Best Downhill Longboards to Ride in 2023 – Experts Overview

Excess of longboard brands specify their products for better downhill rides, but not all meet the exact requirements.

Our extensive research and years of experience urged us to finalize a list of the best downhill longboards.

These shortlisted boards meet all the prerequisites, including a perfect-sized deck with ought to flex, quality of trucks, and wheels with verified ABEC ratings. 

We inspected all these accessories for months and added vital points to the review of each product. So, you can now easily understand how the product will react after constant use.
This directory includes boards for beginners and professionals depending on the stability, skill level, longevity, and ease of use.

Moreover, we also help you know the advantages and disadvantages of our reviewed products after using them for a long time. If downhill riding seems newer to you, read “What is Downhill Longboarding” first.

Our Top Picks

downhill longboard

Quest Zero Dark

magneto carbon longboard

Magneto Carbon

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Fish Longboard

8 Best Downhill Racing Longboards

1. ENKEEO Downhill Racing Longboard

best downhill longboard
  • 40″ Long deck
  • 70mm PU wheels
  • 9 Inches wide deck
  • 180mm Al-trucks
  • ABEC-11 bearings
  • Weighs 7.3lbs

About Item:

Durable and classic drop-through deck build grants the skater a lower center of gravity. This means that the rider can achieve faster speeds yet maintain much higher stability throughout the journey.

Besides the deck being closer to the ground, the board is furnished with an anti-slip black surface for an extraordinary grip.

These features make Enkeeo an ideal pick for downhill rides and cruising among the pro longboarders.

Different mounts of trucks support different types of rides and hence, are necessary for the complete design of the longboards.

As drop-through decks produce better stability during down-the-hill slides, Enkeeo installs the trucks through the deck.

Moreover, two additional rubber rings are chipped with trucks to absorb most shocks and vibrations.

You will be able to achieve further maneuverability during most of your rides. Consider these trucks as the driving force for the overall control of your ride. 

Downhill rides often are faster than many other riding styles. Enkeeo was built with this point in mind, and that’s why manufacturers delivered hard and fast-rolling wheels for the longboard.

The wheels are tolerant and can hold a lot of weight and pressure without inconvenience. There are instant rolling bearings fixed with the build to keep the user safer and the ride smoother and faster.

Comprehensively, Enkeeo is a master longboard for downhill rides, cruising, carving, and any terrain pushing.

Why ENKEEO | Updated

The longboard is furnished with a unique and fanatic design with beautiful color palettes. Maximum traction wheels and non-slippery deck work charm while riding the longboard down the steeper surfaces.

This board will prove its worth in the most challenging places and be your best companion in versatile situations.

As we all know, the wheels play an essential role in downhill longboarding. That’s why we must say that the rollers of ENKEOO are built with perfection and assist you in every critical situation while going down the hill.


Stays lower to the ground

The instant grip on the deck

Efficient for faster turns

Ideal for downhill gliding

Maximum maneuverability and stability


220+lbs weights are not recommended

2. Quest Zero Dark | Complete Downhill Longboard

downhill racing longboard
  • 40 Inches deck length
  • 70mm wheels
  • 10.3 Inches wide deck
  • 7-inches RKP trucks
  • 80A Hardness
  • Weighs around 8lbs

About Item:

When the wheels contact the deck during turning or stopping forward motions, this phenomenon is known as wheel bites and can result in mishaps.

So, Quest flooded the market with the open-wheel structure for the board, i.e., there is no deck portion above the wheels.

Therefore, chances of trouble drop to none, and safety rise to the maximum with open-wheel shape.

In addition, the wheels are wide and stiff, and rolling at good speed becomes comfortable. Most importantly, cruising down the steep road is not a problem anymore.

Zero Dark followed the build mentioned above, unlike most symmetrical deck designs that prevent wheel-bites.

Though there is no deck above the wheels, the remaining shape of the deck is symmetrical from both ends.

The board base comprises sturdy ply-maple wood, which generates infinite grit for the skater. Moreover, this healthy and flexible model is the crucial feature for top to bottom sliding journeys.

Highly-responsive trucks are genuinely important when it comes to impressive turns and tricks around the curves and edges.

