14 Best Electric Longboards, Top All-Terrain Remote Control Longboards

Do you reckon why people prefer electric longboards over traditional ones? The simpler longboards are genuine for cruising, but they require continuous pushes. No doubt, you will enjoy this experience, but they are tiring in nature. On the other hand, best electric longboards provide you with step-less yet faster rides. Moreover, you can adjust the speed levels and apply the brakes with a simple handheld remote. We have reviewed 14 battery-powered longboards after using them for 4-5 months. Therefore, you must go through each product’s performance report before investing.

E-boards are suitable for commuting, uphill, and fast-paced rides. Alternatively, you can use them as a means of transport. These advantages are easy to achieve as we have been riding these electric longboards for months. After a rigorous process of testing numerous battery-powered longboards, we have compiled a list of the best electric longboards that perform up to the mark in varying situations. Also, we keep updating the reviews once we observe something interesting.

Top 3 Electric Longboards

top pick 1


best E-longboard 2

Teamgee H5 Longboard

Blitzart Electric

14 Best Electric Longboards in 2023

1. Teamgee H5 | Top Electric Longboard

best electric longboard
  • 37″ Long deck
  • 90mm PU wheels
  • 8.7″ Wide deck
  • Holds up to 200 pounds
  • Weighs 14.55 pounds
  • Max speed of 25mph

About Teamgee H5:

Electric longboards have been in the market for years, and the latest entries are clunky, weighing too much on average. So Teamgee broke the trend and launched this thin, flexible, and lightweight longboard. It seems like a regular one from the first look, but under its 12mm thin layer, a powerful battery is available.

Battery supplies guided power to the motor, which is in the back wheels. Once you charge the battery, it will give you around 2-3 hours of ride time. Wheels on the back have two motors allowing you to set the speed up to 25 miles per hour. The charger for the board will be in the box you receive. Our several community members are using the H5 longboard. The fully charged battery still lets you ride for the same duration.


Deck’s sturdiness is something that riders usually consider. Teamgee framed their deck with multiple Canadian maple layers and a single fiberglass layer to ensure the flexibility remains at its peak. Also, the deck is drop-through, very close to the ground, hence bringing stability to the ride. I have been riding on this board for over a year now, and I found it quite simple to ride. It’s fast but significantly under control.
Wheels are wide and durable enough to handle some rough terrain, take corners flawlessly, in short, suitable for almost all types of riding tracks. These bite-free wheels work on manual pushes as well. Start your manual run, and then turn the motors on when you have some acceleration. Recently, we received complaints about the responsiveness of the trucks. It happens after constant use, but you can adjust the trucks as per your requirements.


We have been using the Teamgee H5 longboard for 5 months. It is working exceptionally well. The remote given with this fastest electric longboard is fully responsive. The braking and speeding modes are incomparable. The only concern we’ve had with this longboard is that there is no deactivation mode. Recently, we dropped the remote, but the board was still moving.

Use Guide:

You need to hit the power switch at the bottom of the deck. On turning the remote control, you can control speed and brakes with the help of a control wheel. There is a side-wheel on the remote control through which you can switch between high and low gear.
The box you will receive has a 37 inches drop-through deck, a remote control, a T-wrench, and chargers for both the remote and the board.


Light-weigh, flexible, weight bearing deck

Sturdy, durable, bite-free wheels

Battery timing up to 2.5 hours

Pretty easy to use and control


Brakes need a bit of improvement; they feel abrupt

Final Review After Riding:

Thin, eye-catching design, high-speed generation, flexibility, and a suitable price is what you look for in a long-lasting electric longboard. Teamgee has it all. Moreover, you would like to continue riding this powered longboard even after a long time. All the properties mentioned above are supportive no matter how often you ride this board. Make sure to adjust the trucks if you notice a delay in turns.

2. JKING Motorized Electric Longboard

top electric longboard
  • 38.2″ Long deck
  • 90mm PU wheels
  • 10″ Wide deck
  • Holds up to 330lbs
  • Weighs 19.4 pounds
  • Max speed of 26 mph

JKING’s Features:

Electric boards with adjustable speeds are widely appreciated among longboard riders. JKING comes with three different speed levels so that the rider can select and enjoy the speed according to its purpose. The powerful duo of motors, 450 watts each, makes this longboard achieve a high pace during the ride. We tested this electric board to its limit, and unsurprisingly, it peaked at 26 miles per hour. You don’t need to worry about the battery’s performance even if you ride at maximum speed. We have ridden this longboard at 20mph for an hour. The battery went down to 60 percent only.

As electric longboards promise faster rides, they need to be safer and stable than ever. This is where JKING excels with its wide-shaped and sticky deck. You will have a very comfortable and stable stance on this board. Additionally, the deck is super strong, with a weight-holding ability of around 330lbs. Heavy-duty wheels with shock-absorbing technology make this electric board for multiple kinds of rides. You can take this longboard anywhere, and it will prove its worth.

Wouldn’t it be more incredible if you could zoom past the fellow pedestrians with style? Well, that’s not a worry anymore due to the seven-colored LED light bars mounted below your deck. The lights turn into different colors with different speed levels. These light patterns become even more attractive and eye-catching when you are riding this board at night. We loved these lights, and we managed to get some extraordinary portraits with our camera.
The handheld remote device for the longboard is easy to use. All you need is to sync this device with your longboard. Remote can handle all three different speed settings. In addition, you can easily switch between the speed levels if you feel like your ride is fast or slow.


