Most Popular and Best Longboard Brands, Professional Companies in 2023

Due to an increase in the number of skate comrades, longboard producers have also skyrocketed. As the competition among the sellers reaches its peak, the buyers get confused about selecting the best possible brand. Our vast experience in longboarding urged us to assist buyers by ranking top longboard brands. To save your time, we have suggested the best longboard to buy for each brand as well. Moreover, we have updated our reviews of each brand. So, go through the updated reviews for more beneficial results.

Enthusiasts at “Boardsontop” have actively been trying out numerous longboard brands. We are eager to provide our valuable experience to newcomers and season vets equally. Hence, we have enlisted the best longboard brands depending on positive feedback, qualitative products, and buyers’ satisfaction. Besides our suggested boards, feel free to visit brand stores to explore more products.

Top 14 Brands of Longboard

1. Landyachtz | Professional Longboards

This brand has been manufacturing multifunctional longboards for 22 years. Landyachtz tests their previous modules to ensure the better performance of their upcoming products. A longboard has more than 40 parts inside it, and this brand promises even quality for each of the parts. We have also been in touch with their boards and have selected the best Landyachtz longboard that is long-lasting and worth its value.

Brand Update:

Landyachtz is a perfect brand for producing longboards. The price of its products might exceed other brands’ products, but the quality of Landyachtz also surpasses almost every other longboard in the market. They produce adaptable longboards for newbies and quick-moving longboards for experts. Their deck designs impress professional riders who like to carve, cruise, dance, and do freestyle tricks. In short, we can term Landyachtz as the most trustable brand in terms of quality. 

Landyachtz Drop Cat

best longboard brand


9.63 inches wider deck

72mm wider wheels

It weighs 2kg in total

33 inches and 38 inches deck length choice

78A hardness on the durometer

About Item:

Longboards that provide stability to the rider are notable throughout the community of experienced skateboard riders. Hence, we have enlisted this board as the Landyachtz’s best longboard. In order to achieve a firm grip on the deck, the design is kept mildly concave with a mounted drop. Thus, the deck provides extra space and acts as anti-vibration material to keep the ride energy efficient.

The Drop Cat Landyachtz can achieve reasonable high-speed levels and is generally considered an unprecedented pick for commute and transport. Heavy-duty trucks allow the skaters to maneuver, cruise, carve and do multiple tricks. The bearings are extremely responsive and help you in quick turns around edges and corners.

The wheels are as hard as they can get. They dampen the vibrations caused by the rough and cracked surfaces. The strong deck design is accommodated by these king-sized wheels promising a quick and intact ride. You will require low energy pushes at the start and throughout your adventure. Fast rides, firm grip, and stability are no longer a concern with the availability of Cat drop in the market.


Sturdy and comfortable deck

The thorough grip on the board

Ant-shock deck and wheels

Energy optimal rides

Better for cruising and carving


Slightly less flexible

2. Loaded | High End Longboards

Loaded has been producing supreme quality longboards and skateboards for pumping, carving, freerides, downhill, freestyle and dancing since 2002. The boards are very intuitive and work efficiently on different surfaces. They have actively been working on products in order to add new comers to the inclusive community. Presence of expert skaters in the company allow Loaded to enhance the structure, durability, and ease of use.

Why Loaded Boards | Update

Loaded couldn’t top our list of best longboard brands, but it is not far behind the successful career of the Landyachtz brand. One of the most attractive qualities of this brand is that they use branded parts in building their longboards. For example, the use of premium Orangatang wheels makes, branded trucks, and bearings increase the life of the overall product. With these qualities, I found Loaded boards perfect for pumping, cruising and carving.

We have had several longboards of this brand and the one we found most suitable for you is:

Loaded Icarus Bamboo Longboard

best brand for longboards


Strong wood base

8.6 inches wide deck

75mm wide wheels

180mm, 50° reverse kingpin trucks

38 inches long deck

83A hardness on the durometer

About Item:

The reasonably wider deck of this board provides enough space to stand firmly on the board with a balanced posture. Due to the sharply curved deck and cork bottom, most of the vibrations are burned out. Icarus’s design is inspired by snowboards that is why it is a lightweight yet flexible longboard. Ultimately, Loaded prefers this board to use for carving and pumping activities.

