List of Complete, Flexible, and Best Drop Through Longboards in 2023

Do you want to bring more stability to your ride? Are you eager to carve or commute without putting in more effort?

The only solution to these needs is to select the best drop-through longboard. As their deck is closer to the ground, you don’t have to put colossal force to let the boards move.

Instead, more minor pushes will bring pace to your rides. After using them for months, we have updated the review of each longboard mentioned below.

So, you must read the section on performance updates to select the most suitable and best drop-through longboard.

Our years of testing multiple longboard designs urged us to review and suggest some of the best drop through longboards available online.

We enlisted these boards after a rigorous process of testing and comprehensive search. The criteria to include a longboard in this list is its performance and acceptance of previous buyers.

Our buying guide helps newbies know what to look for in a drop-through board to select the best one they need.

Top 3 Drop Through Longboards

top pick 1

Playshion Longboard

best drop through longboard 2

Atom Drop Through

gonex longboard

Gonex 42″ Longboard

10 Best Drop Through Longboards

1. Playshion | Best Drop Through Longboard

best drop through longboard
  • 39 inches long deck
  • 9.1 inches deck width
  • Aluminum trucks
  • 70mm PU wheels
  • Holds 250lbs

About Playshion:

Both the beginners and experts will love this highly-rated and most positively reviewed board. What novices like most in Playshion is that it comes pre-assembled.

They only have to get it out of the box and start cruising. Experts, on the other hand, love the versatility of this sensation.

Professional riders recommend this board for sliding, carving, or cruising because of its quality deck, trucks, wheels, and bearings. You are free to showcase some freeride skills too. 

The deck shape is impressive as it is a little tilted on edges making it slightly concave. This tilted board at the borders allows you to stand firm over the deck.

This feature also assists you in turning the board with ease on curvy roads. To make the most out of this board, you need to learn some basics of trucks if you are a newcomer.

Experts know how to deal with trucks and make the board suitable for their preferred riding styles. 

As the drop-through technique features multiple facilities, riders get comfortable and have to put lesser effort into pushing.

When you have an effortless board under your feet, carving becomes inevitable. Wheels with this board suit all riding styles as they are of enough width.

The size of the wheels ensures riders can control the pace of the ride and move steadily over rocks and pebbles.

Bearings inside wheels are ABEC9 which quickly generates speed and sustains downhill slides. Read, Drop-Through vs Drop-Down for an in-depth discussion.

Why Plashion Longboard:

A perfect drop-through longboard includes an accurate deck cut, stiff deck, sturdy trucks, and an excellent grip. PlayStation has it all.

After riding Playshion for over a year, I believe this board is the best option for those who have recently started longboarding.

This board allows the rider to use less effort and achieve more distance comfortably. Moreover, the customer support is unbelievable. The supplier resolves any possible issue as soon as they can.


Beginner Friendly

Suitable for beginners due to ease of use

Sturdy Trucks

Strong trucks handle the shocks very well during rides


Great option for multi purpose longboarding


Package arrives with fully assembled longboard

Faster Rides

Wheels achieve higher speeds very quickly


  • Bearings quality needs improvement

2. New Olym | Complete Drop-Through Longboard

 complete drop through
  • 41* x 9″ dimensions
  • Al & maple product
  • Polyurethane wheels
  • ABEC-9 bearings
  • Aluminum trucks
  • Weighs 3.08kg

About New Olym:

Drop-through longboards have found a lot of success in the skating community, and there are a lot of competitors in the market.

New Olym has emerged as a strong challenger because of its top quality deck and high-performance build. The unique feature of this board is its capability to fit all levels of skaters.

Pros and novices can consider it a genuine fit for their arsenal, which will help them in various rides. It is known that drop-through decks provide extra stability for their rider due to the lower centre of gravity.

However, New Olym doesn’t rely on it only and furnishes the board’s base with a non-slippery emery surface.

Not only does this method provide added grip on the longboard, but the extra weight-bearing ability is enhanced. The beast rollers installed under the build suck out vibrations and keep rider energy-efficient.

New Olym promises a responsive trip to its rider, and that’s why it comes with heavy-duty trucks. These trucks are fast and react accordingly during high-speed chases, bombshell rides, and freestyle journeys.

Consequently, the skater can achieve reasonable speed levels with easy pushing. Olym leaves the package pre-assembled at your doorstep, and you can start rolling once you receive it.