The battery’s performance, the remote’s responsiveness, and the board’s construction are the most important features to look for in an electric longboard. JKING performs evenly well as it performs in the beginning. You take sharp turns and brake the longboard perfectly through the remote. Most importantly, the sturdiness of the deck, wheels, and trucks remain powerful for a long time.

Use Guide:

This e-board is pretty simple to use. All you need to do is to press the start button under your deck. Then turn on your remote, wait for 5-10 seconds for both devices to sync, and you are all set to have your first ride. The remote has different buttons for adjusting speeds, brakes, and other stuff. Feel free to check all these buttons and their functions.
If you want to turn on your LED lights discussed earlier, press and hold its specified button on the remote for 2-3 seconds, where they will light up. Holding that button again will turn them off. Additionally, if the lights haven’t been used for the last 5 minutes, they will turn off automatically.


3 different speed settings

Peak speed of 26 mph

Strong and non-slippery deck

Anti-shock wheels technology

Stylish LED lights

Additional tools provided


Remote & board can’t sync sometimes

Final Review After Riding:

JKING has a solid deck, powerful motor capable of peaking 26mph, and energy optimal wheel design. The motor of this longboard is portable; hence you can convert this electric board into a simple longboard by detaching the motor. It is a versatile longboard that you can use for commuting, cruising, and high-speed rides. After riding this board for months, we observed that this is one of the best electric longboards for long-term use.

3. Fast & Furious | Best Electric Longboard Skateboard

battery powered
  • 43″ Long deck
  • 3.4 inches wide wheels
  • 10″ Wide deck
  • Holds up to 330lbs
  • Weighs 18 pounds
  • Max speed of 25 mph
Only the graphic work has changed, longboard is same.

About Product:

Fast and furious electric longboard gets its name because of the powerful belt-driven motors responsible for speeding up your journey. Belt-driven motors create high torque capacity, and this is useful when you are going up a steep or a hill. These almighty motors can put you up to 25 mph on smooth tracks.
It might be a surprise for you, but this longboard can carry a weight of 300lbs on an acute angle of 25 degrees. We have tested several powerful duty longboards, but this one tops the chart. The deck is expansive and durable, and there is no risk of breaking into the board, even for heavy-weight riders. Belt-driven motors and sturdy deck design create a flawless experience for electric board lovers.
The wireless remote control is responsible for handling operations related to this longboard. Once you connect these devices, you can move forward and backward, speed up or down the board, and apply the brakes with designated buttons. In addition, the remote has a display bar to output the wireless signal strength and remaining battery.
On the bottom side of the deck, two light stripes light up differently during moving forward and backward. These stylish light patterns captivate people watching your ride from a distance. Turn these lights on when you come back from your college campus at dusk to make yourself look cool.


Our earliest rides with this remote control longboard were as promised. After a few weeks of riding, the wheels struggled in high-speed rides. If you encounter the same issue, make sure to ride slowly or check the rollers thoroughly before riding. Therefore, Dreskar is only suitable for the initial rides.

Use Guide:

This e-longboard is as simple to use as it can get. All you have to do is pair the remote and the board, and you are ready to go. The remote has different buttons to perform different tasks. Try to get yourself comfortable on the low-speed setting of the board before moving to high speed. The display bar on the remote will show you the remaining battery power. You can turn on and off the light stripes under your deck with its specified button on the deck.


Highly supportable for uphill rides

Max speed of 25 mph

High, medium, and low-speed settings

Adjustable trucks for better turns

Flashy and eye-catching light patterns


The motor makes noise at max speed

Bad wheels performance after a few weeks

Final Review | Updated

This longboard seems expensive, but the features justify the price tag. The adjustable trucks, the super-durable deck, 3.4 inches fast-rolling wheels, and highly robust motors of this longboard make it a hard-to-beat allrounder. Our updated review does not suggest this longboard for pacy rides as the rollers shake when you do so.

4. OppsDecor Youth | Powered Longboard

good electric longboard
  • 35″ Long deck
  • 70mm PU wheels
  • 8″ Wide deck
  • Holds 286 pounds
  • Weighs around 5kg
  •  2200mah Lithium Battery

About OppsDecor:

Electric longboards are generally more expensive than simpler longboards because they are mobile and can be used for multiple purposes. As a result, a good percentage of people look for electric boards that they can rely on for transport from home to office and back. However, finding the best budget electric longboard is a tiring process. We found OppsDecor after a rigorous process of trying new and old skates.

A fully charged youth electric can carry you for almost 10 miles at a good pace of 12 miles per hour. To make your ride safer, the more expansive deck and its surface offer a firm grip. We believe this longboard is an optimal pick for transportation because of its balanced design and reasonable speed levels. You can also train your 7-8 years old kids on this longboard.

Wheels are equipped with highly-functional motors to take you to your destination faster. They are built with supreme quality shock-absorbing material to suck out the vibrations. Automatically, it becomes suitable to ride in small-hole pavements, uneven surfaces, and bumpy tracks.
OppsDecor has a wireless control remote with two different modes. One is for basic rides when you want to have a low-paced cruising experience. The other one is the advanced level and becomes helpful during commute and fast-paced experiences. You can easily control the brakes and visualize the battery levels on the four lights LED indicator.


