Types of Longboards in 2023 | Top Deck Designs & Longboard Shapes

If you are not familiar with all the available types of longboards, you will not be able to completely enjoy the adventure of longboarding. There are various types of longboards available in the market when it comes to longboarding. Each type has its specifications and limitations. For example, a downhill longboard won’t help cruise, and a freeride or freestyle board is not suitable for commuting purposes. This article enlists the most popular and frequently used longboard types.

In the past 5 years, our team has personally tested multiple longboards’ types from each type enlisted here. Our testing adventure emphasizes the purpose, application, integration, and economic aspects of all types of longboards. Also, to minimize your effort in searching, we have dropped two of the best longboards from each category. Feel free to read the product description from the seller’s point of view. Interestingly, you will come across our new findings as well which will help you find a more suitable longboard for you.

Longboard Types in 2023

In 2023, the longboard manufacturers are discovering newer types to inspire as much audience towards longboarding as they possibly can. Among the multiple types of longboards, we will be discussing the most common ones and which longboarding style they prefer the most. Let’s get into the classes and their suitable riding styles without further ado.

Downhill Longboard Styles

Although many different types of longboards are helpful in downhill riding, technically, the “downhill longboards” are the best and most obvious choices. Such longboards meet the requirements of riders that are fond of extreme sports and like to adventure at higher speeds. Therefore, longboards with the downhill tag let you enjoy your ride when going down the hill.

Downhill boards offer spacious and stable deck designs in addition to effective trucks. As the rider requires to turn and curve with various speed settings, that is why the manufacturers set the bare minimum standard for a quality downhill sports board.

Downhill Longboard Shape:

types of longboards

It is possible to achieve very high-speed levels with the help of the discussed type of longboard, such as over 55mph. We would never recommend beginner and even intermediate skaters to test these machines because one requires extreme proficiency and excellence in control of the board. Even the experienced riders don’t go for a downhill ride without the longboard protective gear.

Only the most experienced drivers are promoted to sit on these journeys, but not with top-quality downhill longboards since these mechanical masterpieces can complete the expectations of bomb hill ridings.

Drop-Through – Type of Longboard

Unquestionably, drop-through is one of the most famous types of longboards with endless features. Most importantly, this design is successful in numerous situations. When the baseplate of the trucks is mounted through the deck, we receive the drop-through longboards. Consequently, the overall structure sits lower to the ground and therefore, achieving maximum speed and unlimited stability becomes possible.

Drop-Through Design:

drop through design

These boards are helpful in various situations for the riders, such as long-distance rides, commuting rides, fast riding, and downhill trips. A decent pool of drop-through audiences utilizes them as a means of transportation because the boards grant effortless distant journeys. However, the field of applications doesn’t end here as riders roll these beasts for other purposes such as pumping, carving, etc.

An extensively asked question in boarding commuting is why the drop-through build is famous among beginners and pros? The answer lies in the fact that the longboard can set different speed areas and the absolute safety and comfortability of the rider. As a result, veteran skaters prefer drop-through outdoor boards for versatile situations.

Carving Longboard Styles

Due to our involvement in longboarding communities, we believe that the carving style has grown potentially in recent times. The carving process includes constant back and forth movements creating an S-shaped trajectory throughout the adventure. Carving longboards are built with enhanced precision and accuracy because these two features are required at any cost. Among the best carving cruisers, manufacturers use top mounts to achieve high responsiveness of the trucks. You will perform carving only if you have such builds under your feet.

Deck Shape for Carving:

carving types of longboards

Most riders can find help from carving longboards because they are relatively effortless to ride. The beginners especially require some practice on the down the track carving and become familiar with carving longboards. On the other hand, any successful skater with knowledge and experience will find it easy and fun to ride carving longboards.

The highly detailed design makes carving boards feasible for several situations such as carving, fast and quicker turns, and freerides. In short, carving longboards are successful because of their unique shape, infinite comfortability, and unlimited rider stability. But try to become familiar with the mechanical working of the machine before settings on carving rides. We must say that carving is one of the most technical riding styles to learn.