Why New Olym:

As an experienced longboard enthusiast, I have had a fantastic experience of downhill rides with this longboard.

I have been racing down the hills for over two months, and this longboard helped me achieve a great pace without much effort.

The wheels stay in good condition only if you keep oiling the bearings regularly. If you are looking for a decent and durable board for a reasonable amount, New Olym is a perfect choice.



Design and size suits both advanced and pro riders

Quick turns

Responsive trucks and bearings


Drop-through deck provides maximum stability

Ease of use

Pre-assembled longboard

Smooth rides

Anti-shock wheels absorb shocks effortlessly


  • Avoid “fast-paced” downhill rides

3. B BAIJIAWEI with Drop Through Longboard Deck

drop through longboard deck
  • 41 inches longboard
  • 80a wheels’ hardness
  • 52mm PU wheels
  • Maple deck
  • Aluminum trucks
  • 220 pounds capacity


Baijiawei is one of the best longboard selling brands, and the reason is their top-quality products assist skate enthusiasts to every extent possible. This drop-through longboard permits riders to cruise, carve, or freestyle.

Downhill riding is also possible but only recommended to professionals as they know how to control the board. The broader deck ensures a secure feel during pacy rides and riding on rough surfaces

80a hard wheels under this board coincide downhill riding for pacy rides and perform evenly well at pebble-full or rocky roads.

All wheels have two pieces of wrapped ABEC11 bearings which are mostly suitable for grabbing higher speed, especially during hill bombing.

Sliding becomes undeniable with the perfect help combo of wider and stiffer wheels. You can also perform basic to pro-level freestyle skills for amusement purposes. 

Multi-ply maple deck is the reason for the deck’s longevity, also permitting riders to control turns on curvy streets and do tricks for freerides.

As the freestyle and freeride tricks generate forged shocks, sturdy aluminum trucks with this longboard absorb these shocks comfortably, and make your tricks feel real.

Apart from the sturdy deck, the design on the board is also eye-catching and attracts everyone for its looks. 


The best use of a BB board is when you plan to carve or cruise. Because of the drop-through deck, I found this board suitable for long-distance cruising. There is a large cutout for the deck to keep the wheels away from bites.

The wider deck provides a lot more space to move your feet according to your desired position. Trucks are of impressive quality, but the bushings need to be tightened regularly.


Comfortable rides

Shock absorbing trucks


Suits multiple riding styles


Durable deck for balanced rides


Wheels generate pace quickly


  • Like Playshion, bearings’ quality needs improvement

4. Backfire Short Drop-Through Longboard

best drop through board
  • 39″ long deck
  • 9 inches width
  • 70mm PU wheels
  • Bamboo rich product
  • 78A hardness
  • 10 pounds weight

About Backfire:

Backfire was established as an outdoor boards brand in 2009 and has delivered masterpieces since birth. The drop-through longboard in-discussion is a prime example of performance, reviews, and admirers.

Manufacturers of Backfire chose Bamboo as the critical element in its creation because of its strength and flexibility. Hence, scales of the durometer show a whooping 75% rebound ratio for this longboard.

Experienced skaters prefer gears that support the riders throughout the whole skating experience. As a result, Backfire makes this longboard flexible and anti-shock.

These core design techniques result in super smooth cruising, effortless freestyling, and secure down the slope rides.

Moreover, the wheels fall into a softer category and anchor properly to the ground. A top-quality longboard is boosted heavily due to these solid and giant rollers as its companion.

While manufacturing the drop-through complete, Backfire did not stop at sturdy deck design and high-rebound wheels.

To compete with the best drop-through longboards, gravity cast and heavy-duty trucks are mounted with the build.

Therefore, you can depend on them without any worries and cruise past your fellow pedestrian with adequate turns and speed.

Moreover, Backfire offers a 180 days warranty package and 24/7 customer care services for its buyers.

Why Backfire Longboard:

When I required a quality longboard with an attractive outlook, I found Backfire in the market.

This board has the most durable deck with a classy design suitable for high-speed carving and cruising. The cutout design at the deck sides keeps the board away from the wheels.

This way, the wheels don’t come in contact with any other board part. Backfire is a bit costlier than other suggested ones, but its performance justifies its price.


