Top 10 Best Cheap Longboards, Affordable Boards for Beginners in August 2023

Many people miss out on the longboarding adventure because of expensive longboards in the market. To some extent, it is true that finding the finest board at a reasonable price is a challenge. But we have been in touch with longboarding for a long time and brought you the best cheap longboards. All of our recommended products will prove their worth under difficult critics and are inexpensive.

You will find numerous cheap longboards but there is no surety that they will perform better or not. For example, some will have a low-quality deck and some will not be suitable for cruising, carving, and commuting riding style. Therefore, we have reviewed 10 versatile longboards and shed light on all the essential features. Go through the buying guide and if you find a satisfactory product for yourself.

10 Best Cheap Longboards

Slendor 42 Inch | Best Cheap Longboard

Slendor Longboard

42″ length and 9″ width

Different materials for different parts

70MM PU wheels

85A Hardness

Item weighs 7 pounds

About Slendor:

Slendor is one of the best complete longboards out there in the market, and its low price makes it incomparable with other products. You will find every necessary feature in this board, and all the components attached are high-quality. Starting with its deck, it has dimensions of 42 x 9, suitable for the rider to have a smooth and comfortable journey. Moreover, you get superior flexibility during rides, and the deck is a shock absorber too. 

After listening to its quality of 9 layers of stiff maple material, you may be surprised. But, ultimately, it becomes a stronger and long-lasting product. So, you can say that finding a longboard for long-term use at a reasonable price is no longer a big deal. 

If you are not a beginner, you must know about trucks under the deck and how it affects all of your rides. You will get 7-inch trucks manufactured with aluminum material in this affordable longboard. Furthermore, trucks are 180 genuine and easy to adjust from 50 degrees to 45. That is to say, these settings of trucks will improve your maneuverability skills a lot.

The wheels of the Slendor longboard are the same high-quality as other parts. You get 70x51mm rollers with 85A hardness and constructed with Polyurethane material. These rollers are considered an obvious choice to absorb the shocks, have a good grasp on the ground even when rolling faster, and repel wheel bites.

Supportive Riding Styles:

Its unique design and shape prove its worth whenever you try this board for downhill riding, racing purposes, and freestyling. This item has no age restrictions as it supports all-age sports enthusiasts. BoardsOnTop recommends this product as the manufacturer provides a money-back guarantee.


Best longboard for price

Top-notch components

Suits multiple riding styles

Holds around 220 pounds 

Extra tool for adjustments


Clicking noise at higher speeds

Inspection Results:

Slendor has been performing well for the last 5-6 months. As a result, you can confidently use it for long-term use, and also it is a versatile longboard. It lets you cruise, carve, and perform freestyles. In short, you get what you pay for.

Volador 40 Inch | Cheapest Maple Longboard

Volador Cruiser Longboard

40 inches long

9 inches wide

70mm wheels with Polyurethane material

85 Hardness on the durometer

Weighs 6.7 pounds

About Volador:

It is a different longboard made by the Volador brand; it especially suits cruising lovers, as you can see by its design in the picture. To make sure you have a great cruising ride on this deck, it is built with 100% maple material. The cutout of this affordable longboard is not circular, which differentiates it from the other items on the list. The bonus given to all the riders of this longboard is suitable for beginners to learn how to cruise.

Unluckily, there is one layer of wood missing in its deck. Volador assures 8 layers of maple, whereas Slendor provides 9 layers. As an experienced longboarder, I don’t see it as a big issue. If 1 ply is not there ultimately, it will improve the deck’s flexibility. Thus, we can’t see its deck as a drawback because many longboards come with even 7 layers.

Speaking about the trucks, Slendor and Volador stand together here. It has the same reverse kingpin truck with 7 inches size that can be adjusted from 45 to 50 degrees. That is to say, investing in this complete longboard will either improve or support a great maneuverability experience. 

You will get Polyurethane made 70mm and 80A hardness of the wheels. These rollers keep getting support from the ABEC-7 precision bearings under all critical situations. This combo assures smooth roll-over cracks, fast speed, and a strong grasp on any surface to avoid mishaps. The graphic work on its back and front also attract the riders.


A great choice for long term use

Suits the cruising style of riding a lot

Responsive trucks

Safer rides



Axle nuts are too tight.

Performance After Months:

Undoubtedly, it is one of the best cheap longboards in the market with maximum abilities. It has powerful parts that assure its longevity. I have used it on rough terrains and also for campus use. In addition, it has sturdy wheels that allow you to roll over bumpy roads at high speed without losing their sturdiness.

