Best Freeride Longboards for Beginners, Complete Boards for Freeriding

Freeride is one of the most leisured riding styles and quickly gets popular among new entrants. Unfortunately, if the longboard under their feet doesn’t suit the aimed riding style, they cannot enjoy it entirely. We have shortlisted some of the best freeride longboards built explicitly for this purpose to help ease the process of searching. You will also come across the inspection results of each longboard based on their recent performance. It will help you in choosing a high-quality and long-lasting freeride longboard.

Our years of skating experience and the adventurous freeriding style urged us to suggest the longboards we rode ourselves. The promising critiques from skaters are also one reason to recommend these ten best freeride longboards. Our buying guide includes all the key factors you need to know before buying one for newbies.

Our Top Picks

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Playshion Drop Through

Appolo Premium

APPOLO Longboard

Junli Freeride Longboard

Junli Freeride Longboard

10 Best Freeriding Longboards

Playshion Drop Through | Best Overall

Playshion Drop though
  • 39″ length
  • 9.1″ width
  • 70mm PU wheels
  • 78A hardness
  • Maple based product
  • Aluminum Trucks

About Product:

This adaptable longboard is one of the most popular among skate enthusiasts because of its ability to adjust to all famous riding styles. We picked this board because of its exceptional responsiveness during our freeride trials.

Multiple ply deck of Playshion longboard guarantees durability while the flex needed for freeride and tricks is more than enough to enjoy adventurous rides. That minimal clearance between the deck and the ground generates lower central gravity, making it easy to break or push. 

Because the freeride technique needs sturdy trucks, this board comes with reverse kingpin technology in the trucks to keep the rides stable. Besides stability, this design of trucks also plays an essential role in allowing the rider to do twists and turns appropriately. More prominent and softer wheels made up of PU help the longboard adapt to any riding style.


The most exciting feature of the Playshion drop-through longboard is that it is best for freeride longboarding. Whether you are a beginner or a pro skater, this longboard will prove itself as your best companion in the longboard freerides. Moreover, dispatching and assembling the attached parts is easier than you imagine. After riding it for months, I recommend this longboard to all the beginner free riders out there.


Adapts multiple riding styles

Sturdy & Durable deck

Easy to push and break

Trucks design suits freeride the most

Sliding wheels


Bearings quality needs improvement

The broader deck of this board makes it suitable for beginners to try out freeride style for the first time. Experts can enjoy incredible experiences of freestyling & sliding with the help of accurately designed longboards. The number of encouraging critiques and our adventurous personal experience with this board urged us to suggest it confidently. 

Hawkeye Freeriding Longboard

best freeride longboard
  • 9×40 inches
  • 60mm PU wheels
  • ABEC-7 bearings
  • 78A hardness
  • Maple based deck
  • 7-inches Al-trucks

About Product:

Hawkeye manufactures one of the finest freeride longboards in the online market. These boards are not only suitable for all kinds of skaters but also famous for their versatility. No matter your experience in the skateboarding community, you can step on the Hawkeye and start enjoying every day free rides.

The deck has a multi-layered structure that generates enough strength to hold the rider firmly. Newbies, primarily, can utilize this roller to get familiar with different variants of longboard adventures and practice on the board as much as possible.

Though Hawkeye longboard has “freeride” in its name tag, that doesn’t mean it can not be promoted for other kinds of trips. As a matter of fact, the board has highly-responsive trucks that help in reliable turning around the curves.

Ultimately, Hawkeye freeride becomes a decent pick for cruising, carving, and ease-of-push ridings. The high-rebound and shock absorbing wheels make it perfect for the longboard to roll on any given surface. You can adjust the settings of wheels, bushings, and trucks with the additional t-tool provided with the package.


You must invest in Hawkeye if the streets and roads where you ride are uneven and rough. The polyurethane-made 60mm wheels hold the surface firmly and keep your rides balanced. After numerous rides on this best freeride longboard, I suggested it to many fellows, and they loved it for multiple reasons. The major ones were vital parts, a suitable length for freeriding, and its lower price than the other boards.


Suitable for all levels of skaters

Sturdy and flexible deck

High-reactive and heavy-duty wheels


It can hold around 330lbs


Wheels are slightly smaller in size

We believe that there are multiple reasons to decorate your skateboarding arsenal with Hawkeye Freeride. The deck is powerful with a nice flex, anti-damp PU wheels for shock absorption, and quick trucks for effective turning. All these exclusive features in such a reasonable price range occur to be a miracle. You need to get your hands on this Hawkeye product as soon as possible.