A large percentage of the skateboarding community prefers to drop down mounted trucks. Since the deck is relatively closer to the ground, there are fewer speed wobbles when cruising down the lane. Icarus follows the same design technique making it easier to push and an ideal choice for beginners.

One must pick a longboard that has inter-linked trucks, bearings, and wheels. Thus, the down-mounted highly responsive trucks with adjustable bearings of Icarus control the board very well while carving and all-around rides. The broader wheels are the perfect companion of trucks and bearings. They roll with an unmatched speed with a solid grip on the ground. Moreover, when you ride through rough streets, the wheels ignore unwanted shocks to improve smoothness.


Flexible deck for a firm grip

Cork bottom for energy optimization

Suitable for tricks and pumps

Beginner’s friendly board

Less Speed Wobbles


Comparably smaller deck than other longboards


San-Diego-based Sector 9 has vast experience in manufacturing longboards, skateboards, and their accessories. Their products’ quality has amused professionals and encouraged newbies to get into skateboarding. After considering previous product reviews, the company takes care of the required adjustments in the newest entries with the help of expert skaters.

In the longboard lineup, they have focused mainly on carving. However, besides carving, their cruisers and freestyle skateboards have proved their worth as well. After quickly testing a few Sector 9 products ourselves and assessing buyers, we came up with “Sector 9 Lookout Longboard,” which has everything you need as a skater.

Costumer’s Review on Sector 9 Brand:

Riders from my community praise the quality of Sector 9 longboards. They suggest Sector 9 longboards to newbies because of the ease of riding style their longboards provide. The solidity of the decks and longevity of the longboards makes it an inevitable choice for those looking for a one-time expenditure. Professionals who want to cruise calmly over the flat tracks for hours will always love Sector 9 Lookout Longboard.

Sector 9 Complete Longboard

high end longboards


42″ long deck

78a durometer hardness

9.6″ wide deck

Item weight 9 pounds

74mm wheels

About Item:

The lower deck design of this board has numerous features to suit a beginner and help a pro as well. 42-inches of the deck ensure stability while you cruise around the streets or hillside. Typically, the longboards are a bit heavier to carry, but the use of laminated bamboo in the construction of the Lookout deck makes it lighter than several other longboards. Also, the bamboo sustains the quality and promises a long life of the deck.

Trucks hold essential responsibilities to make the ride smooth, balance the board, and keep the wheels working fluently. This board has wider trucks due to the broader deck. Generally, wider trucks offer more stability but the responsiveness decreases. To make sure they respond well while turning corners, you need to use T-tool to tighten them accordingly.

One of the most exciting features of this board is its compact and concave design which allows novices to stand still on the board while riding. In addition, a firm grip tape on the deck ensures jumbo safety for a longer run. The only problem with this product is that it can not hold weight more than 200 pounds. Also, try to avoid pretty sharp turns because the broad trucks don’t handle these turns well.


Concave & compact design for stable ride

Wide trucks ensure safety

Wider deck suits beginners

Durable product


Trucks can withstand sharp turns

4. Derboo Brand | Premium Longboards

DERBOO manufactures affordable, comfortable, and eco-friendly longboards. The reason behind creating this brand was to extend the board related sports community by using the natural techniques. Hence, the manufacturers at DERBOO have been working passionately to create modern and latest technology longboards.

Update on Derboo Brand:

Derboo is a brand famous for its kicktail longboards. Unlike other brands on our list, Derboo prefers bamboo stuff for producing longboard decks instead of Maple or any other wood. The use of Bamboo makes the board a little heavier than other boards. Hence, it becomes difficult for commuters to carry it along. Moreover, the heavier behavior of Derboo longboards keeps the riding style limited to cruising only.

Although, all boards available at this company are decent and applauded worldwide, we have mentioned the best cruiser in the longboard category named as:

DEBROO Bamboo Longboard

quality longboard brand


70mm size of wheels

78A hardness in durometer

PU wheels

Aluminum, maple, and bamboo material

Holds 280 pounds

About Item:

Technically, boards with higher-gravity designs are feasible for swift turns. Such boards have top mounted trucks on the deck. The higher ground design demands a stiff grip on the deck for extra comfortability and stable stance. DERBOO accomplishes aforementioned features with a bamboo laminated deck. Moreover, there are kicktails installed on the front and rear of the board for performing better hops and turns.