A few kids have tried it and loved the rides on this electric longboard with a remote. The different speed modes help kids and old skaters evenly. The most interesting feature of this longboard is that the remote is completely understandable. Furthermore, you can balance your rides like a pro with its comprehensible braking system.

Use Guide:

This best electric longboard is one of the easiest ones to use. When you sync your remote control with the board, you are set to go. Adjust your speed between the basic and the advanced mode by using their respective buttons. The display bar is a four-light LED indicator showing the remaining battery of your longboard. Try to get aware of your remote and its functioning before setting on a longer ride.


Anti-shock wheels

High-speed levels for long rides

Very economical

2.4G wireless remote with the package

Stable and flexible deck


Smaller deck compared to others electric longboards

Final Review After Testing:

This longboard is a good companion because it is a one-in-all package. The price is meager when you compare it with other electric boards. However, the quality remains perfect throughout the whole design. It is a must-pick if you are in search of the cheapest electric longboard. Most importantly, it has been inspected completely by the experienced skaters of our community. You will surely get what’s promised above.

5. SKATEBOLT | Remote Control Longboard

motorized longboard
  • 38″ Long deck
  • 90mm PU wheels
  • Maple Material
  • 280lbs weight capacity
  • Max speed 24-27 mph
  •  7500 mAh battery


SKATEBOLT is a splendid electric longboard generating company, and this 3rd updated generation is leading the board on its own. Its influential battery can speed up the ride up to 24-27 miles per hour. Multiple speed modes in the control panel enable you to set up the pace as per your requirements. If you want to cruise, keep the momentum as low as 12-14mph. Similarly, speed up if you’re going to freeride. An outrageous feature of its battery is that it lasts if you cover around 20-25 miles. 
Along with the pace methods, you also have control of 4 different modes of brakes. These modes have a direct relation to the acceleration you set. Always set the brake mode according to the selected speed to enjoy a safe ride. This 3rd tornado presents a decent cruise control that is unavailable in its previous versions. Moreover, the remote control has a new version of the screen display. 

The motor attached permits you to cruise up to a steep hill. Please make sure the mountain is not steeper than 25% of the usual. The adjustable trucks and the replaceable wheels are its hottest features. In case of damaged rollers, replace them instead of changing the whole motor. Just like you adjust the trucks in a non-electric longboard for better curves, the T-tool of SKATEBOLT will aid you to play with the trucks. 

The eight layers of maple make the deck sturdier, allowing weights up to 280lbs. Also, the deck is wide enough to deliver a smooth and stable ride. Safety is the most significant thing while riding an electric longboard, and this version of the board provides two lights for red-level warning. These lights are right at the tail, indicating if any vehicle from the back is nearly approaching you. 


You must be surprised that it will not be the same if you don’t use this longboard for a month. One of our experienced skaters bought this longboard, which worked as reviewed. Achieving speed and braking modes were fully responsive. The only disadvantage he has faced is that it does not work well once it is used after a month.


Four multiple speed modes

Four various brakes modes

Long battery timing

Adjustable trucks

Replaceable wheels


Disabling warning lights is hard

Not the same product if not used for a few weeks

Updated Final Review:

Take skateboarding to the next level with Skatebolt 3rd tornado. Only if you want to, its long-lasting battery allows you to use it for transportation purposes. Sturdy design, dependable wheels and trucks, make this product worthy enough to invest in. Recently, we observed that the motor of this product does not work if you don’t use it constantly. If you are busy or have no time to ride it, give it to another rider for regular rides.

6. Caroma 36″ | Battery Powered

best longboard
  • 36″ Long deck
  • 3.3″ PU wheels
  • 700-watt Dual Hub motor
  • 300 Pound weight capacity
  • Weighs 5.7 Kg
  • 4000 mAH Lithium Battery

About Caroma:

The slight concaveness of the deck provides you with a secure drive. Also, the grip tape on the board makes it pretty comfortable to stand firm. 8-layers of the rocky deck have much better flex and durability than others with this price range. What makes it different from other motorized longboards is its load capacity of about 300lbs. The board withstands various debossing collisions without distortion. 

The batteries can generate speeds up to 17 miles per hour, while the charging flawlessly lasts 10-12 miles. The battery gets fully charged within 3 hours, so isn’t it better to put it on charge overnight and have a joyful day with rides? Cruising gives you more ride time than commuting or going at full speed. Also, if the battery is completely down, you can use it as a simple longboard.

Wheels design is awesome as it absorbs thick shocks conveniently. In addition, polyurethane material in the wheels increases their life and promises a smooth ride to a great extent. This cool longboard supports low, medium, and high-speed modes depending on what the user wants.

The wireless hand-held control has a range of 14m response distance. Through the control system, you can push the longboard forward and backward. Also, the brakes and acceleration buttons are available and are quite easy to use. 


Doubtlessly, Caroma is one of the best electric longboards for continuous use. After riding this longboard for a long time, the remote, battery, and other features are as good as the first ride. Moreover, we have experienced technical rides as well on this E-Board. For example, bombing hills, participating in races, and sliding.


