Longboard vs Penny Board | Types, Cost, & Style Comparison

One of the significant differences between penny and longboard is clear from their names. A penny board is comparatively way smaller than a longboard which has an expansive extended deck. However, the deck length is not the concluding difference between both boards. Instead, there are several factors to address to summarize the discussion of longboard vs. penny board.
The shorter length of the penny board makes it weigh less than a complete longboard. Most importantly, the purposes of both of the boards types are different. A longboard will let you skate for long-distance tricks, dance, and freestyles, whereas the penny ones are appreciated for covering shorter distances.

Longboard & Penny Board Difference

Length aside, multiple factors differentiate a longboard and penny board, such as design, material, size, etc. Let’s briefly explain each element to understand which board is more beneficial and in which cases.

What is a Penny Board?

A typical skateboard with a plastic build having cruiser wheels and trucks is a “short or mini” cruiser penny board. Professionals prefer these boards for commuting smaller distances or covering crowded streets. So, if you need to stop and pick up the board, you can handle it quickly due to its less weight. 

How do we define a Longboard?

The combination of wide extended board, broad trucks’ axles, flat deck, and outspread wheels ultimately defines a longboard. Longboarding is a broader topic, and there are several longboard types for multiple purposes, some help cruise, while others help you carve, commute, and dance over a longboard.

Choose the best longboard according to your riding style,

Longboard vs. Penny Board ( Shape & Design )

In the vast lineup of longboards, you will find multiple types regarding design, longleaf or long oval shape, drop-down or top-mount, speed-board, or pintail shape. Longboards specified for cruising usually have a long oval shape, while the boards used for downhill riding come with a blunt design.

Drop-down longboards provide a lower centre of gravity where the deck sits lower than the level of trucks providing agility at ease. Pintail shape is a common one and has a leaf-like shape with a flat concave. Finally, Kicktail is also a decent shape of a longboard similar to Pintail but with some extra utility features. 

Longboard Shape

longboard vs penny board shape difference

Penny Board Shape

Penny Board Shape

Penny boards can not compete with longboards in the versatility of shapes because penny boards usually come with one shape, which is round at both ends. 

Construction & Material

The most notable difference between both the boards is the use of the material in the decks’ construction. Penny boards are often decorated with plastic decks, while longboards include hardwood, maple, bamboo, or high-quality Canadian wood. Most of the low-budget longboards have maple wood in their decks, while bamboo has taken the lead in generating flexible decks. 

The use of material depends on manufacturing companies. Penny companies always use comprehensively denser plastic to avail base sturdiness in the board. Because of the use of plastic in penny boards, there comes no headache of decks getting broken at all. 

Length, Size & Weight

As the name of both boards suggests, penny boards are small. How small? Initially, penny boards used to be only 22 inches, but with the enhancement of technology, skaters suggest a little bigger penny boards up to 27inches. Due to their small size, portability comes first, and riding in crowded streets comes second. But, beginners can’t get a better experience of cruising on penny boards because of their hesitation of getting injured. 

Measure your penny board like this;

penny board length

Longboards have long decks ranging from 28 inches to 59 inches. Small-sized longboards might look like a penny board, but their construction and material make them different from cruisers. In addition, the longer deck allows stability for everyone, and that is why professionals suggest beginners go for a longboard rather than a penny or skateboard.

Longboard’s length and width; 

The weight of penny boards is less because of their small size and plastic structure. On the other hand, longboards come with hard maple or bamboo, which automatically increases the product’s weight. 

Longboard vs Penny Board Resulting Features


Due to the plastic structure of penny boards, it is easier to clean and take care of them than the longboards, which may cause rust issues sometimes. It depends on what brand of longboard you prefer. Please read our article for Best Longboard Brands to know which of them last longer than penny boards. 

Skating is a slightly risky sport because there is always a chance of getting hit by something at high speed. In this case, plastic can bear shocks better than wood boards. Moreover, penny boards hardly get scratches, and if the longboards are not of good quality, usual scratches are obvious while taking turns. To keep yourself safe from any unwanted injuries, you need to have the best safety gear before you start riding any board.

High-Speed Riding

When commuting or racing down the hill, longboards are always preferred because their extended deck provides flexibility and stability to the board and the rider. Some longboards are specifically designed for downhill riding and commuting purposes. Electric longboards are the best examples of stable longboards during high-speed rides. 

Contrary to that, experts do not recommend penny boards if you want to enjoy speedy rides. If you try to achieve acceleration with a penny board, the board will start wobbling as the speed increases. Therefore, it is always better to use plastic boards for slow and steady rides. 

Quality & Affordability

Regarding price range, penny boards are the most affordable boards than any other board in the market. This feature is because of the material used in their construction. Though the plastic is of premium quality, the price of a penny board still doesn’t exceed $50, which is accessible by almost everyone. 

Longboards’ prices vary brand to brand and type to type. For example, electric longboards have high fees, while downhill, cruising, commuting, and carving longboards have a price range of $60-$250. Of course, the price depends on the quality as always. 


Like penny boards, longboards also have a variety of cruising boards, but the difference comes in the ease of use. If you plan to take a ride of over 10 minutes, penny board is not for you as it requires more human effort. Cruising longboards often come with a drop-through deck or drop-down trucks, which generate a lower center of gravity, and the rider gets maximum distance per push. Due to the drop-through board, the wood gets closer to the ground, making it easier for riders to push. 

Professional skaters recommend penny board to showcase some freestyle skills because they weigh less and can be flipped over easily. However, longboards are generally not suitable for tricks and pops; instead, the focus of longboarding companies is on easy cruising, speed improvement, and balancing at high speed. 