Kryptonics Inexpensive Longboard

Kryptonics Cheap Longboard

36 inches long deck

8.5 inches wide 

65 x 40mm PU wheels

6-inch Al-Trucks

80A softer Bushings

About Kryptonics:

There is no doubt it is one of the complete longboards on our list. Most importantly, you can use it as a skateboard whenever you have to. The manufacturer had to give it a look of both skateboard and longboard; it has a shorter length of 36 inches than the slendor and volador products. In width as well, there is a difference of .25 inches. We must say, it is suitable for all those riders who have ridden a board before. We review best mini longboards as well.

The inclusion of strong maple wood keeps it on the safe side. You get a sturdy deck with 8 layers of material to provide both flexibility and momentum during the rides. There is no way this longboard can beat the previous ones in the length of the parts. Although its wheels are built with Polyurethane material, their dimensions are 60 x 40mm, which is also not the same. The rollers of Kryptonics boards are getting support from bearings with ABEC-5 ratings only. 

The measurement of this cheap longboard’s aluminum truck is 6 inches. As a result, trucks are good at responding while you make quicker and tighter turns. The rest of the components are 88A soft bushing made of urethane and riser pads of 12mm size to improve the pace of your rides. Kids under 8 are not allowed to ride this item. In the end, it can hold a rider with a weight of around 220 pounds.

Supportive Riding Styles:

Newbies will struggle a lot using this longboard due to the thin parts. For example, the length and width of the deck are under 40″ and 9″. Wheels also have narrower dimensions. That is to say, for tricks and freestyles, it is a great option but not for beginners.


Highly recommended for tricky rides

Among the cheapest longboards

Strong deck

Eye-Catching graphic work


Not suitable for beginners

A few inches are missing in every component compared to Slendor and Volador.

Users’ Review:

I suggested this best longboard under 100 to many companions in our longboarding community. However, you can’t use it as a skateboard as it has different parts and features. I see it as a drawback because the other longboards can be used as skateboards. Overall, Kryptonics is an excellent choice for beginners at a reasonable price.

Minority Cheapest Downhill Longboard

Cheap Beginner Longboard

9 X 40 inches dimensions

70mm Polyurethane made wheels

78A hardness 

Inclusion of aluminum, maple, and steel material

It can hold around 200 pounds


The Minority is the cheapest downhill longboard on our list, with numerous exciting features. The Minority has the same length and width as the Volador cruising longboard proving its worth to be a great choice for the newbies. The insertion of maple wood in its deck insisted we invest in this product. Its proper cutout in the deck’s design is responsible for helping this longboard perform even better on downhill rides. 

We have concluded multiple factors that will show how the Minority performs so well when you ride down the hill. Around 10 inches width of the deck, strong material, and 37-inch wheelbase are the factors that contribute to making Minority a good downhill longboard. 

You can say that it is a copy of Volador and Slendor longboard for maneuverability. It also has reverse kingpin trucks with a 7-inch length. Moreover, you can adjust them from 45 to 50 degrees with ease and perfection. The drawback here is the skate tool. Unfortunately, you will have to buy a separate one. 

The combo of these cheap beginner longboard bearings and wheels works exceptionally well under different critics. The bearings have ABEC-9 ratings, which is greater than the previous three products, and the wheels are Polyurethane made with 70 x 51mm size. Moreover, the stiffness on the durometer of the rollers is 78A. This is how Minority is considered a complete longboard suiting multiple riding styles to various ages of riders.


Suitable for multiple riding styles

Equally well for adults and teens

Cheapest downhill longboard

Holds the weight of around 200 pounds


T-Shaped tool not provided

Minority Performance Update:

It is one of the cheapest yet sturdy longboards on our list. I have been using Minority for a long time because of its deck’s sturdiness and shape. As a new longboard rider, its deck allows you to ride this board confidently as it has a perfect length and width.

AODI Freeride Longboard | Best for Money

AODI Cheap Longboard

46″ length and 10.51″ width

66mm wheels with 85A hardness

Black color

Polyurethane material in the wheels

100% maple deck


AODI is one of the best cheap beginner longboards on our list due to its deck dimensions. It has the most lengthy deck of 46 inches with a 10.51-inch width. So even if you are a beginner or riding this specific longboard for the first time, the chances of falling off are almost none. Moreover, its deck is also made of 100% maple material, and there are 7 layers manufactured in it. This product weighs 7.94 pounds with a weight-bearing ability of 250 pounds.

