Best Longboards for Beginners 2023, Easiest to Ride Boards for Newbies

Longboarding seems slightly challenging but appealing too. Have you recently been watching people showcasing their skating skills around your neighborhood or online? Did you find it fascinating to give it a try? We’re sure you did. But you might be hesitant in inspecting the best longboards for beginners. So we offer our sincere services to help out starters choose the most suitable one. Most importantly, we keep updating the reviews of the products we have chosen for you.

We, a squad of pro skaters, have been continuously testing new arrivals and the most positively reviewed longboards for years. We aim to assist newbies in selecting the best longboards for beginners with our vast skating experience. Also, we let you know how our reviewed products perform after months. So, let’s hop on the train and start reviewing the shortlisted ones.

Top 3 Longboards for Beginners

top longboard

Minority Maple Longboard

2nd best longboard for beginners

Quest Super Cruiser

one of the best longboards for beginner

Volador Freeride Longboard

Best Beginner Longboards

1. Volador Freeride | Best Beginner Longboard

best longboards for beginners
  • 42*9″ Dimensions
  • 70mm Wheels
  • 7-Inches RKP Trucks
  • 78A Wheels’ hardness
  • Maple-made product
  • 250 Pound load capacity

About Volador:

Volador is a longboard engineering masterpiece because of its camber concave shaped deck. Although the deck is durable and lightweight, it can hold weights up to 250lbs. There are very few boards that have throughout symmetrical designs and Voladr takes the highest rank among them. Due to this design of deck, chances of wheels getting bites and scratches become minimal. Moreover, the deck has an eye-catching look due to the Hawaiian graphics on the bottom side. 

The softness and hardness of the wheels influence the speed level you can achieve during the ride. 78A hard wheels of Volador generate comparatively less speed than the Icarus longboard, automatically making it a better option for newcomers into the skating world. A few members of our community are still using Volador, and they have not faced any major errors in the performance of the wheels.

Riders get to have a wider wheelbase of 34 inches alongside 45-degree trucks. Furthermore, these trucks support a wide range of setting angles allowing you to enjoy your ride in various situations. In other words, carving and difficult turns become uncomplicated for the starters. There is no doubt that Volador is one of the best longboards for beginners, but using it constantly assured us that it is a wonderful choice for carving, freeriding, and other basic technical stuff.

Setting the trucks at an angle of 50-degree and lubricating them with oil can boost the performance of the board to new levels. As a result, cutting around the edges becomes smoother than ever. In short, Volador’s appealing design, adjustable truck angles, concave-shaped deck, and low price make it an ideal choice. Within this price range, we have used multiple longboards suggested for beginners, but Volador remains at the top even after being used for months.


Along with the eye-catching design of the deck, its flex can load riders of any weight up to 250lbs. We noticed that the continuous rides on Volador longboard will lessen the sturdiness of the deck. It means the deck will no longer bear weight more than 230lbs. In case, you weigh less than 200lbs, it will be your great companion for a long time. Easy adjustment procedure of the trucks allows newbies to cruise and freeride. Furthermore, its economic cost makes it an obvious choice. The wheels attached to this longboard require regular cleaning otherwise they will get dirty and impact your rides.


Suitable speed generating wheels for beginners

It can hold 250lbs

Flexible weight-bearing deck

Attractive graphic design over the deck

Adjustable trucks

One low-price


White wheels get dirty

Difference in weight-bearing ability after sometime

2. Playshion Drop Through | Best Freeride Longboard

One of the best longboards beginners
  • 39″ Deck length
  • 70mm Wheels
  • 9.1″ Wide deck
  • Polyurethane wheels
  • Al-Maple product
  • 7lbs product’s weight

About Playshion:

Its impressive graphic design over the grip tape allures everyone. Though Playshion drop through has no kicktail, its low weight allows you to reposition it with ease. Additionally, its symmetrical design provides the chance to ride it forward or backwards, any way you want. Finally, this one is more agile compared to Atom Drop Deck, so you can take it anywhere you want. Moreover, this ability works evenly well even after months. To keep it attractive, you must replace or clean the grip tape within 6 months.