Trucks are supported with highly responsive and precise bearings to keep the wheels anchored on the ground during freerides and trickeries. In order to accommodate the user with more functionality, trucks can be loosened or tightened with the skateboard tool provided with the box. Now you can adjust your trucks accordingly and enjoy the journey.

Softer and harder wheels have their own advantages and riders can get longboards depending upon their purposes. As DERBOO is suitable for faster dribbles and twists, its wheels are of harder quality. The beast wheels of the board roll smoothly on any kind of surface ensuring an injury-prone ride. Moreover, the package comes pre-assembled. You just need to get it out of the box and start cruising.


Perfect turns due to laminated deck


Extra tool for tightening the trucks

Hard wheels for dribbles and twists



A bit heavier

5. Quest | Aesthetic Longboards

Quest’s craze for delivering the best longboards & skateboards continues. The company has grown itself by producing quality boards that meet all the necessary needs of skaters. What makes this brand most reliable is its style, high-quality products, and winning the confidence of users around the globe. Every component in each of the products Quest launches truly defines quality.

This brand promises adventure, refreshment, and amusement depending on the buyer’s demand, whether it is a shortboard or a longboard skateboard. Selecting one out of multiple classy longboards was a bit tough.

Why Quest Brand:

According to my observation and testing, Quest would be the only longboard that creates decks with a mixture of Maple and Bamboo. This brand is also known for the length of its boards. After Loaded and Landyachtz, I believe Quest is a super brand with various longboards within a reachable price range. Newbies always recommend using Quest board because of the greater deck space to stand firmly during the ride.

We went through a long way of testing and reviewing Quest longboards, and the one we selected for you is the one you are looking for.

Quest QT-NSC44C

best longboard deck brand


44-inch deck length

Maple & Bamboo wood

PU wheels material

70mm wheels

About Item:

The long deck of this board is something you will rarely find anywhere. This extended deck suits novices the most because they need to gain some confidence while riding. The use of bamboo makes the deck highly flexible, lightweight, and durable as well. The use of this artisan wood keeps the board safe from peeling, cracking, or any other natural damage. In short, the deck you will have has a long life.

The hanging wheels on the board’s edges eliminate the fear of it biting down. If the rollers gradually crush over time, they still keep the QT-NSC44C deck from wearing down. Full-time skaters are welcome to try this amazing longboard as it promises comparable joy a skateboard provides. Components of the extreme quality of this board let you showcase basic and pro-level tricks. At the one end of the deck, the kicktail urges professionals to do some tight maneuvers and stunts to promote a smooth and joyful ride.

This vast cruiser’s kicktail structure and pleasing design make it suitable to ride on several riding terrains. The heavy-duty trucks, wide-enough wheels, ABEC-7 bearings, and 44-inches deck provide riders a safe, convenient, quiet, and speedy ride.


An expansive deck let you stand firm

Sticky deck

Replaceable, bite-free wheels


Hard wheels can’t absorb shocks

6. Minority | Top Longboard Company

Longboarding field has witnessed several companies and Minority stands tall in the list of best longboard brands. The only thing that justifies the strength of the brand is the number of users getting impressed by the products and Minority has convinced hundreds of buyers who left the most positive remarks on their various products.

Minority Brand Review | Updated

Minority creates smartest yet most flexible and sturdy decks compared to other brands. I have been using the recommended Minority longboard for over a year. I feel like flying on the roads with this lightest longboard under my feet. The quality deck, perfect wheels, sturdy trucks, and fastest bearings make my ride smoother. I would recommend minority longboards to people who commute longer distances.

Their incredible list of longboards rotates around durable, speedy, eye-catching designs, and reliable products. Lets skate through the review of their most bought and positively reviewed Longboard.

