Longboard Size Chart for Different Heights, Thorough Guide for Starters

The beginner longboarders’ most common question these days is, “what size of longboard should I get for my height?”. The answer can not be linear, but our longboard selection guide will assist you in choosing the best one you need with the help of longboard size chart. The primary thing to define longboard size for height is to express your preferred riding style, i.e. bombing the hills, cruising around parks, fast rides on flat surfaces, or carving as a hobby. 

Throughout this post, you will come across the most common longboarding styles of 2023 that you might like to try in the future. Therefore, it is necessary for you to find out what’s the best longboard size for you according to your riding style and your height.

Longboard Size Chart – Updated

The reason why everyone like to start longboarding is because skateboards are not as versatile as longboards. There are various types of longboarding, and each type specifies the preferred longboard length, width, and shape. Longboards usually come in three different length categories. 

Long = 41+ inches

longboard size chart

Medium = 33 – 40inches

Small = 26 – 32inches

Length apart, they also come in two different widths; narrower and broader. Both of these types of width have their specialties. Let’s see which board is better for each type of longboarding. 

What Longboard Length is Good for Cruising

Cruising Longboards are evenly popular among newbies in 2023 because of their ease of riding. Also, cruising longboards are versatile in terms of length. Therefore, when we talk about how long the longboard is, it is about the nose and the tail of the deck measured in inches.

So, here is the size chart for everyone who prefers to cruise rather than downhill race or freeride. 

27″ – 32″ for people of height less than 5’5″

33″ – 42″ for people between 5’5″ and 5’10”

42″ + for people taller than 5’10”

Talking about cruising longboard, here are the two best longboard choices that you would love to ride for cruising purposes. They have supportive shape, length, and width to cruise. If you have any other riding style, you must visit our fruitful post about how long is a longboard where everything is discussed in detail.

Trending Longboards for Cruising in 2023

best size for cruising

White Wave Longboard

cruising longboard

Magneto Kicktail Cruiser

Best Longboard Size for Downhill Riding Style

Bombing the hills is a favorite hobby of several professionals, and it is also the riskiest one. If you are a novice, you need to cruise and balance yourself on a longboard. Once you grip freeride skills, you will love to race down the hills. It is always better to be fully prepared for a sport like this, and longboards’ condition matters a lot for a safer ride. Here is the size chart for those whole like bombing the hills now and then. 

Height up to 6’2″ || 36″ -41″

Height above 6’2″ || 42″ +

You should always have a Robust longboard helmet for a safe and enjoyable experience for these types of races or competitions. 

Best Downhill Longboards

Magneto BAMBOO Carbon

Fish Downhill Longboard

Suitable Longboard Size For Freestyle & Freeride Riders

My years of longboarding experience says that there is no hard and fast rule for freeride and freestyle longboard height, as any longboard with a length between 37 inches and 43 inches works perfectly. In other words, freestyle is a longboarding style that is all about creativity. You either have to learn skills from the internet or invent newer ones to make the ride more enjoyable.

Some of the longboards do have the ability to be skated as both freestyles and cruising. The only thing you should worry about is the shape of the deck. It must support your riding style. For better understanding, see the image below decide what shape suits cruising and freestyle riders.

Cruising Longboard

longboard size chart

Freestyle Longboard

size chart

Relevant Questions

The beginner riders stuck between the longboard’s length and width. There are numerous longboard types and designs, and each of them has a different size. The length of the deck, around 40 inches, would be a perfect choice for the newcomers in longboarding. For width, you can select one with 7-8 inches. 

In the beginning, you should look after the longboard’s length, width, and shape. As time passes or you want to change your riding style, you will need to make changes in the size and shape of the deck. For beginners, length around 40 inches and width around 7 inches will work exceptionally well. 

The size and the shape of the deck matter a lot and define your riding style. Some are built for cruising, whereas others are suitable for carving, downhill riding, and commuting. In short, you need to know what shape supports which purpose.


There are two essential things to consider before you choose the best longboard for yourself. First & foremost is which riding style is your favorite. Then, it comes to your skating experience. Medium-sized longboards would work more efficiently for newbies because they prefer cruising and learning things.

Opposite to that, if you are an expert skater, your height will answer the question, “what longboard you should I get”. We have explained and shown the preferred lengths for all heights for both newcomers and advanced riders. Enjoy Skating!

Written by: Andrew Norris

Hello, I am Andrew, and I am an experienced longboard rider since my early boyhood days. I have had multiple longboards throughout my life and has gained an invaluable experience about the build quality, structure, and performance.

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