Cruising | Common Longboarding Style

Cruising is the initial style that every beginner has to go through when they enter the longboarding world. It refers to gentle and relaxed journeys on a longboard. In contrast to other meaningful adventures such as downhill riding, pumping, carving etc., cruising is merely a meaningless ride of roaming from one place to another.

These longboards are slightly different from traditional boards because they need to complete some tours and trips, and that’s it. No one would suggest you move down the hill quickly with cruising boards because this is not their purpose. Do you want a simple and easy riding trip? Cruising longboards are the most obvious choice.

Cruising Type Longboard:

cruising longboards

We will not specify cruising sports boards with beginners or experienced skaters. Whether you are a seasonal skipper, or movie rider, or professional roller, you can ride the board as long as you want. Most importantly, cruising boards have got a complete different shape than downhill, drop-through, and carving longboards.

The most beautiful part of simple cruising is that you don’t get bored with it, and you can roll for hours and hours. If you want effortless pushing at night or want to go with a decent pace on your campus turf, cruising longboards are the genuine choice with multiple other uses.

Bamboo | Longboard Deck Type

Those who wish to have a long-lasting longboards must explore the features of a longboard with Bamboo deck. As the name suggests, Bamboo boards are manufactured with Bamboo as their primary construction material. There is a possibility that Bamboo boards could be constructed with maple wood. But the focus is to provide a highly flexible and stable deck shape.

One might ask what Bamboo longboards achieve? These help with high weight-bearing capability as the deck is stable and flexes to an excellent depth without the chance of breaking into the board. Consequently, Bamboo supports heavy riders with a maximum output of performance.

The question arises whether Bamboo made longboard machines are good enough for newcomers and experienced skaters or not. To begin with, Bamboo provides extreme strength and stability as well as quickness. On the other hand, they are lightweight and easier to carry and even push. With the help of some pushes, you might achieve enough pace.

Critics of skateboards and longboards consider Bamboo longboards as very neutral and balanced devices. You will be able to handle high-end adventures as well as trouble-free push more miniature rides.

Moreover, they are reasonably affordable than the traditional longboards. A beginner should keep an eye on these to fulfil all the requirements. However, pros can find better options, but these boards will be an excellent sidekick in their skating arsenal.

Pintail | Common Longboard Design

Another unique and different design from the longboards to attain various purposes is pintail. The surfing boards inspire their deck design with symmetrical cutouts structure. In this way, the wheels don’t contact the deck. Therefore, there are slim chances of wheel bites. Ultimately, the overall effectiveness and responsiveness of the board are increased as wheels don’t scratch with the board during turns and rotating.

Pintail Deck Shape:

pintail design

Pintail installs decks on top of the trucks, and as a result, they are perfect for cruising and carving rides. We can also say that Pintail longboards are beneficial for any ride that stays under the speed of 25 miles per hour. However, most experienced skaters confirm not using these boards for downhill riding and technical sliding due to their less stable and higher from the ground design pattern.

We believe Pintail survives in fundamental to intermediate level situations and thus, are the optimal pick for new riders, somewhat trained skaters, and semi-professionals. Those new to the skating world will find them stepping stones for their future career while intermediate longboarders can improvise their existing skills. All in all, Pintail longboards are moderate machines that are helpful in versatile situations.

Drop-down longboards resemble and differ from drop-through longboards in different fields. Like drop-through, the former stays lower to the ground because of the design technique and hence, a more important centre of gravity. While inspecting this type of longboard, we tried to use it for long-distance rides, college use, and pumping rides. As a result, it supported us in an impressive way.

You can pace up your journeys and stay stable on the board without inconvenience. In contrast, the drop-down base is curved downwards for maximum stiffness. Consequently, trucks move accurately, wheels don’t cause scratches and kicking sideways becomes easier.

drop deck design

The driving applications of drop-down are complete with the following types of adventures: high-speed rides, downhill, sliding, and advanced freeriding. Moreover, you can cruise past your neighborhood with relaxation and no hesitation. Although the boards are lower to the ground and provide stability, tricking becomes a little trickier due to the curved design. Otherwise, the drop-down succeeds in many other adventure criteria.

At the start, the newbie might get stuck with the longboard, but once he gets familiar with the mechanism of the longboard, it improves after that. Due to utmost stability, this is the best device to start your career. Full-time riders can indeed find better longboards for themselves, but that doesn’t change the fact that drop-downs are still worthy for complex trips and rides, as explained above.