Durable deck

Three modes for speed

Significantly long battery life

Shock-absorbing wheels

Easy to understand remote functionalities


No indicator when the remote control is fully charged

The charger of the board gets hot during charging

Final Review:

Better battery timing, firm grip on the deck for security, shock neglecting wheels, simple and understandable manual for a smooth, secure, and joyful ride collectively make this powered longboard good value for money. The biggest advantage you get with this best electric longboard is its easy of use. It suits teens, adults, and youths evenly well.

7. Hiboy S22 | Motorized Mountain Board

remote control longboard
  • 7 layers maple deck
  • 9cm wheels
  • Max speed 18.6 mph
  • Black & Red color
  • Weighs 16.5 pounds

About Product:

A simple micro USB cable is available for fast charging of the remote. It also displays battery levels in the form of light bars. I got fascinated with the built quality of the deck when I tested it weeks ago. The grip tape on the deck gives you a locked-in feel bringing more confidence to your carving and cruising. 

The lower part of the deck seems glossy and has the actual battery of the board. Like the remote, there is also a battery indicator showing how much charge is left and how long you can go more. The T-tool comes with the whole thing and can fit any adjustable part of the longboard. After my first few rides on it, I found a screw on its back wheels loosen. I got it fixed with that T comfortably. Make sure you tighten the trucks perfectly, and that’s the only maintenance you need to do before having an enjoyable ride. 

If you enjoy fast longboards, Hiboy gives you an acceleration of about 18mph. The manufacturer claims that its battery works for about 12 and a half miles to which we agreed after riding it at the maximum speed. My first ride lasted for about 12 miles after I charged the battery to 100%. The update here is about the acceleration of the board. We lost our balance a few times because Hiboy accelerates too fast and same when you are deaccelerating it.

Like other best electric longboards, it also has four different speed modes and four brake modes. A taper is provided with the product for free to ensure maximum stability and safety. But, it is never recommended to ride such speedy longboards without any protective gear. Study about the best longboard helmets to bring more joy and happiness to your rides.


If you love to cruise and commute at higher speed levels, this is one of the fastest electric longboards. Both newbies and experienced skaters have ridden it. In the beginning, it goes comparatively faster than the other boards. If you are not used to electric boards, wear helmets or initialize your rides slowly.

Use Guide:

The rip on the hand-held control makes it easier for you to have complete authority over your ride. You can tend to break the longboard as well as accelerate. You need to press forward to speed it up and press backward to decelerate.

There is a reverse button that takes things differently. If you press this reverse button, it blinks red; the longboard will start operating in reverse. So, if you press accelerate, the board will move backward. Make sure you know the current state of the reverse button to make the ride safe. 


Economical, durable, fast, all at once

The battery stays for long

Adjustable wheels and trucks

Four multiple speed modes depending on your mood

Four brake modes


Charging wires are irreplaceable if broken

Moves too fast in the beginning

Final Review After Testing:

If you want to spend the minimum and avail board of long battery life, sturdier deck, strong adjustable wheels, and trucks, easy to use, HiBoy is the one you should go for. Enjoy your rides accordingly with four different modes of braking and speeding. Your first few rides with this motorized longboard should be with the safety equipment. Get used to the accelerating technique as it can be challenging for beginners.

8. SKATEBOLT Tornado | Best Electric Longboard

best electric skateboard
  • 38 inches long deck
  • 90mm wider wheels
  • 500W Dual hub motors
  • Holds 280 pounds
  • 26 mph running speed
  • 7500 mAh battery

Tornado Features:

Many riders prefer hub motor electric boards over belt-driven electric boards. The hub motor is mounted directly to the wheels and hence prove beneficial while pacing up the ride. SKATEBOLT features two such powerful hub motors to reach around 25 mph. This technology of motor works wonders when you want to speed up steadily from basic to advanced speed. 


We are still using Tornado, and it is full of fun. If you are a regular user of E-Longboard, you can use this board for a long time with the same advantages and features. Try out different speed modes, the braking functionality remains supportive, and the rides are under control in critical conditions.

There are two-speed settings defined for this electric board. The basic mode is named normal mode, and the advanced one is called the sports mode. We consider the normal mode suitable for heavy traffic because you will zoom past easily in such crowds. Sports mode is the high-performance state of the board and will help you in different circumstances. Whether you need to reach a destination in no time or you have to drive uphill, this mode will never betray you.

SKATEBOLT is highly appreciated for the fast, responsive braking system installed in it. Safety becomes a concern when you are riding up towards the hill at a reasonable pace. Brakes are regenerative, i.e. they charge up and provide resistance force when applied. Thus, you can enjoy the sports mode without any tension. In the dark, when you apply brakes, quipped red lights will blink for the sake of vision for other drivers.

Riders can stand firmly and comfortably on the non-slippery deck thanks to the strong grip of the board. The weight-bearing ability of the deck is impressive, supporting up to 280lbs. Moreover, trucks can be easily loosened or tightened with the t-shaped tool for different types of turns. 

Use Guide:

The handheld remote device is easy to use and has multiple function buttons available to it. There are separate buttons for forward and backward traversing, brakes, and acceleration, and speed modes. The USB port is used for charging the device. After successful sync between the device and the board, you are ready to cruise on your brand new electric board.