Load Capacity

It holds up to 275lbs


Precise ABEC-9 bearings


Eco-friendly material

Kingpin Technology

Stable and responsive kingpins


75% rebound rate


  • It is expensive than New Olym

5. OUDEW Longboards | Best for Speed

best drop through longboard
  • 41*9″ deck
  • 8 layers
  • 70mm PU wheels
  • 7″ Destructo trucks
  • 82A wheels stiffness

About OUDEW:

OUDEW resembles the New Olym longboard in many features and differs in only a few. It was discussed earlier that drop-through designs stay lower to the ground and are generally safer than traditional longboards.

Our under-debate item follows the same criteria with some enhancements. Oudew adds a unique shape and added balance for its riders within the deck shape for a swift yet safer experience.

You can perform like an artist on the board, and you will even amaze yourself with the relaxing experience.

There are many distinctive features of the Oudew, and we will dive deep into their effects on overall performance.

Smooth and responsive trucks control the tricks and turn in different scenarios. Moreover, these gears equip the board with further stability because of the abrasive 780 grip tape.

As a result, the board becomes an easy-to-operate machine for all levels of riders, adults and kids alike.

Many comrades at “boardsontop” tested the longboard under challenging situations and high-pressure journeys.

We have concluded that every single sub-unit of this longboard complies genuinely to magnify the performance.

Furthermore, the deck is built on the shock absorption mechanism to even out any bumps caused on the rocky paths.

OUDEW stands as a matchless longboard for this purpose if you are fond of less-pushing during a ride.

Why OUDEW Longboard

A relatively lower price and lower quality of OUDEW rank it lower than the Backfire.

Despite the heavier weight of one of my teammates, the deck of this board stood firm during multiple intense rides.

After he tightened the trucks, the experience was far better than the earlier rides. After a few rides, I found a crack inside the laminated area.

The board kept delaminating after successive passages. A little disappointed with the lamination quality, but a person with lighter weight can adjust to this board comfortably.


Easy to Ride

Preferred for all level skaters


Great Steering control


Durable and flexible deck

Smooth Rides

Absorbs shocks very well

High-Quality Trucks

Responsive turns around edges

Load Capacity

Holds up to 250lbs


  • Low-speed levels

6. Atom 40 Inches | Wheel Cutout Longboard

best drop through longboard
  • ABEC-9 bearings for Blue-Geo & Bamboo
  • ABEC-5 bearings for Veneer
  • 50° RPK trucks for Veneer and Blue Geo
  • 40° RPK trucks for Bamboo
  • 62mm wheels for Veneer
  • 70mm wheels for Blue-Geo, Bamboo

About Atom:

There are three different variations in Atom drop-through 40-inches category, and we will explain them one by one.

Atom Purple-Veneer

The laminated drop-through deck design, along with cutouts for the wheels, guarantees a noiseless and smooth riding experience.

You’ll love this deck for its broader turning leverage while never worrying about wheel bites. Trucks follow reverse kingpin technology to support better turns around the tight edges.

Though the wheels have a low width diameter, they still roll with a solid grip to the ground and manage to suck out any vibrations generated during the rides.

Veneer provides all these exclusive features at a very decent price tag.

Atom Bamboo

Not only does Bamboo have a drop-through build, but also a slightly concave shape of the deck. As a result, the deeper and open deck gives better grip and maneuverability for advanced skating levels.

The trucks are mounted at an angle of 40-degree and offer further control over overturning and trick movements.

Extra-rebound wheels supply freedom to the rider of Bamboo by anchoring firmly to the ground. The price tag is slightly higher than Veneer, but performance increases exponentially.

Atom Blue-Geo

Blue-Geo offers a low ground profile, maximum stability, and ease of pushing. As a result, this Atom board is the optimal choice for bombhill riding and long-distance rides.

The wheels work in conjunction with the complete build to extend further riding adventures.

Moreover, different graphical design patterns are available for you to choose and decorate the board according to your taste.

The Atom longboard is up for grabs, so don’t be late to improve your skating experience with Blue-Geo.

Why Atom Longboard:

The good thing about this seller is that it allows you to choose 1 board out of 3 and the customer support also quickly responds if you want to change the one you already ordered.

I went for the Bamboo board straight away despite its highest price, but the board turned out to be better than my expectations.

I have ridden this board for over 4 months and used it for multiple riding styles, including cruising, carving, downhill riding, and pumping.