Playshion has loose trucks which bring the ability of sharp turns. After riding Playshion for months, we had to use our skating tool to adjust the truck’s tightness. If you are trying to apply some tricks, you must be familiar with the adjustment of trucks. Furthermore, the drop-through trucks are very close to the ground, allowing you to push effortlessly. The sturdy, Flexi, 8-ply maple deck is moderately concave, providing you with a firm grip to have a comfortable ride. Moreover, the deck keeps you stable when you take turns. 

The board’s soft wheels, bearings, and overall sturdiness work as a great combination to skate along with various conditions comfortably. Skating through bumps and curbs won’t ruin your riding experience at all. Our initial rides were comfortable even on the bumpy roads, but within 2 months, the wheels were not gaining pace quickly. Therefore, this drop-through longboard requires extra care if you ride Playshion longboard on uneven and bumpy surfaces. This product’s quality and low price make it a good starter longboard if you use it with protection.

Playshion is a widely-appreciated longboard among the freshers because of its reasonable dimensions of deck and heavy-duty trucks. It is very lightweight, hence easy to carry around. You will not find a better weight holding longboard with all other prime features in this price tag. Buy it for cruising, carving, and freestyle if you are looking for an affordable and a quality longboard.


Drop through decks are meant to provide quick-rolling with lighter pushes. A wide enough board allows you to ride without fear of jumping off it, and its durability amuses every novice. Several beginner longboarders have tested this longboard and found it friendly due to the wide deck. As a beginner, you can learn basic freestyling with Playshion’s impressive longboard design. Lastly, it would be best if you look after its deck to keep it clean and good-looking.


Lightweight board

Lower price

Durable deck with eye-catching graphic design

Easy to push

It can hold 250lbs 

Comfortable ride

Prime choice for cruising, carving, and freestyle


Bearings are not oiled

Grip tape starts bubbling in some cases

Grip tape needs to be cleaned or replaced after 2-3 months

3. Loaded Icarus | Best Starter Longboard

best longboards for beginners
  • 38*8.6″ Dimensions
  • 75mm Wheels
  • Reverse Kingpin Trucks
  • 83A wheels’ hardness
  • Wood-based product

About Icarus:

Loaded has snow-boards inspired design due to which the deck is super-flexible and lightweight. The unique contours design of Icarus creates enough space for an amateur rider to stand on the board with a nice stance. To absorb vibrations on uneven surfaces, this board has a cork bottom. It makes the ride uncompromised and keeps the ride lively through and through. Overall, this is a heavy-performance and versatile longboard and can be used for carving, pumping and easy rides.

We pretended to be a beginner, tested the Loaded longboard, and observed a few key points. First, it has a beginner-friendly length that allows the novices to stand comfortably. Secondly, its deck has been manufactured with muscular material and is unbreakable if you weigh normal. The sturdiness of the deck was inspected with constant jumps by the persons who weighed around 220lbs.

Most of the longboards utilize drop-through mount technology and Icarus is one of them. Therefore, the riders community appreciates this board because it provides optimal energy conversion during the pushes. It means the beginners and the newbies do not burn out unnecessarily. All of this is possible because the board has a slight curve between the trucks. After riding this longboard for 3-4 weeks, we felt that it requires more energy and pushes from the rider. So, we decided to lubricate its bearings, and it started behaving like a new longboard.

Drop-through boards provide lower centre of gravity and hence achieving speed and stability at the same time becomes fairly easy. Moreover, throughout our rides with Icarus the trucks were fast and responsive and helped us carve and cut faster at edges and corners. Because the deck sits closer to the ground, there is no possibility of speed wobbles when cruising downhill and all different kinds of rides. 

