have to know whether you wish to ride a longboard for campus use, commute for miles, or deal with the small home tasks. Also, we have mentioned the best products for each of the riding styles that will work efficiently under critical conditions.

Transportation with Longboard

If you have been in the longboarding community for a long time, you must be aware of the benefits and a few disadvantages of longboard transportation. So, we will share our experience with you on what makes Longboard a good transporting choice. Most importantly, you can repel the possible drawbacks as BoardsOnTop has also shared the tips. So, let’s start with the advantages of riding a longboard for transportation.

1. Quick Transportation:

Compared to walking, longboards are faster and more suitable for reaching the destination earlier. I was not familiar with longboard transportation unless I went to pick my amazon package of an affordable toilet. As mentioned above, there can be multiple scenarios in longboard transportation.

So, if you are on to smaller route ride, no doubt longboard will help you in various ways. Such as going through crowded areas easily, faster than walking and jogging, and going to college. On the other hand, traveling for hours on a longboard can be a tiring process for you. 

2. Easy to Carry:

You can easily grab your Longboard in your hands or the backpack on different rides. You don’t have to worry about locking it up like the bikes or finding a legal parking area for the car. Most importantly, when you are riding through the areas full of people, you can easily get off the deck and grab it in your hands. In short, a longboard for transportation is surely a better option than walking, and in some scenarios, it is better than bikes. 

3. Sidewalk Longboarding:

If you know the rules and tips, you can be benefited from riding a longboard on the sidewalk, whereas the bikers are not allowed to do. So, you will always have an option to take your Longboard to the sidewalk whenever you notice too much traffic on the road. It will be helpful if you go through the rules first on how to ride a longboard on the sidewalk

4. Beneficial Workout:

You may not know, but longboarding is a great way to keep your major body parts active. It depends on how you perform it. If you are a regular longboard user and ride it for 30 minutes or above, you will find yourself active throughout the day, and it is a great cardio workout. If you have become unusually fat, riding a skateboard or Longboard can help you a lot. Moreover, you can use longboards to have more and try out different riding styles.

Disadvantages of Longboard Transportation

Below, you will find the possible drawbacks of using your longboards for the transporting process. Don’t forget to read the solutions given to each problem.

1. Longboard Transportation and Carrying Items:

First of all, you can’t take extra items that might be useful to you. Let’s say you want to have your phone charger with you or something else important to you. You will have to adjust everything in your pockets. In case you are wearing shorts, there is nothing you can take something with you. As promised, we will share the solutions to all the problems you might face during the transporting process on a longboard. 


The solution to this problem is to take a smaller-sized backpack with you. You can place the things there and place the bag on your back. Make sure the size of the bag is not too big as it makes your back sweat too much.

2. Safety Issues:

On a regular basis, people ask if longboarding is safe or not. There is no doubt that longboarding becomes scary sometimes, especially when you are riding on a busy road full of small and big vehicles. We here would like to recommend that you must be longboarding for at least 3-4 months before you start using your Longboard for transportation. 


The solution to the unsafety of longboarding is to wear all the recommended essentials. Whenever you go to the college or somewhere else on a longboard, make sure you have covered your head with the helmet and your knees and elbow with the pads.

3. Longboarding in the Snow or Rain:

Longboarding in the rain or the snow has been one of the most discussed topics in longboarding communities. The beginners are not allowed to ride a longboard in snow or rain as it requires next-level experience. You have to balance yourself even when you are moving at lower speed levels. The biggest problem of longboarding in wet conditions is unbalanced rides. If you have good knowledge of how to stay balanced, you can try it out.


The solution to this drawback of longboard transportation is to bring more riding experience and work on your balancing skills. Secondly, never ride in the rain unless your major body parts are protected with safety gear.


Should you use a longboard for transportation?

The short answer to this question is yes; you can use a longboard for transportation. You need to follow the transporting rules first to get all the benefits. Overall, longboards are better options than walking and those who are jogging. In some scenarios, longboards are even better than bikes as well.

Are longboards good options for commuting?

Covering longer distances with the Longboard is a great option for you for both enjoying and workout purposes. Before that, you will have to learn how to commute as it contains a few important steps that must be performed when commuting. 

Are longboards good for transportation or skateboards?

We have compared longboards and skateboards to each other and found out that a longboard has a more friendly design than a skateboard for transportation. First of all, the deck length of a longboard suits long-distance and short-distance riding evenly. At the same time, a skateboard can’t take you to a faraway destination.


People have been asking a lot about how good a longboard is for transportation. Therefore, BoardsOnTop has decided to share all the advantages and disadvantages of transporting with a longboard. Moreover, you will come to know the possible ways why a longboarder uses his board for transportation. Don’t forget to inspect the longboards that have been specified for each riding style.

Written by: Andrew Norris

Hello, I am Andrew, and I am an experienced longboard rider since my early boyhood days. I have had multiple longboards throughout my life and has gained an invaluable experience about the build quality, structure, and performance.

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