Drop-through and cutouts design

Graphic Work

Different graphic designs

Responsive Wheels

High-rebound super smooth wheels


Responsive and heavy-duty trucks


  • The expensive Price tag for Bamboo Atom

7. BOCIN Drop-Through | Flexible Longboard

flexible drop through longboard
  • 41 inches length
  • 9.5 inches width
  • 80A durometer hardness
  • 7-inches alloy trucks
  • ABEC-9 bearings
  • 70mm wheels

About BOCIN:

Not many brands offer adjustable truck angles for your longboards, but BOCIN does, and that’s one primary feature about this 41-inches longboard.

Customize the track angle between 45 and 50 degrees according to your trip and start sailing.

Moreover, the package comes with extra support pads for better adjustment and control over the rides.

You will be able to navigate your longboard over the streets with sheer push and effortless steer. We suggest BOCIN as an obvious choice for your cruising and free-ride requirements.

The features provided by the deck are essential and never-ending. BOCIN has a water-proof and anti-skidding surface of the base (deck) to start with basic functionality.

Secondly, the deck is furnished with diamond emery paper that generates maximum friction and allows you to stand with a decent posture.

Last but not least, it can hold up to 400lbs and sucks out vibrations and shocks for super flexibility. Honestly, you won’t find such exclusive features in an affordable price range.

Wheels and bearings are the primary units to roll your longboard, and hence, their performance matters a lot.

Durable and rugged PU rollers convert your pushes to moving energy and speed up the board as much as they can.

The responsive and precise ABEC-9 bearings enhance further smoothness to your trips. In addition, you can adjust different settings of your board with the provided t-shaped tool.

As the package comes pre-assembled, you can gift it to your dear ones on any occasion.

Why BOCIN Longboard:

This board didn’t compete with the quality of Atom or Playshion because of the lower quality deck.

The deck requires a little improvement in terms of weight bearing ability as a few rides with 300lbs on the deck, it started to bend quickly.

I had reordered it from the customer service, which was comparatively better than others.


Quality Deck

Sturdy and Flexible deck


Decent range of colors

Lighter Rollers

70mm wheels for Fast-rolling

Load Capacity

400lbs maximum weight capacity


Responsive and adjustable trucks


  • Lesser control due to no concave design

8. M Merkapa Lowered Longboard

  • 41” long deck
  • 9” wide deck
  • 8-Ply Super-Flex
  • 70*51mm PU wheels
  • 90a high-rebound wheel
  • ABEC-9 bearings

About M Merkapa:

You will be having an unparalleled experience when you ride Merkapa for the first time. The genuine longboard-specific build makes this sports board easier and fun to ride for newcomers and pros alike.

Like most competitors, Merkapa has an 8-layered deck design to support maximum weights and stability.

Furthermore, the furnished base holds the feet well and grants a stable stance during cruising, carving, and bomb hill adventures.

This best drop through longboard doesn’t install any components with its longboard but authentic ones.

The PU-casted strong wheels grant extra grasp to the ground and are therefore helpful in different variations of longboarding trips.

In order to create more chances for M to survive, there are smooth ABEC-9 bearings installed with the rollers, which provide added maneuverability.

The drop-through mounted trucks permit an easy-pushing experience besides the duo of wheels and bushings.

Merkapa longboards have artistic design patterns sketched on the deck and feel very pleasant to the eyes.

The package comes pre-assembled, and you need to worry about tagging all the pieces together. You can find further details about its specifications below.

Why M Merkapa:

After riding for over a month, I can proudly say that Merkapa is undoubtedly the one if you want to carve comfortably.

The cutout deck is designed perfectly to keep the wheels away from the wooden deck. This property increases the life of wheels when you carve regularly.

The attractive graphics on the grip tape make the rider feel better during the ride. Overall, it is an excellent board for the money spent on it.



Vintage longboard design

Deck Life

Durable deck design lasts longer


Authentic Merkapa components

Extra Tool

Additional t-tool for adjustments


High-rebound wheels generate speed quickly


  • Moderate flex

9. MINORITY Drop-Through Board

high-quality product
  • 9×40″ dimensions
  • 70mm PU wheels
  • Weighs 7.5 pounds
  • 78A hardness on wheels
  • 7-inches RKP trucks

About Minority:

The Minority has been one of the most notable brands in the sports boards community. Its decks, trucks, and complete builds are renowned among pros and beginners.