A few starter longboard riders of our community complained about the shorter length of the deck. For the newbies, they said the length should be 40 inches or above, like the Volador longboard. Moreover, 40 inches long deck gave us more confident rides initially.

When we tried it for the first time, we had a comfortable and locked-in feel. The design of the deck is mildly concave towards the center. It helps the skaters out in situations where they need to press deep down into the board. Hence, this is generally good for those who are fond of pumps and tricks. Flexible deck design is the sole reason for all these mechanics. 


As the newbies are hesitant to ride longboards, an essential feature we found in Loaded is its stability. Compared to the Volador longboard, its deck is short, which can confuse beginner riders. Still, the wideness of the deck keeps you secure and prevents the chances of falling off. You will have to put minimal effort to achieve maximum distance. Moreover, sturdy and responsive trucks ignore annoying shocks to ensure a smooth ride at all kinds of terrains.


Flexible deck for a firm grip

Cork bottom for energy optimization

Suitable for tricks and pumps

Beginner’s friendly board

Shock Absorption technology


Comparably smaller deck than other longboards


Bearings demand lubrication on a regular basis

4. Atom Drop | Easiest to Ride Longboard

good beginner longboard
  • 41″ Deck
  • 70mm Wheels
  • ABEC-9 Bearings
  • 80S Grip tape
  • Maple laminated deck
  • SHR Urethane Wheels

About Atom-Drop:

There are multiple logical reasons to suggest this longboard for newbies. First, it’s got such an extended deck, precisely 41-inches making it more stable for freshers to try their first ride. Secondly, its comparatively lower deck than other Atom Boards assures a lower centre of gravity, making it less tippy, reducing the chances of you to fall off. Recently, a new community member tested this longboard and could not continue the ride. If you face the same issue, we suggest you place your feet between the curves near the trucks. It gives a locked-in feel to the newbie so that he can proceed with his ride with maximum control.

As explained above, the design of Atom sits closer to the ground, hence the rider glides very close to the roads. As a result, stability becomes maximum which is the most demanding feature when a novice searches for a longboard. Maximum stability makes this longboard a perfect choice for cruising, downhill riding, and less-pushing freerides. The reverse kingpin technology creates better opportunities for the rider to turn more effectively than any traditional truck technology. 

Most importantly, if you are interested in using Atom longboard for other riding techniques, you will have to replace the trucks accordingly. We took off the original trucks and replaced them with caliber 44s trucks to experience something new. As a result, the longboard started moving faster and gaining the pace quickly.

Due to the deck’s feature of providing more stability, innumerable experts have put this board on the list of their favorites for downhill riding. Along with the downhill race, the unique shape of this board benefitted us in turning and twisting during the test run. Moreover, the soft, significant, and rubber wheels are always bite-free, ensuring extra security for freshers.

Multiple critics suggest this longboard for beginners, that’s true, but experienced skaters also enjoy this board as much as the novices. The wheels and tight bearings allow you to roll over cracks and small rocks with ease. Using lubricant on the bearings allows us to ride with the same momentum and smoothness as the first ride. The first time you try it, you will go cruising, and after a few turns, you will want to raise the speed because it gives you stability and confidence throughout the ride. 


Lower central gravity means you will get maximum distance per push. The truck’s reverse kingpin technology assures safety at sharp turns, and its broad deck installs stability to inspire newbies for comfortable rolling over rough tracks. You can avail yourself the chance to experience new things by replacing the trucks. If you go with Caliber 44s, this beginner longboard moves faster. Therefore, we suggest wearing longboard helmets to both novices and pro riders to make your rides safer.


Drop through deck provides steadiness

Bite-free wheels

RKP trucks assure safe turns.