It is an unprecedented longboard with such load capacity and still allows the rider to cruise, freestyle, and perform tricks the way they want to. Its rollers are 2.6 inches suiting multiple riding styles and getting help from bearings with ABEC-7 ratings. 

No doubt, the rollers are a bit smaller but grasp the ground well due to their 85A hardness making sure you have a safer ride every time. But, most importantly, by spending some time on this best cheap longboard for newbies, you can move on to the skateboard.

The trucks are on the default mode when your package arrives. You get a t-tool along with the board to try different truck and wheel settings. You will just have to give it a few tries and clarify if you had good turns full of responsiveness. If not, use the skate tool and tighten or loosen the trucks accordingly to bring more smooth rides.


Perfect longboard size for beginners

Suitable for cruising, freestyles, and tricks

Long-lasting product

Top-notch parts installed


Wheels have smaller sizes compared to Minority.

After interviewing the users of Aodi Freeride longboard, I learned that this board lets you ride with limitations. For example, you can use it for freeriding, cruising, and dancing. I tried many other riding styles over this cheap longboard but was unhappy with the performance. Moreover, if you wish to try any other style like sliding or carving, you must install different bearings, wheels, and trucks.

Movendless Complete Longboard

Best Cheap Longboard

10 inch wider deck

107cm length

Wood material in deck and Polyurethane in wheels

LED wheels with 70mm size

7″ inches aluminum trucks

Movendless Features:

We had to pick this product from our list because of its dimensions and drop deck design. This inexpensive longboard has almost the same deck size as the AODI longboard and proves itself a nice choice for novices. Its deck length is 42 inches, and its width is 10 inches. In addition, its drop deck design makes it completely different from the rest of the best cheapest longboards. Most importantly, there are 9 coatings of wood material. 

To ensure a stable and comfortable ride, you are also provided with high-quality grip tape. This product is full of surprises as it has LED wheels. That is to say; you can ride it at night as well. Speaking about its rollers, they are 70mm and built with polyurethane material. The bearings have ABEC-7 ratings based on PU bushings. As a result, Movendless provides speedy yet safer rides on all kinds of surfaces.

The trucks are 7 inches made with aluminum, providing sturdiness throughout the ride. Furthermore, trucks are the reason behind bearing 100kg of weight easily. If you are fond of performing carving while riding down the hill, it is one the most suitable products to do, thanks to its drop deck structure design.


Drop deck design

Sturdy product to last longer

Perfect for carving and downhill riding

Holds around 100kg weight at once



Packaging complaints

Tool missing to tighten the trucks

Inspection Results:

I inspected this drop deck longboard deeply and observed a few essential points about its performance. First, it has a down deck which makes it different from the other boards on our list. Secondly and most importantly, its deck shape allows you to simultaneously have balanced and faster rides.

Krown 36 Inch | Cheap Drop Through Longboard

Krown Freestyle Longboard

36 inches longer deck

9.25″ wider

71mm rollers with 78A stiffness

Portable item due to 7 pounds of weight

Canadian maple deck

About Item:

If you have missed the adventure of freestyle rides due to budget, you should see the Krown longboard. Many factors make its deck perform well whenever you try to do some tricky stuff on it. It has a width of 9.25 inches and a length of 36 inches. The contribution of Canadian maple material in its construction promises sturdiness and long-term use of the product. In the end, it has a unique design, especially supporting freestyle rides.

The 71mm rollers with 78A stiffness have white color, assuring a strong grip on the ground even at higher speeds. Such wheels support multiple riding ways like cruising, downhill riding, carving, etc. The white color of the rollers can be the only drawback in this drop-through longboard; after some rides, you will notice a lot of dirt on the wheels. That is to say; It may start affecting your passages of Krow drop through the longboard.

We don’t see any complaints from the users of this product about its trucks. They are 7″ in size with reverse kingpin technology. Krown’s deck can bear a decent load at once, but it also provides flexibility. If you struggle while turning the longboard or have some issues with the responsiveness, use a skate tool to loosen them a bit. Unluckily, you will have to buy it separately as it is furnished with the product.


Drop through design

Sturdy item

Perfect for freestyle riding

Reverse kingpin trucks


No skate tool was given for tightening

White wheels cause dirt

Why Krown Longboard | Updated

On our list of best cheap longboards, it has a shorter deck than the others. It can be a drawback if you use it as a beginner and a benefit if you ride it as a pro ride. That’s what I noticed during the inspection process. For beginners, the longboard’s deck must be 40 inches or above. If it is ridden carefully, it can be advantageous for the newbies.

