Best Longboards 2023, Trending and Top-Rated Longboards You Should Buy

Longboard brings a particular type of joy among its riders. While cruising past your surroundings, the feelings can not be explained in words.

However, a professional rider demands a board that can prove its worth in all conditions. Finding a complete longboard becomes a tedious task as there are thousands available online.

Fear not; our vast skating experience will help you get the best longboard you deserve as we have reviewed the 8 best longboards available in the market.

After extensive research and thorough testing, we have enlisted 8 of the best longboards trending equally among the novices, kids, adults, and professional skaters in 2023.

So feel free to go through each of them and select the one that meets all your requirements. This list includes the best budget, all-in-one, top-rated, and premium-quality longboards.

Most importantly, we have updated the final reviews of each product about how they perform under critical conditions after regular use.

Top 3 Longboards

magneto kicktail | Among the best longboards

Magneto Kicktail

best longboards no 2

Junli Longboard

number 3 in best longboards

Volador Freeride

8 Top-Rated Longboards

1. Magneto Kicktail | Best Longboard to Buy

magneto longboard
  • 44*9″ dimensions
  • 70mm wheels
  • Aluminum Trucks
  • 78A Hardness
  • Bamboo veneer product
  • Multiple wheels colors

About Item:

Magneto’s unique shape is relatively more extensive as compared to other cruisers. Its wider surface adds a lot more stability and confidence to your ride than usual.

In addition, the flatter surface of the Kicktail at the back makes your pops consistent, keeping your rides comfortable.

A balanced grip on the deck is the key to a smooth ride, and Magneto’s Deck provides an equivalent grasp while cruising.

When I rode it for the first time, I found its deck robust and stable compared to top cruising brands. Moreover, the slight concaveness of the deck keeps you steady while longboarding.

This board’s softer and more durable wheels are built explicitly for a spectacular carving and cruising experience.

No matter what surface you are skating through, be it a cracking pavement, rough sidewalks, or the path of tiny sticks and rocks, these wheels prove their worth.

Additionally, the well-built design of the wheels keeps it safe from bites in the long run.

The bearings of this cruiser provide tightening and loosening features to assist beginners and experienced skaters with convenient skating.

As a starter, you need to slacken the Bearings a bit, and you will enjoy the ride. If you are a pro longboarder and want to increase the length per push, stretching the wheels would serve a lot.



Durable and flexible deck assures stability in rides


Responsive trucks and bearings make quick turns around edges

Quality of Wheels

Wheels are soft, bite-free and achieve different speed levels


Due to through design, you get firm grip on the board and rides


  • Softer bushings compared to others
  • A bit more quality is required in trucks

Why Magneto:

Concluding as per the reviews of pro skaters, this longboard is a supreme product highly appreciated for outdoor activities.

Flex deck, bite-free wheels, and adaptable bearings make this longboard ideal for cruising. After riding Magneto Kicktail for 6 months, we have noticed a few important points.

The sturdiness of the deck is still satisfying. On the other hand, we’ve had to replace the bearings and clean the wheels because the board struggled to generate pace quickly.

2. Junli Freeride | Complete Longboard

junli longboard
  • 42*9.5″ dimensions
  • 70mm wheels
  • 7 Inches Al trucks
  • 80A Hardness
  • Al-Maple product
  • Multiple colors available

About Item:

This longboard’s most significant selling point is the flexible deck that can hold weights up to 300 lbs.

This is a considerable improvement over longboards that do have a flexible deck but cannot bear this amount of weight.

To make things even better, the steering of this deck can be tightened or loosened. In other words, the steering is adjustable so that you can reach different speed levels during your ride.

The availability of maple wood in the deck build ensures its longevity, and that is what everybody looks for in a longboard.

Junli is a perfect combination of a flexible deck, sturdy wheels, wide trucks for wide turns, and compatible bushings assisting downhill rides, cruising, and speed gain.
Trucks are kept on the loose setting by default when you open the package. This is to ensure hustle-free rides. With loose trucks, you can roll over an obstacle or a hurdle pretty much easily.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t tighten the trucks. An additional tool is provided with the box to adjust the trucks.

So choose the most suitable truck setting for yourself and start enjoying this little adventure.
Like most high-quality longboards, Junli also has a soft yet sturdy pair of wheels. They are generally suitable for fast rolling and resistance-free rides.

Overall, the wheels are noise-free but passing through large hole pavements can produce a thud sound. But don’t you worry, this is common in longboards.