Easy-rolling over cracks

Lower-center of gravity

Perfect for beginners


Bearings need upgrading

Grip tape falls off quickly

5. Quest Super | Best Cruiser Longboard for Beginners

  • 44″ Deck
  • 70mm Wheels
  • ABEC-7 Carbon bearings
  • Polyurethane wheels
  • Maple & Bamboo deck
  • Weighs 7.6lbs

About Quest Super:

Quest Cruiser is an excellent choice for you if you are interested in some freestyle or downhill riding. Its high-quality bamboo and maple make it durable for the long term. Also, unlike drop-through deck longboards, this one provides you with more deep turns bringing a completely different feel. The length of the deck provides enough stability to make you feel safe during the ride as a newbie.

Undoubtedly, you won’t find a better beginner longboard than Quest Super because it has 44 inches long deck. Our beginner companions who analyzed this 44 inches longboard could not perform freestyling on this product because freestyling needs a deck less than 40 inches in length.

All the components of this Super Longboard are genuine and manufactured by the brand itself. The flexible yet stiff deck and highly-responsive trucks makes the board perform exponentially better.  When I started longboarding, this was the first one I ordered by the recommendations of group mates. After my first try, I fell in love with longboarding and started trying the newest things throughout the years. 

Though other better brand new boards are available, this cruiser is most bought and positively reviewed. The built-in wheels are 70mm, but you can replace them with 75mm to achieve more steadiness and speed. We received and noted a major complaint about the wheels. The wheels are hard that when we ran this longboard through cracks, we felt each crack in the ride. That is why replace the longboard wheels accordingly if you longboard or rough roads.

In addition, Quest has a wider wheelbase of approximately 26-inches that grants the rider more control over effective turning and stability of the board. There is no tool for adjusting the tightness of wheels and trucks where other best longboards for beginners provide the tool. Therefore, buying a T-tool for this board will be helpful if you want to adjust the specifics of your choice.


Quest provides huge space to stand comfortably on the deck and and its sticky behavior hugs your feet to give you a flawless ride. The harder wheels grasp the ground well to enhance cruising to a great extent. Unfortunately, the wheels struggle in absorbing shocks due to their hardness. Moreover, it is difficult for you to perform tricks and freestyles on this longboard because of an extra-large deck. In short, Quest proved it is best longboard for beginners but not after you want to use it for other purposes.


An expansive deck lets you stand firm

Sticky deck

Replaceable, bite-free wheels

RKP trucks

Ideal Starter board for novices


Trucks quality is worrying

Bearings lock up sometimes

Shocks in rides on bumpy roads

6. RIMABLE Drop-Through | Cheap Beginner Longboard

longboard beginner
  • 41″ Deck length
  • 70mm PU Wheels
  • 9.5″ Wide deck
  • 85A Harder wheels
  • Al-Maple material
  • Holds up to 198 pounds


There are two most appreciated deck designs in the longboard community known as Drop-through and Drop-Deck designs. Both succeed equally in different playgrounds. Like many other drop-through longboards available in the market, Rimable follows the same design pattern but with adjustable trucks. For example, we struggled when taking quick and sharp turns, so we adjusted the trucks’ settings as per requirements. As a result, you can turn at a slightly tighter radius without compromising your stability on the deck. Ultimately, this ability makes it best longboard for beginners. 

Drop-Through produces maximum safety and speed for the rider with a very low centre of gravity. In addition, this board has a wider deck which helps easy pushing and maximum distance output. Therefore, this board is genuinely good for a long-distance ride. Online reviews and experts recommend using this longboard for commute purposes over many other alternatives. Moreover, you can hand this drop-through longboard over to beginners as it is a long-lasting and friendly product due to its impressive and unique design.

A resistance-free and smooth ride is not a problem anymore because this board comes with a pair of soft wheels. The wheels are bite-free and create no noise during high-speed rides. Unlike Quest Super, it has soft wheels and we observed no bumps in our rides. Moreover, the complete shape of the board compiles perfectly with these beast rollers making it safer for downhill rides too. Overall, it is a versatile product that you can use for several situations like commuting, cruising, beginner rides and freestyling.