Normal and sports mode speed levels

Peak speed of 26 mph

Comfortable stance on the board

Effective for uphill rides


Battery charges fully in almost 3 hours

Slower speed after battery drops less than 20 per cent

Updated Final Review:

SKATEBOLT has to be one of the most recommended boards due to its over-the-bar benchmarks. We analyzed the functionality of its system in tough conditions, and it held up to its promises. It is truly a champion electrical longboard when it comes to its performance. Add this board to your cart if you wish to commute and cruise on the same electric longboard. The rides on this powered longboard are always as smooth as the first ride.

9. Blitzart 38″ | Good Electric Longboard

motorized mountain board
  • 38 inches long deck
  • 350W Hub Motor
  • 7 inches wide deck
  • Bear 250 pounds load
  • 19mph maximum speed
  • 144Wh Lithium battery

About Product:

Flexibility and Sturdiness are the essences of any longboard’s deck. The supreme quality of grip proves to be a cherry on top. Blitzart accomplishes all these features due to the strong maple and bamboo made deck. You can ride this longboard on rocky and cracked surfaces and still worry about balance and safety. The shape of the deck is concave to provide a better posture for the rider. 

The Blitzart is powered up by the single hub motor and is solely responsible for accelerating your adventure. As this longboard uses a hub motor, the rides are very noise-free and pleasant. The best part about the hurricane longboard is that it can be used as a normal board without the motor if it is not charged up. We recommend this longboard for skaters looking for a lightweight but highly functional board. 


It’s been more than six months, and Blitzart is still performing nicely. The inspectors have noticed no errors in the battery, speed, and construction of the other accessories in this duration. You will also be kept updated about its performance in the near future.

Possible Drawback:

There is a possibility that the remote may start responding late to your moves. It mostly happened when the charging of the board was below 20. Therefore, stay in touch with the battery to prevent any mishap.

This longboard is equally suitable for beginners and experienced riders. There are two-speed levels available for this longboard. Our expertise suggests beginners use the basic speed mode and pros to use the basic and advanced mode. Additionally, you can take this e-longboard for a 10-mile ride with a peak speed of 19 mph if fully charged. The motor charges back up in less than 3 hours. 

A very portable and wireless remote has a wrist strap to provide a unique look. You can accelerate your ride with the help of this handy device. Furthermore, the board comes pre-assembled, and you need to connect it with the remote. Longboarding has never been easier and more fun than this.


A maximum speed of 19mph

Lightweight yet durable deck

Wireless remote with the package

Recommended for both beginners and pros



A single motor instead of dual

Late moves with low battery

Final Review | Updated

The board provides long and steady rides with its fully charged battery. When the charging is less than 20, you may notice a delay in your moves made through the remote. The speed levels are impressive, and beginners and experienced riders can utilize it for different purposes. All exclusive features of the board justify the price tag of this product. The rest of the features work as perfectly as in the initial rides.

10. Teamgee H20 | Fastest Electric Longboard

fastest electric longboard
  • 38 inches long deck
  • 90mm wide PU wheels
  • 9 inches wide deck
  • 286 pounds load capacity
  • 24mph maximum speed
  • 1200W hub motors

About Product:

The board provides long and steady rides with its fully charged battery. The speed levels are impressive, and beginners and experienced riders both can utilize it for different purposes. All exclusive features of the board justify the price tag of this product. The pro skaters of our group suggest polishing balancing skills before trying out the high-speed levels of this electric longboard. The third and fourth-speed levels can be challenging if the rider does not have good balancing skills.

There are a few electric longboards in the market with four different speed levels, and Teamgee is one of them. You can easily switch between low, medium, high and high plus for different scenarios. Beginners are recommended to use the low and medium pace while pros can adjust any speed level according to themselves. The longboard accelerates with a better rate at high plus than the high pace. 


Those who love to ride faster than usual must ride on Teamgee H20. Compared to the other fastest electric longboards, it is more speedy. The biggest advantage is that you get a quick response from the remote and can stop the ride easily. As suggested before, you must know how to balance an electric longboard when going at a maximum speed of 20mph or more.

Every rider looks for a simple, fast yet safer rider. The brake system of H20 comprises four different modes. This system becomes beneficial when the rider takes the board on an uphill journey. A heavy-duty brake system is necessary to make the ride error-prone and injury-free. Thus, you can trust this electrical board with your life.

Unlike the Blitzart, Teamgee has highly responsive dual hub-motors capable of accelerating your ride up to 26 mph even at 30-degree steep hills. The non-slippery wheels support these giant motors set to their full strength. When we tested the most fully charged longboards, their maximum range was between 16 km to 25km. But the powerful H20 blew our minds with an average capacity of 28km to 30km when fully charged.

Experienced riders demand a durable and safer deck if the e-longboard reaches a very agile and fast ride. The slight-concave shaped deck of H20 promises not only a safer experience but also a tension-free adventure. Teamgee is successful when it comes to the durable quality of the deck. You can trust the firm grip of this board and enjoy the perfect ride.