MINORITY Drop Through

coolest longboard


40″ x 9″ dimensions

Maple wood

70mm PU wheels

78a durometer hardness

Reverse kingpin trucks

About Item:

As the name suggests, its drop-through deck is the mean source of reducing human effort, increasing the distance per push, and keeping the rider close to the ground because of the lower center of gravity. As a result, the classic downhill drop model boasts speed that varies depending on the rider’s mood. Moreover, the deck has reliable 8-ply maple wood guaranteeing the durability and steadiness of the board.

The deck’s strength is solid enough to accommodate riders weighing up to 200pounds. Moreover, the symmetrical design of the Minority longboard lessens the risks of wheels getting bitten during the ride. As described earlier, trucks have an equally significant role in making the best longboard. This Downhill longboard has sturdy trucks catering versatility in riding styles.

Typical longboards have pure trucks, but Minority provides reverse kingpin technology in the trucks that are helpful in downhill racing, cruising, and freestyle. As per the experts’ opinion, reverse kingpin trucks give more stability than the standard trucks because they sit lower to the ground and suit drop deck designs. In addition, the bite-free wheels of this board are of medium hardness and fully support all speeds.


Closer to ground deck decreases your effort

It covers more distance per push

Reverse kingpin trucks derive steadiness

Bite-free wheels

Perfect for newbies and pros


Riser pads missing; they will make a difference while turning

Wheels do wobble on rough surfaces

7. Atom Quality Longboard Brand

Atom brand maintained its reputation by producing quality longboards you want within the range of what you can afford. They are putting every bit of effort into making sure that their products exceed the expectation of buyers. However, ups and downs are part of skating.

Therefore, if any Atom longboard falls short of the quality promised, the seller provides you the facility of contacting customer support directly. Also, you are warmly welcome to submit your suggestions to customer care.

Update on Brand Performance:

Atom is known for its classy looks and extreme quality products. The use of Maple makes their boards lighter and transportable as well. I had owned and ridden Atom for several months before switching to Quest for cruising. As long as Atom was under my feet, I felt every second of downhill riding with it. Due to the lighter weight, I also used Atom for transportation and commuting purposes. It becomes easier to carry around these types of longboards.

Out of their several high-quality products, we have selected one for you that has all-in-one features.

Atom Drop Through

top longboard company


41″ deck length

Item weighs 8.99 Pounds

Maple made product

245mm truck axles

About Item:

Longboarding is a kind of ladder to skateboarding, but it is a unique hobby for newcomers and specialists. Atom’s drop-through board is suggested by “Tony Hawk,” “Jamie Thomas,” and many other professionals like them. They mention this board as a great opportunity to practice it as a path to skateboarding. But, the fact that longboarding itself has multiple physical advantages; feel free to enjoy it daily.

The drop-through deck is slightly lower than traditional longboards, which generates perfect balance to the ride. The drop-through feature shows its class during the downhill riding. The deck’s unique shape assures safety benefits during sharp turns. The wheels have PU material and bite-free features to enhance the security of the ride.

Similar to Minority, Atom also provides reverse kingpin trucks responsible for ignoring shocks on rough terrains. Also, the truck’s responsibility increases when the rider tries flips and pops to enjoy. The deck’s flex and sturdiness of the trucks promise a comfortable ride while going down the hill or just cruising around the streets. Rolling over almost everything, the board proves that it is worth the amount you will spend.


Good for tall and heavy riders

Deck flex is awesome

Wheels are grippy, hug the road well

Bearings do their obvious work

One year manufacturer’s warranty


Trucks can get scratches easily

Bushings are soft and return to center

8. Rimable Coolest Longboards

Unlike other popular longboard producing brands, Rimable have manufactured very few longboards yet all of them are up to the mark, reliable, and recommended by their buyers. The reason behind the recommendation is obvious. Each of their products defines quality, meets all the necessary requirements, and are budget friendly as well.

Rimable Brand Review | Updated

There are some reservations from multiple sellers about some of the Products produced by Rimable. I haven’t tried a longboard from Ramble due to some negative comments from one of my teammates. He has ridden Rimable longboard for over 2 months, and he wasn’t satisfied with the quality of the longboard. The deck quickly got scratches after a few tries of pumping and carving, and it also seemed a little disappointing.

