Best Downhill Longboards to Ride in 2023 – Experts Overview

Excess of longboard brands specify their products for better downhill rides, but not all meet the exact requirements. Our extensive research and years of experience urged us to finalize a list of the best downhill longboards. These shortlisted boards meet all the prerequisites, including a perfect-sized deck with ought to flex, quality of trucks, and … Read more

Top-Rated Best Electric Longboards Under 500 | Best for Beginner and Pro Riders

best electric longboard under 500

Motorized longboards are favorable for longer rides and commuting as the combination of powered motor and battery has the ability to cover distances. Generally, these boards put a lot of weight on your wallets as they are expensive. But that doesn’t mean best electric longboards under 500 don’t exist. Although the price tag lowers significantly, … Read more

Most Popular and Best Longboard Brands, Professional Companies in 2023


Due to an increase in the number of skate comrades, longboard producers have also skyrocketed. As the competition among the sellers reaches its peak, the buyers get confused about selecting the best possible brand. Our vast experience in longboarding urged us to assist buyers by ranking top longboard brands. To save your time, we have … Read more

Best Longboards for Carving and Pumping, Setup for Long Distance Rides

best carving and pumping longboard

Most skate enthusiasts get irritated by low-quality and flimsy products, which is valid too. Here on, you will find products that I have personally tested and the ones that skate comrades highly accept. This brief discussion will assist you in choosing the best longboard for carving and pumping according to your preferred style, budget, … Read more

Best Freeride Longboards for Beginners, Complete Boards for Freeriding

best freeride longboards

Freeride is one of the most leisured riding styles and quickly gets popular among new entrants. Unfortunately, if the longboard under their feet doesn’t suit the aimed riding style, they cannot enjoy it entirely. We have shortlisted some of the best freeride longboards built explicitly for this purpose to help ease the process of searching. … Read more

Top 7 Best Longboards for Cruising | Best Brands in 2023

All riders require a decent type of longboard that ensures smooth and effortless rolling over the cracking streets and flat tracks. You will come across various longboards online, and choosing the best fit becomes a tedious job. Some might be critically expensive, while others might underperform in crucial conditions. As a fanatic skater, I have … Read more

Best Freestyle Longboards for Tricks 2023, Suitable Decks for Beginners

best freestyle longboard for tricks

Freestyle is an adventurous type of joy and can not be achieved without the best freestyle longboards for tricks under your feet. After considering all features that improve freestyling, we developed a lineup that includes the best budget, quality, and responsive longboards. Bring any of these boards under your feet and enjoy the most acrobatic … Read more

Best Cheap Hybrid Cruiser Boards | List of Top Mini Longboards in August 2023

longboard vs penny board

Nowadays, longboards and skateboards have been the playground of inventing tricks and bringing to perfection the existing maneuvers. However, this was not the case all along. Most riders utilized the cruiser boards for effortless rolling between two endpoints. This culture of tension-free adventures is still alive, and a hefty amount of newbies and pros admire … Read more