BOCIN 41 Inch | Freeride Downhill Longboard

freeride downhill longboard
  • 9.5×41″ deck
  • 70mm PU wheels
  • ABEC-9 bearings
  • 80A hardness on the durometer
  • Maple based product


Unsurprisingly, a large pool of experienced skaters supports the drop-through building technique for their longboards. Such builds stay closer to the ground returning a lower center of gravity. Consequently, drop-through decks produce utmost stability and faster settings of rides.

Novice riders and pros alike find these traits as deciding factors while buying a quality longboard. BOCIN promotes this building technique by installing top trucks and convincing their customers to have healthy and safe adventures.

The deck of the BOCIN longboard is challenging as well as full of friction. Manufacturers furnished the base with an anti-slip emery sandpaper grip so that the skater stands on the board with a balanced posture.

Moreover, it can hold weights up to 400lbs thanks to its responsive flex and high-density build. Another notable feature of this freeride longboard is the combo of precision bearings and fast-rolling wheels. In short, BOCIN is a decent pick for longboarders looking for fun in casual rides.


Bocin longboard is an excellent choice for those who are new to longboarding or freeriding. The deck provides you with the required length to maneuver and freeride nicely. The only drawback I observed while riding this board is that it can create multiple challenges for the kids. Kids usually can’t balance their rides on a 41 inches long deck. Therefore, make sure to train the kids yourself to avoid possible incidents.


Lower center of gravity

Spacious design

Anti-slip deck surface

Fast and precise speed levels

Perfect for freerides and cruising


Concave-less deck

Not recommended for kids

Yes, the name suggests using the longboard for freeriding, but we consider BOCIN more than that. It has a thorough and unique structure that becomes helpful for cruising, carving, bomb hill riding, dancing, tricking, etc. We encourage you to try the board for these adventures and make yourself comfortable with the nature of the longboard before jumping directly into extensive tricks.

JUCKER HAWAII | Good Longboard for Freeride

  • 9×42″ & 8.75×39 deck
  • 27 inches wheelbase
  • ABEC-7 bearings
  • Weighs 7.52 pounds
  • 78A durometer hardness

About Product:

Hawaii is constructed with the best quality material from top to bottom, which can be deducted from its performance variables in different scenarios. In addition to the drop-through mount, kicktails on both sides of the deck, which help you use the board for tricks. Not many longboards have fiberglass decks, but JUCKER enhances its strength and flexibility. It can now hold moderate weights with minimal chances of breaking into the board.

JUCKER is owned by two famous longboard riders, Mike and Barns, and operated by a riders-rich community. Therefore, every single product from the brand meets the fundamental life requirements of longboarders in every criterion.

Ultimately, you can use Hawaii for cruising, dancing, carving as well other than just freeriding. The package arrives at your doorstep fully assembled, so you need to get it out of the box and start sliding down the track.


It is one of the complete longboards that I ever rode. The trucks, wheels, deck, and bearings are up to date and support your rides for a long time. I was not interested in buying this product due to the enormous price tag compared to the other longboards, but it proved me wrong. No doubt, it costs you a bit more but provides you with all the high-quality features.


Kicktails for tricks

Extremely durable and sturdy

All-rounder board

Decent flex


Comparatively expensive

This best freeride longboard has two different longboards in the freeriding category, and both share almost the same qualities. The first one is the Makahuna freeride longboard and the second one is the New Hoku longboard. You can choose from these options, and we guarantee that your riding experience will skyrocket in no time.

Loaded Vanguard | Best downhill Longboard

complete for freerides
  • Available in 38″ and 42″
  • 75mm wheels
  • Wood made product
  • 180mm 50-degree trucks
  • 83A hardness

About Item:

Vanguard is among the most beautifully designed longboards and is appreciated throughout the skateboarding comrades. The deck’s mildly concave and tapered shape helps the rider during deep curves and effective tricks. Loaded removes any possibility of wheels getting scratched during the rides by unique deep and symmetrical cutouts around the wheels. Moreover, this eliminates contact between deck and wheels, and as a result, an eco-friendly and noise-free trip is achieved.

Though the deck is lightweight and fiberglass made, there is no doubt about the energetic flex and responsiveness of the overall design. You can select higher flex and lower flex from the buying options according to your needs. Lastly, Loaded installs Orangatang wheels for faster and controlled rolling of the board. Overall, the Vanguard is an effective tool for freerides, down hill rides, commuting, and other similar trips.


It is another expensive yet high-quality longboard on our list. It has been 8 months since the members of the BoardsOnTop community started riding Loaded Vanguard Longboard. The most interesting features of this product are its durability, sturdiness, and different weight flexes. You can easily choose one for yourself according to your weight. We bought this product for freeriding, and it completed all of our requirements. Most importantly, it allows you to carve and pump as well.