As their products are finite, we bought all of them over a period of time and tried out to evaluate which one is the most suitable longboard. Here is what we got;

RIMABLE Drop-Through


9.5 x 41 inches dimensions

70mm wide wheels

Ply full maple laminated deck

85A Polyurethane wheels

About Item:

Drop through boards are admirable these days because of their numerous features. Rimable’s drop through provides speed as well as control to weave through the hurdles or crowds comfortably without getting disbalanced. Moreover, the maneuverability is at its peak and far better than several other drop through longboards.

The quality wheels are appreciable too. The manufacturer has given everything to ensure the riders can have a smooth, under-control, and balancing ride. That is why the softer wheels are resistant free and generate pace quicker than expected. The lubricant used in the bearings makes sure they don’t come towards the circle during speedy rides.

The adjustable trucks are fanatic. After tightening or loosening the trucks, you can turn the board accordingly. Due to its drop through feature, the sides of the deck can get scratches if you take pretty sharp turns. To avoid these scratches, you can get some riser pads from nearby stores which will raise the trucks a bit from the ground to ensure safe sharp turns.


Deep-through & adjustable trucks

Good for long and resistance-free rides

Bite-free & noise-free wheels

Good design aesthetics


Bulky, can’t carry around

Not heavily durable as compared to other brands

9. Santa Cruz Longboards | Best Deck Brand

Santa Cruz is among the oldest longboard companies in the world right now. It is well known for manufacturing high-quality and long-lasting boards for its customers. Their story began in 1973 when three skaters Richard Novak, Jay Shuirman, and Doug Haut, decided to set up the whole thing. Since then, they have maintained the top-notch quality of their products and are still highly admired throughout the longboard and skateboard community.

Why Santa Cruz Brand:

Santa Cruz is not as good as Quest, Loaded, or Landyachtz, but It is way better than brands like Rimable. Santa Cruz has specifications for producing perfect drop-through longboards, which are widely used for downhill riding, cruising, commuting, and speed riding purposes. Despite the average quality of the wheels attached, I feel that Santa Cruz longboards are sturdy, strong, flexible, and durable. These qualities make the life of a longboard longer than expected.

Santa Cruz God Rasta Longboard is among the finest longboards the brand has ever produced. We rate this product highly and recommend this to novices as well as advanced riders.

Santa Cruz God Rasta – Longboard for Adults

professional longboard


Maple material

75mm wider wheels

10 inches wide deck

2.28 kg weight

40 inches long deck

78A hardness on durometer

About Item:

God Rasta is one of the most stable and comfortable to stand longboards because of the more extended deck. It provides extra space to the rider making sure a very balanced stance on the board. The firm grip of the deck is a cherry on top for additional protection of the rider. Most importantly, it has a drop-down deck made with muscular materials promising longer life.

Harder wheels are installed to support its longer-sized decks. Not only do these wheels roll smoothly on almost every surface, but they also act as dampers for burning out vibrations caused due to uneven tracks. As a result, the synergy between wheels and deck is maximum, taking your cruising experience to a whole new level.

There are two ways to mount trucks on the deck, and both have their advantages. In Santa Cruz Lion, manufacturers decided to keep the trucks down the deck. This keeps the board lower to the ground, ensuring a lower center of gravity. Technically, you can achieve higher speed and still keep your ride safer with these design mechanics. However, we are overwhelmed with the overall design and prefer it for cruising and carving.


Long and stable deck


Lower center of gravity

Highly responsive drop down trucks



T-Shape tool required separately

10. Junli | Best Brand for Longboards

Junli is a top-selling brand in the sports boards category. It has actively been producing longboards, complete skateboards, and mini-cruisers. There are hundreds of thousands of positive reviews related to the products designed by this brand. This makes it a prime competitor with a large customer pool in the online market. We have reviewed multiple products from this best longboard brand and shortlisted their best product named Junli Freeride Longboard.

Updated Review on Junli Longboards:

Junli is undoubtedly the most liked brand by thousands of longboard riders, and the number of positive reviews on their multiple products reflect the authenticity of this brand. I have been one of those loyal customers of Junli for a long and I have enjoyed all riding styles with multiple Junli products. One of my favorite Junli moments was winning a downhill race when I struggled to win. The lightweight, drop-through structure, fastest bearings, and smoothest wheels helped me to cross all my teammates on the way to our destination.

