Tips and Tricks for Longboarding in the City | FAQs

Longboarding in the city has always been a great way of enjoying nature and roaming freely around the city. Also, people opt to ride longboard around the city for regular exercise but in zero traffic areas. Moreover, many longboarders will use their longboards for commuting purposes and to complete their daily tasks. Most importantly, the students use longboards regularly to reach their college. All these riding styles are considered Longboarding in the city. 

BoardsOnTop has arranged this session to share some terrific tips if you wish to ride a longboard in crowded areas. Our tips will include some safety precautions, such as where you should stop riding, when you should wear a helmet, and how fast you should ride on your longboard in the city. 

Longboarding in the City

If you live in the middle of a city and willing to ride a longboard there, you must read this post as it is a tough task to perform. Your stopping skills, balancing skills, and your confidence must be high level whenever you go for a ride through packed streets or roads. Most importantly, you never know if the upcoming surface is even or not. Therefore, we will be revealing how to overcome this scary task. 

Tips for Longboarding in the City

As a busy skater, you can come across different situations, especially when you have to ride a longboard in the city. Therefore, we request you to read all the tips mentioned below. It will help you tackle any challenge whenever you are on a ride in the city or other congested areas.


Please share all the tips with your longboarding fellows and help them understand how to cruise around the city on a longboard properly. 

Longboarding on Sidewalks:

Including me, many longboard riders choose sidewalks whenever the roads are fully packed, or you have no other area to longboard. Sidewalks are considerable, but it becomes challenging for a newbie or even an intermediate rider. First of all, you have to be focused on what is going on on the sidewalks and how many people are there, and you should always be prepared for the brake. Secondly, you should be connected with the audience and let them know where you want to turn the board. 

Sidewalk longboarding requires extraordinary balancing skills. If you are a beginner and can’t balance yourself, lessening your speed is the best option. Slow speed will help you stop instantly, and you will easily go through the crowd without facing an injury. Lastly, stay active and make sure the surface is not uneven and has no big holes.

Longboarding and Traffic Signals:

When you are riding longboard on the road, you will face traffic signals at different points. We don’t see it as scary, but it is always a better option to respect the signals and wait for the green signal before moving. An exciting tip here is that if you are stuck badly in the traffic and the signal is red; you should jump off and carry your longboard. This will help you come in front and ride the longboard again as soon as the signal goes green. 

Obviously, the others will also want to get rid of traffic, so it is better to indicate them, especially when riding right after the red signal. For beginners, we suggest wearing a longboard helmet. On the other hand, intermediate riders can ride without a helmet and other safety equipment.

Bike Lanes and Longboarding:

If you are not used to riding on sidewalks, bike lanes are the second-best option. First of all, you will not have to deal with cars, boosting your confidence. Secondly, riding a longboard among the bike riders is not a tough task. We suggest you stay focused on the bikes coming from behind and avoid taking unnecessary turns without indicating. 

If you can deal with the bikers behind you, you will always choose bike lanes for Longboarding in the city. The best way to repel any danger on bike lanes is to stay in touch with the other riders. Also, slow down your speed whenever turning your longboard or changing the Lane.

Other Drivers on the Road:

If you know how to communicate with the car, bike, and other drivers on the road, Longboarding in the city will become much easier for you. As we all know, cars, bikes, electric scooters, and other vehicles have indicators that show us where they will turn. On the other hand, there are no indicators on a longboard. Therefore, you must watch the other riders and see where they want to turn. It will help you a lot in repelling any danger on the road.

Riding a longboard on the road or in crowded areas is not difficult until you watch what’s happening around you. You have to be careful of all the vehicles around you, kids, and the indications drivers are giving. The beneficial tip when longboarding on the main road is not Overspeed. You can easily jump off the deck and grab your board in your hands at a slow pace.

Which Lane to opt for Longboarding:

Due to multiple lanes on the roads, the longboard cruising lovers get confused about choosing the right Lane. Longboarders have different opinions on which Lane is best to ride a longboard. For example, the right Lane will have many cars, which is problematic for beginners and intermediate riders. The car drivers will overtake, and you will struggle in braking and turning your longboard. 

Furthermore, most cars are parked next to the rightmost lane, which can be another pitfall for the longboard riders. We strongly recommend protecting your head with the longboard helmet if you ever need to ride through the rightmost Lane. Most importantly, whenever you wish to come at first when there is a red signal, make sure not to do this by riding but carrying your longboard.

Don’t Grab the Cars:

People often grab a car or any other big vehicle to move faster than usual for multiple reasons. It is never recommended and can end up in a scary accident. When moving on a car, you never know when the driver will turn or brake his car. It is too dangerous, and avoiding it can save you from a horrible injury. 

Safety Tip:

If you see any longboarder or companion, grasp the vehicle to ride faster. Do tell him to avoid this action.

Be Careful of Animals:

Suppose you are used to the route you are longboarding on. You must know if animals are roaming out there or not. Like before, you must be focused on what’s coming and going on the road. Most importantly, you have to be aware of the dogs and cats. Even when the road is empty, try to avoid over speeding as a sudden entry of an animal on your way can scare you a bit, resulting in losing your balance. 

Helmet and Longboarding in the City:

Longboarding in the city and helmet

We believe Longboarding in the city requires a lot of confidence. In this case, using a helmet can benefit you a lot. Also, if you are not an experienced skater, you should protect your knees and elbows with elbow pads and knee pads. Another tip for you here is to use only the equipment placed on your body. Don’t carry unnecessary things with you, as it can be problematic when you have to balance yourself. 

In the beginning, we used to take a skating tool with us as well as it helped us in aligning the trucks and wheels of a longboard. You can think about it as well if you are a beginner, but once you are used to the responsiveness of your longboard, you don’t need to. 

People Also Ask

Are longboards good options for cities?

If you wish to longboard on the city’s streets, longboards are probably the best option for you. It has many noticeable features such as quick transportation, faster than walking, and a familiar source of enjoying the environment. Also, Longboarding in the city has been admired since people started using longboards for college and other purposes.

Can you ride a longboard in the streets?

Riding a longboard in the streets is completely different from riding on the main roads. There are no drawbacks to Longboarding in the streets. Also, you will not have to obey the rules of wearing a helmet or finding a specific path to ride. Moreover, your little home tasks can be done easily by looking more attractive to those walking on the streets.

How good is Longboarding on the sidewalks?

If you have good longboarding experience, you can easily longboard on the sidewalks. Beginners may struggle a bit when too many people are walking on the sidewalks. If the sidewalks are fully packed, you should slow down your longboard and indicate where you want to turn or move to people.

Final Words

There are a lot of contenders for Longboarding in the city but don’t know the basics and tips for it. Therefore, BoardsOnTop has revealed all the tips and tricks regarding city cruising on a longboard. The focus is everything for the skaters when they wish to ride in the city. Our discussed points will help you enjoy the city environment safely. Moreover, you will also get to know the safety precautions that will keep you confident when you are on the road with your longboard. 

Written by: Andrew Norris

Hello, I am Andrew, and I am an experienced longboard rider since my early boyhood days. I have had multiple longboards throughout my life and has gained an invaluable experience about the build quality, structure, and performance.

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