Flexible deck can hold around 330lbs easily


Noiseless wheels roll faster over different surfaces

ABEC-11 Bearings

Bearings help rollers in achieving maximum speed

Responsible Trucks

You get great control and stability over rides

Additional Tool

T-tool is provided for tightening and loosening the parts


  • Thud noise during significant gaps

Why Junli Longboard:

Weight-bearing flexible deck, adjustable steering, rotatable trucks, and high-quality soft wheels are the features everyone looks for in a longboard.

Junli provides all these features allowing users to expand their skating experience to the next level. Our initial rides with Junli longboard were responsive.

We used this longboard for technical purposes like dancing, freestyling, and performing tricks.

After a few months, the trucks may not respond like before, and there was a delay, especially when turning the board. The rest of the parts, like wheels, deck, and bearings, are still performing well.

3. Slendor 42 Inches | Best for Money

best longboard
  • 42*9″ dimensions
  • 70mm PU wheels
  • Holds 220 Pounds
  • 85A Hardness
  • Rock maple product
  • ABEC-9 Bearings

About Item:

A good longboard rider considers stability as one of the most definite features of a longboard.

A deep-through deck design paired with a high-performance truck results in this firm grip and a locked-in feel on the longboard.

It is not a coincidence that Slendor has these features as its primary ones. We felt very comfortable even when we tried to stand on it with a more bent stance all thanks to its trucks.
The deck height is kept low to assist the rider speed up better with the slow pushes. Its deck evens out the vibrations caused by bumpy tracks making it an energy-efficient longboard.

Additionally, the board is super strong and flexible. Heavy-weight riders feel no threat of breaking into the board due to its strength.

This longboard comes with one of the broadest and most extended decks appealing to every newcomer to try it out.

The more space on a board you get as a beginner, the more confidence in your rides increases eventually.

In addition, the wooden deck grabs the rider’s feet, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride. 
Wheels are made up of good strength (85A) to compensate for resistance and make the rider feel effortless even on rough surfaces.

After the long-thought process of reviewing versatile longboards, Slendor is a prominent choice recommended by experienced skaters mainly because of the features it provides at such a reasonable price.



The deck is flexible and durable to ensure long-term use

Heavy-Duty Wheels

Cover distance with little push and fast rolling


Comparatively less price than the others

Sensible Trucks

Tight turns around edges become easier than never before

Load Capacity

Great choice for the heavy riders with 300lbs weight range


  • Not recommended for rolling downhill
  • Creates noise sometimes at high-speeds

Why Slendor:

Its close-to-ground deck allows you to achieve maximum distance for smaller pushes. The harder wheels are resistant free, making your ride comfortable.

Slendor is sure one of those coolest longboards you have been looking for. No doubt, this longboard is a great choice for heavy riders. Its weight-bearing ability won’t work after 4 to 5 months.

If you want to keep it for your regular use and are not a heavy person, it is an outstanding choice for long-term use.

4. WiiSHAM | High-Quality Longboard

best longboards list
  • 42*9″ dimensions
  • 70mm PU wheels
  • 7-inches wide trucks
  • 83A Hardness
  • Al-maple product
  • ABEC-9 Bearings

About Item:

We have reviewed a large pool of longboards, and very few of them happened to be lightweight. You will find several drop-through longboards having similar features as WiiSham.

But, its lightweight deck makes it unique among its competitors. The deck still maintains its flexibility and performs exceptionally well during curvy streets and asphalt road rides. 

A noticeable feature of this cruiser board is its wider trucks solely responsible for giving the rider an optimal stance over the deck.

Due to the trucks’ design, turning and cutting inside at high speed becomes safe. Furthermore, our expertise considers the trucks a perfect fit for the overall design of this longboard. 
The attached wheels fall into the category of hard quality, allowing them to slide smoothly. This means riders can achieve the desired speed with hard pushes.

Moreover, such harder wheels are more suitable for cruising as they generate lesser speed than softer ones. 

Deck Material

Along with rugged wheels, ABEC 9 bearings make this longboard a perfect pick for cruising or riding down the hill.

Of course, when traveling back from a mountain, the most significant thing is speed control, and the bearings in the wheels of Wiisham do a great job of limiting the speed to an extent. 


Quality Deck

Deep-through flexible and lightweight deck for smooth rides

Firm Grip

Due to hard and bite-free wheels, you ride safely


Aluminum and maple materials ensure durability of product


Sturdy trucks assist in tight turns and tricks

Speedy Rides

ABEC-9 Bearings in rollers help in riding at maximum speed


  • It cannot hold weight like other longboards
  • Misses T-tool sometimes in the package


The manufacturer provides a wide range of longboards with very similar features, varying designs, and prices. Feel free to have a look at all of them, as you are just one click away.