Junli Freeride Longboard

aesthetic longboard


80A hardness on the durometer

Responsive trucks

9.5 inches wide & 42 inches long deck

Polyurethane made 70mm wide wheels

Maple & Aluminum made product

About Item:

Freeride is not only the best product from Junli itself but also among the most-admirable and most-bought longboards online. It’s pretty challenging to find a longboard with a flexible deck that can hold around 300lbs weight. However, you will get the same flexibility over the deck even if you are a high weight person. Furthermore, you can easily reach different levels of speed with the adjustable steerings of this elastic longboard.

Like the steerings of the deck, you can keep trucks at different levels of tightness. Junli comes with a default setting of loosened trucks which is helpful for tricks and hops. The additional T-tool provided with the package helps tighten the trucks according to your requirements. Hence, you can expand your experience by riding in different settings.

The softer wheels of this longboard optimize your energy by absorbing the shocks generated on the rough roads. Once you reach a steady acceleration, these wheels will roll smoother than ever by consuming any resistance between roads and wheels. Most importantly, rollers do not create any noise and are also bite-free. But be careful that passing through large gaps can result in a thud sound. Overall, it is a high-quality and complete longboard.


The flexible deck holds a maximum weight

High-performance trucks for stability and control

Noise-free and fast-rolling wheels

Bite-free wheels

An additional tool for tightening


Wheels make noise on larger gaps

11. Magneto Boards | Best Longboard Manufacturer

“We only make boards that we want to ride” The motto of this company clearly outlines their intent. Magneto’s team has got enthusiasts continuously striving to design and manufacture sheer quality boards and accessories. Another feature that drives the attention of numerous skate comrades is its budget-friendly products.

An utmost and unique quality of Magneto Brand is that the manufacturers are themselves professional riders who have years of experience in the longboarding field. Their experience guides them to introduce perfectly sized decks and sturdy wheels to manage all types of terrains. Moreover, the number of positive comments and customers exceeding thousands are enough to explain why a newbie or a professional should go for Magneto Longboard.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned vet; Magneto has a comprehensive list of longboards and skateboards for you. We have selected one of the most positively rated longboards, suitable for both novices and experts.

Kicktail Cruiser Longboard | Best for Freestyles

best longboard


44-inch deck length

Bamboo veneer for the Deck

70mm wheels

Multi-color wheels available

78a urethane wheels

About Item:

The extended deck is one of the widest longboards we have ever ridden. The more space on the board comes with more stability and confidence to the ride. This characteristic drags newcomers to test and have a joyful ride. Also, the board has a kicktail which allows professional comrades to try out flips and pops consistently. Gummed material on the deck lets your feet hug the board well to ensure safety. Moreover, the board’s flex is far better than the other cruiser brands.

Wheels and trucks of any board have multiple responsibilities. The most prominent ones are “Speed handling, smooth turning on the corners, balanced rides on rough terrains, and stability assurance during pops and tricks“.

The softer wheels of Magneto’s kicktail are terrific for cruising, and they provide additional grip while taking corners. Also, the wheels behave evenly on cracked streets, pebble-full roads, rough sidewalks, or asphalt. Due to the overall layout of the board, wheels don’t get bites during the drive. The board’s trucks are adjustable, and users are free to tighten or loosen them as per their needs. Beginners will feel more stability on slightly less cramped trucks, while the pro skaters always go for tight trucks for better twists and turns.


Flexible, long-lasting Deck

Sturdy, durable, bite-free wheels

Adjustable Bearings

Concave deck give a smooth and steady ride


Bushings seem to be softer in some cases

Trucks are not highly impressive, good enough though

12. Volador Longboard for Adults

Volador is a brand owned by Orca Steel Enterprise, a multinational company famous for its outdoor sports products. In the skateboarding field, they have tried their best to produce all types of skateboards and longboards. From mini cruisers to drop through, they have launched multiple products and gained the confidence of new and old skaters worldwide. Currently, Volador has thousands of returning buyers due to the standard they have set in the recent past. We analyzed the overall performance of multiple Volador longboards after testing.

