Best Longboard Wheels for Cruising in 2023, Fastest Off Road Rollers

Traveling around the streets or skateparks is a hobby of countless singulars. A good longboard for cruising is not enough unless and until all its hardware parts have the sole purpose of cruising. Smaller diameter, hardness less than 80a on durometer, and place of contact patch define the quality of the best longboard wheels for cruising. We have enlisted the most positively reviewed and widely accepted wheels to assist you in selecting the best ones you need. Don’t forget to read the updated part of each product’s review. It will help you find a durable set of longboard wheels.

The process of enlisting quality wheels depended on our continuous testing and research. With our skating experience and the suggestions of hundreds of professionals, we bring you the lineup of heavy-duty longboarding wheels for cruising bought frequently in recent months. Our definitive buying guide will help newbies to find the right pick.

Our Top 3 Picks


Shark 72mm

Shark 72mm Wheels

Shark Skating Wheels

11 Best Longboard Wheels for Cruising

1. Orangatang Stimulus | Best Wheels for Cruising

Best wheels for longboard
  • 70mm Diameter
  • 49mm Width
  • 42mm Contact patch
  • Multiple Durometer Sizes
  • Weighs 2.1 pounds
  • Polyurethane Product


The rollers from Organatang are a complete pair available in the market and can be utilized for multiple scenarios. Stimulus wheels support you in cruising rides, freestyle tricks, dancing, pumping, and simple freerides. Their shape, strength, and hardness of Organa are second to none and will be explained in detail in the upcoming discussion. 

Mid-sized wheels assist the longboards differently than the smaller and bigger ones. Each size has its advantages and disadvantages, and that’s why they are implemented with different longboards. But Organatang wheels are of reasonable size due to which they spin over multiple kinds of surfaces. Not only are these rollers lightweight, but swift too. The size is big enough to carry the rider at fast speeds like an electric longboard.

Stimulus generates maximum contact to the ground to anchor the longboard properly, and hence, a smooth and predictable ride is promised. There are 4 hardness values of Stimulus supplied by the brand, such as 77A, 80A, 83A, and 86A. Every value represents a different grip, rotating, and friction and helps the longboard in various situations.


Versatile Wheels


Smooth Sliders


Strong Anchors


Not recommended for rougher roads

Update on Performance:

After a month of continuous cruising, the sliding power of Orangatang has exponentially increased. This set of wheels justifies the price with performance. Their grip on the riding track hasn’t decreased in a month, and I assume it will stay like this for a couple more months. Besides everything, Orangutan is a valuable and dependable brand among all the wheel manufacturing companies.

2. Sector 9 | Longboard Off-Road Wheels

wheels for carving
  • 70mm top-shelf center set
  • 78a hardness
  • 38mm contact patch
  • PU material product
  • 1.35 pounds weight


The riding style of Sector 9 meets many skating disciplines but is generally suitable for decent-speed carving and cruising. You can roll over different surfaces with a good speed and overcome the bumpy paths and roads. Moreover, these rollers can copy rotating patterns of car wheels to promote a longer life span. Its round lips technology makes Sector 9 feasible for freerides. 

Wheels are the primary rolling mechanism of a longboard, but they are also needed in many applications. Sector-9 has furnished the wheels with a shiny finish to provide extra grip to the ground. This design comes in handy when the rider is pumping and carving on the board. In addition, the grip mentioned above is stronger than the stone ground finish of traditional wheels.

Sector 9 is manufactured with premium quality polyurethane formula, applauded universally. An intense and Ultra-smooth ride and wearing of rollers result in a longer life span of the wheels. Another exciting feature is the cosmic core to increase spinning and, thus, better control over slides. All 4 units of the package are made of 78A hardness on the durometer. So you can glide through rocks and cracks without worrying.


Carving and Cruising Ride Style

Speedy Control

Safety from Wear and Tear

Withstands Small Rocks and Cracks

The Shiny Finish on the Surface


Lesser friction than soft wheels

Why Sector 9 Wheels:

Apparently, I found Sector 9 wheels better than Volador longboard wheels because of their traction, smoothness, sturdiness, and grip on the roads. Unfortunately, the product is currently unavailable on the link given, but hopefully, it will be online again as per customer services.