Four different speed settings

Four level brakes system

Peak speed of 26 mph

Non-slippery deck for firm grip

The maximum range of 30 km


4 hour charge time

Higher price tag

Moves too fast on last two speed modes

Final Review | Updated

This longboard is a beast when it comes to performing under extreme conditions. We consider Teamgee a dream pick because it provides exceptional features one looks for in an e-board. Most importantly, this electric longboard lets you ride at higher speed which is great but never forget to wear helmets and slide gloves during the speedy rides. Moreover, we have recently analyzed that the stability is must for the riders of Teamgee H20 riders.

11. Tooluck 28” | Cheap E-Longboard

electric cruiser board
  • 25 cm deck length
  • 29.4V 2000 mAh Board battery
  • 8.66 inches wide deck
  • 220lbs load capacity
  • 12MPH max speed
  • 350W brushless motor

About Tooluck:

The most economical longboard in our archive of the best electric longboards is Tooluck. With its low price, the features it has been incredible. The efficacious battery of the board gets charged within 2 hours and produces a riding range up to 6-8 miles. Cruising time is much more than I thought, but miles per charge will reduce as you increase acceleration. The updated review is below, as we have ridden Tooluck for months.


After riding this board for over a month, you will know that it has some serious issues. The major ones are weight-bearing ability and battery performance. Users of Tooluck longboard in our community say it does not cover 6-8 miles. Your ride will possibly end within 4 miles or even less. Secondly, if you weigh 190 pounds, the deck will struggle to bear your load, which will minimize the speed.

The brushless hub motor can maximize the speed up to 12 miles per hour. Even at its full rate, there is minimum noise produced, promising a quiet and comfortable ride. Also, if the battery is not charged, push it to use it more like a simple longboard for cruising and carving purposes. 

Most of the longboards’ life depends on the sturdiness and stiffness of the deck. What if you get both of them within a low price range? Would it amaze you? Tooluck provides a 7-layer hard rock maple deck which extends the life of the deck more than expected. Maple brings adaptability as well as a weight-bearing capacity of about 220lbs. The load capacity does not remain the same after you have ridden this cheapest electric longboard for a month.

Like every other top-rated e-boards, this one also has PU wheels involved in shock consumption functionalities. This feature ensures a leveled driving experience. In addition, the remote of the board can control four multiple roles such as Forward, Backwards, Accelerate, and Brake. 

It also gives 3 multiple velocity modes for low, medium, and high-speed selection. The remote control can access the board from 14 meters, so it’s quite a significant range. A power indicator informs you of the remaining percentage of charge on the remote. 


Durable & smooth deck

Better for cruising, commuting, and carving

Better battery life

Very economical

Fairly easy to use


The remote is not of high quality; take care of it

Not good for uphill riding

Low weight-bearing capacity after sometime

Updated Final Review:

You won’t get a better longboard within this price range as it already has everything an e-board should have, like 12mph speed, 3 multiple speed modes, quick brakes, a smooth deck, and good battery time. It has not passed the recent test some experienced electric longboard riders took. The major defects were low-quality construction and covering less distance.

12. Alouette Phoenix Ryders | Electric Board with Remote

best electric longboard
  • 32 inches deck length
  • 5200mah lithium battery
  • Weighs 4.5kg
  • 220 Pounds load capacity
  • Reach 16MPH at max
  • 70mm PU Wheels

About Product:

The characteristic that makes this wolf by Phoenix unique is the availability of dual motors in it. You will hardly find an electric board under with this feature at an affordable price. What makes it a longboard is its long trucks. The powerful motors and battery can accelerate up to 16mph; you can get this speed by turning on its high or high plus mode. It also has a low-speed button that makes you go up to 9mph, which is good for first-time riders or cruisers. 

A 15-degree angle is what I went up with this powered board, while the expensive e-boards go up a hill of 20 or 25 degrees. Seven layers of northeast maple plus a layer of bamboo in its deck make it more flexible and stable. The compactness of the deck allows you to have more angels to turn. 

The remote is sturdy and can easily be fixed in your hand. It has low, medium, high, and high plus modes to select. Also, two buttons for forwarding and backward movement. Here are the key results I observed after testing.

5mph on low-speed mode

10mph on medium mode

16mph on high-speed mode

If you weigh 80kgs like me, you will get 18mph on high plus

Make sure you tighten up the trucks before you start the ride. Like speed modes, the remote also provides 4 different brake modes. I found the brakes pretty sharp. If you are riding at less than 10mph and use brakes, it will immediately stop. Contrary to that, if you are accelerating in high mode, make sure you press the brake buttons a bit earlier. We have seen this product out of stock often. Therefore, before you read the review, make sure it is available in the market.

The manufacturer claims that the board can go up to 14 miles per charge, and my first few rides with a fully charged board left an average of 13.2 miles. 


Like the other best electric longboards we have reviewed, this one has also been inspected deeply. It is a suitable electric longboard for beginners and experts. All the features work nicely at the beginning and as well as afterward.


Dual motor

Multiple speed modes

Multiple brake modes

Best for cruising around

Comfortable ride


Charging decreases quickly while going up the hill

Often out of stock

Final Review:

Phoenix’s features explained earlier come up with a very low price compared to other expensive ones with the same qualities. So that’s the one you are looking for riding. You will invest little and get all the features you like in longboarding. The strong maple material used in creation promises long use of this board.

