Why are Longboards more Expensive than the Skateboards

Length is not the only difference between longboards and skateboards. If you inspect a longboard and skateboard completely, you will find all the accessories different from each other. Ultimately, these differences make a longboard more expensive than a skateboard, and it is the answer to “Why are Longboards so Expensive.” Heavy and extra material in trucks, long and sturdy deck made from different materials, and bigger wheels with ABEC-7 to ABEC-9 bearings make a longboard look different from the other boards. 

why are longboards so expensive

Longboards are more expensive than skateboards, no doubt, but if we inspect their accessories and their qualities, they are worth it. Moreover, you will find multiple types of longboards specified for different riding styles such as cruising, carving, commuting, etc. That’s another reason for the expenses of longboards. So, we have decided to review the significant gadgets of longboards to see how they are made and whether they are worth the price.

Longboards Expenses Reasons

The deck, wheels, bearings, and trucks are the primary reason for high longboard prices. Therefore, we will analyze each of the accessories to know the difference and their cost. Most importantly, buying every longboard gear separately would be more costly than an utterly built-in board. For example, if the wheels and trucks of your board do not suit your riding style or are uncomfortable to you, investing in them is always an option for you.

About Longboard’s Deck

Longboard decks are entirely different from skateboards in terms of dimensions, construction material, quality, and shape. All these factors make a longboard expensive from skateboards, but electric longboards and skateboards are available at almost the same price. Let’s see what a deck inside a longboard looks like and what are their functionalities.

why are longboards so expensive

Deck’s Dimensions:

The length for the deck of a longboard is 36-46 inches, whereas skateboards have a length of 28-32 inches. This clearly shows the difference in dimensions and cost of these 2 boards.


In our research on longboards, we found 3-4 different materials being used to construct decks. Bamboo, plastic, carbon, fiber, etc., are the most used woods and materials. Ultimately, making people ask, “why are longboards so expensive.”

Shapes of Deck:

Top-mount, drop-through, and drop-deck designs you will mostly find in a deck. There are some other shapes as well that are specified for different riding styles. It gives the audience a chance to spend money in a shape that supports their riding style completely.

Deck’s Quality:

We faced issues in wheels dimensions and trucks’ responsiveness throughout our longboarding journey, but the deck’s quality remained well. The grip tape over it, width for stability, and required flex work well for a newbie to an advanced rider.

Longboard Wheels and Expenses

Initially, manufacturers used rubber as a basic synthetic for building longboard wheels. With the advancement in the longboarding field, better quality wheels are now in the market. Modern wheels are made up of the latest chemical called polyurethane. This chemical makes wheels durable and sturdy. Though each riding style requires different wheels, most of them consist of polyurethane, a better synthetic to help riders perform their professional skills perfectly. 

longboard wheels expenses

All riding styles of longboarding need larger yet softer wheels than the wheels of skateboards. Due to their bigger size and sturdiness, the price rises eventually. Branded wheels last longer for sliding, carving, cruising, and downhill riding. Our article for the best longboard wheels will help you find the most suitable pair of rollers.

Longboard Trucks Impact on Price

Trucks under a longboard play an essential role in providing a smooth, flawless, and modern ride. In general, trucks perform two functionalities. One is to hold the rider’s weight. Secondly, they help riders take safe turns across the skating tracks. Using sturdy material in truck manufacturing makes the longboard a little more expensive than skateboards. Moreover, modernized trucks come with extra functionalities of kingpin or reverse kingpin techniques. It allows you to tighten or loosen the truck according to your preferred riding style.


Bearings are found inside the wheels and are responsible for rolling the wheels smoothly. Cheap bearings don’t perform according to the requirements of the longboard because they do not produce enough torque. They also prove noisy, which becomes irritating when you plan to cruise for relaxation. Hence, longboard manufacturers use branded bearings made up of Ceramic that install the required torque for the better movement of wheels. Also, Red-Bone bearings minimize the noise created by the rolling of the wheels, providing flawless rides.


Should you buy an Expensive Longboard?

Buying a branded longboard is way better than going for a pricey one. Branded ones are also a little bit expensive, but most top-rated brands provide a warranty, and their durability is inevitable. On the other hand, cheaper longboards don’t promise flexibility, sturdiness, durability, and smoothness of the rides. Going for a branded and expensive longboard can reduce the extra cost needed for updating the longboard. 

What is a reasonable price for a Longboard?

The price of a longboard varies according to the quality you need and the riding style you prefer. For example, you will find the Best Electric Longboards between $250-$600. On the other hand, non-powered longboards range between $60-$150. Cruiser boards are even cheaper, like penny boards.

How much is too much for a Longboard?

The most suitable price of a longboard should not exceed $120, but there is some exception where quality longboards can cost around $150. If you are a beginner, we recommend you to go for a longboard under $100. If you like riding on a longboard, you can spend more on something that is more durable and provides the smoothest riding experience. 

Final Words

Those who have been riding skateboards for a long time ask, “Why are longboards so Expensive.” It is not a valid question because longboards cost more than skateboards does not mean they are too much expensive. If the price goes high, the gadgets also don’t remain the same; they are also different in measurements and materials. Therefore, longboard brands have a solid reason to sell their products at a higher price.

Written by: Andrew Norris

Hello, I am Andrew, and I am an experienced longboard rider since my early boyhood days. I have had multiple longboards throughout my life and has gained an invaluable experience about the build quality, structure, and performance.

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