Retrospec Rift Drop-Through Longboard

Retrospec Rift Cheap Longboard

41 x 10-inch dimensions

Wood material in the deck

Polyurethane material in 70mm wheels

41″ x 9.5″ drop-through trucks

Stainless steel ABEC-7 bearings

About Retrospec:

It is one of the best drops through longboards out there, but its reasonable price insisted that we review this product. There are many exciting qualities in Retrospec that you will not even find in a longboard above 200. Beginning with the measurements of its deck, you get 41 x 10″ to place your feet on. These dimensions are unmatched in terms of safety and supporting beginners; if you have been more involved in wood-made longboards, this one’s for you.

Unluckily, teens and kids are not allowed to ride this longboard. (Suggestion by the manufacturer itself). We must say it is a complete package that lets users cruise, carve, commute, and ride down the hill on the same longboard. Moreover, the control and swiftness are incomparable when the goal is to bomb the hill and get quick responses. 

Its non-slippery grip tape takes the control and safety of the rides to another level. The 70mm wheels of Retrospec suit the rest of the components very well. For example, they support the trucks to make quicker turns and bear around 210 pounds. The extents of the truck are 41″ x 9.5″ with a drop-through unique design. 

Rolling over at higher speeds is not accepted unless there is no accuracy and a strong grip on the ground. This complete board does this job with the help of ABEC-7 bearings. It is highly recommended to keep them newer by applying lubricant after some time. Overall, the combo of wheels and bearings has made difficult tasks look easier. Thus, you’ll have a chance to experiment with different riding styles without compromising safety.


Evenly well for beginners and pros

Performs exceptionally well in critical situations

Wheels grab the ground very well

Durable product


Age range description for adults only

Lubricant required for bearings

Users’ Opinion:

The satisfied users’ reviews and balanced price insisted me add it to my collection. The supportive longboarding styles with Retrospec are long-distance rides, cruising, carving, and commuting. Most importantly, it works evenly well for beginners and pros.

M Merkapa 41” | Cheap Cruiser Board

M Merkapa Cheap Longboard

M Merkapa brand

104 centimeters length

9 inches width

70mm wheels with 90A durometer hardness

Use of aluminum, maple, and polyurethane material

Why Merkapa:

Merkaba has a closer cutout than all the other products on the list. It has a vintage longboard design providing 104cm in length and 9-inch width. The material used in the creation of this longboard is hard rock maple. You get 8 layers in the deck to maximize the product’s sturdiness. Maneuverability is no longer a big deal as Merkapa offers a drop deck design. With this design and 9″ width, you can easily enjoy cruising, carving, and commuting rides. So, we can say this is a versatile longboard.

All these riding ways get more support from high-quality rollers. Like many other longboards available on the market, this one also contains polyurethane material in the wheels with 70mm size. These PU wheels promise fast rides and take care of the safety by providing a full grasp on different surfaces.

Throughout the rides, Abec-9 bearings help the rollers tackle cracks and bumps during the rides accordingly. In comparing bearings between Merkapa and Retrospec, Merkapa outperforms with the highest Abec ratings. 

The trucks installed in this best cheap longboard are 7″ in size and obtain a drop-through design like many other longboards. They are helpful in multiple ways like maneuverability, making quicker and easy turns, etc. Our personal experience was full of fun; we enjoyed riding it and suggested it to all those on a budget.


Suitable for multiple rides

Available at a reasonable price

Strong parts attached

Perfect for both novices and experienced riders

T-shaped tool to try different settings


You need to replace the bearings and bushing for keep riding it

Performance After Months:

It has the same price as Retrospec Rift and almost provides the same features. However, the most significant advantage I found in this board is its sturdiness. It has been used for one year by my longboarding friend, who had to replace the bearings and bushing, but its structure did not lose its quality. Even after one year, it goes smoothly, and the wheels generate speed nicely.

Gonex Drop-Through | Complete Longboard Skateboard

Cheap Longboard

42 x 9″ measurements

Aluminum and maple material

70mm PU wheels

78A durometer hardness

Multiple designs and colors

Gonex Features:

Although Gonex is being reviewed at the end, it stands at the top regarding longevity, low-budget, and muscular components. Beginning with its deck dimensions and material, it provides you with tough maple material with a 42″ length and 9″ width. Most importantly, there are 9 plies installed of maple to ensure maximum sturdiness to all the riders. Moreover, it promises to bear a weight of about 330lbs. 