Its load capacity is less than other best starter longboards, but the trucks below the deck are made of aluminum and are 7 inches long. Automatically, it will help the board bear more weight without compromising its quality. Bearing the weight through trucks becomes challenging because of the low-quality bushings. So, we overcame this error by upgrading our bushings.


The little concave deck of RIMABLE lets your feet have a firm grip on the board for a steady ride. Softer wheels generate suitable speeds for novices, and the drop-through deck allows them to cover maximum distance with effortless pushes. Most of the newcomers go with this sturdy longboard with all these qualities. RIMABLE Drop-Through is not built for you if you are a heavy person. The deck bears less load than the other longboards. In the first few rides, the trucks helped the deck bear the weight of one of our heavy riders in the community. Unfortunately, the bushings were not supportive, so we had to replace them.


Deep-through & adjustable trucks

Good for long and resistance-free rides

Bite-free & noise-free wheels

Stable grip on the deck

Good for beginners


The board creaks sometimes

Big & bulky to carry around

Not a suitable choice for heavy riders

7. RIMABLE Drop-Deck | Best Size for Beginners

easiest longboard to ride
  • 41″ Deck length
  • 70mm PU Wheels
  • 9.5″ Wide deck
  • Lower-Gravity design
  • Al-Maple material
  • 180mm Al trucks

About RIMABLE Drop Deck:

As the name suggests, this Rimable board has a drop deck design. It is opposite from the Rimable drop-through longboard that we discussed earlier. Due to the deep deck, we consider this as an exciting choice for those new to longboarding. Longboards with such lower to ground designs are generally widely accepted because they offer stability and fatigue-less pushes down the track. That’s why riding this one is relatively easy from traditional longboards and an ideal choice for free-rides. 


We bought RIMABLE drop deck longboard for one of the fresh longboarders of our team. His overall experience with this best beginner longboard was great, but he detected that it does not work well in wet areas. In other words, you will have to protect it from water. The main affected parts were the deck and the wheels. As a result, he had to replace the wheels and cover the deck with a fresh new grip tape.

Most of the users of drop-deck longboards find it easier to achieve long distances with these boards under their feet. Moreover, the slight concave and symmetrical shape of the deck creates no space for wheel-bite and hence, the journey remains sweet and noise-free.There are heavy-duty aluminium trucks installed with the board to make turning effortless, and carving more entertaining. Moreover, its economical price tag is a cherry on top. 

Rimable produces quality decks and completes and one perfect example is this Drop-Deck longboard. According to positive reviews, the perfect combo of heavy-duty trucks and reliable bearings improves the overall experience of your first and upcoming rides. For beginners’ ease, this longboard is pre-assembled. Just get it out of the box and start rolling down the street.


The maple build of the board makes this longboard last longer than other products. Using it continuously in the water will make its deck weaker and make wheels rusty. The manufacturer sends this longboard pre-assembled so beginners cannot worry about basic settings. Get it out of the box, and start skating. After analyzing this product completely, we must say that the trucks of this longboard are not suitable for techniques and other riding styles except cruising.


Deep deck design for stable rides

Energy optimized experience

Performs well in uneven surfaces


Low price


Underperforms in wet areas

8. MBS All-Terrain | Top Longboard for Beginners

best longboard size for beginners
  • 40*13’’ dimensions
  • 100mm all-terrain Wheels
  • 78A Hardness on wheels
  • ABEC-9 Bearings
  • 6lbs Product’s weight
  • 190 Drone navigator trucks

About MBS All-Terrain:

The MBS All-Terrain creates equal opportunities for beginners, seasonal riders, experienced pros, and casual players to thrive in several situations. Everything about this hero board is worth noticing, and that’s why this roller managed to make this list of absolute beast longboards. MBS will never disappoint you whether you want to roll on cracked surfaces or genuinely smooth roads. This is your go-to longboard once you get comfortable skating down your neighborhood.