13. DEVO Electric Longboard

best electric cruiser board
  • 70cm long deck
  • 29.4V & 2000 mAh lithium battery
  • 3.5 Kilograms Weight
  • Holds 220 pounds load
  • 12MPH speed
  • 70mm PU wheels

Devo Electric Longboard Features:

This budget-friendly electric skateboard provides countless characteristics of its kind. Three multiple speed modes enable you to cruise, commute, or go faster. Even if the battery is low, you can turn it off and make it a traditional longboard with just a few pushes. In addition, the front two wheels have no power, which makes it compatible to use as a simple longboard. 

A slider on the remote assists you in accelerating up or pressing brakes. LED indicators keep you informed about the status of the battery. An unusual specialty this board has is its removable battery. It gets fully charged within 2 hours, empowering the board to reach the max speed of 12.4mph. As per the manufacturer, the distance per charge is 5 miles, but I found it around 3.8 miles per ride. 

Rock hard maple deck layers guarantee the durability and stability of the ride. Also, this hard layer is capable of bearing weights up to 220lbs. Additionally, the kicktail and concaveness of the deck provide the rider with more control. Moreover, the board is sturdy enough to bear stamping collisions.

The wheels under the deck are reliable, long-lasting, and smooth enough to glide on the streets, down the hill, and on flat tracks, no matter your skating level.  Apart from maximum speed, you can also roll at 2 others speed levels of low and medium. The low speed would be 6.2mph and 9.3mph with medium pace.


Everyone who has used Devo electric board has liked its wheels the most. The rollers of this top electric longboard are second to none. Whether you wish to gain pace or stop the ride instantly, the wheels will do their job more than expected. Also, the connection between the remote and the longboard is super fast. In short, this longboard assures pace and safety at once.



Concave deck provides a firm grip

The deck is sturdy

Three multiple speed modes

Quickly rechargeable


The battery doesn’t last too long. 

Final Review:

Devo is one of the most low-budget yet top electric longboards available in the market. Different speed levels attract almost all kinds of riders. If you can adjust its battery life, this is an obvious choice to cruise or ride fast. Most importantly, it has been analyzed many times by BoardsOnTop, providing everything you look for in a complete longboard.

14. URBANPRO Remote Control Longboard

best electric longboard for beginners
  • 97cm deck length
  • 24cm wide deck
  • 17 pound Weight
  • Holds 265 pounds load
  • 3 speed modes
  • PU wheels
URBANPRO Flexibility Test

About Product:

The 35″ extended deck has 11 layers of maple, clearly taking the deck’s persistence to a high level. The thickness of URBANPRO gives you an idea of its stiffness. It does have a slight bend at the edges of the deck, giving a lot more comfort than regular longboards. Unfortunately, the front and tail are not curly at all, so tic tac won’t be easy to do. 

I have had multiple traditional longboards, and when I compared the wheels of a non-powered board with this cool & fun electric board, the difference was quite clear. UNBANPRO has wheels twice wider than a typical longboard. The wheels seem softer and have Polyurethane built, which allows more excellent elasticity and traction. Also, the wheels are bite-free, quickly go past rocky and bumpy roads. 

The remote control enables you to deviate between three different speed adjustments. The switching between modes is acceptable while you go for a ride. As the battery attached is of very high quality, it gets fully charged in 3 hours. And the consumption miles of the board varies between 8-10 miles on high-speed mode. The highest speed this e-board can achieve varies according to the weight of the rider. It averages between 18-20mph. 


We know many longboard riders who use Urbanpro Electric longboard. Therefore, we contacted them and asked about their experience with this product. Most of the riders like the stability of this board in various conditions. For example, your rides last steady when moving faster through uneven roads. Also, they perceived that the product is great for long-term use.


Muscular deck

3-speed adjustments

Slight curves on the edges provide a firm grip

Battery lasts for about 9-10miles at full speed

20% easy grade hill


Remote doesn’t indicate its low charging

Final Review:

The firm, sturdy, and durable deck, multiple speed options for cruisers, newbies, and professionals, 10 miles per charge distance, and ease of URBANPRO’s use makes it a definite choice for those who look for all these features at a reasonable price.  

Buying Guide for Electric Longboards

Before buying an electric longboard, the characteristics you need to look at are completely different from a simple longboard. We have tested several electric skateboards and shortlisted the fundamental instruments you need to look for while buying any of them. A well-defined buying guide will make it simpler for you to pick the best one among countless longboards. Have a look at the video if you don’t understand any of the points.

Here are the factors you should always take care of:


It depends on whether you are a newcomer or an advanced rider. For beginners, a deck with a long length would always be a great option, whereas an experienced rider can ride the board easily, even if the deck is short. Moreover, a long deck allows you to cruise, commute, hanging up and down to the hills even at higher speed levels. 

Our skating experience suggests a board with a short deck for tricks, perfect turns, and quick response. Last but not least, you should never compromise on the sturdiness of your board. Therefore, a deck made with at least seven layers of maple lasts longer and is unbreakable. Go through the attached diagram to understand the sturdiness of a longboard made with seven or eight layers.

deck material

After the length and material of the deck, the next important factors are riders’ control and flexibility of the deck. In terms of stability and locked-in feel, a deck with higher flex would respond perfectly. It also increases the ability of the riders to absorb the shocks they face while passing through uneven surfaces.