Therefore, we shortlisted the best drop-through longboard of Minority for you. It follows a classic downhill and drop-through model design with a lower gravity profile.

As a result, achieving different speed levels becomes more accessible with excellent steering control. Furthermore, the spacious base gives enough area to stand firmly.

Minority built this best drop through longboard specifically for bomb hill riding, and therefore the brand provides maximum stability to the boards.

The wheelbase of Minority is quite broad and redistributes the rider’s weight evenly throughout the whole longboard. Consequently, you are offered infinite control over manoeuvres and tricks.

However, make sure to keep the trucks at a reasonable height for your downhill rides.

Though Minority drop-through was built for down the track adventures, you can utilize it for freestyle, cruising, and carving purposes as well.

There are various color choices available for you to choose from. The deck is 100% natural maple wood, a fantastic eco-friendly product.

You don’t have to worry about breaking into the boards because the base can hold up to 200 pounds.

Overall, the design is very sophisticated and suitable for beginners looking for freestyle longboards.

Why Minority:

The minority longboard is similar to the Atom longboard having almost the same deck design and quality.

Besides the design, Minority is relatively cheaper than the ATOM while it provides perfect riding space for the riders of any category.

After 4 months of trials, I suggest you cruise, carve, or go for downhill rides on a Minority longboard. But, the board looks a little nervous when you try to pump it or do professional dancing tricks.



100 maple deck for durability


ABEC-9 bearings for helping trucks

Riding Style

Preferred for downhill journeys


Stable posture on the deck


  • Lower weight-bearing capacity

10. Gonex Cheap Drop-Through Longboard

Gonex Longboard
  • 42 inches long
  • 9 inches wide
  • Maple made product
  • 78a durometer hardness
  • Aluminum Trucks
  • 70mm wheel size

About Gonex:

Gonex has brought a material selection to an incredible level by using a combo of original maple and gritty glue, ensuring the quality of the deck is not compromised.

Sticky glue and nine layers of maple make you go steady and achieve pace with ease. Professionals crafted the deck with sheer concentration, allowing you to stand comfortably on a broader deck. 

In drop-through designs, all deck shapes should have a smoother edge, reducing the wood splinter factor to almost zero.

A tip to increase the durability of this longboard is to keep it dry when it is not underused.

The board’s elasticity will improve after continuous use, grabbing more moisture. This feature of absorbing wetness makes the ride more amusing. 

On the other hand, trucks are 7-inches aluminum alloy and are issued after proper shock-testing. A little concave deck with trucks allows the rider to have complete control of the ride.

When the rider controls the ride, the user’s experience enhances exponentially. Trucks aside, wheels are also of relatable stiffness and sizes.

78a hardness and 70mm size allow riders to ride with pace. Moreover, the wheels grab the surface well with a strengthened grip. 

Why Gonex Longboard:

I have a massive collection of longboards and skateboards inside my store room, and I ride longboards daily according to my mood.

Whenever I have to travel for longer distances, I choose Gonex because of its ease of riding. It asks me to push with the lowest effort, producing enough spark to travel a big distance.

The larger deck space allows me to stand comfortably on the board. 



Shock-tested trucks for stable rides

Grippy Wheels

Wheels grab surfaces well

Deck Type

Anti-slippery deck gives steady rides


Elastic deck amuses riders the most


  • No t-tool comes along
  • Not recommended for heavy weight

Buying Guide for Drop Through Boards

If you are already a skater and have experience of at least six months, it is not difficult to select the best drop through longboard out of many.

Contrary to that, beginners find it hard as multiple factors affect these boards’ performance. Also, numerous drop-through deck boards are available online, which confuses newbies. 

In this extensive guide, newbies and experts will get first-hand knowledge of what needs to be considered before getting into the field of drop-through boards. 

Drop Through Longboard Deck Material

Here are the most used materials for drop-through boards;



Birch & Carbon Fiber


Longboard producing companies prefer two things most. Firstly, the sturdiness and durability of the board; secondly, an environment-friendly wood.

Bamboo comes first as decks made with it long for a considerable time and doesn’t get rust easily. Compared to maple, bamboo boards are lighter in weight, making them easier to transportable. 

Due to the lightweight bamboo decks, they also become suitable for multiple riding styles, especially freestyle. As freestyle requires pops and flips, it becomes easy with a lightweight board.