These trickeries are often required for swift movement during various scenarios. Quest Zero Dark accomplishes these strategies by installing the famous reverse kingpin trucks.

Not only are these gears lightweight, but durable and efficient turners. Specifically, the board’s precise ABEC-7 bearings perform longer and sharper in frictionless drives.

Performance Update:

After a few weeks of riding the Quest Dark, I found that trucks’ kingpins had disrobed.

This is not the case with every Quest because longboards of my group-mates have been properly working Kingpins for months.

The only reason behind stripped-out kingpins could be that the longboard was not correctly delivered.

Why Quest:

This 40-inches boosted longboard has an eye-catching graphic design, open-wheel pattern, stealth foundation, and responsive truck technology.

Anyone who appreciates a premium skater will fall for this high-flying bird. Don’t be late getting your hands on DZ because you need this one to complete your profile.

Lastly, when you receive the package, ensure all the parts of this best downhill longboard are fully assembled, especially trucks.


Open-wheel pattern

Exclusive of wheel-bites

Ideal for turns and twists

Stable down the hill sliding

Flexible and Comfortable base


Minor Wobbles at high speed 

3. Magneto Bamboo Carbon | Best Downhill Longboard

best longboard for downhill riding
  • 38.5″ length of the deck
  • 70mm strong wheels
  • 9 Inches deck width
  • Bamboo-rich product
  • Shore 78A hardness
  • It weighs 8 pounds

About Item:

The Magneto brand was founded by the pro skaters and longboarders and inspired by longboarding, aka Southern California.

Having professionals is why their builds compile decently according to the choices and requirements of the community.

One good example of this is the longboard under-discussion. Carbon-Fibre has a drop-through manufacturing process and stands among the top-rated completes like most counterparts.

You can trip around the neighborhood, cruise down the road, carve, and trick effortlessly with this.

I used to weigh 220lbs and worried about this certified longboard’s strength. After continuous rides, I found that it is pretty strong and has a comfortable deck.

Now, I weigh less than 200lbs. The only issue I found after months of riding is that you need to tighten the trucks as soon as you get the package.

I rode it without tightening the trucks initially and realized my blunder quickly.

Another recommendation for a regular skater is “tighten the trucks when they get dry after being wet for any possible reason”.

Pro skaters believe that Magneto Bamboo has the perfect shape to suit your all-around adventure needs.

Do you need to turn at tighter angles?

Bamboo helps you with its more expansive deck.

Do you want to have fun and carve or freeride?

Carbon assists you with its symmetrical concave-shaped base.

In addition, a shallow deck finds it closer to the ground, and hence, standing with a stable and robust posture is flawless, and the ride becomes lively through and through.

Quality matters,” and that’s the motto Magento has been working on since its inception. Bamboo Carbon longboard has a performance boost built with micro details and structure.

Highly-responsive trucks, super anchoring, fast-rolling wheels, and precise bearings add extreme quality, safety, comfortability, and creativity to your daily routine rides, whether downhill gliding, campus riding, or leisurely ride freeride. 

Why Magneto:

Magneto has always offered premium quality decks, trucks, and completes, which is why the brand is equally famous among newbies and pros.

Bamboo Carbon-Fibre skater never fails to prove its worth with its unprecedented gears and parts. We suggest you keep this highly- applauded board in your arsenal and be ready to float on your way.

If you weigh around 220lbs, the deck will never disappoint you in bearing your weight. You may need to adjust the truck’s alignment often, especially when riding this longboard down the hill for hours.


Perfect cruiser for beginners and pros

Lower center of gravity for a stable stance

Versatile and multi-usage board

Holds around 250 pounds

Additional t-tool


Minor squeaks at a faster pace

Trucks require adjustment after longer rides

4. FISH Downhill Freeride Longboard

longboard for downhill
  • 40-inches long deck
  • 70mm PU wheels
  • 9 Inches deck width
  • ABEC-9 precise bearings
  • 7-inches aluminum trucks
  • 250 Pounds load capacity

About Item:

Wouldn’t it be perfect if there was a board suitable for every level of rider, i.e., beginners, pros, and casual riders?