The biggest disadvantage of the Wiisham longboard is its less weight-bearing ability. Most importantly, its load capacity will decrease if you don’t look after the deck properly.

Therefore, keep the grip tape updated by cleaning it or replacing it. Secondly, you must buy the T-Shaped tool because it is essential to clean or replace the rollers and bearings.

5. Volador Freeride | Top Longboard

best longboards
  • 42*9″ dimensions
  • 70mm PU wheels
  • Reverse kingpin trucks
  • 78A Hardness
  • Maple-made product
  • ABEC-9 Bearings

About Item:

There are longboards with harder wheels, and there are longboards with softer wheels. Both come in handy in different scenarios. And every comrade has his preference too.

You can consider this longboard as a definite pick if you like slow-paced rides and fewer tricks and pumps.

The hard wheels of Volador generate enough friction to keep the acceleration at a minimum. 

The unique combo of the drop-through deck and concave-shaped truck lets you carve, cruise, roll and slide accordingly.

Although the deck is lightweight, it is durable enough to withstand a good amount of weight.

In addition, you can adjust the width of trucks and set different angles for tighter turns around the corners. 

Volador is widely appreciated in the riders’ community because it provides a complete design.

The ride becomes automatically stable and safe thanks to the wider deck design and wider wheels base that anchor to the ground firmly.

The deck absorbs most of the shocks and vibrations caused while crossing over bumpy and uneven tracks. Hence, there is no risk of shakes and speed-wobbles even at a higher pace.

When carving and cruising at tighter angles, trucks, and bearings act properly and the journey remains smooth and uninterrupted.

A more significant flex of this longboard is its economical price.

We have come across several very high-quality longboards, but Volador is the best longboard that speaks for itself.

You may not get a better-priced product with such widely appreciated features.   


Beginners Friendly

Its wheels generate suitable speed for beginners to ride comfortably

Various Settings

You can adjust the trucks with tool to skate with different tightness

Load Capacity

The Deck is elastic and easily bear around 250lbs


One must pick this top-rated longboard for its suitable price


  • You need to tighten the trucks often
  • White wheels get dirty

Why Volador:

The concave shape of the deck, rotatable truck angles, eye-catching overall design, and economical price make it an obvious choice.

For this price, you may not get a better one anywhere. Even after months, Volador has the same disadvantages that we mentioned before.

If you are willing to invest in Volador 42 inches longboard, make sure to clean its rollers after the ride.

6. Fish Through Deck | Coolest Longboard

best longboards
  • 42*9″ dimensions
  • 70mm PU wheels
  • 7-inches alloy trucks
  • 82A Hard wheels
  • Al-maple product
  • Holds up to 250 pounds

About Item:

Hundreds of positive critiques highlight the non-slippery surface of this board as its primary feature.

This emery deck grants a firm and thorough grip over the deck, making sure the rider enjoys a comfortable ride.

The weight-bearing ability of FISH is insane, holding up to 330 lbs on flat tracks and about 280 lbs on rough surfaces.

We believe this board is equally good for both adults and kids. 

An aggressive feature of good quality wheels is to dampen out the vibrations caused by the bumpy surfaces. FISH accomplishes this feature because of its smooth and soft wheels.

In addition, the super-soft bushings of this board keep your rides agile and in your control.

You don’t have to worry about assembling the parts because FISH sends you a pre-assembled longboard. Get it out of the box, and start riding.

This cool longboard offers a very genuine and smooth ride to its users no matter what surface it is pushed on.

As a result, reaching reasonable speed levels not only become easier but also safer.

Most of the nerds in the skater community believe this longboard qualifies as a multi-purpose outdoor board.

Hence, you can use this beast for commuting, cruising, and several different tasks.

You will find pros appreciating the heavy-duty trucks of this longboard.

Fast turning, high-speed rolling, and basic tricks are not a problem anymore, thanks to the sturdy axle of its trucks.

Moreover, you can use the provided T-shaped tool to adjust the trucks for tighter turns around the edges.


Stable Stance

The through deck provides rider firm stance and large area to stand

Trucks Durability

Both advanced and pro riders can make tight turns in difficult angles

Shock Absorbing

Harder wheels absorb the shocks accordingly on uneven surfaces

Start Riding

The longboard arrives pre-assembled


  • Wheel bites
  • A very sharp turn can let the wheels hit the board

Why Fish Longboard:

Reliable trucks, firm and flexible graphic decks, and resistant wheels convinced us to suggest this longboard for professionals and beginners. 

Assembling the longboards bother novices which is why this cool longboard arrives assembled.

Fish Longboard is not recommended for those riders who weigh more than 220 lbs. This longboard could not hold even the 210 lbs weight of our few community members.