3. Orangatang 4 President | Best Skatepark Wheels

  • 70mm in diameter
  • 80a hardness available
  • 83a hardness available
  • Available in 77a hardness
  • 53mm contact patch


Orangatang is undoubtedly one of the best wheel-producing brands, and their products are widely accepted and positively reviewed. According to the durometer, this set of 4 wheels comes with three different colors and hardness. 77a is their softest, and their prime quality is to roll confidently over rough surfaces specifically. In contrast, 80a hard wheels respond impressively, allowing the rider to control the ride while the wheels have a firm grip on the ground. 

The overall diameter of these wheels is suitable enough to enjoy pacy rides and accelerate well while taking turns. Square edges of 4-President install maximum grip in the wheels. The grip means how well the edges pullover or slide on various surfaces. This traction qualifies the wheels for better cruising, carving, commuting, or going for downhill rides without fear. 

Polyurethane is a go-to material for every wheel-producing company because of its indestructibility, flexibility, traction, and longevity. Another essential feature with this set of wheels is its core which assists the lips in providing required friction also keeping the bearings in place.

Maximum friction, lightweight, smooth sliding, supportive core, an option of with or without bearings, and multiple hardness options to select are the features no other wheel brand provides. 


Durability at its best

Excellent grip on the ground

Protective and supportive core

With or without bearing facility


The square lip may chunk off in some cases

Performance Report:

When I got the package the first time I was installing them with my longboard, I found that one of the wheels had missing bearings. I quickly contacted customer support. They sent me a perfect replacement and some stickers on my board. These wheels proved to be the best option while pumping, cruising, and carving.

4. Blood Orange All Terrain Longboard Wheels

all terrain wheels
  • LMF Formula
  • 65mm Round lips wheels
  • 82a durometer
  • 3.5mm Offset
  • 31mm contact
  • 4 Wheels in one package


Blood Orange teamed up with one of the most famous downhill free-riders, Liam Morgan, to create something out of the blue, where these wheels got their name from. After rigorous testing and development, the duo came up with the best longboard wheels for freeriding, downhill cruising, and several other varieties of skating drives. The beginners and the pros find Morgan Pro equally helpful as it opens a new world of controllable and driver-friendly rides.

Organe-Morgan follows a round lip build technique for generating maximum grip and breaking the wheels’ traction. As a result, Blood Orange attracts many customers looking for easy pushing and freeride rollers. Although the surface is equipped with stone-ground, steering and controlling the rides remains effortless, unlike other list wheels. In short, these beasts from Blood serve as the best companion for top-quality longboards and skateboards.


Good for freerides & cruising

Stone-ground finish on surface

Ample grip and control

Developed with heavy testing


Not recommended for sliding purpose


As the post suggests, the best cruising wheels, Blood Orange, are better than most others on the recommended list. Besides cruising, we do not recommend these wheels for sliding purposes because of the use of slightly lighter material in constructing wheels. If you weigh more than 250lbs and plan to slide with these wheels, there is a high possibility of wheels getting bitten badly.

5. Orangatang Longboarding Wheels for Cruising

longboarding wheels for cruising
  • 75mm Diameter
  • 77a hardness in stock
  • 80a and 83a hardness available
  • Weigh only 14.4 ounces


In-Heat is a little wider not only in size but also in qualities than other products described earlier. What makes these wheels unique is their wide diameter of 75mm performs much better while plowing over cracks, pebbles, or any rough terrain. Like 4-President, In-Heat also comes with multiple colors and multiple hardness to opt as per your requirements.

83a hardness is the highest among all options, ensuring the removal of annoying vibrations caused by bumps and cracks. 80a is similar to 83a but has a little less resistance against shocks. 

The versatile nature of these wheels attract skaters interested in downhill riding, cruising, carving, and commuting. These wheels outperform traditional longboard wheels in multiple cases like fast-rolling, smooth ride on bumpy tracks, firm grip, and durability. These incredible features come with the plush and grasping nature of the urethane material used to build these wheels. Excessive rebound is another unique feature that doesn’t come with other sets of wheels usually. 

Like the President, the core is supportive in providing maximum traction and keeping the bearings inside the wheels for fast and smooth-rolling. We tested these wheels with bearings that come along and kept them greasy, and as a result, we never stopped rolling. If you need to cruise only with a better grip, we recommend you to go with 77a, the softer ones. In contrast, 80a and 83a wheels should choose if you want pacy rides. 


Shock-free rides

Long-lasting product

Firm grip on the ground

77a hardness for better cruising


Pumping is way too hard

Performance After Months:

Cadillac can be a perfect example of how these wheels allow you to free ride and cruise. I’ve been using Orangatang wheels for a long; their stability helps the longboard flow over almost anything on the riding track. A tip for newcomers is to use Orangatang Nipple bushings along with these wheels. These bushings will bring a feel of riding a whole new longboard.