The weight-bearing capacity of Gonex is unmatched and is probably the highest among all these 10 best cheap longboards. This product has been ridden by newer and pro riders of our community, and it worked evenly well for both. The combination of wheels and bearings in the Gonex board is also the same as many other cheapest longboards. The rollers are 70mm X 51mm with 78A rigidness, and ABEC-7 approaches are made with carbon steel ingredients. 

People want to have a versatile deck that can help them cruise, carve, and commute. Therefore, this 42″ item has aluminum-made trucks with a 7″ length for good responsiveness. Another exciting advantage you have got with this product is its T Tool. You can try different tightnesses just by using the skate tool.


Maximum stability and control during rides

Highly-suggested for beginners

Flexibility and sturdiness at once

Satisfactory choice for cruising, carving, and commuting


Low-quality paint

Complaints about broken board when arrived

Why Gonex:

It is a top-rated and cheap longboard on our list with noticeable features. Firstly, I found it an excellent choice for beginners and cruising lovers. However, on the other hand, a few of its buyers complained about broken items at arrival. So you need to be careful with that.

Buying Guide for Best Cheap Longboards

If you have not ridden a longboard before due to a lack of budget, we will make all the necessary points clear to you about what to look for in a longboard. But if you are here to find an inexpensive product but known of longboards already, click the link to move directly to the buying guide of best longboards.

Deck’s Dimensions

Longboards are available in different designs and measurements. You often see a deck from 36-46 inches in length and 7-10 inches in width. The dimensions don’t matter if you are an experienced skater, but we recommend having a deck with a maximum length of 46” and a width of around 10 inches for beginners. Because it provides you with maximum stability during rides and avoids any mishaps, see the image below to understand how to measure a longboard.

Deck Dimensions for cheap longboards

Wheels and Bearings

You need to take care of two different factors in the wheels. The first one is rollers’ size and the second one is their durometer hardness. In the longboarding world, larger wheels are considered a great option for grabbing the ground well. On the other hand, smaller wheels are suitable for fast rides. So, you only have to clarify what riding style you prefer, safer rides or speedy rides.

We differentiate bearings by their ABEC ratings from 5 to 9. It is obvious that the higher ratings will perform better in different ways. For example, supporting wheels, helping rollers roll faster, and tackling the larger holes on roads accordingly. In short, the higher the ABEC ratings, the better they perform.


Trucks inside the longboards are the components on which you can not compromise. There are two widely used technologies in trucks, the first one is the reverse kingpin, and the second one is the simple kingpin. We recommend reverse kingpin every single time. The length should be around 7 inches because it improves responsiveness and helps take sharp turns easily. The image below clarifies the reverse kingpin technology.

Reverse Kingpin Trucks

Queries for Best Cheap Longboards

What kind of longboard is good for beginners?

There are many types of longboards available in the market, but not all of them support newbies. A longboard with a drop-through design is highly recommended for beginners. Make sure the length is above 40” and the width is around 8-9”.

How long does a longboard last?

If you have a high-quality longboard and all of its muscular components, it will last for 1 year at least. But if you keep upgrading its parts and taking care of them like lubricating the wheels, bearings, and trucks with lubricant, it will last longer than 1 year.

How much does a good longboard cost?

Longboards cost from $50-200 but finding a complete one at a reasonable price is a bit challenging. On the other hand, some cost a lot but do not perform well under critical situations. Therefore, make sure to have complete knowledge about longboards before investing in a product.


As we all know, longboards are available at different price ranges. Therefore, it becomes a bit challenging to find the best cheap longboard containing all the essential features and components. After riding many longboards with different price tags, we have reviewed the top 10 boards that don’t cost too much but perform well in various situations. Moreover, the buying guide helps you know what to look for when you invest in a product.

In the end, we would like to help the beginners by recommending our top 3 picks. These picks have been analyzed by ourselves and many other skaters. As a result, we all are fully satisfied with their performance and cost.

Top 3 Cheap Longboards

Top pick 1

Retrospec Rift Longboard

best cheap longboard 2

Slendor Through Longboard

Best Cheap longboard 3

Minority Through Longboard

Written by: Matt Harper

I am the sole brain behind the idea of writing longboard reviews which resulted in the production of this case study i.e. BoardsOnTop. I love everything about longboards and write exemplary reviews to help the longboarding community as once it helped me.

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