Well, worry not because FISH brings an all-rounder longboard into the competition, perfect for freerides, stunts and tricks, and basic cruising and carving.

This skater and downhill riding is a match made in heaven. Comrades lookout for the deck’s strength alongside incredible grip if they want to enjoy their trip without any hazard.

Thus, the non-slippery emery surface and high-weight bearing capability of the deck allow kids and adults impartially.

Longboards require a pair of wheels that can generate reasonable speed levels and maximum hold to the ground.

This longboard is compiled with anti-shock, non-vibrant, and smooth anchor rollers.

The gigantic PU wheels will rotate rigorously without disappointing you, regardless of which surface you are trying to speed yourself upon.

Moreover, riders require dependable bearings to make the rider smooth.

Benefits After Riding:

More than 75% of the customers, including our teammates, got satisfied with the performance of the FISH longboard and praised the quality of this product. The wheels, trucks, and deck assist you evenly in downhill rides.

Only Drawback:

One of the customers reviewed that he couldn’t find a way to return the longboard and get his money back.

He wanted to return the longboard due to a technical fault in the building of the longboard’s deck.

There are few technicalities to pay attention to towards the quality of trucks because they are responsible for turning at effective speed and angles.

FISH has heavy-duty, highly responsive, and reliable trucks to remove any margin of error.

Therefore, you can hand your worries over to this mechanical masterpiece and flow through the road, hill, or college campus flawlessly.

Furthermore, the package comes pre-assembled, so you just need to take it out for the tour as soon as available on your doorstep.

Why and Why not Fish Longboard:

FISH always makes sure their riders feel at home with their products, and they have delivered this piece of art once again.

This good downhill longboard performs exceptionally well in other areas, which is another green signal to have this skater under your feet.

Many of the riders in our community have been riding FISH Downhill Longboard for months, and it is still going as the first ride.


Suitable for all kinds of riders

Highly durable and stable deck

Anti-shock wheels

It can hold 250lbs




Costumer support is not satisfying

5. Minority Beginner Downhill Longboard

best longboard for racing down the hill
  • 40 inches long deck
  • 9 Inches deck width
  • 70mm wheels’ width
  • 78a hard PU wheels
  • Aluminum trucks
  • Deck bears 200 Pounds

About Item:

Everything in a longboard should be pin perfect for bombing the hills well. The minority has taken care of all the essential requirements to let riders have an extraordinary ride down the mountain.

From exact deck design to required hardness of the wheels, from suitable deck length for novices and professionals to sturdy trucks, every hardware part defines quality to a great extent. 

The Minority Longboard is of drop-through design, which means the trucks and the board lay on the same level. Due to this technique, riders get two significant benefits.

Because the deck sits lower and nearer to the ground, we experienced effortless rides than the Top-mounted design. You will achieve considerable distance for a low-forced push.

Secondly, the drop-through method initiates pacy rides to make racing down the mountains thrilling and adventurous. 

Initially, I couldn’t detach the hanger, and when I disassembled it, I found a few flaws. Both the front and the rear pivot pins were not painted completely.

There was a clear hole on the pins, which could scratch the rubber inside pivot cups. This fault can come from the production machine. Lastly, Minority doesn’t use Volador trucks, as per my observation.

As a downhill rider, you must be aware of the importance of trucks. This longboard has accurately designed trucks responding quickly to develop room for safer turns.

The kingpin technology of these trucks welcomes freestylers to try out basic or pro-level skills flawlessly.

The deck-truck combo coincides and provides riders a unique experience of racing or cruising at any terrain. 

Like every other part, wheels are impressive and play an essential role in providing smooth, speedy, and comfortable rides.

The wheels have a Polyurethane build, which quickly grabs the field to ensure a shock-free experience.

Moreover, the wheels are stiff and specifically attached for downhill speeding. Our Best helmet guide & best slide gloves guide can significantly assist you in enjoying risk-free rides.

Why Minority:

The concave deck locks your feet in, the close-to-ground deck makes paddling easy, board’s flex ensures carving super-stable and speed-generating bushings in sturdy wheels.

These features make this board an obvious choice for bombing hills, cruising tracks, and freerides.