6. FREEDARE 70mm | Best Wheels for Street

Freerade wheels
  • 83a durometer hardness
  • Polyurethane build
  • 70mm diameter
  • Spacers & Bearings on demand


These wheels’ exact width and hardness keep them in the lineup of the best longboard wheels for cruising. With its economical price, Free Dare allows you to go with ABEC7 bearings and 83a hard wheels, a perfect combo to achieve high speed with even stability. Spacers are already installed with the wheels to keep the bearings at a suitable distance for an excellent ride. 

We had no plan to do slides when we tried out these wheels, but their smooth rolling made our sliding experience remarkable. The wheels do not get any bites even on rough streets and bumpy terrains with or without riser pads. Moreover, the pre-installed bearings will help you save a lot of time. From bombing the hills to simple cruising, from taking sharp turns to rolling over the cracks, these wheels prove their worth in all circumstances. 


Economical wheels

Perfect fit for downhill riding

Last longer than other rollers

Roll better on cracks


Bearing seats are loose

No grease in the bearings

Testing Results:

We rank these wheels in the top 6 best cruising wheels due to their high stability and property of working perfectly for a long. Do not use these longboard wheels for downhill riding or freeride, as these styles require more rigid and responsive wheels.

7. Shark Wheels | Best for Skating

Best skating wheels
  • 70mm Diameter
  • 78a Durometer
  • Ice Blue Color


Initially, we were unsure about how Shark wheels will perform, but after having weeks of riding with these sets of wheels, let us say these are likely some of the best wheels you will ever cruise on. The diameter and hardness of these wheels coincide perfectly to ensure shock-free rides over rough roads.

78a softness and sine-wave design of these wheels furnish a smooth and comfortable ride. 
Though the bearings don’t work well on rainy occasions, the wheels will keep your longboard rolling in any season. The combo of design and shape fades away the threat of puddles and brings the utmost joy of cruising or riding down the hills.

Moreover, the wheels’ smoothness quickly attains the required pace even if the bearings aren’t working at all. We also faced multiple 80a wheels that tripped when they came in contact with cracks. But these wheels show resistance against such surfaces.

It doesn’t matter if the surface is wet or dry; the wheels’ grip on tracks stays consistent and tight. Even at wet skate parks or sidewalks, you will hardly find them slippery and out of control. We came across a con in these wheels: when they face significant bits of gravel, your longboard will get unbalanced. In contrast, they can survive smaller bits of gravel quite effectively. Overall, it’s a great product to use for a long-term experience. 


Smooth rides are evident

Work evenly well in dry and wet conditions

No threat of puddles

Recommended for downhill rides and cruising


No room for sliding

Why Shark Wheels:

Shark wheels seemed to be a better brand than many others on the market. But, my experience with shark wheels hasn’t been too good. The only good thing about these wheels is that they grab pace quickly, making it better for some riding styles. Cruising is the simplest riding method on a longboard, and shark wheels can be suitable for novices only. They don’t seem to adjust the load for a more extended period.

8. Orangatang Big Longboard Wheels

square rollers
  • 80mm Diameter
  • Four wheels package
  • 46mm exposed care
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Weighs 1.19kg
  • High Thane formula


Orangatang is one of the most popular longboard brands, and that is why this is their fourth product on our list. Kegel is designed for high-speed downhill trips because they anchor to the ground very well. In addition to down-the-track adventures, pros recommended and prefer them for deep carving, pumping, and dancing purposes. You can follow in their footsteps and use this pair with different longboards for versatile rides.

The wider the diameter of the wheels, the faster the journey gets. If you want to reach your destination quickly and safely, Kegel is the product you should look for because its bigger size puts maximum force to the ground for stability. Organga stands firm and provides a flawless journey on a rocky surface or a flat track. Moreover, the square lips grant serenity while sliding and cruising when needed.

Like most Orangatang wheels discussed above, Kegel is made up of the same original PU formula with a non-slippery grip and smooth surface. There are four different hardness levels of 77A, 80A, and 83A. Furthermore, Kegel reduces the weight because of its exposed core, and hence, swift turns and sudden acceleration become achievable.


Downhill Longboarding wheels

Maximum anchor to ground

Preferred for all kinds of surfaces

Famous PU formula


Easy to tear

Orangatang Performance | Updated

Orangatang is undoubtedly the best wheel-producing brand, and the working condition of these wheels can assume the estimate of its quality. I’ve been using this pair for over three months now, and they create a deadly combo with Jehu V2 bearings. The commuting becomes way more comfortable with this combo, and the stability in cruising is inevitable.

