What are Longboards Good for & Benefits of Having a Longboard

Many people want to know what are longboards used for before buying one. There can be several purposes behind riding a longboard. It mostly depends on the rider’s riding style and experience. For example, a newcomer wants to have fun, cruiser around the city, and try out beginner-friendly longboarding tricks. That is to say; you can perform multiple actions on a longboard.

what are longboards used for

Beginners ride a longboard for enjoying purposes; intermediate riders love to carve, dance, and commute on their board. On the other hand, professional and advanced level skaters like downhill riding, longboard sliding, and other scary riding styles. So, we will be shedding light on those most liked and popular ways that are good for longboards and easy to implement.

Why should you ride a Longboard

There are some strong reasons behind riding a longboard instead of a skateboard. First of all, they are easy to use and understand. Secondly, we found longboards more suitable for beginners than skateboards. Another major difference is the dimensions between these two boards. In short, longboards and skateboards are completely different from each other and support different techniques and styles of riding. Below you will find all the actions that clarify what are longboards good for. Most importantly, if you wish to travel with a longboard, you easily can by reading the policies of different airlines.

Longboard Cruising | Best for Beginners

what are longboards used for

 If a beginner enters the longboarding world, it is recommended to kick off his career with longboard cruising. It is as simple as moving on with your board with simple pushes continuously. Longboards support this riding manner completely and keep the rider on the safe end till the ride ends. To fulfill the safety precautions, you jump off the deck and hold your longboard in hand in crowded areas. It would not be wrong to say that cruising is one of the most liked and easy to perform riding methods.

Carving on a Longboard

Longboards are as good for carving as any other style. This riding technique is one step ahead of cruising and requires some experience as well. If we sum it up in short words, you have to keep going on your longboard following the S pattern. It is an exciting and addictive way of riding a longboard but needs practice. Unfortunately, you can not carve unless your feet are on a suitable longboard for carving.

Pumping and Commuting | Longboard Workout

As a newbie, you must be surprised to know that longboards are good for workout and exercise sessions. Many people invest in a longboard for simple body workouts and cardio exercises. It is achievable with the pumping style of longboarding. You can read our in-depth discussion on longboard pumping and the steps you need to follow. Your workout sessions will start once you start learning to commute and pump. As soon as you have learned its steps, you can use your longboard for regular workout sessions.

Longboarding Adventure with Dancing

You may be unfamiliar with longboard dancing, but many skaters are busy performing dance steps on their boards and exploring new ones. It is the real meaning of enjoying the adventure on your board, and it makes you look different from the others. It is undoubtedly the next level of longboarding and demands years of experience, but if you start practicing it regularly, it will become friendly to you.

Traveling on your Longboard

When people ask what are longboards used for, we suggest they use longboards for travelling. In most scenarios, longboards are not only better than skateboards but also from walking. You can cover miles of distance in a short time compared to walking. The length, width, and flex in the board allow you to go as fast as 20-25mph, which is amazing. Moreover, long-distance longboarding, commuting, and travelling mean the same.

Longboarding in College

If you have a suitable backpack to carry your board, you should try to reach college on a longboard. It is worth it, and no extraordinary skills are required for roaming around the campus. Firstly, you look attractive and different from other students. Secondly, it is better than walking and a great opportunity to reach the destination on time, for complete guidance and tips read, Longboarding in college.

Longboards as Vehicles’ Alternative

In some scenarios, longboards play an alternative role for motorbikes and cars, such as reaching college, covering short distances, and saving petrol. Other than that, there are numerous riding styles that can be performed with longboards. The common ones are cruising, carving, commuting, pumping, downhill riding etc. Longboards are good for all these riding techniques, but you will have to practice regularly to learn them.


Why should you ride a longboard instead of a skateboard?

The dimensions of longboards assure a safe ride every time. Moreover, gaining speed quickly and moving on with maximum speed is achievable with longboards. People are concerned about what are longboards used for, so the answer is that you get a chance to ride with more different styles than skateboards. To make this possible, save yourself with safety equipment.

Can you use a longboard for traveling?

Yes, longboards are a great choice for transportation and travelling purposes. The most interesting thing is that you have to learn the basics of longboarding, and you will be good for cruising around the city, travelling, and covering maximum distances. Moreover, they are evenly suitable for college use.


Before longboarding, people generally ask what are longboards used for and their other benefits and why they should not. There are many tasks that become easier with the help of longboards. You can travel around the city, which we call longboard cruising. You can also choose a suitable longboard for your college use if you are a student. In the end, the pumping style of longboarding is great cardio and whole-body workout, which inspires people a lot. In short, having a longboard is worth it and a great companion in various ways.

Written by: Andrew Norris

Hello, I am Andrew, and I am an experienced longboard rider since my early boyhood days. I have had multiple longboards throughout my life and has gained an invaluable experience about the build quality, structure, and performance.

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