Maple material is the most accustomed to other types for multiple reasons. Firstly, boards with maple tiers provide more strength to bear heavy shocks on rough tracks.

Secondly, the density of maple is valuable for making decks slightly concave. This attribute enables users to stand firm on the deck and control the board efficiently. 

Depending on the aimed riding styles, manufacturers assemble multiple layers of maple to bring in the required flexibility.

Canadian maple is the best type, while others are comparatively inferior. One drawback of maple wood is that maple trees grow too slow, so some manufacturers go for bamboo instead of maple. 

Birch & Carbon Fiber

Birch’s sturdiness stands somewhere between maple and bamboo. Because birch is not costly, many low-budget brands opt for this material.

Though they are cheap, their flex seems to be pretty excellent. Compared to maple and bamboo, this material is thicker, varying between 10-12 piles of wood. 

Newly created brands have installed Carbon fiber in the deck of their boards. Carbon fiber is an additional material often used with bamboo to increase the deck’s flexibility.

Due to the production of higher flex decks, Carbon fiber can be found in longboards for pumping and carving

Drop-Through Longboard Pros and Cons

These longboards aim to reduce the central gravity. When the gravity decreases, it also decreases the effort of the rider.

In this design, the decks sit at the same level as the trucks. There are more advantages of these types of longboards than drawbacks. Here are some for a better explanation.


  • As the deck sits lower and closer to the ground, you, as a rider, need very little push to start and gain maximum pace. 
  • Lower deck design brings a lot more stability than top-mount longboards.
  • With top-mount decks, the longboard starts wobbling when the pace is higher; that is not the case in a drop-through longboard. 
  • With the reduced center of gravity, you have more control over your board while taking sharper turns during downhill races. 
  • Due to decreases human effort, these types of longboards become first-choice for commuting greater distances. 


  • A smoother ride with these designs becomes almost impossible on rough roads. 
  • Speed jumps on straight roads can come in contact with the deck, and if you are on a high speed, it may put cracks on your board.
  • Harder deck of these boards hardly turn unless and until they have cut out decks. 

Drop Through Longboard Trucks

Trucks in any longboard are responsible for multiple functions. If they are adjustable, you can turn safely on sharper turns and normal curves easily. These trucks are also responsible for bearing the weight of the rider.

Moreover, shocks and vibrations created during rides on rough tracks bring instability, and trucks aim to ignore or eliminate these shocks to enhance stability. 

Drop-through trucks must have a little longer width than the deck to manage the weight well.

You should get a longboard with adjustable trucks to meet the needs of multiple riding styles like carving, cruising, pumping, and freerides. 

Wheels & Bearings

Usually, in longboards, wheels size and durometer hardness vary. Drop-through longboards range between 51mm – 70mm, while the durometer hardness ranges 78a – 83a.

The hardness of any wheel specifies how fast it can go. If wheels’ hardness is greater, they will be faster, while lower hardness brings stability with lower speed. 

trucks and wheels

Bearings inside the wheels are responsible for speed optimization, and their ABEC ratings define how fast they can force wheels to roll. Higher the ABEC rating, fast the wheels and vice versa. 


Longboard has a deck closer to the ground, at the same level as the trucks. Unlike top-mount boards with tiers higher than trucks, drop-through boards are more comfortable to ride and responsive. 

As the lower deck decreases central gravity, its brings stability and makes riders’ efforts minimum while pushing. This feature allows you to achieve maximum distance for smaller pushes, hence, they are best for commuting longer distances. 

Drop-through shape of a longboard promises maximum stability to both advanced and beginner riders. Another beneficial factor about the through boards is, they come up with multiple sizes from 38″ length to 40″ which helps novices to ride with safety.


With all our experience, we have found best drop-through longboards for multiple purposes. Firstly, these boards are first-choice if you have a hobby of traveling long distances.

If you need to do freestyle, bamboo deck drop through longboards will allow you to do tricks easier than other deck designs.

Try avoiding too rough roads with drop-through longboards as they have less resistance against road bumps. Here are our best picks to ease your searching process. 

Written by: Matt Harper

I am the sole brain behind the idea of writing longboard reviews which resulted in the production of this case study i.e. BoardsOnTop. I love everything about longboards and write exemplary reviews to help the longboarding community as once it helped me.

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