Longboard vs Cruiser – Detailed Comparison to Know Which One is Best

Describing the difference between a longboard and a cruiser in a couple of sentences would not be a good approach.

Before concluding the longboard vs cruiser board discussion, there are multiple factors that need to be explained.

Most of the cruiser boards have a short length, and they weigh less.

On the other hand, longboards are usually more than 36 inches long.

The combo of the size and weight of a board is still not a pet rule in the skating field because some smaller longboards and long cruiser boards are available online. 

Longboard vs Cruiser Board – Everything Explained

Deck length is not the only factor that differentiates longboard and cruiser.

Apart from the deck, the difference comes in trucks, wheels, deck shape, board flexibility, and the overall sizes of longboard and cruiser.

Let’s skate into the definition and characteristics of both of them to understand what makes them different. 

What is a longboard?

A traditional skateboard with a comparatively more extended deck, wider wheels, and more space to stand comprehensively defines a longboard.

However, there are multiple longboards, e.g., for traveling, downhill racing, cruising, carving, and fast rides.

The similar features among all are deck length and its slight concaveness, which ensure stability to the rider in longboarding of any kind. 

What is a cruiser board?

A short, responsive, portable, agile, and lightweight longboard is termed a cruiser board.

Surfing the web, you will see multiple types of cruiser boards, and the widely used ones are mini-cruiser, simple cruiser, penny boards, and surf skate.

Because of the shorter length of the deck, cruisers mostly suit expert skaters who prefer to showcase their skating and dancing skills.

With small size comes portability and easy cruising in crowded streets and empty roads. 

Longboard vs Cruiser – Difference in Trucks

The internal parts of trucks are alike, like bushings, kingpins, baseplates, and hangers.

The difference between longboard and cruiser trucks comes in their build.

Compared to typical skateboards and cruisers, longboards have inversed technology in truck formations.

These reverse trucks are arranged in other ways to increase mobility to a considerable extent. 

Longboard Trucks

longboard vs cruiser, difference in trucks

Cruiser Board Trucks

longboard vs cruiser, cruiser trucks

Besides arrangement, the width of trucks also differs in cruiser and longboard.

As the longboards are wider than cruiser boards, the trucks have width according to the width of the deck.

Bushings are an essential part of trucks and are also distinct in both the cruiser and longboard.

In longboards, the bushings are way softer than usual cruiser boards, due to which there is a slight improvement in taking sharp turns.

But longboards for downhill have stiff bushings to keep the board stable at high speed. 

Shape Difference between a Cruiser and a Longboard

Almost all cruiser boards come with an acute design from the front, while the back end has a popped edge to help you do some flips or pops according to your skill level.

Some cruiser boards are flat from the back, but professionals don’t recommend that if you have some freestyle skills to perform regularly. 

Longboard Shape

longboard vs cruiser, longboard shape

Cruiser Shape

longboard vs cruiser, cruiser board shape

In most cases, longboards do not come with a nose and a tail. Instead, the deck is flat on both ends.

The extended deck attracts beginners because it gives them more space to stand firm.

Here are the two most common deck shapes in the longboarding field. 

Directional Longboards

directional longboard

Directional longboards go only in one direction like an arrow. The most popular directional longboard is Pintail, specified for carving or downhill riding. 

Twin Symmetrical Longboards

symmetrical longboard

Symmetrical longboards have the same design on both ends and can move in both forward and backward. Go with a twin symmetrical longboard if you have an interest in freestyle and freeride longboarding.

Difference in Flexibility of the Deck

The debate on longboard vs cruiser continues even when it comes to the flexibility of the deck.

In general, decks of longboards come with more flexibility which reduces after continuous use.

Flex helps the whole board to snub the shocks on rough surfaces and gives riders a smooth ride.

On the other hand, cruiser boards are stiff and have inconsiderable flexibility to help free-riding and freestyle lovers pop and flip consistently. 

Some longboards are definitely for speedy rides, and stiff deck boards are preferred more for commuting longboards.

As the stiffness of the deck increases, you will get more stability during downhill races and speedy rides. 

Which One is Easier to Ride, Cruiser or Longboard?

The availability of an extended wheelbase in longboards provides maximum stability during a high-speed ride.

Apart from the wheelbase, the deck length also gives enough space to eliminate the jinx of hesitation of novices. 

The cruiser is also comfortable but can not cross the stability that a longboard provides.

Slightly bigger and softer wheels of cruiser boards ensure a smooth ride, but the deck is not long enough for beginners to try it without hesitation. 

Cruiser Board vs Longboard – In the Streets

When skating through busy streets and crowded areas, the cruiser takes the lead because of its agility, responsiveness, and smaller size.

Longboards are more comfortable in open skateparks, downhill races, and asphalt roads.

A cruiser is primarily used for covering short distances, while longboards can help you cover considerable distances. 

Wheels Difference – Longboard and Cruiser

Cruiser wheels are usually 55-63mm wide because of relatively smaller trucks and axles.

Apart from the wheels size, their nature is pretty soft because of the need of the hour.