Top-Mount | Professional Longboard

Top-Mount longboards are made especially for those who have been in touch with longboarding for a long time. Understanding the anatomy of top-mount longboards is essential because it helps one analyze the different aspects of rides. Top mounts mean the trucks are installed directly to the bottom of the deck. Ultimately, the rider acquires unparalleled capabilities of effective and aggressive turning.

The only drawback is that such builds stay a bit higher from the ground and therefore have less stability than drop-through. Moreover, it is recommended not to go very fast as speed wobbles can also happen. There are many exciting longboarding styles that you can enjoy with a top-mount longboard.

Top Mount Deck:

The rider height technique of top-mounts makes its longboard a strong contender for versatile rides such as freestyling, downhill riding, cruising, carving, and other fast-paced adventures. You can utilize the board for any purpose where speed matters because the structure supports the criteria. Moreover, the trucks are highly-responsive to comply with the remaining build of the machine.

As the longboard finds its glory in all sorts of rides, we consider it a very genuine pick for almost all level skaters. The starter can cruise, carve, and freeride, while the professional can tricking, bomb hill riding, and freestyling. Even the intermediate level skate-artists can enjoy the board with casual rides. However, we inform beginners that don’t indulge in complex tricks too early because the board offers less stability than traditional ones.

Double-drop | Coolest Longboard Design

Next on our list is Double drop type of longboard which is unfamiliar among the longboarders till now. It refers to the two build designs combined into one. The first component is the “drop deck” of these longboards, which lay lower to the ground granting maximum stability and a lower center of gravity.

The second is the “drop-through” mount that explains that trucks are mounted across the deck. Consequently, double-drop longboards are very safe and multi-purpose mechanical machines that come in handy in various situations.

Double-Drop Design:

double drop deck

We discussed the mechanism of the double-drop technique but let’s justify the fields where the longboards are well-known. Due to the ability to achieve fast speeds and a lower centre of gravity, any rider out there can travel for longer rides, e.g. commuting without hard pushes.

Ultimately, double-drop longboards are energy efficient and feasible for newbies, seasonal riders, and experienced exercise enthusiasts. Moreover, very few longboards offer sliding adventures, but fortunately, the complete unit of double-drop allows the rider to do so.

Dancer | Pro Longboards

Dancing on a longboard has inspired many people towards longboarding. This style requires heavy footwork and coordinated movement of the body. Therefore, dancer longboards have a nose and a tail that make the board airborne with the pushes on the kicktail.

This helps achieve the true meaning of dancing because ollies and manuals don’t feel exhilarating if the board doesn’t fly in the air. Moreover, these longboards are more extended and broader than standard longboards because a dancer requires ample space to stay ideally on the board.

Longboard Deck for Dancing:

dancing deck

We have discussed how dance longboards are perfect for maneuvers and trickeries, but the list doesn’t stop here. Choose an excellent flat track, and you will be able to cruise and carve with dancer longboards as far as possible. Moreover, you can turn at a decent radius with a reasonable speed. However, the manufacturers don’t recommend using the dancer longboards for bomb hill and downhill riding. Girls can find their dancing longboards here ” Best Longboards for Girls “

Though dancer boards are built explicitly for dance-related stuff and tricks, new riders of the skating community can use the board for simple cruising and carving. But they will find it challenging to use the longboard to some extent. Our ideas say that dancer longboards suit the semi-pros and pros, ideal users of these skaters. There are endless possibilities to which experienced comrades can extend their stunts and tricks.

Freeride | Longboard Fishtail

Freeride is a sub-type of downhill longboarding, but it is more skill-oriented than downhill riding itself. Also, you need to know all the technical stuff about longboard parts to correctly display freeriding tricks. If we inspect freeriding for beginners, it is quite interesting and comparatively easy to learn than the other styles.

Freeriding is all about carving and sliding while having complete control over your longboard. The speed will be higher than average because you will be rolling down the slope; hence you ought to learn to control the board before attempting this style of longboarding. 