An utmost and unique quality of Magneto Brand is that the manufacturers are themselves professional riders who have years of experience in the longboarding field. Their experience guides them to introduce perfectly sized decks and sturdy wheels to manage all types of terrains. Moreover, the number of positive comments and customers exceeding thousands are enough to explain why a newbie or a professional should go for Magneto Longboard.

We went through buyers’ remarks to suggest the best longboard for each type of comrade, be it a newbie or an expert; this Volador Drop through Concave deck longboard is for you.

Volador Freeride Cruiser

best brand


42 inches long deck

78A durometer Wheels

9 inches wide deck

Reverse kingpin trucks

70mm wide wheels

Maple-made product

About Item:

Cruiser is a specific type of longboard that is more useful if you like slow-paced rides. Hard wheels attain the lower speed under the board, which delivers the wanted traction to keep the acceleration low. The minimum speed doesn’t affect the energy you have to put in. The drop-through deck is handy enough to lessen the rider’s work, ensuring maximum distance per push. The deck design combined with the concave trucks makes this longboard ideal for cruising, carving, and downhill riding.

The maple wood used in the deck’s build makes the overall board lightweight. However, don’t get distracted by the lightweight, as 8-ply Hardrock warrants the board’s durability. The trucks, on the other hand, are adjustable at multiple angles. By keeping the trucks more expensive, you can easily pass through sharp corners of your neighbourhood.

One of its craziest things is its reasonable price. We tested several longboards ourselves, but very few of them could outperform this Volador cruiser. The number of positive remarks, rotatable trucks, concave drop-through deck, sturdy wheels, and an eye-catching design is everything you need as a skater, and Volador has it all.


Suitable speed generating wheels for beginners

Flexible weight-bearing deck

Adjustable trucks

Hard, stiff wheels for a safe ride


White wheels get dirty

13. White Wave Bamboo

Josh, the founding partner at White Wave, has been a huge fan of longboarding since the 90s. He was a firefighter by occupation and worked as a carpenter in his garage in his free time. Josh used to build decks, beds, and other wood-based products for his neighborhood. He always believed that everyone deserves to afford a high-quality longboard.

Josh heavily appreciated him after passing his idea of a sports boards brand to his peer firefighter, Chuck. Since then, both started working on this brand. In 2014, their first-ever board launched into the market, and the brand has seen nothing less than success. The White Wave Bamboo Longboard is the finest longboard of the WW brand.

White Wave Longboard

white wave longboard


9 Inches wide deck

70 mm High rebound Wheels

91 cm long deck

Bamboo based-product

White Wave brand

ABEC-9 bearings with inbuilt spacers

About Item:

Longer decks are suitable for cruising downhill with reasonable speed and acceleration. Additionally, the deck’s core is flexible Bamboo, which grants maximum strength to the board. This is helpful for heavy-weight riders because they do not have to fear breaking into the board. In short, the deck enhances a strong grip for the rider due to sanded Bamboo and clear grit tape.

The most promising features of the WW longboard are safer speed levels for cruising and carving on different tracks. Its wheels are made with high rebound technology, meaning that they roll with ease and act as resistors for bumps. Moreover, these soft rollers create smooth friction between the ground and the board to ensure more safety while moving down the hill.

White Wave mounted the trucks on top of this board like many other longboards, automatically making this cruiser feasible for tighter turns around the corners. In addition, the ABEC-9 bearings are perfect for these trucks as one might need to adjust their settings according to the ride. Now, you can tighten or loosen the trucks easily for a comfortable and balanced ride.



Long-lasting deck

Softer PU wheels

Perfect for downhill cruising

Resistance-less rides


A bit noisy

One heavier longboard

14. Retrospec Zed Brand| Longboard & Skateboard

Retrospec is a brand managed by a passionate group of experienced skateboard and longboard riders. They have been working tirelessly on innovative designs for healthier and more natural rides. As they have been in the market for some time, we have tried and tested a number of their products.

Their products are expertly designed, durably crafted and economical and we admire all of them without any doubt. But Retrospec Rift reaches all limits of high quality bars set by other top longboards brands. Let’s take a look at this magnificent skater.