Five different flex

Elegant deck design

Fast pair of wheels


An expensive product

Loaded vanguard is available in 5 different weight flex which are explained below. Feel free to analyze each flex in detail and choose the best fit for yourself.

1: 175-230+lbs

3: 150-200+lbs

5: 80-140+lbs

2: 150-210+lbs

4: 120-170+lbs

APOLLO NAURO | Best Freeride Longboard

  • 9×39 dimensions
  • 69mm wheels
  • ABEC-9 bearings
  • 7″ aluminum trucks
  • OS780 grip tape


Apollo utilizes the very best materials in manufacturing their top-rated free rides longboards. That is why you can trust the matchless combination of bamboo, maple wood, and fiberglass used in NAURO and other Apollo longboards. Nauro has a flexible yet sturdy deck formula that holds maximum weights and sucks vibrations. Hence, an energy-efficient riding adventure is accomplished with extra durability and performance. Ultimately, you require these features to free rides and cruise and carve. Here is the “Apollo Longboards Review

Those looking to enter the vast universe of longboarding can choose this symmetrical drop-through longboard as their first pick. Not only does the board support newbies in their early careers, but grants unbelievable success to experienced professionals.

Everything about the Nauro, from wheels to trucks, is in a league of its own in the sense of responsiveness, performance, and durability. Two-year seller warranty and 24/7 customer service act as a cherry on top. Feel free to contact the manufacturer in case of any inconvenience.


After 6 months of inspection, I noticed that this longboard is perfect for freeriding. On the other hand, its structure started losing its hardness, and maybe that happened because of not proper care. That is to say, and this board is highly recommended for freeriding but also requires regular maintenance. Make sure to regularly clean or lubricate the bearings and prevent riding in wet areas.


Designed by skaters

The symmetrical shape of the deck

Lightweight yet flexible

It can hold around 220lbs


Nauro has a low weight-bearing capacity

Comparatively weak structure

Apollo doesn’t stop with the introduction of NAURO in the category of free ride longboards as there are multiple other related devices available in their armory. These are slightly different from one another in traits but resemble most characteristics.

We suggest you start with the Nauro and spend some time getting familiar with its mechanics. However, feel free to visit their store for the latest addition of freeride boards to increase your exposure.

Sector 9 Blue Wave | Technical Sliding Longboard

Sector 9 Blue Wave
  • 42 inches long
  • 9.6 inches wide
  • 74mm wheels
  • 10″ gullwinder trucks
  • Weighs 7 pounds
  • 78A hard wheels


Since its inception, sector nine has been manufacturing top-quality longboards, decks, and trucks. The brand produced notable gear for the community in all these years, and Blue Wave is among its finest builds. Wave is manufactured explicitly for freerides, simple shenanigans, and trickeries. But the Blue Wave can be utilized in various scenarios such as cruising, freestyling, and other closely related adventures.

S-9 Blue collaborated with trustworthy manufacturers in order to install other supporting gears such as trucks, wheels, etc. With the help of gullwinder trucks, the user’s weight is distributed proportionally to the whole board, making turning and curves easier.

Furthermore, top-rated shell wheels roll smoother than ever and anchor to the ground for a grippy feel. Thus, the rider can roll down the lane without much effort and push. Lastly, the laminated bamboo deck has the ability to hold down maximum weight with compelling force.


Sector 9 is a well-known brand for making great longboards and skateboards, and the Blue Wave is the best example. We interviewed multiple users of this longboard, and primarily people admired the quality of the product. The deck’s shape allows you to freeride well on clean and rough surfaces. The beginners will surely love its design and all of its parts. Moreover, if you are an advanced rider, you can ride this board for faster rides.


Lower center of gravity

Fast and precise bearings and wheels

Responsive gullwinder trucks

Reasonable weight-bearing capability


Avoid sliding rides

As we discussed above, Sector-9 keeps in mind all the requirements of skaters and thus, develops products according to the needs. Therefore, Blue-wave is a heavy-duty and trustworthy roller that complies perfectly for beginners and professionals in different riding experiences such as freeriding, simple tricks, ease-of-push rides.