The noticeable point is that the pivots were not painted like the rest of the product. So, be careful as this issue can create minor errors when you ride down the hill.


8-ply Hardrock in the deck makes it durable

Reverse kingpin trucks provide safe turns

Rugged wheels to achieve stability and speed

ABEC9 bearings for high acceleration

Preferred for downhill race


Grip tape needs to be replaced

The deck should bear more weight

Received paint complaints recently

6. Waymax 31″ | Best Longboard for Speed

professional downhill longboard
  • 31 inches deck length
  • 8.3 Inches deck width
  • 63mm wide PU wheels
  • 80A hardness
  • Aluminum trucks
  • Weight Capacity 220lbs

About Item:

We liked Waymax because all of its components are chosen after rounds of testing before assembling them.

Waymax is a dependable brand these days, and they have launched this 31″ inches longboard by innovating their manufacturing process.

Thorough pressing of the deck and casting technique to enhance the shock reduction capability convinced us to suggest this best downhill longboard. 

Controlling the board is indispensable when racing down from a steep mountain. So, a slight concave deck and anti-slippery grip tape on the deck help you stabilize the board during crucial moments.

Moreover, the 8-layers of hard rock defines the board’s sturdiness, making it flexible for freestyle, tricks, and pops.

The deck can bear weight up to 220lbs, comparatively better than several other competitors. 

For many professional skaters, the board’s wheel is a decisive factor. Waymax has stiff and durable wheels for better rolling over rough terrain and flat tracks.

Because the ABEC rating of the bearings is kept high, you will quickly achieve suitable speed at any race; be it cruising or downhill riding.

Moreover, the maple build makes the whole board relatively lightweight, making portability possible.

Rider’s Review After Riding:

I bought this longboard for myself, but after weeks of riding it, I found that Waymax is also better for kids under 18.

The board can handle kids’ weight perfectly and provides enough space for teenagers to stand comfortably over the deck.

The deck grip seems to lose potential after a few months of riding. So, , you may need to buy a new grip tape to get rid of this issue.

We also tried this board on multiple surfaces to check the quality of trucks and how they behave in varying conditions.

While riding through a few cracks and bumpy roads, the trucks impressively absorbed annoying shocks due to their casting technology.

The seller also provides a T-tool to help you tighten or loosen the trucks according to your demand. 

Why Waymax | Updated

With this budget, you will hardly find a durable, flexible, speedy, and smooth longboard like Waymax. Portability is an extra feature if you want to take this board to hills, camping, or wherever you go.

We have to update the review as the deck of Waymax is evenly friendly to kids. Its deck will let the kids stand firmly and balance the ride perfectly.

Not entirely rejected by the old riders, the deck length is too short to ride downhill.


Lightweight product

Very Economical

Hardrock durable deck

ABEC( bearings for speed achievement

Quality Trucks


The length of the board is not for beginners

Deck is too short

7. QingAn 41-Inch Decent Longboard

longboard for downhill
  • 41 Inches length
  • 9.5 Inches width
  • 70mm soft PU wheels
  • 7″ Al-Alloy Trucks
  • Aluminum-maple product
  • 220lbs load capacity

About Item:

A squad of expert skaters specifically designed this longboard to achieve high-speed, stable, and effortless rides. The drop-through technique ensures effortless pushes to gain a desirable distance.

Multiple layers of cold-pressed maple in the deck make it sturdy and flexible enough to bear any weight up to 220lbs

When you are riding down a steep road or a hill, the importance of responsive trucks increases, QingAn provides a 7-inch wide Aluminum-based axle that is nimble and responds when needed.

The trucks attached to the axle are adjustable so that you can set them according to your riding style. Moreover, these trucks can bear considerable shocks created by road bumps or cracks. 

I have been longboarding for years now, and I know what the riders need from a perfect downhill longboard.

I rode QingAn for about 15 days and observed that professional skaters might not go with the total flow on this type of longboard.

On the other hand, newbies can quickly get their feet on to it by learning the basics of downhill longboarding.

Soft bushings and wider wheels of this longboard assist the overall structure in enjoying pacy rides.