Also, the quick and sharp turns are not applicable as the wheels touch the deck.

7. PINESKY 41 Inches | Best for Heavy Riders

pinesky longboard
  • 41*9.5″ dimensions
  • 70mm PU wheels
  • 8-inch aluminum trucks
  • 80A Hard wheels
  • Al-maple product
  • Holds around 330 pounds
deck size

About Item:

For a better cruising experience, you need a longboard with slightly harder wheels built with Polyurethane to neglect irritating vibrations.

PINESKY provides 80a harder wheels to lessen the overall speed for downhill riding, ensuring the rider’s safety first. 

This close-to-ground longboard minimizes your effort to go for a long ride. The compact design of the deck brings a lower center of gravity, making it easier for novices to learn.

Moreover, professional skaters prefer this board for freeride styling, dancing, and some basic tricks. 

After a few rides on this board, your comfort level will boost, and you will want to try out new things with it.

That’s why the package includes a T-tool allowing you to play with the basic settings of trucks.

First, make sure you tighten them well enough for a free spin. Then, after doing the proper setting, feel free to do tricks, freestyle, and even dance. 

The thing that makes this longboard distinct from other competitors is its weight-bearing capacity of about 330 lbs.

The sturdy and flexible deck of the board allows heavy riders to commute calmly over asphalt roads.

In short, if you are a heavier person as well as fond of commuting this one will suit you the most.


Great for Heavy Riders

Deck is flexible as well as weight bearing, capacity of 330 pounds


While taking turns trucks response instantly

Stable rides

Shock absorbing wheels generate firm grip on the ground for safety

Expand Skating Experience

With T-tool you can try different layouts of trucks and rollers


  • The manufacturer needs to improve the bearings

Why PINESKY Longboard:

Keep your head high, and get this longboard for cruising, carving, and freestyle purposes.

If you find any inconvenience, the seller is always available for substantial assistance.

Moreover, it is an ideal pick for heavy riders. If you take care of the wheels, bearings, and deck properly, this longboard will remain newer and work efficiently for a long time.

Apply lubricant on bearings to keep your rides smooth and error-free.

8. RetroSpec Rift | Good Quality Longboard

retroospec among best longboards
  • 41*9.” dimensions
  • 70mm PU wheels
  • 180mm kingpin trucks
  • 78A Hard wheels
  • Canadian-maple made
  • ABEC-7 Steel bearings

About Item:

You don’t have to buy a different longboard for a particular purpose anymore, as the Retrospec brand presents a Rift Drop-Through longboard suitable for cruising, carving, commuting, and downhill riding.

With the lower center of gravity of the deck comes stability and control over the ride. Also, sharp turns at high speed become safer than ever. 

Though the deck of Retrospec is lightweight as compared to longboards in this list, its sturdiness and long-lasting behavior make it unarguably the best one on our list.

The dimensions of Zed are quite big which helps the rider distribute their weight equally throughout the board.

Not only the skater becomes safe standing on the ground, but also achieving decent speed levels becomes easier.

Designed for the cleanest rides, the deck offers a unique rock finish on the top for a super reliable grip.

Moreover, the board comes pre-assembled and you can start your ride right away.

The reverse kingpin trucks sit lower on the board, provide more support than traditional trucks, and are generally considered suitable for freestyle.

Additionally, these trucks improve your speed and rolling accuracy. Experienced riders should consider this board for their upcoming adventure. 

78A wheels installed in this longboard avoid friction and lessen the riders’ effort to gain high speed.

Moreover, the wheels absorb the shocks while passing through cracks and bumps, meeting the actual needs of carving and downhill riding. 

The other longboards like Pinesky and Fish drop through are made of aluminum and maple material.

But this Rift longboard has been manufactured with Canadian Maple and last longer compared to them.

Therefore, you can invest in this if you are finding a longboard with maximum durability and longer life.



It works as cruising, commuting, and carving longboard

Less Energy Required

Wheels roll over faster with a little push


With good space for standing, the chances of falling off decreases

Comfortable Rides

Drop-Through design lessens the riders’ efforts


  • Experts do not suggest it for beginners
  • The wood layer needs to be stronger

Why Retospec Rift:

As per our continuous testing, the unique kingpin trucks bring a different feel during the downhill journey.

A more stable ride, minimal shocks through rough surfaces, and its economical price justify the reason to buy this Rift drop-through longboard.

We handed over Retrospec to some beginners, and it was quite difficult for them to handle its sensitivity. The major reason was fewer layers of wood in the deck.