Santa Cruz Lion Freeride Longboard

Santa cruz freeride longboard
  • 40 inches long
  • 10 inches wide
  • Black color
  • Santa cruz trucks
  • 2.28kg weight


The foremost thing that pressurizes beginners is setting up the longboard to start riding. Santa Cruz eliminates this problem by sending a pre-assembled longboard. You need to get it out of the box and start freeriding. Santa Cruz has a fancy deck with an equally broader area to help novices ride comfortably like other classy longboards. This more expansive deck gives professional skaters nimbleness to enjoy their freeride and freestyle skills

This longboard is specified for freeride style, and the drop-through deck technique makes it enjoyable. The reduced center of gravity minimizes riders’ effort during push and break. Santa brand uses trucks and wheels designed by themselves, which assist riders to wave around the roads comfortably. Besides freeride, this board also suits cruising style with the help of its impressive wheels and broad deck. 


We came across both satisfied and dissatisfied users of Santa Cruz Longboard. The happy users pointed out that the rides on this longboard are smoother on different surfaces. Also, they observed that this Santa Cruz is easy to learn and your great companion in freeriding, commuting and pumping. On the other hand, the disappointed users complained about the low-quality structure of the product. We hope this updated review will help you choose the longboard wisely.


Comes pre-assembled

Sturdy trucks

The broad deck helps both novices and experts

Cool looking design


It weighs a little too much

Not long-lasting

The discounted price of this longboard with immense quality and durability makes this longboard competitor of several other brands with way higher prices. You can ride for a whole day without getting tired because of its rider-friendly design. 

Junli 41 Inch | Best Freestyle Longboard

best freestyle longboard
  • 9.5×41 inches deck dimensions
  • 80a durometer hardness
  • 70mm Polyurethane wheels
  • Aluminum trucks
  • Maple product


Everyone looks for a longboard with nimble trucks if the preferred riding style is freeriding. Junli comes with durable aluminum trucks that respond incredibly well to let you enjoy waving on the ground. The support pad with these trucks introduces the required control and makes the ride more stable. Like trucks, the more expansive wheels of Junli have high-rated ABEC bearings to install pace features in the board. The rocky finish inside rollers lets you enjoy smooth rides. 

The cutout deck design of this longboard keeps the wheels away from the deck. This separation between the two parts ensures the wheels don’t get bites during sharper turns. Moreover, the deck is wide enough to provide stability, and 8-ply of maple can bear heavy riders comfortably, making it durable for longer runs. Newbies get the edge that the board needs no pre-adjustments before starting. 


As we all know, Junli is a widely admired brand for making the best longboards. Also, it makes multifunctional longboards that allow you to carve, commute and freeride at the same product. This 41 inches board is an excellent product for multifunctional use. I have been riding and testing this longboard for a year, and it has never disappointed me. All the parts assembled in this product are high-quality. Thus, it is one of the best freeride longboards with this price tag.


Pace generating wheels

Cutout design ensures no wheel-bites

Sturdy & durable deck

Responsive trucks

Comes pre-assembled


Grip-tape quality needs improvement

The number of positive feedback and our impressive testing experience with this longboard was more than enough to recommend it here. You can get a durable and versatile board that suits freeride, cruising, and sliding styles impressively with one low price. 

Volador 42 Inch | Complete Freeride Longboard

  • 42″ long deck
  • 9″ wide deck
  • 78a durometer
  • 70mm PU wheels
  • Weighs 6 pounds

About Item:

One of the most trustable brands on the market is Volador when it comes to longboarding. The most impressive feature of this longboard is that it turns pretty comfortably. After our continuous testing, we found that the deck of this board can hold weight, and multiple plies of maple increase its durability. The use of epoxy glue over the deck locks your feet in and helps in keeping you stable during the rides on rough tracks. The slight flex of the deck can easily withstand weights up to 220lbs. 

Due to the use of maple, the overall weight of this board makes it portable. The trucks are adjustable, and you can use them for cruising and freeride purposes. ABEC9 bearings inside sturdy wheels help you roll faster than ever. An expansive deck of 42 inches provides more than enough space to ride comfortably. Moreover, the grip tape glued over the deck is grippy enough to reduce the possibility of putting you off the board. 


If you are searching for a longboard specified for freeriding, you must go for Volador, as it has the required deck length and width. You must be careful when taking tight turns because it turns quickly. The solution to this problem is that you tighten the trucks accordingly whenever you go for a ride.


The most durable longboard

Pace acquiring bearings

Adjustable trucks for multi-purpose rides

The broader deck helps novices adapt well


Though bearings are speed generators, their quality is not impressive

Adjust the trucks according to your need and cruise around your college or nearby skateparks. Besides cruising, as you loosen the trucks, you will freeride incredibly well as the trucks are responsive. The durable deck and sturdy wheels suitable for multi-style riding are everything you look for in a longboard. 