Positioning on the board becomes stable and more accessible in addition to easy pushing. Wheels assist the board by removing high shocks and vibrations caused on the uneven surfaces because they are high-rebound in nature. There can be multiple scenarios where you can ride smoothly, and you will face no worry. For research, we ran this starter longboard through the cracks and bumps at high speed. Even in such hard conditions, we remained balanced and rode smoothly.

As the board itself is flexible, trustworthy, and comfortable, it needs to add a little more to make it an obvious choice among the novices. Fear not because MBS grants the ideal side-gear to complete the whole design. Adjustable and navigator drone trucks are mounted alongside the deck to aim the newcomers sharper and better turning during free rides. There are free ABEC-9 bearings to control the board decently while riding downhills as they are primary for fast-paced rides.


Most of the online reviews about All-Terrain post a perfect picture of the lethal combo of the deck and the wheels. The deck is manufactured with a drop deck mount, providing a much lower center of gravity during your adventures. After testing the MBS All-Terrain longboard several times, its design and trucks settings helped us thoroughly as a beginner. The chances of falling off are almost nonexistent, and the beginner rides it freely and confidently.


Perfect for beginners

Lower-center of gravity for extra stability

Sturdy deck design

High-rebound wheels

Lightweight and easier to carry


Stopping become forceful due to harder wheels

Why MBS All-Terrain Longboard:

MBS is the broadest one, with a width over 12 inches allowing riders to ride in comfort. Its lightweight design makes it a portable longboard, and its durable deck lasts longer than many other beginner boards. Moreover, wheel quality and hardness perfectly suit beginner cruising. It has proved itself a beginner-friendly longboard under several conditions.

9. Retrospec Tidal | Good Starter Longboard

best freeride longboard
  • 41″ Long deck
  • 70mm PU Wheels
  • 9.5″ Wide deck
  • 85A Hardness
  • ABEC-7 Ball bearings
  • Canadian-Maple Product

About Retrospec Tidal:

Newbies often find it challenging to stand stable with a great posture on the board, and some minor mishaps might occur. Retro kept all these variables in mind before manufacturing Tidal and launching into the market. Therefore, the deck is kept lower to the ground, which automatically sticks the rider’s feet to board, resulting in incomparable control and stability through the journey. In addition, achieving high speed without fear of falling off becomes possible.

What’s more interesting about the deck other than being closer to the ground is its symmetrical shape, where the Retro wheels shine the chances of getting wheel-bites drops down from zero to none. Along with cruising, we tried to carve on this longboard and it was supportive. These friction generating wheels anchor firmly to the ground and help every rider, especially newer longboard riders. If a beginner has spent some time with an outdoor sports board, shifting from slow-paced rolling to higher-speed mechanics can become effortless.

As mentioned above, Retro can glide at higher speeds if the rider knows how to utilize this board correctly. To sum it up, Tidal can handle all sorts of adventures ranging from highly accurate rides to cruising down the hill with excellent tolerance and safety. We have tried a few slides on it but have not ridden it down the hill yet. As soon as we ride this beginner longboard down the hill, we share our experience.

Precise ball bearings and trucks succeed while taking skillful twists around the corners. In addition, the classic build of the board promotes energy-efficient rides and optimal balance so the skaters can focus on the adventure rather than being worried about setbacks. Most importantly, you have got the chance to expand your longboarding experience with the same longboard.


As soon as you ride this longboard for a month, you will notice that this longboard is moving at a limited speed. This happens due to the low-quality bearings. We pointed out this error after 1 month and had to use Zealous bearings. So, if you are investing in the Retrospec Tidal longboard, lubricate the bearings regularly, or get ready to invest some extra bucks.