9. MBS All-Terrain Wheels for Longboards

good longboard wheels
  • 3.9 Inches Height
  • 2.5 Inches width
  • 20mm Core width
  • 1.5kg Weight
  • 22mm O.D Bearings


MBS is a renowned name in the sports boards industry as it produces complete builds, wheels, and other related gear. The discussed wheels pair is another premium quality product manufactured under the banner of MBS All-Terrain. Equipped with ultra-rebound treads, the rollers increase the quiver of any partner longboard. MBS opens a new universe to seasonal and beginner skaters looking to add new heights of longboarding to their resumes.

Terrain beasts are perfect for riding on any track, e.g., campus pavements, rocky paths, downhill slopes, etc. Many exclusive features separate MBS rollers from others, but the unique feature is the unparalleled speed levels. The wheels’ colossal size and top-level hardness make it possible to rotate with a dominant force.

MBS rollers are directly compatible with several top-quality longboard brands like Atom, All-Terrain, etc. But you can make them compatible with traditional skateboards and longboards with an additional MBS-riser kit. Below are the key features available in the delivered package:


Super rebound technology

Perfect for both pros and novices

Tread patterns for extra stability

All round surface rollers


Additional riser kit required

Inspection Report:

Many other skaters in our group and I have used these best longboard wheels regularly for five months. I bought these rollers for cruising, and after using them regularly, I also know how to slide and drift with them. In short, MBS All-Terrain wheels are multifunctional and are suitable for long-term cruising, carving, and sliding. The tip here is to clean the dust whenever it appears.

10. Orangatang Caguama | Best for Downhill Rides

longboard rollers
  • 85mm Diameter
  • 58.5mm Width
  • 56mm Contact patch
  • 80a & 83a Hardness
  • Offset bearing seat
  • Happy Thane formula


Remember when we said Orangatang never disappoints with premium wheels for its customer? Guess we weren’t wrong because we present you with another breakthrough rollers from the same brand, i.e., Caguama 85mm longboard wheels. They are designed for maximum stability, comfort, and speed for various lines of longboard rides. These include pumping, carving, commuting, and ease of push journeys.

Voluptuous urethane formula is kept proportionate in all the parts, which helps in high rolling speed, excellent traction, and predictable slides. Moreover, the valley-shaped open core design of Caguama assists in reaching fast acceleration and momentum through the whole ride. Like Kegel, it also supports three hardness levels as 77A, 80A, and 83A, each with different color patterns. Find the most suitable one for your longboard by reading the buying guide explained later.

Caguama is the new king in the rollers and wheels category by expert skaters. They succeed in cracks and holes where smaller-sized wheels fail miserably. Finally, the rounded lips design is pivotal for gliding down the tracks and long-range commuting purposes. Kegel and Caguama both upgrade to an existing pair but latter tops in curbs and sticky surfaces.


High-strength & high-stiffness

Large supportive core

Heat-resistant urethane

Supports pumping & dancing


Expensive line of wheels

Update on Caguama Wheels:

These wheels were suggested for downhill rides and performed well in the first month. The longboard comes across various conditions in downhill rides like sliding and braking at higher speeds. That’s where these rollers started struggling after a month. Therefore, we recommend Orangatang Caguama wheels for cruising and commuting but not for downhill riding, especially after a month. Cleaning and lubricating them properly will surely help you use them comparatively longer.

11. Shark Wheels for Off Road

downhill longboard wheels
  • 72mm Wheels
  • 78A DNA formula
  • 30-Degree angle
  • 4 Wheels’ set
  • 3 Lips formula


It seems like an overstatement that Sharks 72mm are the best wheels over rough terrains, but it is not because these wheels are the undisputed kings of discussed surfaces. Generally, there are pebbles and rocks on any surface and Shark tackles this problem with its sine wave build. It displaces the rocks and improves the speed of the trip. The Mechanical department of San Diego University scientifically approves them to be best suited for wet conditions.

Shark approaches tiny objects in its way at an angle of 30-degree, and as a result, it reduces the shocks and deflects the objects from the path. Moreover, the SDU (as stated above) tests and recommends these rollers for cruising. The lifespan of these giant rollers increases up to 15% to 50% if you utilize them for cruising purposes only. A traditional wheel has one lip design compared to the three lips design of Sharks. Hence, friction is very low, and slides become more manageable and controllable.