Grip Tape

Grip tape is a great innovation to keep the feet still at the board during rides. Most of the time, board manufacturing companies ensure that the deck is not slippery and maintains stability with the help of specific grip tape. However, if your longboard doesn’t have a grip tape, you can easily buy one and put it on yourself to keep your rides safer. 

In the case of penny boards, they don’t have any tape with them because the deck already has a unique design of helping the riders standstill. Even if you want to use grip tape on the plastic board, it will not last long because the cross or zig-zag structure of the deck will tear the tape slowly, and you will have to use a new one again. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Their featured use is to cover relatively more minor distances in crowded areas. Other than that, you can cruise or go to a nearby shop, college, or your playground on a penny board. Its portability feature allows you to pick it up when necessary and ride when you want. 

Longboarding is comparatively a vast field than penny board. There are half and a dozen types of longboards available in the market, and their purposes vary. Here is the list of some of the most common types of longboards, along with their usages. 

  1. Drop through are Used for high-speed achievement
  2. Pintail boards are for cruising and carving on flat surfaces
  3. Fishtail are similar to pintail with more accurate sharp turns
  4. Blunt ones assure stable and Balanced rides on rough terrains

Because of the extended deck of a longboard, novices need to go with it to have more stability, fewer chances of getting injured, and a stable ride. On the other hand, plastic boards do not provide a lot of space to stand well n the deck, making it risky for newcomers to try it. However, once you gain experience on a longboard, you will balance yourself on a penny board later. 

Longboard takes all the credit for behaving well for speedy rides because it ensures stability, which is essential in this scenario. Plastic boards wobble at high speed and can get you injured within minutes. So it is better not to try penny boards for racing purposes. Use an electric board if you love faster rides.

Best Longboard

Magneto Hana

best longboard

9.5 x 32 inches size

70mm Shore wheels

Bamboo and Maple deck

78A hardness on the durometer

Different lengths available with Hana Twin, Cruiser, Pintail

About Hana:

Magneto was founded by the local skaters of California, the birthplace of longboarding. Since then, it has mass-produced masterpieces in the longboards category, and the Hana longboard is one of the best. As the complete manufacturing at Magneto comes after thorough research and testing by the pros themselves, Hana meets all the expectations required by experienced and novice riders alike. Additionally, there are four Hana options to choose from, e.g., Twin, Pintail, Short Pintail, and Cruiser.

The width of the deck is kept standard, and the length is minimized to around 32 inches to promote a more portable and lightweight build. There is no possibility of wheels getting scratches and bites thanks to the unique cutout structure at the front and rear. Moreover, its deck is polished with pro-grade sandy grit, which creates the necessary strength to hold the rider’s feet. An eight-layered laminated maple core supports maximum weight and is flexible at the same time.

Hana longboard installs fast rolling and softer wheels to entertain different surfaces and rides. The rollers are made of Shore brand, to be more specific, which are typical for cruising, dancing, and carving adventures. Furthermore, they anchor to the ground with a brutal force and result in an anti-slip mechanism for most of your requirements. Once these wheels break into the system of your longboard, you will experience unmatched improvement in your trips.

A large pool of skillful skaters considers Hana one of the most versatile and genuine fits for various ridings. You can utilize the board for effortless cruising as well as dance-off and tricks. It can also be used for longer rides if learned how to operate effectively. Other versions of achievable tasks on Hana are commuting, walking in the park, carving, and bomb hell riding. We believe this board will be a perfect fit in your skating arsenal once you get familiar with its working mechanism.


Flexible and strong deck

Faster and softer rollers

Multi-purpose longboard

Four different Hana boards to choose from


Magneto Twin has a smaller deck in length

Best Penny Board

6*22 inches length and width

3.25 inches Aluminum Trucks

78A, 60mm PU wheels

It weighs around 3.8 pounds

About Meketec:

We concluded above that Penny boards are smaller and lightweight than traditional cruisers and longboards. Meketec manufactures such builds and decks for riders who like to cruise through the crowded places on their boards. The brand has its formula to make responsive and heavy-duty trucks less thick in shape but perform 100 percent according to the requirements. You will be able to turn distinctively at sharper angles with Meketec’s truck technology.

Though Meketec is smaller, it still works like a charm in extreme conditions. Not only does the deck hold weights around 200lbs, but it grants an excessive grip to the rider thanks to its hundreds of tread patterns.

As a result, the rider can move for smaller distances with extreme accuracy and carry the board once the track ends. Such boards are very portable and can be lifted in hands or packed in a bag. This very economical penny board outperforms leading brands and even expensive skateboards in various situations.

Meketec has a very compliant pair of rollers for its penny board that helps reach faster speeds yet infinite grip to the ground. However, Meketec has branded ABEC-7 bearings in order to eliminate any speed accuracy.

Additionally, the penny board is considered safe and secure thanks to the CE certifications provided by the authorities. We present this mini cruiser as a decent pick for seasonal riders, newcomers, and professionals.


Strong and anti-slip deck

The perfect combo of wheels and bearings

It can hold around 200lbs

Suitable for cruising and dancing


Not fit for longer rides


After a thorough discussion of everything in this longboard vs. penny board debate, the conclusion is quite clear. The answer to “Which board should i get” is the purpose you want the board for yourself. If you want to cruise for a few minutes everyday, or go to tuck shop, college, or service station nearby, penny board is for you.

And a longboard is useful when you want to race downhill, commute for hours, cruise in the skateparks, so far and so on. The uses of longboarding are countless. These stable boards also help beginners to jump into skating world by getting experience and moving onto skateboards. 

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