Extremely safe and stable

It can hold around 220lbs

Smooth sailing and riding

Comfortable for higher speed adventures

Abrasive tape for better grip


Avoid high speed downhill rides

Bad bearings performance after sometime

Why Retrospec Tidal:

This is another sensational Retrospec longboard meeting all requirements of a starter longboard. From a maple deck that is durable to rugged and sturdy wheels, from grasping grip tape to stable rides, this longboard has got everything you are looking for. Before spending money on any other longboard for carving and commuting, you must try this Retrospec riding board. 

10. Minority Maple | Top-Rated Longboard

cheap beginner longboard
  • 40*9″ dimensions
  • 70mm PU Wheels
  • 200lbs Load capacity
  • 78A Hardness
  • ABEC-9 Bearings
  • 100% Maple deck wood

About Minority:

The minority is the top choice for longboard riders who like to cruise down the hill without inconvenience or worries. The deck design is made to suit such a roller coaster experience. Let’s dive deep into the design techniques applied while manufacturing this board.

Drop-through decks have two different orientations to look at, and both of these are important to understand the board’s design. Firstly, they have trucks mounted through the deck, which are greater at speedy rides, downhill cruising, and long-distance commutes. On the other hand, drop-through decks lay lower to the earth and are generally more stable than other builds. Additionally, foot braking and pushing have become more accessible than ever. As a beginner, you will not find a better fit for your feet and transport requirements.

We have already explained the installing technique of trucks on the deck, but there needs to be more light on the performance affected by these trucks. You will need responsive trucks while you slide downwards on the hill because turning and freestyling become easier with them. Minority allows its users to perform these trickeries with high-quality reverse kingpin trucks effectively. In short, the duo of deck and trucks play off each other exceptionally well, and your experience exponentially increases.

Durable and rugged quality wheels are the essence of this complete board. When you are skimming on the road, safety becomes the first choice. And these rollers will never let you down as they stand firmly on the ground with a hard push. But that doesn’t mean they can’t roll faster like other wheels. You will achieve reasonable speed levels with some extra push but be careful as you will have to stop them with force. Precise ABEC-9 bearings work in correspondence with wheels to improve the quality of your ride.


Shape-wise, Minority is a great longboard. During the research, the deck’s measurements and shape fully supported the newbies. Secondly, the grip tape is not slippery, and you place your feet strongly. The biggest drawback you can face with this longboard is its trucks. They respond and perform very well in the first two weeks. After that, the trucks start responding late due to different tightness. Therefore, know your suitable tightness and adjust the trucks accordingly.


Preferred for beginners

Easy downhill rides

Spacious deck for comfort and stability

Easy pushing and Energy efficient board

High Speeding


High Force required for sudden stopping

Trucks respond late after sometime

Why Minority Longboard:

The minority is a well-known brand in the longboarding field. This drop-through board has amused professionals and novices equally by effortless rides, freestyle capability, and speedy rides. Moreover, ABEC9 bearings help the wheels roll fast over rough terrains to avoid annoying shocks.

Buying Guide ( Best Longboard for Beginners )

We are aware of the problems newbies find before getting into longboarding. Our professional skating squad has already suggested some of the best beginner longboards, and now we will explain what you need to explore in a longboard before buying one. Girls can find their longboards here ” best longboards for girls

Longboard Styles

Depending on the preferences of numerous riders, versatility in longboard styles is evident. From shapes to designs, longboards have a wide variety. As a newcomer, the first thing you have to do is define why you want a longboard? Is it for simple cruising, or do you want it for freeride? Freestyle is also popular, while downhill riding is always recommended to professional skaters. 

If a visual explanation is something you understand the most, this video is for you

Here are the most popular styles among longboard riders.

Cruising = Recommended for beginners, easiest, and widely opted

Downhill racing = Needs extreme balancing skills

Freestyle = To learn beginner longboard tricks

Freeride = Recommended for starters after spending weeks on cruising

Types of Longboards

There are multiple deck designs, but most common ones are explained one by one:


These longboards have trucks under the deck, making them suitable for cruising flat surfaces. They are the easiest ones to ride, and their cost is lesser than all other longboard designs. As the trucks stay lower than the deck, the distance between ground and deck increases, due to which pushing needs more effort than drop-through or deep deck designs.