Due to the unique design and scientifically approved build of the product, there is 57% less rolling friction than the traditional wheels of industry. That’s why they are lightning-fast and super-responsive. The list of Sharks’ features is never-ending, but we put in a small effort to bring the best overview of the item.


Rough terrain rollers

Multiple center points

Longer life span

Tested by San Diego University

57% less friction

Hundreds of positive reviews


Stopping requires extra force

Comparatively A bit expensive

Shark Wheels Performance Update:

Get these off-road longboard wheels if you are on a budget, as they are comparatively cheaper than the others but evenly good in performance. Let’s start with their most significant advantage, 72mm width and 78a hardness allow you to roll over all surfaces. I tried to achieve a higher speed with my teammates to see if they lag, but they did not. Hence, you can use them for downhill longboarding, instant braking, and sliding purposes.

Buying Guide for Smoothest Longboard Wheels

Multiple factors play an essential role in defining the quality and longevity of the wheels. This guide will specify all the necessary elements you need to look for before buying the best longboard wheels for cruising, freeride, or downhill riding. 

  • Diameter
  • Durometer Hardness
  • Core
  • Edge Shape
  • Patch Size
  • Material

Diameter – Longboard Wheel Size

The diameter of longboard wheels affects how much speed they will generate, momentum, and behavior while crossing various terrains. Around half a hundred brands produce wheels of different sizes according to riding style needs. The size range is between 63mm – 92mm. Like many of our suggested wheels, the most appropriate wheel size is 70mm. 

With a smaller diameter, wheels become more convenient for cruising because of generate less pace than wider ones. That is why wide-diameter wheels are better for downhill riding as they take pacy rides to an exceptional level. We should mention here that the wheel size and deck width should coincide; otherwise, there are always chances of getting wheel bites. 

Unfortunately, if you have bought a wrong sized deck or wheel, riser pads are always available to eliminate bites. 

Durometer hardness

A Durometer is a scale that defines the hardness or softness of the wheels. The higher number on the durometer scale determines that the wheels are more rigid and vice versa. The harder wheels and wider diameter indicate the achievement of high acceleration. One of the flaws with harder wheels is that they don’t grasp the ground well. In contrast, softer wheels with smaller sizes grab the floor perfectly and are the most suitable for cruising purposes. 


The core is something that stays right in the center of the wheels. Its function is to install maximum traction, which increases the skating surface’s grip. If you are a newbie and want a perfect cruising ride, we suggest you go with wheels with the core at their exact center. 
Downhill wheels usually have cores at the sides, which minimize traction and keep the wheels going at a high pace. These types of wheels perform well if you are interested in longboard sliding. Another type of core is a combination of side and center core called offset core. This technique helps riders to have under-control rides with the required grip on the ground. 

Edge Shape

There are two most common shapes at the edges of the wheels. Square shape generates more momentum while moving sideways. On the other hand, circled wheels are better for smoother and high-speed rides. 

Patch Size

The most straightforward definition of Contact patch is the distance between one edge of the wheel to another. As the wheel size increases, the patch size increases too. And when the patch size increases, the wheels generate the required friction for better cruising. In contrast, the wheels with higher patches are better for downhill rides as they install accelerating features in longboard wheels. 


The most used and recommended material for the wheels is polyurethane. But the formula varies from brand to brand, i.e., Fireball uses dump thane, and Oranga uses happy thane for their wheel build. The difference in recipe is because of riding styles like carving, downhill races, or cruising. 


It depends on what type of riding style you like. If you enjoy cruising more, softer and smaller-sized wheels will be the best choice for you. On the other hand, if you are a hill bomber, go for the hard wheels at the durometer and more expansive in diameter. 

If you have got riser pads, then the answer is yes, you can use longboard wheels with skateboards. Otherwise, there are many chances of wheels getting bitten during curves and turns. The risers’ height should at least be ½ inches from the bolts. 


Getting the best longboard wheels is crucial as getting the most suitable longboard. Everything depends on what riding style you most prefer. Hill bombers always require speed-generating wheels, while cruising enthusiasts should consider soft wheels with smaller diameters. Here are our three most recommended wheels meeting all requirements of every riding style. 

Written by: Michael Bradley

Hi, This is Michael and I am way too ahead in dealing with longboard and skateboard accessories like wheels, trucks, bearings, etc. I have always loved playing with T-tools, nuts, wrenches, and stuff like that. Also, I will be assisting you regarding the longboard protective gear.

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