Cruiser boards need delicate wheels to roll perfectly over rough terrains, footpaths, and bumpy pavements. 

longboard vs cruiser, wheels difference

On the other hand, longboard wheels are stiff and have a width of about 70mm.

The stiffness of wheels is measured on a durometer ranging between 65a-90a, while 65a is the softest of all.

Softer wheels provide grip on the roads and will introduce maximum speed.

Harder wheels generate less speed but are sturdy.

Most longboards have harder wheels to present stability and a better experience of carving, commuting, and downhill riding. 

Why Buy a Cruiser board?

Professional skaters suggest cruiser boards to those who cover marginal distances by foot.

Cruiser board is specifically designed as a means of transportation for limited distances like going to a nearby school, college, or a tuck shop.

The portability of this board allows you to pick it up, walk into the shop, and go back while cruising. 

When to go for a longboard?

Longboards usually have deep through decks to minimize human effort and attain maximum distance per push.

As human effort decreases, there are more chances of easily covering considerable distances. 

Also, if you want to get into skateboarding, you should get some confidence by using a longboard.

Due to its vast standing surface, you will not hesitate, and once you start riding it regularly, you will love to go cruising and downhill to ride every time. 

Best Longboard in 2023


9.75 x 38 inches size

Bamboo and maple based deck

7-inches thick Al trucks

70mm Hooligan wheels

ABEC-9 Precise bearings

About White Wave:

Every single product of White Wave speaks for itself because of its notable features and hundreds of satisfied customers.

The Bamboo longboard from the brand breaks the ceiling of expectations with its trademark features.

Like most traditional boards, multi-layers of bamboo merged to manufacture a healthy, grippy deck.

Therefore, our expertise proposes this longboard as a perfect asset for any level of skater, no matter their experience.

Wave is among the best sports boards due to its unique design, which boosts its performance.

As the name suggests, the Bamboo Warrior supports easy pushing and behaves like a fanatic in any situation.

You can utilize this longboard for cruising, carving, downhill riding, and freerides, thanks to its symmetrical, mildly concave, and lower-gravity deck shape.

Moreover, riders can easily slide down the track and perform their shenanigans.

Not only does the Warrior survive in kicktail journeys and slower rides, but it can also achieve high acceleration during fast runs and swift turns.

There are high-precision bearings installed to maximize your quick adventures’ accuracy.

Experienced skaters agree that the WWW (White Wave Warrior) is an all-rounder board that makes your rides lively through and through.

But make sure to know the board well before kicking off your maneuvering and tricking expeditions.

One might ask how a warrior accomplishes such a high standard of achievement.

We think that drop-through truck mounting combined with a unique drop deck structure makes it possible to expand the domain of potential trips.

The heavy-duty responsive trucks and giant Hooligan wheels embellish the overall build further, and the board becomes genuine for dancing, bomb hill riding, cruising, and freestyling.

Moreover, it comes fully assembled in the package, and you can gift it to your loved ones.


Suitable for all skaters

Sturdy and supportive deck

High-Speed Cruisers

All-rounder longboard


The deck length is slightly undersized

Best Cruiser Board in 2023

Key Specifications:

7.5×27.5 inches

Shore 78A, 60mm wheels

Item weighs 6 pounds

Wheelbase 18.5″

55-degree reverse kingpin trucks


Magneto focuses on the expectations and requirements of its customers and builds newer boards based on these demands.

This is because the brand is founded by skaters from California and cares about the experience of the skateboarding community.

The Mini Cruiser is among the latest additions of the Magento brand to taste the heights of success.

Famous for its lightweight and portable design technique, Mini is suitable for cruising and simple riding wherever you go.

Two cocktails are available on top and bottom of the cruiser board; therefore, rolling the board requires little to no push.

Moreover, the smaller board size makes it possible to achieve tricks like ollies, mannies, flipping, and general freestyling.

Not only does the rider get infinite success doing these trickeries, but he also gains a decent performance boost due to the asymmetrical surf-style board design.

However, we recommend getting familiar with the mechanics of the board before embarking on such complex tricks.

The other top features of the Magneto Mini Cruiser don’t end with a kicktail and portable design.

Its deck is robust and provides maximum resistance between feet and surface because of the sand grit finish.

Hence, when the rider is maneuvering on the board, there are less chances he slips off the board.

Furthermore, Mini has fast, responsive trucks and super reliable wheels as well in order to complete the whole set.

We can’t stress enough about the board’s performance, but you can find a never-ending list of positive reviews in the online market.


Reliable and sturdy trucks

Dual Kicktails

Portable and Lightweight

Holds around 275 pounds

Surf-board inspired design


Chances of wheel-bites

Not suitable for longer rides

Winding up Longboard vs Cruiser

Every longboard and cruiser has a deck, two trucks, four wheels, and eight bearings. What makes them different is the way these parts are organized. The assembly of hardware parts depends on the purpose of the board.

For example, cruiser boards have a kicktail at both ends for tricks and flips, while wider trucks of a wide deck longboard provide stability during sharp turns.

Written by: Andrew Norris

Hello, I am Andrew, and I am an experienced longboard rider since my early boyhood days. I have had multiple longboards throughout my life and has gained an invaluable experience about the build quality, structure, and performance.

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