Retrospec Rift Longboard

retrospec longboard


41-inches long deck

Canadian Maple used in the built

70mm PU Wheels

Wood enriched products

9-inches wide deck

180mm reverse kingpin trucks

About Item:

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could buy a longboard capable of performing highly in cruising, carving, downhill riding, commuting, and tricking. Rift is completely suitable for all these types of rides. And how does it accomplish all this? The lower center of gravity of the deck provides better support for the rider during every different situation. You can turn even sharper than other longboards due to the extremely compatible deck design.

As the name suggests, Rift has a drop through deck design due to which trucks sit lower on the board. It is a widely known fact that lower trucks are better fit for freestyles and tricks as compared to other typical longboards. Moreover, the reverse kingpin technology of the trucks are efficient for speedy rides. We approve this product for experienced riders because it supports rides in different situations.

Rift comes with harder wheels as compared to White Wave’s softer wheels. As a result, wheels produce less friction and resistance between the ground and the board. Ultimately, with a little push you reach the maximum level of speed with no friction. Moreover, these high quality rollers perform as shock absorbers when you are gliding through uneven and bumpy roads.


Multi-purpose longboard

Strong and flexible deck

Energy efficient board

Resistance-free wheels

Lower-center of gravity


Not recommended for beginners

What to look for in a longboard?

People frequently ask what to look inside a longboard while buying. It is challenging to find the best longboard brand unless you follow the instructions of an experienced skater. Our skating knowledge and guide will surely assist you in finding one as per your requirements. This buying guide for selecting a complete longboard will enlighten some of the significant factors you should always keep in mind.

Design of Longboard

In the market, you will find countless designs of boards, each of which has its specialities. Some are good for downhill riding, while others let you cruise, commute, and do tricks. Those new in the skating world should go with the directional longboards as they are more stable and give better control to the rider.

Another design of the longboard is called symmetrical. In terms of use, they are opposite to the directional ones. With a symmetrical board, you can do multiple things like cruising, carving, tricks, and freestyles as well. In other words, if you are an advanced rider, you should choose a symmetrical board over a directional.

Deck design and its flexibility

A comfortable, smooth, and balanced ride on a longboard depends on the design of the deck. Riders can independently select a deck as skateboards brands produce various types of decks. Pro skaters choose a higher deck as they can easily balance themselves. Top mount, drop-deck, and drop-through designs are the most common design in longboards and skateboards.

If you want to cruise, and carve then the top mount deck will assist you thoroughly. We use a drop-deck for firm grip and control, and we can quickly push and cover maximum distance at once. There is not too much difference between drop-deck and drop through as both are ideal for stability and hustle-free rides.


The collaboration between these three parts is primary inside boards. Their synergy promises safety, quick turns, different speed levels, and control throughout the ride.

Hard and soft wheels are the standard type in boards with different abilities. Softer rollers help in achieving maximum speed while the harder ones provide a firm grip on the ground.


In trucks, you have to choose one between a reverse kingpin truck and a traditional kingpin truck. If you are new to longboarding, you should go with the reverse kingpin truck as they assist in stable and smooth rides. However, the other type is suitable for cruising and freestyle. Moreover, the height of trucks can be different with multiple boards. Therefore, our recommendation is to find a board with average-height trucks.


For bearings, make sure they are made of good quality and are responsive as well. Bearings help rollers in spinning on the truck axle. This is how your cruising and commuting become easier. As there are several types of bearings in the market and each of the types have their own purpose. Therefore, we at “Boardsontop” review best longboard bearings that are multi-purpose and fit on multiple longboards.

Final Words

With our personal longboarding experience and feedback from numerous customers, these 14 longboard brands are the best in business. They take care of all users’ requirements by producing high-quality, affordable, and professional longboards evenly good for beginners and experts. We have also suggested their all-time best products to narrow down your search.

Written by: Matt Harper

I am the sole brain behind the idea of writing longboard reviews which resulted in the production of this case study i.e. BoardsOnTop. I love everything about longboards and write exemplary reviews to help the longboarding community as once it helped me.

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