Deck Shape for Freerides:

freeride types of longboards

The most common technique inside freeriding is sliding. If we dig deep into sliding, there are multiple types of it. One of them is Stand-Up, and the other is a 180-degree slide. Stand-up is the traditional type, and neophytes can learn it by practicing continuously.

You need to push the longboard sideways without sitting or bending yourself in this style. On the other hand, 180-degree slides need a little more expertise because you ought to slide twice when riding at a high pace. You push the board to 90 degrees sideways and then slide again on the opposite side to complete the interval. 

A freeride longboard must contain a sturdy pair of trucks and a durable set of wheels that can withstand freeriding fashion. The deck length depends on the skater’s experience, while bamboo or maple decks can assist riders in showcasing sliding and freeride tricks with ease. 

Commuting Longboards Style

Commuting longboards are confined for long-distance travelling; hence there are multiple things to consider inside a commuter longboard. Firstly, as you intend to cover a significant distance, you require a board that doesn’t tire you and asks for effortless impulses to move.

Some efficient types of longboards collectively make a commuting longboard. Drop-through or drop-deck designs are helpful in terms of reducing the human effort to drive the longboard. Another essential point that we noted while the inspection of this style is that it is safe enough for the novices to try.

Commuter Deck Shape:

commuter longboard design

As described earlier, drop-through and drop-deck designs have decks higher to the ground, reducing central gravity. When there is a lower center of gravity, the longboard starts progressing quickly, and the rider doesn’t have to push by feet a lot. Moreover, a lightweight longboard is what all professional skaters recommend. The less weight makes portability possible and enables driving the board quickly. 

Electric Boards | One of the Best Longboard Types

As the name suggests, the battery-powered longboards consist of a durable battery under the deck, multiple board layers to make it last longer, and a sandy grip-tape to hold your feet well. Moreover, high ABEC ranking wheels for faster rides and sturdy trucks to tolerate bothersome vibrations are also crucial parts of Best Electric Longboards. The purpose of these longboards is to repeal the rider’s effort and let them travel the maximum distance per ride. 

All of these boards come with a hand-held remote to control the rides. Some of them allow you to move in both directions, while others only withstand one-way riding. Most of the highly-accepted motorized longboards provide multiple speed levels, and you can easily adjust them with the given remote. Besides speeding, there are braking options available with the handset. The remote control also notifies you about the remaining percentage of the battery. 

The timing of these boards varies, relying upon the battery attached. The longest time recorded after our years of testing was 3 hours when the board came utterly new. The average battery-timing is around 1hr and 20 minutes. We achieved the highest speed of 25 mph, while the par among multiple motorized longboards is 16-18mph. Also, you can cover around 20 miles easily with any of the top-rated electric longboards. Lastly, keep in mind that these kind of boards have a completely different riding style.


What are the types of longboards?

Multiple types of longboards are suitable for various riding styles. Here is the list of the most common types and styles;

  • Downhill Longboards
  • Pintail
  • Freeride
  • Bamboo
  • Fishtail
  • Drop-Through
  • Drop-Deck
  • Top-Mount
  • Carving and Pumping
  • Cruising

What type of longboard is best?

It’s not as easy to tell as it looks. You have to specify your longboarding style first. This helps you in achieving the results you want to. Cruising, carving, sliding, and downhill longboards are among the best types of longboards.

Which kind of longboard is easiest to ride?

It will be great if you start your longboarding journey with a drop-through longboard. You get around a 38-44 inches area to stand easily and balance yourself nicely during rides. Moreover, these kinds of boards have wheels that grasp the ground perfectly even you roll over bumps and rough surfaces.

How important is longboard shape?

The significant difference you will notice among the longboards is concave. The concave defines your style of riding. Therefore, you must choose one according to your preferred riding way.


It is imperative to understand the types of longboards no matter you have just started riding or doing it for a while. This will help you decide which deck shape will suit your style of riding. There are numerous realities in decks, each of them has its specifications and preferences.

Make sure to go through the whole process to differentiate all these types. Most importantly, you will also find some new important points in each of the longboarding style and longboard shape that we observed during the inspection.

Written by: Andrew Norris

Hello, I am Andrew, and I am an experienced longboard rider since my early boyhood days. I have had multiple longboards throughout my life and has gained an invaluable experience about the build quality, structure, and performance.

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