Because there is a significant distance between the board ends and the wheels, there is hardly a chance of wheels getting bitten by covering curvy streets.

Harder wheels up to 80a can not resist well against the shocks, and this board’s wheels are soft and bear shocks. 

The deck length is worth mentioning as it is as long as 41 inches, attracting skilled and newcomers.

The broad area of this sturdy deck gives confidence, and its non-slippery surface grabs riders’ feet to let them enjoy a safer ride.

With all these exciting features, the price of this longboard will amuse you as this is one of the cheapest longboards available on the internet. 

Why and Why not QingAN:

Go with this longboard if you are tight on a budget and want something unique to cruise, freeride, or go down the hill at impressive speed.

You get 41 inches in length of the deck, giving you extra space to stand and stay safe. It would be great if you let newbies learn downhill longboarding on this cheapest downhill longboard.

After using it for months, I believe that my rides Magneto Bamboo Longboard were more good than this one. But it is my personal opinion and you will find many great features in this product.

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Cold-pressed Maple deck which is durable

Soft, Speed-generating wheels

ABEC7 bearings assist wheels to get high-speed

Broad deck suits both beginners and professionals


Flex is too high for kids

8. Lrfzhicg 42 Inches | Professional Downhill Longboard

best downhill longboards
  • 42 Inches lengthy deck
  • 9 Inches width of deck
  • 70mm PU wheels
  • 83a wheels hardness on the durometer
  • ABEC9 bearings
  • Load capacity 250-280lbs

About Item:

The low-density fibrous Bamboo build of the deck makes the longboard flexible enough to withstand any riding style.

The design is drop-through which perfectly suits cruisers and downhill riders. Panda pattern along with bamboo classifies the uniqueness of its drop-through design.

This brand is new in the market and trying to convince customers by producing significant-quality products while enhancing durability with the help of fiberglass. 

Bearings and wheels collectively define the speed achievement factor. Lrfzhicg provides ABEC9 bearings with high-acceleration oil to keep the ride speedy and smooth.

Wheels are stiff though, can not bear shocks, but their width generates desired pace with the help of high-ranked ABEC bearings.

Due to the super rebounding of the wheels, they last longer and do not make noise during the journey. 

Trucks are unique because they can bear a load of about 280lbs, which is way higher than many other longboards on our list. The kingpin is adjustable to make sharp or wider turns safe.

If you are a novice, you don’t need to set anything as it comes pre-assembled. Just get it out of the box, and start enjoying speedy downhill races, cruising, carving, or commuting

The deck dimensions are appealing too. From 42″ length to 9″ width, you can stand confidently on the board while the grip tape of the deck will grab your feet to give you a locked-in feel.

Moreover, multiple plies of bamboo make the deck sturdy and durable.

All the accessories of the board genuinely define quality, and the seller entertains you with 30-days money back or replacement warranty too.

Why Lrfzhicg | Updated

I bought this longboard 4 months ago, and I have to say that the board is one of the smoothest longboards available online. The smoothness comes from the quality of the deck installed in it.

The slicky nature of the deck and the required flex for downhill longboarding makes it a perfect option for newbies and professionals to go for downhill racing.

From harder wheels to speed-initiating bearings, from durable load-bearing decks to sturdy trucks, each accessory of this board is of premium quality.

It ensures the product will perform up to the mark in preferred riding style and last longer than numerous other longboards. 


Durable & weight-bearing deck

Lubricated bearings for high-speed achievement

Suitable for all styles of riding, especially downhill

A broad deck gives confident

Sturdy trucks for safer turns


You might dislike the graphic design

Buying Guide for Best Downhill Longboards

Let’s move on towards the utmost topic, what will take you to the product why you are here. There are multiple things to consider while selecting a longboard for downhill riding.

Let’s begin with an essential feature called deck’s dimensions.

Deck Length and Width

Downhill longboards in the market have lengths between 37 inches to 43 inches. Smaller-sized boards generate higher speed, but the control factor is slightly less than the broader ones.

This shows you have to decide whether you want more acceleration or stability.

If you are a newcomer, you should stand over a board around 40″ in length because you get more room to stand and stabilize yourself quickly.