The picture given below will clarify the design of a top-mount longboard:

Top-mount boards are more responsive, and you can do some freeride by moving in a zigzag motion. Also, the sharp turns are easy to cover because of the considerable difference between trucks and the board.


Compared to the previous design, drop-through provides more effortless rides because the trucks and the deck are at the same level. This technology generates central gravity to minimize the rider’s effort and generate maximum distance. Newbies should go for a drop-through longboard because of its stability feature. As the human effort decreases, the riding time increases respectively. These kinds of boards’ design are opposite from the down deck and look like this:

best for beginners


In the drop-deck design, the board almost touches the ground while the trucks sit higher than the deck. We recommend this design to all beginners looking for the easiest to ride, most stable, and economical longboards. The image attached below defines the differentiation between drop-through and drop-deck design.

best longboard for novices

Common Hardware Parts of Longboards

Every longboard consists of 8 bearings for four wheels, two trucks, and a deck. Here is what you need to know for each part.


The deck is the part where the rider stands. Deck’s flex and length vary according to the rider’s riding style. Hard and sticky decks are more comfortable for simple cruising as they grasp your feet well and keep you safe from jumping off the board. Higher flex decks are suitable for freestyle and freeride. It becomes easier to perform tricks and pops when the deck is flexible. Moreover, grip tape on the deck is necessary to look for if you are a newcomer.


The responsibilities of trucks include stability in the ride, avoiding annoying shocks, keeping wheels inline, and moving the board well on turns. In longboards, the most common technology is reverse kingpin truck technology which successfully meets all the requirements you need as a starter. All trucks include parts such as Kingpin, Bushings, Axle, Hanger.

best beginners longboards trucks

The reverse kingpin technology assures quick turns around the edges and supports those riders who want to do tricks or dance on a longboard. Therefore, you must clarify your riding style first and then select the trucks type.


Sturdy wheels are essential for better rolling over any surface. Their hardness on the durometer and their width decide how much speed the wheels can generate. For starter longboards, you should look for harder wheels that produce an average rate to make them easy to handle.

wheels for best longboards for beginners

Though harder wheels can not bear annoying shocks, 75a hardness is still good enough to manage shocks and produce an average pace to help you ride comfortably. Here is our top guide to buying longboard wheels.

Each wheel has two bearings, and their task is to make the wheels roll smoothly. The performance of bearings depends on how often you do their maintenance. Here is a tip for newbies on maintaining bearings after a week or two. 

1. Get them out 

2. Clean them up

3. Lubricate them

4. Fix them where they belong

5. Start riding again

Frequently Asked Questions

Every professional suggests longboards for newbies as an obvious choice to get into the skating world compared to skateboards. Longboards provide easy rolling, more space to stand comfortably, a stable ride, and a fearless approach. So, longboards are the best option for starters.

There are numerous types of longboards. As per our skating experience, two types fall in the best category for beginners—top-Mount longboards with stability feature and Drop-Through longboards for easy rolling.

Skateboards are challenging to handle, and their limited space does not allow novices to ride without fear. On the other hand, longboards have broad decks that eliminate the fear of failure and ensure a smooth cruising experience.


Beginners need a longboard with a firm grip over the deck, sturdy shock-bearing wheels, and flexible trucks for a smooth and stable ride. After a long process of testing multiple longboards, we have short-listed the eight best longboards for beginners. These will do their job exceptionally well and also insist you expand your skating experience.

Written by: Matt Harper

I am the sole brain behind the idea of writing longboard reviews which resulted in the production of this case study i.e. BoardsOnTop. I love everything about longboards and write exemplary reviews to help the longboarding community as once it helped me.

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