Therefore, you have to begin riding with any other beginner-friendly longboard and then shift yourself to Retrospec for better performance.

Buying Guide for Longboards

Due to the availability of numerous longboards available online, selecting the best one becomes a headache.

Our buying guide includes all the necessary features you need to consider before purchasing one.

Professional skaters in this sport for years have had enough knowledge about the basics of decks, wheels, and trucks.

However, novices get confused by these specifications, and this guide will bring clarity about the technical stuff related to the sport.

Primary aspects of a longboard include:





Decks in the longboards come in various shapes, sizes, and styles. 

Deck Shapes:

Kicktail, Pintail, and Drop-Through shapes are widely available online, and we have also suggested a few of them in this article.

Kicktail decks have the tail sloping upwards specifically designed to do tricks. Ollies and manuals are the easiest tricks you can learn within a week. 

See the difference between Drop Through and Drop Down longboards;

Pintails opposite to Kicktails has the tail fixed at a point and not sloping upwards. As a result, cruising becomes obvious with pintail decks while you can carve and turn sharply. 

Drop-through decks are tail-less because the trucks stay very close to the board. This specific design gives you a high speed for minimum pushes. 

Deck Size:

The deck is the most significant part of any best longboard, which defines its purpose.

All the longboards we have had in the past five years have deck lengths between 38-41 inches, while the shapes vary greatly. 

The number of piles in thickness defines the flexibility and weight-bearing capacity of the deck. If you are heavier than usual, go for the deck with seven piles.

The deck length defines the stability; the longer the deck, you will feel more stable. 

We keep it simple for our visitors to select the most valuable deck for their longboard. Otherwise, there are multiple types of decks with different designs and dimensions.

If you are looking for a board for a specific purpose like cruising, you should look for the best longboard for cruising.

We suggest the most suitable cruising boards there with an extensive guide about deck length and width.


Trucks connect the wheels with the deck and have the functionality of allowing you to turn. Generally, the axle of the truck has metal built, which makes it sturdy and durable.

Bushings in the trucks are responsible for taking care of trucks during turns.

Metal bolts or Kingpins are holding the bushings and if your longboard has a T-tool, use it to tighten or loosen the trucks as per your preference. 

Longboard Trucks

If you keep loose trucks, you will achieve pace quickly, and vice versa.

A few of the longboards have Reverse Kingpin, which face the opposite of what traditional kingpins do. This technology provides more stability while taking sharp turns.


Every manufacturer makes use of urethane in the building of wheels. This rubber assists in grabbing the surfacing and getting higher speeds comfortably. 

The softness and hardness of the wheels have a direct effect on the speed you want to gain. The harder the wheels, the rider will generate a lower speed.

The scale for measuring the wheel’s hardness is called a durometer, and it ranges between 70a-85a.

70a means the wheels are softer and will generate more speed, while 85a is the hardest of all, fitting the needs of cruising and downhill riding.


The responsiveness of the wheels is dependent on the quality of the bearings. Their quality will either make your rides comfortable or miserable.

Because whenever you take simple turns or tight turns around the edges, the rollers need quick actions from them.

There are 2 major types of bearings that are used commonly and work exceptionally well for comfortable rides.

Make sure to buy a longboard that has either steel or ceramic-made bearings. You will surely love your rides and easily roll over uneven surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

No doubt, there are numerous longboards out there. There are multiple factors that clarify if the board’s price is permissible or not. Such as its life, material, wheels, and so on.

The best longboard will cost you $150 to $350 but if you move on to the electric longboards it will cost you up to $500 or even more.

Yes, if the board is designed accordingly it will give an amazing longboarding experience to the newcomers. Among all the deck designs, drop-through is completely in favor of beginners.

The tip here for all the novices is to begin their career with the longboard rather than skateboards as they are easy to learn.

Your attention while selecting the board should be on the deck and wheels’ length.

A complete longboard always has a more extended deck and larger rollers because of the smoothness of the rides even when you roll over bumpy roads.

Secondly, you require responsive trucks and lubricant bearings to complete your process.

Undoubtedly, the chances of falling off are nearly impossible due to the deck length, width, and space on it.

Moreover, controlling yourself on a deck with a firm grip even with maximum speeds is easy.

Everyone has their own choice, but our suggestion is to enter this adventure by learning longboard and then enjoy the skateboard rides.


As we all know, several types of longboards are available in the market. Each of them has its capability. Some are manufactured for cruising, while others are for carving and beginners.

We did a long research to finalize some of the top-rated products for you.

In our grind for finding a complete longboard, we have found and scrutinized 8 of the best longboards on our list.

Moreover, we have updated the reviews of each longboard after using them for months.