In case you have been in touch with downhill riding for some time and want to change the deck, you stand a chance to choose a smaller deck.

Ensure to protect your sensitive parts with helmets, gloves and knee pads even if you are a pro rider. Larger decks allow maximum control on your ride while they result in lesser speed. 

Everyone suggests more extended decks for newcomers in longboarding because they provide more stability and confidence. Deck’s width can range between 8 inches to 11 inches

Measure the length and width like the image shows;

Best Downhill Longboard Decks

There are three standard designs of longboards circulating in the non-physical market. 

Top Mount


Drop Deck

With our vast skating experience, we can easily suggest that top-mount longboards are not a good-to-go choice for downhill rides.

The most suitable one should be drop-through because it generates more speed than Top-mount and lesser speed than Drop-deck longboards.

With average speed, the stability is maximum because most drop-through designs have reverse kingpin trucks sitting at the same level as the deck. This feature reduces the chances of jumping off the board, ensuring safer rides.

It doesn’t matter if you are a newcomer or an expert; you need Best Longboard Helmets and Best Longboard Slide Gloves to meet all precautions. 


Downhill riding is the most adventurous riding style, but there are always safety issues when riding at higher speeds. There are curvy paths and sharp corners in most hill rides.

Trucks take an essential responsibility of providing stability while taking turns.

Multiple truck techniques are available in numerous longboards, but reverse kingpin technology is the most suitable one for bombing the hills. 

measure gap between trucks and wheels

Reverse kingpin trucks can enhance stability greatly and are responsive as well. Another excellent capability of these trucks is that they are available with any of these two; drop-through & drop deck designs. 

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Wheel guide

The makers of wheels mostly utilize polyurethane in their build. It helps in having a better grip on the ground to roll faster and achieve great acceleration. 

You will see a variety of wheels’ sizes and hardness. Each of them will have its capabilities in longboard riding. Some will grasp the ground better, whereas others will roll faster.

It depends on softness and stiffness, affecting how much speed you attain. The driver will gain less acceleration when the wheels are solid.

A Durometer scale can evaluate the softness and rigidness, which varies from 65a to 90a. If wheels are 70a, they tend to be soft, producing suitable speed.

In contrast, 85a wheels are harder, resulting in slow motion.

Harder wheels of more than 80a are recommended for downhill races because they grasp the roads well and generate the needed acceleration for a better experience. 

That is to say, if your purpose is to ride down the hill, average-sized hard wheels will do wonders.


Bearings are responsible for better rolling of the wheels. More balls inside bearings and quality lubricant help wheels roll faster than usual.

You neither need too much pace nor very little speed for downhill riding. An average rate makes the race more natural and enjoyable too.

There are multiple bearings available, and we differentiate them based on their ABEC rating. The higher the ABEC, the more pace bearings will generate.

ABEC rankings vary between 3 to 11. So, for downhill riding, we recommend bearings of ABEC5 – ABEC7.

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Drop through decks are preferred because they introduce lower central gravity allowing riders to move quickly without putting in a lot of effort. Drop-deck designs also suit downhill riding, but top-mount longboards are the last choice for this type of riding. 

It all depends on the heights of the rider. If you are 5’10” or less, 36-42″ longboards will allow you to have safer and more adventurous downhill rides. If you are taller than that, go for a longboard with a length nothing less than 42″.  

It does not seem a good idea if you want to cruise on a downhill longboard. Because people search a longboard for a specific purpose like carving, commuting, and dancing, in short, you can ride any board for any purpose, but it will not do the trick. You will have to look for what the best downhill longboard that suits you in all conditions.


Get the best downhill longboard that has either drop-through deck design or drop-deck. Reverse kingpin trucks are preferred for downhill riders, as per the expert opinion.

AN average ranked ABEC bearings and sturdy wheels will double the joy of riding down the steep hills. Please don’t forget to wear safety gear as they are essential for such adventures.

Written by: Matt Harper

I am the sole brain behind the idea of writing longboard reviews which resulted in the production of this case study i.e. BoardsOnTop. I love everything about longboards and write exemplary reviews to help the longboarding community as once it helped me.

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