Best Freeride Longboards ( Buying Guide )

This section will highlight the critical features in any longboard that can enhance your freeriding experience. From deck design to the length of the deck, from trucks you need to wheels, everything is explained in detail to help novices and experts about what to look for in the best freeride longboard. 

Freeride Longboard Deck Design

There are three classy designs very popular in longboarding while each of them has its own characteristics and minor drawbacks. 


Drop Through

Drop Deck

Top Mount Longboard

Top mount design means the longboard deck stays higher than the trucks. Due to this design, the longboard becomes nimble but needs strong pushes to start the ride. That is why this technique is not so popular among newbies. Due to its responsiveness, it becomes pretty easy for professionals to control the slides. 

top mount

Drop Through Longboard

This design has the deck staying at the same level as the trucks, bringing the deck closer to the ground. When the deck is close to the surface of skating, the central gravity decreases, which reduces riders’ effort to push the board; with minimal pushes, riders can achieve more distance, and stability becomes inevitable. These features suit beginners the most because of their ease of use and maximum control. 

drop through longboard

Drop Deck Longboard

In this case, the deck sits even lower than the trucks, very close to the ground. The central gravity reduces simultaneously, and the human effort decreases to a minimum. The only flaw with this deck style is that pumping becomes practically impossible as the deck almost touches the skating surface. We recommend this style for beginners as it is the most effortless ride and builds confidence. 

drop deck

Deck Shape for Freeride

Any of the symmetrical or directional-shaped longboards can easily fit freeriding. If you are unfamiliar, symmetrical longboards have the same shape on both ends and can move forward or backward, while directional ones have a nose and a tail, enabling them to move only in a single direction. 

Compared to directional, symmetrical longboards are preferred for freeriding at average speed. Also, symmetrical longboards would assist the most if you aim to do switch rides within freeride. Contrary to that, directional longboards suit advanced freeriding due to their agility and immense control. Concludingly, we suggest symmetrical boards to newbies to try out basic skills, while professionals always go for directional longboards for more adventurous rides. 

Best Freeride Longboard Trucks

There are two most common truck techniques available in most of the longboards. The first one is Kingpin, which is most suitable for cruising and commuting purposes. Secondly, the reverse kingpin technique is the best for freeriding purposes as they provide responsiveness. As freeriding is all about waving on the streets or roads, you require trucks that respond quickly to your flowy tricks. And RKT proved to be nimble. 

In durability, reverse kingpin trucks last longer than traditional ones if you maintain them regularly. Another feature that can affect free ride performance is the height of trucks from the ground. In drop-through and drop-deck, the trucks deliver more solidity than top-mounted designs. Similarly, smaller trucks up to 7 inches would increase resilience. 

Freeride Wheels | Size and Durometer

It is always better to consider the wheel size relative to the deck clearance. Mostly, 70mm wheel size suits multiple riding styles, including freeriding, freestyle, cruising, and downhill riding. The distance of wheels from the deck should be notable so that when you turn the board, the deck should not collide with wheels; otherwise, wheels will get bitten quickly. 

The Durometer defines the hardness of the wheels, and the range varies between 60a to 90a. 60a means the wheels are softest and install more control in speedy rides but provide minimum grip on the skating surface. On the other hand, harder wheels shatter traction quickly and manage to get over the cracks comfortably. These wheels up to 80a hardness would perfectly fit freeriding style.  


What is Freeriding Longboard?

These longboards are suitable for downhill riding but at a slightly lesser speed. The prime focus of the rider is to perform slides while riding down the hill. Drop-through decks are better for novices to learn and experts to perform basic freeriding skills. 

Is a Freeride Longboard Good for Beginners?

This style is a mixture of moderate pace and sliding during downhill rides. Novices should first try simple cruising longboards with broader decks to attain some experience. Once they know how to balance the board well, freeride is open for intermediate skaters. 

How Long should a Freeride Longboard?

The perfect freeride longboards always have a deck length between 37’’ to 42 inches to provide maximum stability and control. Shorter decks are not stable and wobble quickly at slightly higher speeds. 


With all the discussion, it is clear that if you are an intermediate-level skater and trying to get into freeriding, it is always good to go for a drop-through or drop-deck longboard that provides needed stability and momentum for the aimed riding style. Contrary to that, if you are an expert, top-mount deck design with reverse kingpin trucks will help you enjoy this riding style the most. 

Written by: Matt Harper

I am the sole brain behind the idea of writing longboard reviews which resulted in the production of this case study i.e. BoardsOnTop. I love everything about longboards and write exemplary reviews to help the longboarding community as once it helped me.

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