The purpose of the firm type of decks is to lessen the shocks, quick response and effortless actions when essential. For example, in jam packed streets, you can make quick moves even without losing the momentum.  

Types of Motor 

An electric longboard obtains either a hub motor or a belt drive motor. Both of the types of motors have their own advantages. The hub motors are considered more reliable and less problematic and make less noise when riding at high speed. Furthermore, you can use them as a traditional longboard with or without the battery.

Belt drive motors have different functionalities and are connected directly to the wheels of the board. They might create noise during the speedy rides and skating through the rough surfaces. Therefore, hub motors let you drive the boards faster than the belt drive motors. 

The motor of your longboard or skateboard defines how fast you can drive on different kinds of surfaces. Many electric boards have dual hub motors and 500W power, which is ideal for you to cover more than 9 miles distance at one recharge. It’s just a random guess because it changes according to the weight of the deck and the rider itself. 


We have been in touch with multiple types and sizes of wheels to see where they perform exceptionally well and where not. Our involvement in this field indicates that the huge size of wheels can run through rugged surfaces very well without affecting your riding experience. On the other hand, the smaller wheels are suitable for maximum speed on a flat road but struggle with cracks.

The beginner riders and the pros both require high-quality wheels in a longboard like the trucks and decks. Wheels also come in different sizes and thicknesses. If you like longboards more than skateboards, you will probably need thicker and softer wheels. These kinds of wheels don’t struggle on uneven surfaces and keep your feet balanced. 

Talking about the various sizes, most wheels are around 70mm and respond accordingly in different speeds, cruising and carving. Therefore, 60mm or more sized wheels are highly appreciated for those who have known longboarding for a long time. Similarly, less than 60mm would be suitable for newcomers in this field. 

Trucks Settings

There is a strong connection between the trucks and wheels. It means that the trucks are highly responsible for how you want to ride and turn your longboard from different angles. Different materials are used to manufacture trucks perfectly.

The most common materials used in the built of trucks are:

Axle = Joins the wheels

Kingpin = Bolt holding the trucks together

Bushings = Stays around the kingpin making sharp turns possible

Trucks come with two divergent settings, and you can differentiate them just by looking at the board’s nose. In the top-mount board, you will know exactly where its screws will be attached. Dropdown decks mostly have cylindrical or rectangular shapes. 

Here’s how the most common settings of trucks and wheels;

In our experience with the drop deck boards, we found that the board was nearly touching the ground. These rides become possible when the board has the support of baseplate, hanger and axle material. As a result, this assures gravity in the lower center and great stability for novices and exceptional experience for cruising. 

Another setting of the trucks is known as top-mounted and opposite to the drop deck setting. In comparing these two truck settings, the major difference is the rides’ height, and this position of trucks provides more lofty rides. A pro skater would love to ride on these trucks because cruising and carving become easier and quicker response along with a firm grip on the deck. 


Like any other equipment of best electric longboards, you can’t compromise on the classification of battery because your long rides, acceleration, and speed are fully dependent on it. Output rate, capacity, and voltage are major factors that help build a high-quality battery. With these essential factors, you would be able to ride at different speed levels, and also it will decide how long your ride can be at once.

 Besides that, series and parallels are cells for your battery and are very important in making your ride error-free. These two layouts in your battery named series and parallels are the reasons behind keeping the energy and furnishing more voltage to your longboard’s battery. 

That is to say, if you are in search of the best electric longboard, make sure its battery has these cells as well as perfect output rate, high voltage, and huge capacity. It will boost up your riding speed and riding duration to the next level. 

Frequently Asked Questions

SKATEBOLT Tornado is one of the best electric longboards with almost every essential aspect. Everything is perfect, from its battery and motor to its sturdiness and flexible weight-bearing deck. The wheels allow you to roll as faster as 26mph, and you can stop them with a responsive remote whenever you need to. In short, it is an E-Longboard everyone would love to ride.

Electric boards are better than traditional longboards, bikes and cars in multiple scenarios. The primary reason would always be riding at fast speeds with using almost no energy in rides. Along with an electric longboard or skateboard, You can manage your rides thoroughly with a reactive remote control. Either you want to change the pace or stop your ride, you will stand a chance to do that with the remote.

A powered longboard or skateboard always has a different length from the simple ones. In this case, you should look for the deck length around 37″, which is considered excellent for firm grip as well as speedy rides. Furthermore, this length suits better cruising and going for long-distance rides.

In terms of safety, both electric and standard longboards can face an incident because it is usual. The solution for riding both boards is to either be a pro rider or protect yourself from head to toe. With the help of protective gear like helmets and gloves, you can repel any mishap during the longboard rides.

Winding it up

We have put all our longboarding experience in this review for the best electric longboards and made it easy for you to select the best one. If you stick to our guideline, we assure you will invest in an ideal electrical longboard. Inside these 14 powered longboards, you stand a chance to select one for any particular purpose. But, we have enlisted the top 3 longboards that have everything up to the mark and can behave like a multi-purpose board. 

Written by: Matt Harper

I am the sole brain behind the idea of writing longboard reviews which resulted in the production of this case study i.e. BoardsOnTop. I love everything about longboards and write exemplary reviews to help the longboarding community as once it helped me.

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